Tuesday, October 22, 2019

When Will JSP or Jewish Supremacist Power Come Out of the Closet like Homos/Trannies have done? It's about Time so that All the People may know and discuss what is REALLY going on around the World.

The Jewish-Gay or J-Gay Agenda
'Closeted' is a term most often used to characterize the situation of homosexuals in the past or in present traditional(or normo-centric) societies where homos have felt the need to keep their sexual (dis)orientation to themselves out of fear of legal sanction, social rejection, or personal shame. Even after homosexuality was decriminalized in the West, some homos chose to remain 'in the closet' because they didn't want to be pigeonholed as 'gay' or didn't want the trouble of being regarded as 'perverted' or 'deviant'. After all, even if incest were made totally legal, most people would continue to look upon the behavior as gross and even vile. There was a time when most people, liberals and conservatives, thought of homosexuality to be some kind of mental illness or dark sin. And even when homosexuality was finally decriminalized in UK and US, most people(including many Liberals) regarded homosexuals as weird and even disgusting. And then, even after the psychological association stopped labeling homosexuality as a mental illness, 'gayness' was still the object of mockery, not least by popular entertainment dominated by Liberals. In some cases, Liberals played around with 'gay' themes to make the public more comfortable with the subject, but the level of camp and lampoon made homos out to be figures worthy of ridicule than respect.
That was then, this is now. At some point, especially beginning in the Clinton-Nineties, Jews in the media, academia, and entertainment decided to go all out to elevate homos into secular angels as replacement of angels in the Christian Imagination. The lowbrow form of this was TV-sitcoms, the middlebrow form garbage like PHILADELPHIA(movie by Jonathan Demme, as penance for SILENCE OF THE LAMBS that upset a lot of tootkins) & BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN(by the mercurial Ang Lee), and the highbrow form was ANGELS IN AMERICA by Tony Kushner. Apparently, Roy Cohn was a bad-bad man because he, as a Jewish Homo, worked for the American Right to get a couple of Jews killed: The Rosenbergs. To many Jews, Rosenbergs are more sacred than Otto Frank and Jonathan Pollard. Jews look out for their own, and never mind what the Rosenbergs did. The fact is the GOYIM killed them, and Roy Cohn helped.
Anyway, one thing we can all agree on is that homos have totally come out of the closet. Indeed, they went further and decided to come out of the bedroom as well. So, they now march and parade around to celebrate their deviance and perversion as a matter of 'pride'. Indeed, these vain lunatics decided 'gay pride' should just be called 'pride'. As with the term 'gay', homos(backed up by powerful Jews) decided to lay claim to an entire word for themselves. Thus, 'pride' alone now means homo-greatness. While all other groups must attach their own identity in conjunction with 'pride', homos(and trannies) merely need to mutter 'pride' to mean it's all about them. It goes to show homo vanity(and shamelessness) knows no bounds. Give these neo-aristos an inch, and they take a mile and then demand the whole world as their oyster.
Now, if homos are so brazen in their coming-out-of-the-closet celebration, why are Jews or Jewish Power so reluctant to come out of the closet? Some may argue that Jewish Power is also out of the closet in that there are so much talk of "Israel is America's Closest Ally", endless brouhaha at AIPAC rallies, and so many glowing mentions of Jewish This & Jewish That in so many media narratives and publications. And yet, in many respects, Jewish Power or Jewish Supremacist Power(or JSP) has refused to come out of the closet. Indeed, most mentions and invocations of Jewishness are meant to remind us of how vulnerable and victim-prone the Jews are, and therefore, we must do out utmost to protect the poor poor Jews from the bad bad peoples around the world(who could be just about anyone as Jews have been experts at making enemies of those who resist their filth).
In some ways, one might argue Jews revel in globo-homo celebration as a kind of proxy Jewish-Power-out-of-the-closet. Jews fear that overt exclamation and expressions of Jewish Power may lead to resentment, fear, and anxiety among the goyim as to Jewish privilege and supremacy. Therefore, Jews feel they must portray themselves more as victims than as victors. And yet, there is surely a side of Jewishness that wants to take the stage, flaunt its powers, and rub it in to the untermensch goy masses that the Jews, as the true master race, have the Power. But such would give the game away. People will feel less sympathy toward Jews and become more critical as it's only natural for a people to direct most of their criticism toward those with the most power. That means celebrations of Jewish Supremacist Victory must remain stymied. This is smart move on the part of Jews, but it must also be frustrating for Jews not to be able to stomp the foot on the face of the goyim and holler, "We got the power and get to rule over you, filthy goy scum!"
But then, given the fact that Globo-Homo agenda has essentially been a Jewish Supremacist project, celebration of its victory is a veiled glorification of Jewish Supremacist domination over the West, not least because Homomania or Queertianity has been conceived as a substitute for fading and falling Christianity, a religion that Jews have secretly(and not-so-secretly) loathed for 2,000 yrs. From the way Jews promote and celebrate Globo-Homomania as their proxy vehicle, their ethnic character comes into focus. It is evidently vile, obnoxious, sadistic, bullying, hysterical, and demented. What IDF bullets are for Palestinian children, Globo-Homo poison is for the goyim of the West. Just like IDF death squads sadistically shoot Arab children to maim or kill them in the worst way, Jews nastily and viciously rub the noses of the goyim in the globo-homo filth. In Woody Allen's CRIMES AND MISDEANORS, the woman who plays his sister recounts how her hookup partner tied her to a bed and then took a dump on her. What Jews are doing to the West is the equivalent of what happened to that poor woman. Jews are not only sore losers — consider their behavior in the wake of Donald Trump's election victory — but sour winners who love to gloat, rub it in, and take a dump on the losing side. They have no sense of honor, respect, or limits. Indeed, consider the difference between Anglo-Americans and Jews. While Anglos wiped out the Indians, they also paid tribute to the first inhabitants of the New World. In contrast, have Jews shown any recognition for the plight of Palestinians or all the Arabs/Muslims who've been victimized by Wars for Israel? No. If anything, Jews love to rub it in on the Palestinians and dehumanize them without end. It's like Jews have no sense of shame in robbing other people. In their looting of Russia, they didn't just take a big piece but tried to take EVERYTHING, indeed the entire nation. When their super cuck-monkey Obama defeated Mitt Romney in 2012, Jews at Newsweek gloated with a big middle finger to white America.

