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PMB Factor or Why Jewish Psychology Makes It Nearly Impossible for Non-Jews to Co-Exist Alongside Jews in Good Faith. PMB = Pedestal, Mirror, and Buttplug. GOMB or Get Off My Back, a Necessary Message to Jews from Whites.

It should be obvious by now to all honest and sensible people that Jews are a deeply problematic people. Now, all peoples are problematic because life itself is problematic, a matter of chaos, confusion, struggle, and survival. Just like all organisms have developed their own specialties to gain an edge in their niche, every human group has had to be more than 'nice' and kind to survive in what has mostly been a harsh world. Still, just like some organisms are more threatening than others, certain human groups are more difficult than others. African honey bees, for instance, are far more aggressive than European honey bees. African elephants are more aggressive and dangerous than Asian elephants. Weasels are feistier animals than muskrats. Some snakes are venomous, many are not. Dragonflies and butterflies are mild compared to hornets. Among dogs, some breeds are more dangerous than others. Among cats, orange tabbies tend to be more aggressive than long-haired black cats. Then, it shouldn't surprise us to realize that some human groups are more problematic than others. This is largely a matter of personality but also linked to levels of intelligence, aggression, strength, neurosis, and/or psychopathy. It also has to do with general egotism within the group.

Two racial/ethnic groups that are most problematic are Jews and blacks. To be more specific, it's the Ashkenazi Jews, ones who are half-European, who are more problematic than other kinds of Jews. Not only do they have problematic personalities but they have advantages and deficiencies that drive many of their members half-mad. Jews are rightly seen as pushy, feisty, and weaselly, but the problem is compounded by the fact that they're more intelligent and less attractive. (Being more intelligent, Jews think they should rule the world but resent the fact that too many goyim regard them to be unattractive and unappealing.) Blacks are rightly seen as loud, crude, and obnoxious, but things are made worse by the fact that they are tougher and less intelligent. (Being tougher and louder, blacks think they should rule the world but resent the fact that their limited IQ prevents them from rising to the top of everything.) And then, there is the matter of egotism that runs wild in both communities that do not lack for know-it-all bigmouths. The egotism also blinds many Jews and blacks to their shortcomings and failings.
In a way, Jews and blacks are mirror-opposites of one another, and in a hypothetical world composed of only Jews and blacks, they would not get along at all. Blacks will try to beat up Jews and rob/rape them, and Jews will use their wits to devise means and ways to enslave and even exterminate blacks. But because both groups rely so much on parasitism on Whitey as the commonly shared host, they've developed a symbiotic relationship. Also, having developed in close proximity with whites, both groups have suffered under whites and gained so much from the complex relationship. Consider what blacks gained under other blacks or under Arabs compared to what they gained under whites. Consider what Jews gained under/with Arabs or other-non-whites to what they gained under/with/over whites, especially Northern European whites.
Indeed, Jewish Global Power is inconceivable without its hooks deep into Anglos and Germanics. While Jews gained great advantages all throughout Europe and Middle East, their power was always limited within the bounds of ability of the host. In other words, while Jews in the Ottoman Empire did better than many groups, they could not surmount the limitations of Turkish civilization. Same goes for Jews in Russia. Jews could rise to the top in Russia, especially in the early stages of Bolshevism, but their worldwide influence was hampered by the problems of Russian national character(and failings of communism, of course). Jews gained a great deal in Italy and France, but both nations were surpassed by Anglo and Germanic nations that really came to define the future of the West. It's like a rider, no matter how talented, is only as good as the horse he is riding. If the horse is weak, no amount of experience and knowledge on his part can turn it into a great horse. Worse, if he has no emotional or moral connection to the horse, he may decide to exploit and abuse it for all its worth and dispose of it sooner than later. Jews understood that the strongest horses in the West were Anglo and Germanic. It was the UK, Germany, and the US. German Jews gained more than all other Jews with the exception of those in the UK and US. This is why Jews reacted to badly to National Socialist Germany's rejection of World Jewry. Would Jews have reacted so violently to a lesser nation saying NO to Jews? After the creation of Israel, many Arab nations expelled their Jews, but World Jewry didn't mind at all. They were happy to have those Jews come to Israel. Furthermore, they didn't see it as a great loss because Jews in Arab nations wouldn't have amounted to much because Arabs could never amount to much. So, Jews in Arab nations were atop weak horses. Jews see goyim as in terms of strong horses or weak horses. That's the esoteric meaning behind Steven Spielberg's WAR HORSE.
