Monday, April 8, 2019

European Civilization's Great Advantage over the US was HAVING NO BLACKS, but No Longer as EU has gone Afro-maniacal — PC is Ideological Veganism & the Need for a Food Pyramid of the Mind with Ethno-Nationalism as Foundation

Blacks Are 13% of London, England's Population: Blacks Represent 50% of the Murder Suspects in London

Prior to black immigration-invasion into Europe, the virtual lack-of-black or Black-Lack was the one true blessing and advantage that Europe had over the US. And same for Canada and Australia. Whatever was wrong with Europe or deficient vis-a-vis the US, it didn’t have the ghastly Black Problem. Nations without the Black problem have no idea how fortunate they are. If they think things are bad at home, they should take heart in knowing it could be much much worse with blacks. Things bad in Uzbekistan or Nepal? Just be thankful it doesn’t have the black problem. Indeed, "at least we don't have the black problem" should be the bright side for nations without a black population. Just when it seems things can't get any worse, it can if the nation fills up with blacks.

Despite the horrors of World War I and World War II(and tragedies associated with Communism and National Socialism), Europe could at least rest assured in having had no blacks(or just a tiny fraction that kept blacks at the level of curiosity than problem). In the long term, even horrible wars were less destructive than having Negroes. Indeed, look at the recovery of Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, St. Petersburg, Tokyo, and even Hiroshima soon after WWII. Tens of millions died and entire cities were turned to rubble, but in peacetime, there was breakneck construction, restoration, and return to normal. Whites and Japanese can be tremendously destructive in wartime(because their logistical and organizational skills are so impressive), but in peacetime, they are builders and maintainers. In contrast, blacks are ceaselessly destructive even in peacetime if they are afforded full freedom.
Unlike Europe(and Japan) that rebuilt rapidly after WWII, many American cities from the 1960s onward turned into cesspits of degradation and deterioration due to the BAMMAMA factor: Blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. Blacks can easily overpower whites, terrorize communities, and destroy social trust & order that are so central to maintaining a good society. (Even though some American cities recovered via gentrification, the black problem didn’t go away as cities like NY and Chicago sent the blacks to towns and suburbs. Rather, rich yuppie-hipsters or yupsters just passed the buck or hot potato to OTHER communities that had less clout and resources to say NO to the Black Flood.)

So, despite Europe being engulfed in the biggest conflagrations in human history while continental US was spared the devastation of both WWI and WWII, things got bleaker in American cities than in European cities in the postwar period. The looming threat for American cities was the time bomb of black rage and savagery that was just ticking to go off. Indeed, even relatively impoverished Communist cities in Eastern Europe were nicer and safer than American cities like NY, Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Baltimore, and etc beginning especially in the mid-60s.

Surely, Europeans(and Canadians and Australians) knew about the American Race problem from watching the news. Their one great blessing and one great advantage over the US were HAVING NO BLACKS to run wild, terrorize law-abiding citizens, and wreck communities. Tragically, instead of feeling thankful and lucky for having no blacks, it was as though Europeans felt envy for not having them. Why? Not enough 'vibrancy'?

1. Blacks won in sports and were prominent in popular music, and whites all over the world came to swoon with adulation over figures like Muhammad Ali, Pele, and Miles Davis. So, Europeans wanted their own ‘cool’ blacks too, especially as black American athletes often beat up white European ‘palookas’. Why should the US win in all the cool events with their blacks? If Europe couldn't compete on the global level with black Americans, maybe they needed 'black Europeans' to bring home the trophy.
In time, Rap and Afro-Pop became the main music of France, and Rap and Reggae came to dominate UK pop scene. And as blacks came to own the most popular sports, European cucky-wucks found themselves cheering for blacks as their national heroes. Most British boxing champions have been black since the 80s. French soccer players, boxers, and runners are virtually all black. People are tribal but also naturally servile to winners(even of the Other Tribe). Just like French women went with victorious German men during the Nazi Occupation, white folks rejected loser white athletes and prostrated themselves at the feet of black stars. Whites pledged their cuck-loyalty to the tribalism of blacks as the superior race. Tribalism is most effective when backed with pride and victory. When one's tribalism is associated with loss, defeat, and humiliation, there is the temptation to forsake one's own pathetic tribe and serve the masterful tribe.

