Monday, November 16, 2020

Autocracy of Nationalism is Preferable to Plutocracy of Liberalism — National Democracy is Ideal, Liberal Democracy is Doomed to Fail — Globalism Renders 'Liberal Democracies' vulnerable to Jewish-Supremacist infiltration and Foreign Penetration — Need for National-Constitution

America’s Social Credit System Is Worse than China’s by Gregory Hood

Social Credit system sucks anywhere, but it is of course worse in the US than in China. Not because it's more stringent in the US but because of its coding and character. China is ruled by a national(ist) government; therefore, the social controls are meant to boost national security and patriotism. In contrast, the US is ruled by Jewish globalist supremacists; therefore, social controls are meant to shame the white majority into cucking to Jewish Supremacist Power. Even though the Communist Party has a bloody history in China(especially under Mao), the silver lining was a political system was put into place that was entirely independent of foreign interference. For all its epic failures, the founding principles of CCP were idealism and nationalism.

Tyranny isn't good, but tyranny in service of patriotism is still better than tyranny in service of treason. As the US is ruled by Jewish globalists, it is now increasingly resorting to tyrannical social controls to make whites commit mass treason against their own race. (White elites go along with Jewish Power out of craven opportunism and/or 'spiritual' possession, the result of PC education. Not only do they expect big carrots by obeying their Jewish masters but have been conditioned from cradle to believe the greatest evil is 'racism' and 'white supremacism'. Therefore, if White Guilt, White Demise, and White Nakba are necessary to defeat 'racism', so be it. Besides, what does it matter when they, as white elites, get the carrots than the sticks in the game of Defame-Whitey? For most whites, 'spiritual' possession by Jews leads to dispossession of white power, land, and wealth. Jewish Message to whites is "Whites must keep paying and paying to right whatever wrongs invoked by Jews, blacks, and their allies." White soul-debt for 'white guilt' means permanent payouts to Jews, blacks, and etc. Thus, all of the white race has been 'Germanized' as, of course, Germany must pay the Jews forever and ever and ever for what are now called 'epigenetic' reasons.)

This is why democracy devoid of nationalism is bound to fail. A national democracy, such as the one in Israel, is relatively strong and stable. In Israel, both the 'right' and 'left' are patriotic and committed to Jewish Power. Such might be called a 'fascist democracy'. Even though people have the freedom to vote, their minds are united in ethno-patriotism. The true worth of democracy is measured by how well it serves a nation and people. Democracy is supposed to serve the people than the other way around. If democracy serves to defend a nation and its people, it has worth. If it subverts a nation and people, it has failed(no matter how democratic it may be in terms of liberal principles); if Israeli democracy were to abandon its nationalist content in favor of pure liberal principles and bring about the demise of Israel as a Jewish state, it would be a failed democracy as it failed to protect a nation and people. When nation serves democracy than the other way around, the assumption is the nation must favor abstract principles over tangible realities EVEN IF they cause grave harm to the nation. (Such mindset governs mainstream conservatism of the National Review crowd. They don't care if White America is lost as long as the future is about 'muh liberty'. Never mind that a non-white majority America means goodbye to the US Constitution as most non-whites don't care for Free Speech and Gun Rights. And, how amusing that these die-hard adherents to Universal Principles are so supportive of Jewish Nationalism and even Jewish Supremacism in Israel and around the world.) Jews understand this, which is why Israel puts Jewish-Nation-hood above abstract principles of democracy. Democracy there is coded to serve and defend Israel as a Jewish State. And why are Jews chipping away at the US Constitution? Because the First Amendment allows open criticism of any power. Therefore, Jews seek to change the Constitution with 'hate speech' laws whereby they get to label and ban any speech they don't like as 'hate'. Of course, they mean to target speech critical of Jewish Supremacist Power and Israel. Jews support principles only to the extent of self-interest.

