Thursday, April 4, 2019

Commentary on "2020: Socialist America or Trump's America?"(by PAT BUCHANAN). What to do in One-Party Future? If Jewish Power uses POC against Whites, Whites should use POC against Jews. It's only fair.

And what would then happen if the Democrats simply held the House, added three Senate seats and defeated Trump in 2020? An all-out effort to abolish the Electoral College that is integral to the historic compromise that created our federal Union. Puerto Rico and D.C. would become states, giving Democrats four more Senators and making America a bilingual nation.

Donald Trump has turned out to be useless. GOP is cooked demographically. It's only a matter of time before US turns into a one-party state like Japan, China, Turkey, or California.

That being the case, it is about time to end the GOP, and all Goppers should join the Democratic Party in a one-party America. The future politics mustn't be about party vs party but about masses(of all colors) against the globalist elites.

And Goppers should go full socialist to hurt Big Capital.

The problem with Goppers is twofold:

White Goppers are for capitalism even though capitalists have pushed for social degeneracy and demographic transformation. Capitalists have certainly NOT been better on the immigration issue. If anything, they've often been worse than the socialists. Also, capitalist monopolists(especially of Jewish ethnocentric bent) are denying free speech and financial services to conservatives(especially in concert with Jewish Supremacist groups like ADL and SPLC).

Why should Goppers be for capitalism against socialism when capitalists use PC to shut down white patriots and POC(people of color) to replace white Americans with? It makes no sense. It is time for Goppers to side with socialists to bring down the capitalists. If that leads to civil war and riots, so be it. It might do some good as many non-whites will flee from a nation racked with economic and social problems. Also, an America without a dominant elite will clear the path for new revolutions that must happen.

Even a bigger problem is the matter of white attitudes about Jewish Power.

Indeed, the single biggest pathology of US politics is this:

Jews use POC(people of color) against whites but whites try to protect Jews from POC in the hope that Jews will appreciate the gesture and side with whites.
Imagine a Jewish guy using a pitbull to maul a white guy, but the white guy tries to protect the Jew from the pitfull that he is using against the white guy. Even though the pitbull is mauling the white guy at the behest of its Jewish master, the white guy goes out of his way to persuade the Jewish guy that the dog is dangerous and may turn on its master; therefore, the Jewish guy should work with the white guy against the mad dog. The white guy, being even more servile than the dog to the Jew, never mentions the fact that it is the Jew who is using the dog against him.

So pathological and pathetic.

Here's a better solution. If Jews use POC against whites, whites should return the favor and use POC against Jews. In any Jewish vs POC conflict, whites should side with POC. See how Jews like it. Let them have a taste of their own medicine. Even a 'white advocate' like Jared Taylor is stuck in this pathetic rut. Even though Jews treat him like they treat Palestinians in West Bank, Taylor goes out of his way to support Zionist imperialism against Palestinians and to protect Jewish Supremacist Power from criticism within his 'white advocacy' camp.

Just look at the pathetic Gopper cucks. Ilhan Omar talks about Jewish power, but Gopper cucks all side with Jewish Power against her EVEN THOUGH Jews have been fanning Muslim-American hatred against whites forever. And even though Jews are working 24/7 to flood white towns with Muslim 'refugees', white Gopper cucks serve the Jews by voting to shut down BDS. What a pathetic strategy. Zionists take over Palestinian towns in West Bank, and Jewish-Americans do everything to flood white towns with Diversity Invasion, but the priority of white Goppers boils down to "How better can we serve our Jewish masters?"

While Jews are using rabid POC dogs against whites, whites are praying for the political conversion of the Jews and beseeching God to protect Jews from POC. So, what good has all this pro-Jewish cucking done for white Americans? Zilch and nada.

GOP is cooked because of demographic changes pushed mostly by Jewish Power. In an insanely diverse nation with no majority group(the America of the near future), should whites side with POC or with Jews?
Well, we know what Jews will do. Jews will keep using POC as attack dogs against whites. Obviously then, the most logical thing for whites would be to use POC to maul Jews in turn. Fight fire with fire.
If a Jew uses a club to beat you, should you try to defend the Jew from the very club that he uses to beat you with? Sounds retarded, doesn't it?
But, that is how retarded whites have become.

Imagine if whites had fought WWII this way. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor and all US politicians pledge to defend the noble and wonderful Japanese nation from the Japanese navy while totally overlooking the fact that it is the Japanese nation that is using the Imperial navy against the US.
Sounds surreal, but that is EXACTLY what whites are doing while Jews kick them in the ass with the POC boot.

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