2. World Media were dominated by Globalists and Jews, and they spun American racial problems as entirely the fault of whites and ‘racism’. Hollywood spread the image of the Magic Negro who only knew oppression under white bigotry and the nobility of struggle for justice. Many such movies featured haloed blacks. It's no wonder that Europeans loved Barack Obama and felt envy for not having someone like him or Mandela as their own leader. Media and Entertainment made whites(and other races) look upon blacks as sacred objects as John Derbyshire has opined many times.
So, the conventional wisdom was that American blacks were just rebelling against legacy of slavery and discrimination. Black violence is always innately noble and moral.

Conceited Europeans figured that they would teach ‘racist’ America how to properly treat blacks. Europe would welcome blacks(from Africa, America, Caribbean, and etc) and treat them with love and decency, and these 'black Europeans' won’t become like American blacks who had no choice but to resort to violence against oppression. Furthermore, Europe would redeem its 'historical sins' by transforming poor African blacks into first-rate 'European blacks'.

In one way, Europeans worship blacks as the superior race with great idolic or idolatrous value. But they also doted on blacks as the childlike race in need of the guidance and beneficence of whites. After all, Europe is rich and modern, Africa is poor and backward. Blacks have become objects of both worship and condescension, as if they are almighty god and helpless baby. Fiendish blacks adroitly sensed and manipulated this delusional white psychology to squeeze ever more concessions from whitey. Blacks toyed with both the servile and maternal instincts of white folks. (Also, as white elites in affluent communities were safe and secure from social problems and rubbed shoulders with better blacks or Good Diversity, they didn’t care about the fate of poor whites who'd likely end up integrating with Bad Diversity. The rich whites get Obamas, the poor whites get Mike Tysons.)

3. In time, white women got jungle fever and white guys strapped on their cuck-shorts. A hit movie in France had a rich white paraplegic who is taken care by big muscular Negro. The message is clear. White guy is reason & riches but no body, and the black body must become the new body of Europe. Whites elites, as the head of the West, don't need the white mass as national body; blacks will take over as the new national body and colonize white wombs. And in BITTER MOON by Roman Polanski, the white guy(Peter Coyote) in the wheel chair is tormented and humiliated by his former lover who gets it on with a Negro. He can only watch helplessly. BBC TV is now all about match-making white women with black men in movie and TV roles. As for white guys, their roles are usually cucky or ‘gay’. No more white national heroes. And young white girls in Europe grow up twerking like their American counterparts. And they go to dance clubs to have their butts bumped-and-grinded by black men.

It just goes to show that the fantasy-reality of media & entertainment can override reality. The grim reality of the US since the 1960s has been "blacks + freedom = fall of civilization", along with end of white manhood as racial integration leads to black guys jumping white guys and humping white girls. Blacks cannot handle freedom like civilized people. Nature and evolution made them too wild and crazy. (Also, feminist 'liberation' has led to white women hankering to be whore-slaves of black men. Women find greatest happiness in surrender, not domination. So, women's liberation really comes down to women freeing themselves of relations with'loser' beta-males and seeking out alpha-males to submit to. As black men have tough-guy-advantage over white men, women's liberation has meant 'empowered' white women increasingly rejecting beta-white-males in search of alpha-black-males, even if only for short-lived affairs. Women's Liberation is not about women seeking equality for all people but about rejecting whom they deem to be inferior men in pursuit of superior men. Women's Liberation has made women more competitive for the limited number of winner-men.)

Europeans should have sighed with relief at their good fortune of black-free cities and towns because news depicted so many reports of race problems in America and black pathology in Africa. But, the media spun American race problems as “It’s all racist whitey’s fault” and “noble blacks are so cool”. And media spun the black African problem as either “It’s all due to white imperialism, and all the world must worship Mandela as god" or "Just a little bit more of white love and compassion can do SO MUCH for black Africans who are just brimming with limitless potential waiting to be tapped."
Also, the dogma of blank-slatism and ‘race is just a construct’ had too many whites believing anyone can be molded into anything. So, if millions of black Africans come to the EU, they can easily molded into 'New Europeans' with a bit of education, acculturation, and training.
As the result of such follies, Europe is going to hell. If Japan, which is so far away from Africa and West, is going afro-jungle with Japanese women having kids with black men and raising them to beat up smaller/weaker Japanese and take over Japanese sports and pop culture, imagine the fate of Europe where millions upon millions of muscled and big-donged Negroes are coming from Africa with only two things in mind, “Where’s the free stuff” and “Where the white women at?”

