Saturday, November 21, 2020

Elitarianism, not Egalitarianism, is behind the Current Craze for 'Equity' — Cool/Fool Complex regarding Blacks as 'Godpets' of White Afromaniacs

It's not Egalitarianism that energizes the Glob(the mob of globalism). In a way, Populism is far more egalitarian. Why? Because your average Populist is content with his or her station in life. Whether middle class, lower-middle class, or working class, he accepts life for what it is. Populists don't mind working as waitresses, factory workers, construction workers, or truck drivers. They are not obsessed with being among the cream of the crop. Of course, they are not egalitarian in the communist sense as they don't want the state to dispossess rich people or herd the 'bourgeoisie' or class enemies into gulags. But they are egalitarian in outlook in that they don't believe you must be among the elites or have special privileges to have worth as a human being or an American. Populism says, whatever class you belong to, you're a Good American if you're patriotic. When it comes to being a good American, it's not about money or class. A country boy is equal to a Wall Street banker when it comes to being a Good American. HANK WILLIAMS JR- "A COUNTRY GOY CAN SURVIVE" In contrast, all those who clamor for 'equity', especially for blacks, should really be called Elite-tarians or 'Elitarians'. They are not arguing that regular black folks with 'lowly' jobs have value. Their worldview is premised on the prideful conceit that only elitist, rich, special, cool, famous/glamorous positions have value in life. It is utterly different from communism and true socialism. Communism was radical egalitarian in crediting the Worker as the backbone of society. So, if you labored in a factory, you were special. If you worked with your hands, you were noble. You actually did things and made useful stuff. Karl Marx's point was that the Workers create worth BUT the bourgeoisie take this surplus value from them. Communism was also about making the privileged folks do real work. Turn them into workers and farmers, people who create actual thing of value. 
But, that is NOT what the current 'equity' craze is about. It's not about pressuring the elites to recognize the worth of workers. It's not about persuading children of the privileged classes to forsake their conceited status and work with their hands. Rather, it's about the dream that all people, especially magical Negroes, should reach the top and have 'cool', 'creative', 'colorful', 'meaningful', 'glamorous', or 'special' jobs. Supposedly, everyone has the 'right' and 'potential' to become a rich lawyer, successful doctor, high-tech engineer, famous artist/entertainer, respected bureaucrat, wealthy entrepreneur, financial analyst, innovator, or etc. Egalitarianism, radical or populist, prizes the masses engaged in 'honest' labor. That is not what all this talk of 'equity' is about. 'Elitarianism' is the illusion that, somehow, everyone has a 'right'(and innate ability, all too often thwarted) to succeed and have a 'cool' position in life. It doesn't say, "Those without college degrees have equal value as citizens and workers" but says "everyone should go to college and be guaranteed a fabulous career." But how many 'fabulous careers' are there to go around, especially when immigrants snatch up so many of them from Americans with deep roots in the nation? 'Elitarianism' is the ludicrous but appealing dream that the pyramid could be turned upside down, i.e. most people would make it to the top with a college degree. It is a total pipe dream. 

