Friday, August 27, 2021

Why Fred Reed's Sentimental Standard-Boomerish Pleading for Jews is So Utterly Pathetic and Misguided — Jewish Intelligence Is Real but Talent Isn't Synonymous with Virtue

Do Jews Contain Microchips? by FRED REED -

A few weeks back I wrote a column suggesting that Jews have become successful because they are smart.

It’s more like Jews are Schmart. Jewish IQ is real but it’s really the combination of Jewish IQ, Jewish pushy-personality, Jewish pride(rooted in the Covenant), Jewish cunning(honed as merchants), and Jewish resentment(mainly that goyim are either tougher and/or more attractive) that explains Jewish Power. After all, Episcopalians have been said to have IQs equal to that of Jews, but they lack the personality and the sense of destiny that Jews have.

Imagine two kids. Both got the same IQ of 150. But one kid is just nice and bland whereas the other kid is neurotic and pushy. Who is going to demand more from life and others? Who is going to achieve more? Jews have an obsessive quality, and that fuels their IQ. Take Ron Jeremy who had the chutzpah to suck his own dick, an incredible image seared into my brain in grammar school by some Jewish kid who showed us one of his dad's secret video collection.

I predicted–it didn’t take much predicting—that there would follow great fury and anguish and thundering that Jews aren’t really that smart

Such people cannot handle reality. They are like the ones who say blacks aren't more muscular and athletic against all evidence, which is obvious and overwhelming by now. They are living in denial.
However, it is true that not all of Jewish wealth and power owe to merit. Many Jews have wealth or power way beyond their talent because of connections. It’s like smart Jews in the US pull strings to aid ALL Jews in Israel, even the dim ones. And plenty of Jews who are smart-but-not-too-smart got ahead due to nepotism or tribalism. Hollywood is full of these people who are smart-but-not-too-smart. In contrast, many smart goyim are shut out of many institutions and industries because they are deemed ‘antisemitic’, ‘racist’, or ‘homophobic’, made all the worse by our ‘cancel culture’. In contrast, a Jew can be full of hatred toward Arabs and Palestinians(and whites), but that won’t stand in the way of his rise to fame and fortune. Look at all the Neocons who messed up the Middle East but are still in business and favored by elite institutions. If you're Nick Fuentes, the state takes all your money without explanation. But if you're a Jewish crook, you either get pardoned by politicians or never charged in the first place. If you're white and call out on Jewish Evils, you are deemed a 'hater', but Jews who pervert foreign policy into carrying out mayhem against Arabs and Muslims are hailed as statesmen.

But if those doing the resentful hissing and snarling really believe that every aspect of our lives is run by Jews, perhaps from a control room deep beneath Manhattan, does this not imply we, the controlled, must be weak, feckless, dim, easily led and, well, contemptible? Are the rest of us really as helpless and docile as the hissers hold us to be? I mean, honest, I can actually dress myself.

Most people are weak, feckless, dim, easily led, and well… contemptible. Look at the German masses spellbound by Adolf Hitler. Even when Der Fuhrer brought ruin on the nation, they followed his every command. Look at all those Chinese youths who attacked their own culture and heritage at the behest of madman Mao during the imbecilic Cultural Revolution. So, it’s true that many people are idiots swayed by manipulation from above. As Jews control the white cuck elites who represent the white masses, white folks today are mostly retarded.

But it’s not just about stupidity or dimness. Even smart people tend to bend to the will of the strong and bow before what’s officially deemed sacrosanct. Albert Speer was a smart, sophisticated, and talented man, but his personality was weaker than that of Hitler. Hitler exuded strength, will, determination, a kind of sorcerous spell over others. It’s like Steve Jobs was no high-tech genius and relied on others to do the heavy-lifting, but he had the power of personality, and so the geeks flocked around his feet. Zhou En-Lai was smarter than Mao Zedong but did the latter’s bidding because Mao was such an indomitable figure, a relentless force of nature.

In the test of wills(or game of chicken), Wasps lost out to Jews. So, there are plenty of smart whites who bend to Jewish Will. Ayn Rand wasn’t exactly the most rational person(despite her so-called Objectivism), but she was such a force of personality that she developed a mass cult following among goyim. Pauline Kael’s fame owed not only to her talent(which was real) but her zealous personality. Some smart whites can’t stop gushing about Tom Stoppard. White folks came to revere the Bible because it was written by Jews with prophetic vision, a quality lacking among whites. We know Fred Cabbage-Head Reed isn’t Jewish because he’s such a mellow melon-head. He sounds like someone who’d be content with a can of beer and a bag of pretzels.