In contrast, a liberal democracy de-emphasizes and even disparages any notion of national unity based on blood-and-soil, race, ethnicity, culture, and/or history. Thus, it's primarily about the personal liberties of individuals. But individuals as dispersed members of society don't amount to much. It's like there can be no sun if particles of matter don't come together to form a mass. Liberal democracy, in weakening ethno-nationalism, makes it less likely for the ethno-majority to unite as a real force. They are too busy being individuals. Such dispersal of power without a concentrated core is easy to penetrate and manipulate. It's like an army is useless if soldiers are spread out as individuals and not working as combined force.
This is why Jews and globalists promote 'liberal democracy' all over the world. It is to deny other nations a concentrated core of mass consciousness that allows for the preservation of national sovereignty and political unity. When a nation adopts the formula of 'liberal democracy', it means the leaders no longer invoke blood-and-soil themes to inspire and unite the people. They just talk about 'muh liberty' and 'muh money'. It becomes a game of everyone for himself(or herself). Then, the globalists can easily buy off the elites who operate merely as deracinated and rootless individuals. Easier to buy off opportunistic individuals than genuine leaders of nations. And under liberal democracy, everything becomes privatized and globalized, and that means Jewish/American/global money can buy up all the media and spread Afromania, Globo-Homo, and DIOS(or diversity-is-our-strength, with 'our' being mostly Jewish).

The ideal bulwark against globalist hegemony and Jewish supremacism is a National Democracy or Fascist Democracy. The problem for many nations is it takes time for democracy to develop and come into fruition. Furthermore, if Europe provides any lesson, even nations with deep history of democracy can be taken over by Jewish Globalists, as attested by UK and France.
For many newly minted democracies, the institutions are weak, and that means lots of corruption, as in Russia of the 1990s. Under such circumstances, it is easy for Jewish supremacists and globalists to take over the system. It happened in Ukraine recently. Ukraine is now praised as a 'liberal democracy', and it has globo-homo parades(as tell-tale sign of Jewish domination). But there is no national unity, no national security. Everything is up for sale to the Jews.

In that sense, the autocratic systems in China and Russia(and Iran) are preferable. Not because they are ideal but because they serve as more effective barriers and bulwarks against the hegemonic ambitions of the Lone Superpower, the US that is under Jewish Supremacist Control that seeks to undermine every nationalism EXCEPT that of Israel.

All patriotic White Americans must wake up to the fact that a country run by plutocrats will lead to certain demise for the historical-racial majority. In the past, the US was a de facto national and racial democracy, and that meant white elites cared for the white masses; there was a concentrated core of white unity and Christian power. But as the US turned into a liberal democracy, white power became dispersed and spread out into tiny individual units. Jews pushed for this, all the while tightly concentrating their own power, influence, and authority. Concentrated power will always beat dispersed power. Why do lions feed on wildebeests? If wildebeests all united and fought as one, they could wipe out the lions. But when lions appear, wildebeests disperse and run off in multiple directions. So, a handful of lions ALWAYS kill and devour the wildebeests that number in the hundreds. No wonder then that Jewish Power has been devouring whites. Jews combine into one whereas whites disperse into many directions. Five fingers that combine into a fist will defeat a thousand fingers that function individually.
Rich Jews are concentrated into Jewish Power. Rich whites are dispersed when it comes to white power. If white oligarchs do come together, it is to serve the Jews but NEVER to do anything good for the white race.

This is why Putin and Xi are relatively good guys in the current world. Their political controls limit the power of capitalists, most of whom are soulless materialists and craven status-anxious opportunists. Capitalists remain patriotic only if the Order demands nationalism. Jewish capitalists are tribal-nationalist about Jewishness because the Jewish Community demands it. Also, as Jews control the media and elite institutions, they coded things so that it is perfectly okay, even noble, for them to be proud of Jewishness and serve Jewish interests. In contrast, the coding says that even a sentiment such as "It's Okay to be White" is totally unacceptable and worthy of investigation by the FBI.