Now, many people have enough sense not to fall for the hype. The real problem is, of course, blacks. Why? They under-perform at elite levels of most endeavors. This is why companies need stuff like 'Diversity Management' offices to hire more blacks. As not enough blacks are worthy material for brainy work, they are hired as symbols. It's like Michelle Obama held some 'diversity manager' position raking in a quarter million dollars a year. (The office disappeared with her when she took off to D.C.). Barack Obama was sold as an 'elitarian' model. You see, if you're a clean-cut black guy who goes to college and smiles at white folks, you can be successful too and become president and rake in tons of money. But how many people get to be president? How many people, even with affirmative action, get admitted to Ivy League Schools? It was a false dream to sell to blacks, most of whom remained as they are. The fact is, even if most young blacks try to follow in Obama's footsteps, they won't get very far because they aren't smart enough. Obama's no genius but smart enough. Also, even if all blacks were smart enough and applied themselves, there are only so many slots for 'cool' jobs. Even if everyone had Einstein's IQ, someone would still have to do 'lowly' labor because not everyone can work at high-end jobs, which are relatively fewer. Traditional socialism and National Socialism said everyone who works has value. Traditional socialism regarded such a person as an honest laborer, and National Socialism regarded him as part of the larger ethno-family. But such views have faded from the discourse. In the Current Year, there are the Cool People, the 'winners', and the 'losers'. Most people with regular jobs are 'losers', and only the 'winners' matter. The problem is not enough blacks are 'winners'.
Now, it's true that most people of any race or ethnic group don't reach very high. Whites and Asians are more successful than blacks(and browns), but most whites and Asians(yellows and Hindus mostly) aren't anything special. They are middle class folks, small businessmen, government workers, or working class. Some are poor. And yet, why isn't it a problem that MOST whites, yellows, and Hindus aren't all that special? Because enough of them are successful, and political psychology is generally 'identifist', or people identify with the successful among their own kind; thus, they feel psycho-empowered by the sense their own kind is well-represented among the successful. So, even if most white people aren't rich and most rich whites don't do anything for the white masses, white people as a whole still feel that their kind is generally successful because there are so many white doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers, and etc. Same with Asians. Most Asians aren't special, and most successful Asians do nothing to help less successful Asians. Still, most Asians feel psycho-empowered by the fact that their own kind have done well. It's like the psychology of sports. Even if you yourself don't play the game and get no financial reward(that only benefits owners, media moguls, and athletes), you feel psycho-empowered by the fact that 'your team' won. 

The problem with black political psychology is that not enough blacks make it to elite domains of science, finance, law, medicine, technology, and other prestigious fields. This leads to resentment among blacks and frustration among non-black progs & Afro-maniacs. Indeed, black failure in most elite fields is made worse by the spectacular black success in sports, pop music, and sexual expression. In a nation obsessed with celebrity and sensationalism, blacks have become demigods to many Americans whose top heroes are athletes, rappers, and big-donged studs & bouncy-bootied skanks. That is why it seems ESPECIALLY unfair and unjust that blacks don't do so well in all areas. How can such a super-cool and badass folks not be great at EVERYTHING? I mean, MLK had a boombox godlike voice, so surely, he could have been da best at everything, right? Oprah is so wise, whimsical, and wonderful, so she'd be outstanding at everything, right? Obama's so 'cool' and 'slick', he must be the greatest prez of all time, right? And with Neil deGrasse Tyson, an illusion has been created that blacks are the greatest geniuses. Black Einstein. All you need to do is give them a chance, and they be badass in everything, sheeeeeeeiiiiit. (Yeah, and every Chinese kid has a Michael Jordan in him just dying to come out.) 