May there be another reason why Jews are pushing Globo-Homo so hard? Could it be a kind of socio-political experiment to see how the goyim and the world will react to the agenda of minority-elite-supremacism? After all, homos in so many nations are members of the elite. Even in overtly anti-homo nations, many closeted homos work tirelessly to gain footholds in many elite institutions and industries. Indeed, homo power didn't come by overnight. Even when the West was anti-homo with laws against it(and with the psychological community deeming it as a mental disease), homos had been working surreptitiously to form networks and connections. So, when their moment came to emerge from the closet, they had considerable assets and advantages in terms of know-how and know-who. Thus, homos have long been powerful elements in elite circles, and as such, one could say homos in many parts of the world represent elite-minority power. Jews and homos formed a symbiotic relationship because both (1) are minority elites (2) overlap in many key industries and institutions (3) have long felt alienated from majority-conservative(and Christian) social order (4) overflow with vanity, supremacism, neo-aristo tendencies, and/or egomania(or ethnomania in the case of Jews).
Now, given that Judaism has historically been anti-homo — indeed, it has been the source of the most stringently anti-homo value system in the world, shaping the resolutely anti-homo laws of Christianity and Islam — , there is no guarantee that Jews and homos would be natural allies. Also, given that the Nazi SA had lots of homos(whose predilections favored fascist nihilism & narcissism over communist severity & plainness), history may have been different if Ernst Rohm's faction had either outmaneuvered or forced concessions(of tolerance for homos) from Adolf Hitler & Heinrich Himmler. Being naturally aristo in taste and aspirations, homos don't make good leftists, and that is precisely why the globalist oligarchs appreciate how Jews and Homos have rewritten leftism to be all about Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and multi-billion dollar Harvard funding the fancy-pants mugging of homos whose main obsessions are fashion, hedonism, and expensive lifestyles.
In a way, Jews couldn't be good leftists forever as well. Though there were many Jews who were genuinely committed to creating an equal and classless society out of idealism or dogma, they were too smart and talented to remain true to egalitarianism for long. In the end, they felt restless like the Albert Brooks character in LOST IN AMERICA who, upon seeing the Middle America of small towns and little people, grows bored & tired and runs off to New York to earn his millions. But, because many Jews and homos had been on the Left, if only due to a sense of alienation from majority Christian-goy or straight-moral society, their socio-economic and cultural transformations came to fallaciously reshape the meaning of leftism itself. Indeed, nothing is more idiotic than referring to current globo-progressivism as the 'left'. The argument goes as follows: Because Jews and Homos had once been on the Egalitarian Left(even if in a state of growing unease and anxiety), their metamorphosis into globalist-capitalist-imperialist-hedonist-narcissist-degenerate elitists must also be leftist. But this is like arguing, "Since China is ruled by the CCP that had once practiced communism, the capitalism that now defines that nation must also be communist." No, if a leftist stops acting like a leftist, he is no longer a leftist. It doesn't follow that, because he was once on the left, even the later non-leftist things he does are also leftist. What is often called the 'left' today is not truly leftist, no more than the current crop of globo-homo churches(that are sprouting all over like mushrooms) is truly Christian. If you drain a bottle of grape juice and fill it with orange juice, it is not grape juice. It would be a fallacy to assume it must be because it's in the grape juice bottle.