How Jews see the white race.
Just like Jews know that blacks are the superpowers in sports, and therefore, Jewish-owned teams in NBA and NFL must recruit top blacks to have championship teams, they know that Northern Europeans, especially Anglos and Germanics, are the most formidable civilization-builders, nation-enrichers, and imperial managers. Thus, Jewish Power relies on access to Anglo and Germanic nations. This is why Jews fear the rise of white identity and white interests among Anglos and Germanics. Even though Nazism turned out to be evil and monstrous, it had many positive sides as well, and one was the theme of liberation and emancipation(from maniacal Jewish control) before the movement turned into one of enslavement and extermination of the peoples of other nations. Before National Socialism went off the rails as Germano-Supremacist Imperialism, its main appeal was the hope of national liberation from World Jewry who, during the Weimar Years, exploited and debauched the German nation. If Adolf Hitler had the sense of limits of Kemal Ataturk or Vladimir Putin, he would have been one of the greatest men of the 20th century, indeed in all of European history. But he betrayed the initial hopes of National Socialism by igniting wars to conquer and exploit other peoples. But then, one problem of National Socialism was it was a radical Germanic version of Jewishness. In the fight against the Jews, Germany would use many of their tactics.

Anyway, the reason why Jews reacted so hysterically to the rise of National Socialism was because they regarded Germany as one of their prize horses. If a weak horse throws off the rider and runs away, it's no great loss. But if a strong prize horse throws off the rider and flees, it's a huge loss. It's the difference between a fisherman losing a sardine and losing a marlin. It's like there's a big difference between losing a plain lover and a beautiful lover. Now, if Jews have such problems with Germans and Anglos, why don't they just leave and go live with other peoples? The thing is, despite the problems, Jews know deep down inside that Jewish Power could only have risen to global greatness atop the backs of Anglo and Germanic prowess. It's like a Jewish owner of the NBA or NFL cannot hope to win the championship without black players. If blacks are the prize horses of Jews in American sports, whites folks(esp Anglos and Germanics) are their prize horses in the global struggle for hegemony. This is why Jews fear the awakening of white consciousness that wants to be free of the JSP(or Jewish Supremacist Power) on its back. When Jews rant about 'white supremacy', it is pure projection because what they're really about is ensuring White Submissivism to Jewish Supremacism. What Jews fear most is White National Liberation and White Global Liberation. White Liberation will save not only the white race but the whole world that is being trampled and destroyed(militarily and immorally) by the Jewish rider atop the white horse. Just consider Libya and Syria under the hoofs of the white horse ridden by JSP. White Liberation will not only save whites from vicious Jews but will spare the whole world from the misuse of the white horse in the hands of Jews. White people must stop being horses of the Jews and become human again. White people must tell the JSP or Jewish Supremacist Power, "Get Off My Back!" It isn't right for Jews to use white folks as their prize horse and war horse. GOMB or GET OFF MY BACK must be the mindset of white folks when it comes to Jewish Power.

Now, the question of why Jews are so difficult. The main reason is the PMB Factor, or Pedestal-Mirror-Buttplug Factor. It is why no amount of goodwill and kindly gestures on the part of whites is likely to change the atrocious Way of the Jew. Many white people believe that Jews will reciprocate in kind if whites treat them real nice. The thinking is that white Christians had wronged Jews for many centuries and then there was the Shoah, and that's why Jews are still overly sensitive, suspicious, and a bit paranoid. Therefore, if whites change their ways and shower Jews with love and kindness, Jews will eventually mellow out and learn to love whites as well.
Granted, there are some whites who are slavish to Jews out of sheer awe. This awe could be religious, as with Christian Zionists who believe Jews are the Chosen of God, and therefore, those who suck up to Jews shall be blessed while those who mistreat Jews will be condemned. Well, whites have been sucking up to Jews since the end of World War II, and what has been the result for the West? Rise of Sodomania as the new faith, anti-white dehumanization, monstrous wars for Israel, and massive demographic replacement.