So, all those American patriots and 'rightists' who denounce Vladimir Putin as autocrat or Xi Jinping as dictator should really re-examine their own situation. They would be better off if they had an American Putin or a White Xi. If there is no national democracy to protect your people, it's better to have a strongman or even a 'tyrant' than what goes by 'liberal democracy' that almost inevitably leads to lack of unity and then demise of race and nation.
Indeed, if Trump were a true patriot and had the power of Xi or Putin, the US would be in a much better situation. Instead, US is ruled by Jewish-globalist oligarchs who use the likes of Jack Dorsey and Jeff Bezos as their tools. The coding says Jews are holy for being Jewish whereas whites are unholy for being white. Thus, even the richest white person can be justified only by serving the holy, such as Jews, blacks, and homos, the three groups that have permanent membership in the Sacred Council — other groups must take turns in the council, usually on the basis of "Is it good for Jews?"

This would be less of a problem if most democracies were nationally organized and ordered. But as things stand in a world of the Lone Superpower, to have a democracy means your nation/domain is more exposed to foreign interference by globalists, people like George Soros and Paul Singer. While some rich foreigners just want to do business with your nation/domain, others(especially the supremacist Jews) seek not only financial access but 'spiritual' control with stuff like globo-homo, which is meant to serve as proxy-worship-and-obedience to Jewish Power. If Russians and Chinese merely want to do business with your nation, Jewish Power wants to spread its globo-homo and Holocaustianity tentacles into your domain so as to morally and 'spiritually' manipulate you. And if your people say NO, as Russia did with Globo-Homo, Jewish Power throws fits and pulls all sorts of dirty tricks. When Jews extol 'liberal democracy', they are really telling your nation to undress and put out. Spread the legs for the Jewish Supremacist Portnoic lust and bend over to take it up the arse from globo-homo. Globalism is really the Jewish pornographics of power. Jewish Power as the pimp and goy nations as the prostitutes.

Naturally, a sound nation will push back against such foreign infiltration and meddling. It needs concentration of power in a nationalist context that may have to clamp down on certain liberties that invite infection and takeover by globalist power. It's like Soros operations are banned in some parts of the world. But then, globalist Jews denounce such a nation as 'anti-democratic'. Of course, Jewish Power never mentions that it's their infiltration and corruption of other nations' political processes that necessitates more autocratic measures. Imagine a drug pusher and a parent & child. As the pusher tries to sell drugs to the child, the parent needs to be tougher and restrict his child's freedom to do as he pleases(like indulging in drugs). But then, the pusher accuses the parent of tyrannical control over the child and calls on the child to rebel and seek 'liberation'. The pusher never mentions the fact that the parent must be tough to protect his child from none other than the pusher. If some goy nation sought to infiltrate Israel and turn Jewish kids into druggies and whores, of course, the fascist-democracy of Israel would take tough measures to stop such. But when Jews seek to corrupt other nations, they better spread their legs wide open to the Zionic thrust. Such total hypocrisy.

For a national-democracy or fascist-democracy to succeed, its core constitution must prioritize racial-cultural-territorial integrity above all else. Freedoms are fine AS LONG AS they don't violate or undermine the right of the nation to survive and maintain its integrity. Furthermore, it must severely limit foreign ownership, and its elites must be educated within the domain. If the elites are trained in places like Harvard, they are likely to be shills of the Glob. And it must emphasize themes over leaders. The problem with Italian Fascism and National Socialism was they were essentially premised on Cult of Personality and whims of the Great Leader. The danger of dictatorship. The rule must be Dictatorship of Themes, not of Personalities. This way, no matter who is in power, he must rule in accordance to the National Theme, a particular than a universal principle. The future of Russia and China will be determined by the National Themes inherent in their Constitution. Without the dictatorship of such themes, the whole system may change with new leadership.


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