The biggest threat to the world is the vilification of ‘racism’ that prevents people from realizing the most important truth: Blacks will destroy your nations, and therefore, you must form a tribal defense system to keep blacks out of your domain. (If Ism means belief, then Race + Ism must mean belief in the reality of race and racial differences. 'Racism' is the most ill-defined term in the world. As races do exist and racial differences are real, race-ism must be embraced by all peoples if they are to properly understand reality and take necessary measures to safeguard their own race and community. As blacks are superior in muscle power, aggression, and thuggery, all non-black societies must be wary of blacks coming to settle, terrorize, and take over.) Denial of race-ism is like political veganism. Without honest-to-good race-ist nutrients of tribal protein and iron, the white mind-and-body will be too anemic to change course and save Western civilization from the Ghastly Negro.
PC veganism must stop. By denying natural tribal proteins for the white soul, white people(lacking in their own red-meat tribalism) end up seeking tribal satisfaction by taking up radical ideologies or OTHER PEOPLE'S tribalisms. It’s like the vegan body, starved of necessary animal proteins, tries to absorb nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from foods that are deficient in them. It is so futile as there is no real substitute for real animal protein and iron. Women especially do much better with some red meat after menstruation.

Likewise, there is no substitute for real healthy race-ism and tribalism for one’s own kind. Jews gorge on the meat of Jewish tribalism, and look how hale and healthy Zionists in Israel are. (The problem with Zionists, as was the case with the Nazis, is that they insist on gorging on the meat of OTHER peoples as well. Jewish uber-predators aren't content with their own blood-and-soil and must feed on the blood of other volks in imperialist mode.) But because whites are denied white meat and must stick to PC vegan diet, their tribal-protein-starved bodies desperately seek substitute-tribalist-nutrients from ideologies(that never quite satisfy tribal cravings) and OTHER TRIBALISMS, e.g. whites trying to be black in attitude or taking up the black cause against fellow whites. Or, among the cucky-wucks of Conservative Inc., it’s usually about vicariously sharing in the Triballistics of Jews and Israel. As whites aren’t allowed white identity and interests(deemed ‘toxic’ as ‘white supremacist’), whites conservatives seek substitute tribalism in ‘civic nationalism'(which has become useless in overly diverse America) or Zionism(which has no benefits for whites whatsoever). Or, they seek tribal satisfaction in the atomized tribalism-of-one, aka libertarian individualism. But as humans are social animals, individualism alone never satisfies one’s needs.

Whites must learn to eat tribal and race-ist protein again.

Healthy ideology is like the food pyramid. At the bottom(the foundation), there should be tribal identity, the blood and soil thing. Above that, there should be tradition and culture. At the next level, there should be freedom and individualism, and so on.
We all need some degree of idealism. But for white folks, the pyramid has been inverted. Idealism or individualism makes for solid base for complex society. It is too abstract to serve as support system for all else. In contrast, blood-and-soil is real and tangible. It’s like existence comes before idealism. If you favor idealism over existence, it means that, when push comes to shove, you may well choose idealism & death over realism & survival. What people need as fundamentals are Blood, Soil, and Saga. The power of story is important as identity alone doesn't say much. What does it mean to say "I'm Jewish" or "I'm Irish" if you don't know the story and narrative of your people? Identity alone is like knowing your name but being amnesiac about your life story. Blood and Soil, yes, but also the Tale.

Consider the tale retold by Joseph Campbell about becoming what you really are.

So the little one is getting that message; he’s picked up and taken to the tiger’s den, where there are the remains of a recently slaughtered gazelle. Taking a chunk of this bloody stuff, the big tiger says, “Open you face.” The little one backs away, “I’m a vegetarian.” “None of that nonsense,” says the big fellow, and he shoves a piece of meat down the little one’s throat. He gags on it. The text says, “As all do on true doctrine.” But gagging on the true doctrine, he’s nevertheless getting it into his blood, into his nerves; it’s his proper food. It touches his proper nature. Spontaneously, he gives a tiger stretch, the first one. A little tiger roar comes out—Tiger Roar 101…. The big one says, “There. Now you’ve got it. Now we go into the forest and eat tiger food.” Vegetarianism Is the first turning away from life, Because life lives on lives. Vegetarians are just eating something that can’t run away.

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