Now, these Christian Zionists may feel more fortunate than Arabs and Muslims whose worlds have been torn asunder in recent years. They may feel whites are better off than Arabs because whites suck up to Jews whereas Arabs give the middle finger to Jews. God rewards whites, punishes Arabs. But until late modern history, Arabs had been kinder to Jews, but it was the 'antisemitic' white world that rose to greatness. And the reason why Arab nations have been smashed in recent years is because venal Jews have exploited the power of the white horse to trample on other nations. Even though white nations don't lay in ruins like Arab nations, their fate will be far worse than that of Syria or Iraq in years to come because Jews are pushing for mass Afro-Islamic invasion of Europe. But because Christian Zionists are so in awe of Jews, they don't have the wherewithal to speak the truth and name the Beast.
But not everyone in awe of the Jews is a Christian Zionist. Plenty of them are libertarians, materialists, and status-seekers who naturally look up to whomever happens to be the richest and most powerful. These cuck-collaborators will betray anything and even sell their mothers down the river for their slice of the pie. They are like Ned Beatty in SUPERMAN angling for a piece of California as 'Otisberg'. Indeed, what is a political libertarian but someone who worships the rich and powerful as the Best Individuals? While social libertarians are mainly concerned with freedom to indulge in sex & drugs, political libertarianism is all about sucking up to money. Its archetypal practitioner is the cucky-wuck Paul Ryan who bows down before the JSP(Jewish Supremacist Power) and kisses its ass because he is so in awe of Jewish money and power. As its pet, he gets doggy biscuits for which he is oh so grateful. Most college-Republican organizations are grooming centers for political libertarians whose main aspiration is to be useful for Jewish-Power-and-Wealth that they hold in awe. If the richest and most powerful people in the US were Iranian-Americans and not Jews, these cucky-wuck libertarians would prostrate themselves at the feet of globalist Iranian power.

Anyway, what Christian Zionists and Political Libertarians have in common is the faith that if white folks are ever-so-nice to Jews, Jews will mellow out and pay back the love and affection. This is where both groups are wrong because they fail to understand the Jewish Bio-Cultural Character. The truth is it's highly unlikely that Jews will act in good faith because of the PMB or Pedestal-Mirror-Buttplug Factor. What is meant by the Pedestal. It refers to higher Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence. Even though many Jews deny it, they privately believe their own kind to be smarter than the dimwitted, hapless, and/or one-dimensional goyim. So, Jews place themselves upon the pedestal as the superior race, indeed the master race. Sure, Jews always use such terms in relation to Nazis & 'white supremacists' and pretend as though they themselves are for equality and justice. For example, Jews often excoriate white people for not being 'welcoming' or 'inclusive' enough to the non-white hoi polloi around the world. Thus, one might get the impression that white people want to preserve their 'white privilege', whereas Jews want to share their goodies with all the world. But this is bogus for two reasons. For starters, while one can make a powerful case that white people should not invade and rule over non-white folks — that would indeed be a case of White Privilege — , it's absurd to argue that white people must share their own homelands with all the world. No civilization can maintain itself with open borders, aka Open Invasion. Indeed, Jews themselves have ensured that only Jews get to immigrate to Israel. Jewish tightly guard their own Jewish state while offering up white-majority nations to the world; Jews are being 'generous' with what doesn't even belong to them; imagine someone feigning 'generosity' with YOUR money. Anyway, Jews know full well that if any bunch of people can move to Israel, it will lose its majority-Jewish demography sooner than later. True White Privilege would be a matter of whites having their way in non-white lands. In contrast, whites defending their own homelands and nations is NOT any kind of 'privilege'. It is a duty, and it should be called White Duty, or White Priority. After all, it must be the duty and priority of every people to guard and defend their own homeland, especially if it's deeply ancestral. So, when Jews smear White Duty and White Priority(of defending and preserving white nations) as 'white privilege'(or even 'white supremacy'), it is a dirty trick.