But Jews, being clever, knew that force-of-will wasn’t enough to ensure white obeisance to Jews. After all, the power of will may elicit admiration and awe in others but not necessarily guilt and reverence. In order for Jews to totally own whites, they needed to concoct Holocaustianity as replacement for Christianity. The Cult of Shoah proselytize that Jews died for the sins of the white race. Jews are the new christs, the Jew-sus. White folks have been raised on the Holocaustianity cult and feel tremendous guilt about Jews. If you don’t believe in the orthodoxy of the 6 million, you are a DENIER, akin to a heretic. You must be burned at the stake. So, it's the combination of Jewish Talent and Jewish Tragedy that makes whites so submissive to Jews.

For the record, I have found Jews other than some Israelis to be pretty good people,

As individuals, most people are pretty good people(with the exception of Negroes and maybe Gypsies). If you walked around National Socialist Germany in the 1930s, most of those Nazis would come across as decent people, even to Jews. Courteous, helpful, and kind. Same with most Japanese as individuals in the period of Military Rule. Likewise, most Jews as individuals are not monsters. They don’t kill babies and eat them. They are not going to hack you with an axe. So, the problem isn’t the monstrousness of every individual Jew. Rather, just like the Germans, though mostly nice, were supportive of a radical ideology during the National Socialist era, most Jews are supportive of globalist agenda that is essentially Jewish Supremacist and destructive of humanity. Jewish Power has grown cancerous. If you take any single cancer cell, it is no big deal. But all the cancer cells taken together threaten the very fabric of life itself. There are cancer cells even in the bodies of those who aren't stricken with the dreaded disease. The immune system keeps them in check. But when cancer cells began to grow and gain momentum, they become dangerous and fatal. One Matt Yglesias is just some funny eccentric kid. But a whole bunch of them, especially in elite levels, means the acceleration of the globalist agenda and taking in a billion immigrants as peons for Jews, thus destroying the Core West.

Just ask the Palestinians. A honest Palestinian will tell you that most individual Jews are not monsters but people just like you and me — people with families and jobs dealing with mundane problems. But that doesn’t change the fact that Jews are invested in Zionist Imperialism that aims to wipe out all of Palestine.
It’s like most Americans(minus Negroes) are nice people but their idiotic fixation with the notions of the ‘exceptional nation’ and ‘support the troops’ have turned them into knucklehead shills of globalist supremacist lunacy.

Most of the squalling and fulmination aforementioned supports my not very astonishing assertion that Jews get ahead for the obvious reasons that explain the advance of any brighter group operating among the less bright: Indians and Chinese in Africa, Chinese in Indonesia, Australians and abos in Australia, and so on.

But your assertion implies a fallacy, i.e. certain groups are smarter and work harder, therefore their success owes to virtue and honesty. In truth, a people can be smarter and work harder and earn more and STILL be a bunch of a-holes. This is certainly true of Hindus in Africa or America. Sure, they work harder than most people, but Hindus are among the most insufferable two-faced a-holes in the world. Chinese aren’t big on principles either. Sure, they are smarter and work harder than the ridiculous Indonesians, but they're also corrupt, vain, snotty, shallow, and full of contempt. Look at Hong Kong Chinese. Just because they got a leg up on making money, they thumb their noses at Mainlanders. They act like honorary whites or Americans and look upon fellow Chinese as a bunch of 'deplorable' hillbillies.

So, just because Jewish IQ and hard work are real doesn’t mean that Jews are virtuous or play fair. It doesn’t mean that they use their hard-earned wealth and privilege in ways that are good for most people or ethical by world standards. Take Paul Singer. I’m sure he’s a hard worker, but he’s still a lowlife dirty crook. Take Jewish casino moguls. I’m sure they are smart and work hard, but gambling is mass theft. And I’m sure those Jews in Wall Street are very smart, but they’ve been cooking up all sorts of dirty schemes to rip us off. And even though they’ve been preaching free markets, when their fortunes go south, they use whore politicians to get massive bailouts… as in 2009.

Talent is not virtue. A Negro can meritocratically succeed in sports but could still be a lowlife punk. A Jew, Hindu, or Chinese can use smarts and make lots of money but still be corrupt and abuse their wealth and privilege.

Personally, I used to be pretty pro-capitalist. I didn’t care if some people became billionaires and zillionaires. I turned against the rich because they use their power to take away our rights, freedoms, and guns. Because they use their power of media and culture to spread globo-homo degeneracy. Because they use their monopoly in big tech to shut down alternative and dissident voices. Because they use their power of finance to deny services to people who dare speak truth to Jewish Power. I don’t mind others having lots of money but do mind when they use the money to corrupt the process and take away our basic rights.