Such a mindset has led to the Cool/Fool Complex among blacks and Afromaniacs. "How can a people so 'cool' be a 'fool'?" The real basis of the gripe is not about racial equality. I guarantee, if black IQ were higher and if blacks were way over-represented in elite institutions and industries, NO ONE would complain. Blacks certainly wouldn't, and Afromaniacs would believe all is well with the world: A in Cool = A in School. 
Of course, there is also the 'white guilt' thing about past discrimination, so there is historical precedent for special sympathy for blacks. (But the fact that such sympathies aren't comparable for American Indians and browns, who were also conquered and oppressed by white imperialists, suggest that Afromania is the product of idolatry for blacks success in sports, pop music, and sexual expression than historical oppression.) No one complains there are too many blacks in sports, too many blacks in pop music, or too many blacks in whatever. Too Many Blacks is never a problem. If racial equality were truly what this is all about, people should be clamoring for more Diversity in Sports as expression of national multi-color identity. But, it seems Too Many Blacks is never a problem but Too Few Blacks is.
Another problem is the Negro is like a 'godpet' among whites. Many whites see jesus in the Negro. Why? Jesus was an eloquent nobody who got killed but turned out to be the Son of God. Negroes were brought to the New World as stupid savages only good for picking cotton and saying 'Yessuh Massuh'. But, as US was founded as a profoundly idealistic and Christian nation, blacks eventually came to be seen as pitiable folks of meekness who must be emancipated from bondage. Back then, naive whites were blind to the innate savage nature of blacks because the South had been pretty successful in taming the Negro into a slave/servant. (Whites were more aware of the danger from American Indian savagery because 'Injuns' ran wild and scalped pale-face. Indians, prior to being quelled, were fearsome warriors. In contrast, blacks set foot on in the New World as slaves, and so, many whites were never fully aware of the savage nature of blacks.) Black subservience was taken as a given as it had been drummed into them by white dominance. So, there was great sympathy for Southern Negroes among the naive Northern Abolitionists. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN imagined a noble-hearted suffering and dying Negro for the sins of white folks. And this eventually led to the Civil War. 
UNCLE TOM'S CABIN laid the first foundation of the black-christ or blachrist myth. Just like Jesus died helplessly, so did Uncle Tom. But compassion and sorrow alone don't complete a myth. There had to be something extra. After all, plenty of noble-hearted souls died in history. Sainthood isn't enough to uphold a myth. What is necessary is godhood. And blacks achieved godhood with predominance in sports, pop music, and later sexuality, the stuff that Modern America is most obsessed about, and of course, sports, music, and sex are interrelated. Once blacks began to dominate all three, they weren't seen only as victims of history but victors in what matters most in the modern era that elevates celebrity to godhood. So, it turned out that Uncle Tom wasn't just some Scatman-Crothers-like-dude in THE SHINING but badass King Kong mofo who done whup the white man into white boyhood, create music that make white asses wiggle in pathetic imitation, have boombox voices that sends chills up white folks' spines, and have big dongs that turn white women to jungle fever & white boys into benchwarming dork-boys. 

That's how blacks became the godpets of whites. On the one hand, there is a long progressive history of looking upon blacks with great sympathy like one would a homeless dog or cat. Blacks are figures worthy of condescension, people to patronize with good will. They be Noble Negroes with hearts of gold, and they deserve white compassion and help after slavery and being called 'dumb lazy ni**er'. This mentality is still alive, the view of blacks as pets of whites. Blacks-as-pets must be taken care of. 'Black Lives Matter' for some white folks is akin to 'Anti-Cruelty Society'. Save the stray dogs and cats. Or something like GORILLAS IN THE MIST. Save the poor gorillas from evil humanity. Or consider SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION, where a clever black guy exploits this very aspect of White 'Liberals'. But as black got oratorical power, sports supremacy, rap stardom, and dong-bun dynamism, whites have come around to looking upon blacks as some kind of a god-race. And this completes the myth of the 'blachrist'. In Christianity, Jesus, the pitiable figure of sympathy, turned out to be the mighty Son of God. In blachristianity, Uncle Tom, the pitiable figure of compassion, turned out to be Mighty Joe Young and King Kong who be hollering up a storm, beating drums, punching out white boys in the ring, and rapping about 'my ding-a-ling'. 
Where will this 'godpet' lunacy lead us? To a bad place, I imagine. It's the big myth of the Current Year, and it's just as powerful in Europe that looks upon blacks as both pitiable pets of impoverished Africa — "oh, look at all those poor blacks without enough food and clean water in the Dark Continent" — and awesome demigods of sports, rap, and sex who deserve to conquer Europe full of lame white people whose women need to be Afro-colonized and whose men deserve to be dorky cucky-wucks to blackness. 

Blacks and Jews share one thing in common. They are figures of both pity and awe. That means, no matter what Jews and blacks do, they are seen sympathetically. Thus, their power/prowess goes un-criticized, and that means whatever they do is awesome. It's like colleges hardly do anything about black athletes who rob and rape. They are sports 'heroes' after all. And the West hardly does anything about tremendous amounts of Jewish abuse of power and privilege. As Jews are objects of pity(premised on Holocaustianity), their power can only be good, and if you disagree, you are an 'anti-Semite'. And since Jewish Power goes unchecked, it grows and is regarded as awesome. THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION AND ITS CONSEQUENCES - DR. MATTHEW RAFAEL JOHNSON (MYTH20C - EP148)

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