Anyway, could it be that Jews are pushing the 'Gay Agenda' as a kind of test-case of how the majority folks(of goyim and straights) would react to aggressive flaunting of minority-elite power, privilege, and supremacism? If true, it means Jews are manipulating and using the homos: Make the homos step out into the limelight first and show off their power & privilege as if the world is their oyster. And if Jews notice that the brainwashed, castrated, and cucked majority of straight folks are willing to bend over backwards(and forwards) to homo minority-elite supremacism, then maybe Jews will feel safer, securer, and more confident to also fully emerge from the closet as the true masters of the world. Jews could be acting like the Latin American guide who trails behind Indiana Jones who takes the lead and faces the initial dangers in the search for the treasure in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Let Indy take the first step and get bitten by a snake or fall into a trap. Let the homo jump in the lake(that could be filled with piranhas or alligators or worse) before the Jew wades in. In many ways, Jews are obnoxious, over-zealous, and driven, but there is also a side to them that is patient, calculating, and ruthless, as with Hyman Roth in THE GODFATHER PART 2 who waited all those years to get even with the Corleones.

Anyway, the Way of the World would be much clarified if the Jews, like the homos, fully came out of the closet and shamelessly displayed their arrogance, pride, and megalomania. Sure, many goyim, especially white cucks, will only love Jews even more(like slaves who revere their proud master) because they've been so indoctrinated and conditioned to go apeshit and bananas over anything Jewish. Take that worthless cuck Charlie Kirk who can't get enough of Jewish awesomeness. If JSP(Jewish Supremacist Power) came out of the closet tomorrow and declared to the world, "We Jews are the superior masters of the world, and your duty as lowly goyim is to kiss our ass and suck our toes", it's safe to say Kirk and many others like him will be more than glad to get on their knees and kowtow before the Uber-Jewber. There are plenty of people like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and John Hagee in the world, especially in the West, and especially in America. For them, Jews are the Chosen, the special people, and they can't think of anything more honorable and glorious than worshiping at the feet of the Tribe.
However, many other people, of both genuine right and genuine left, will rethink the Way of the World once they realize that Jews are the 'Barzini' behind the globo-homo 'Tataglia'. Also, realizing that Jews are the true supremacist-imperialists with hegemonic control over the world, people will wise up to the Jewish swindle of invoking 'white supremacy' and 'white privilege' as tricks of misdirection so as to fool the masses of goyim that the real threat to the world comes from the KKK or Neo-Nazis. ROTFL. Now, was it the KKK and Neo-Nazis who brought about all those Wars for Israel that killed so many countless Arabs/Muslims? Are the Deep State and Media Propaganda organs crawling all over with KKK members... or with murderous Zionist-imperialists and their toady cucks? Anyway, homos and even trannies are now out of the closet. It is about time that JSP, or Jewish Supremacist Power, finally and fully came out of the closet and flaunted what it's really about. Then, so many people in the West will realize why their fate are now much like that of the Palestinians.

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