I have not actually heard anyone saying that Jews contain microchips or nanoparticles to alter our DNA, but I expect this any day now.

Jews got something even better. Control of the airwaves. In war, the side with air supremacy has the advantage. It’s like the Gulf War. US had total air supremacy, and Iraqi soldiers and tanks became shooting ducks. In WWII, the Allies gained air supremacy over Germany and Japan and bombed those nations to smithereens at will.
In the Culture War, it’s all about Airwaves Supremacy. Jews control the airwaves that enter through our TVs and radios. And Jews now also monopolize the biggest platforms on the internet. So, Jews control the flow of information. That means Jews control our brainwaves. Fred the Cabbagehead Reed is a chump boomer whose brainwaves have been altered by Jewish messaging. So, he repeats the same boomerish mantras we’ve all heard a million times…

As for the ‘vaccine’ or ‘toccine’, why should we take it? If Covid were as horrifying as Polio or Small Pox, I would bite the bullet and take it. Or, if medical trials over several years deemed the ‘vaccine’ pretty safe, I might consider taking it… like I’ve gotten flu shots once in awhile. But Covid is not a mass-killer, and who knows what the long-term effects of the ‘vaccine’ are? Also, there is no denying that Covid hysteria was manufactured by Jews to rig the election, to enforce social controls, and to rake in massive profits.

This is not the time to be Mikey of the Cereal commercial. If Fred the Cabbagehead wants it, I say take it and all the booster shots. But keep it away from us. “Fred likes it! He likes it.”

For example, CTs believe not only in black helicopters, FEMA camps into which conservatives will be stuffed come the Reset, and a half-dozen (at least) conspiracies involving the virus, but also that Jews destroyed the Twin towers and killed JFK. I sleep with a loaded pistol.

Jewish Garland pretty much declared all Trump supporters as ‘domestic terrorists’. What’s happening now in Australia? They are seriously talking of ‘vaccine mandates’ all over the West. I don’t know about JFK, but one thing is sure about 9/11. The Israeli intelligence kept tabs on the Islamic terrorists. Israelis knew what was up, and if they knew, Neocons in the US knew. But nothing was done to foil the plot. Larry Silverstein’s actions prior to and on the day of 9/11 are awful suspicious. So, even though Muslim nutjobs did it, who can deny they were nudge-nudged by Jews who were looking for a New Pearl Harbor to sway the American Public in supporting Wars for Israel? People like dumbass George W. Bush and John McCain were dupes and shills of the Grand Plan. And it’s almost like the Jews are doing the thinking for Fred the Cabbagehead Reed. Nudge Nudge.

Jews of course tend to be politically liberal and so regarded as enemies by the anti-Jewish folk, mostly conservative. Note that liberals are highly inclusive in outlook, regardless of whether it makes sense in a given case, while conservatives are by nature hostile to outgroups, whether it makes sense in a given case or not.

Jews are POLITICAL liberals, which means they are NOT principled liberals. Jews use liberalism to weaken white identity and unity, all the better to serve Jewish unity and identity. Jewish liberalism is selective, not universal. So-called Jewish Liberals in the US will support the ultra-nationalist Israel that is into racial identity and pride of heritage and blood-and-soil thing.
Jews are ‘inclusive’ to the extent that they want goy societies to INCLUDE Jews and let Jews climb to the top and subvert goy majority power. Jews demand to be included by goyim, but that doesn’t mean Jews are inclusive of all goyim. How many Palestinian-American columnists have written for New York Times or Wall Street Journal or Washington Post? How come all Jews, ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’, use their power to push anti-BDS laws? That isn’t very inclusive of justice for Palestinians.

And when Jews insist on more inclusion by mass immigration, they mean to increase diversity in goy nations so as to play divide-and-conquer among diverse goyim. Notice what Jews push on Hungary and Poland doesn’t apply to Israel. Surely, Fred the Cabbagehead knows about this, so why is he pretending otherwise?

Mainline conservatives believe in small government, lower taxes, states’ rights, individual liberty, traditional morality, and such.

Mainline conzos believe in taking it up the arse from Jews. They are into ‘muh Israel’, and that is why the GOP and even Donald Trump have been utterly useless. If anything, they sound just like Fred the Cabbagehead Reed.

Better to listen to BroNat, one of the ten greatest Jews of all time, the man who brought together the will of Moses, the vision of Jesus, humor of Marx Brothers, and wit of Bob Dylan.

THE REAL AFGHAN FLOP by Brother Nathanael

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