Jerry Nadler the vile and vicious Jew 
Jewish BS is bogus for another reason. Increased Diversity doesn't lead to greater equality but greater inequality, what with Jews getting richer over the rest. First, how can all the diverse immigrant-invaders compete with Jews who are not only more intelligent but so well-connected? Also, the Jewish lie of promised equality should be obvious to anyone, especially given how Jewish Power has rigged the American System to favor Jews uber alles. If Jews and their allies were really into equal justice, would they be insisting that the US must regard Israel as its closest ally while turning a blind eye to the plight of Palestinians? Furthermore, Diversity makes Jews(and their globalist allies) even richer because it undermines the national middle class & working class. So, while wages drop for the white middle/working classes, the profits rise for the upper-crust made of Jews and other globalists. And of course, Jewish Power grows ever more powerful under the Diversity regimen because the diverse groups of goyim simply can't get their act together to form an effective coalition against Jewish Power. Not only do the Jewish Media and Jewish-paid whore-politicians pit the various goy groups against one another(whereas 'leftist' and 'rightist' Jews work as a team) but the elites of goy groups are vetted and paid for by the Jewish oligarchs who own them like so many nickels and dimes in their pockets. So, whether the politicians or 'leaders' are whites like Paul Ryan or Lindsey Graham OR blacks like Al Sharpton or Barack Obama, all they ever really do is suck up to Jews. It's rather remarkable in the case of Sharpton because he once used to be a tireless Jew-baiter. But Jewish Money goes a long way, and the rambunctious jive-ass bunny has been sucking up to Jews over the years.

Anyway, not only are Ashkenazi Jews possessed of higher intelligence but they know it. Therefore, they regard non-Jews as inferiors or untermensch who must serve the smarter Jews. Jewish attitude is much like the pig attitude in George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM, which today is most relevant as a HBD(Human Bio-Diversity) allegory. It's made more problematic due to the Jewish Covenant-mentality. If Jews were mainly libertarian, their sense of superiority would mostly be individualistic, i.e. they'd believe only the smart Jewish individuals deserve all the money and privilege they got. But because of the tribal Covenant-mentality, Jews think that they, as a group, should rule over other peoples. While white libertarian elites will side with smart and/or rich non-whites against non-smart and/or non-rich whites, Jewish 'covenantarian' elites will primarily side with even lesser Jews even against white elites who are the socio-economic peers.
It's been said Episcopalians are just as smart as Jews, even a bit smarter. Then, why did Jews come out on top over Wasp Episcopalians? It's because Jews not only used their superior IQ in individual terms but drew strength from their sense of tribal unity and destiny, whereas Episcopalians came around to thinking only in terms of atomized individualism or collective universalism. People who act merely as individuals may gain great wealth, but they cannot amass power as a group. As for those who seek to include all of humanity in their tent, they end up with a morass of deracination, confusion, and chaos. 'Rightist' Wasps only thought in terms of 'me, me, me', and 'leftist' Wasps thought only in terms of 'world, world, world', encompassing all of humanity. Both sides lost out to Jews who, even as they've exploited the advantages of individualism and universalism, opted for 'we, us, ours' as their central mindset. So, if one bunch of Wasps veered off into one direction while another bunch of Wasps veered off into the other direction, Jews remained on track to push their ethnocentric agenda. Jews used individualism to the extent that highly talented Jewish individuals came to amass great fortunes. Jews also used universalism to the extent of persuading white/goy nations to open up to the entire world in the name of shared humanity, and such open vulnerability allowed Jewish power and wealth to penetrate so many nations and sink its hooks into them. Jews regard individualism and universalism as mere tools, whereas so many goyim have been 'intellectually' hoodwinked into accepting them as the core tenet of existence and justice. What really animates Jews is their form of ethno-spiritual tribalism that might be called 'covenantarianism'. Ideology is like air, identity is like matter. While all people need some degree of ideology(or beliefs based on creed), it is too thin as a civilizational core to sustain them through history. It is identity(or one's sense of belonging based on breed) that wins in the long run. A people must be careful not to embrace too strongly an ideology that undermines their sense of identity. Also, while small identities may unite with other identities of similar race-and-culture to form a bigger and stronger identity, it is game over if a people allow their identities to be diluted, erased, and even replaced by others. When similar identities unite, it is like flames coming together to build a bigger flame. When certain identities are overwhelmed by very different and even hostile identities, it's like flames being put out by fire.
Anyway, white people must understand that Jews will never regard them as equals because Jews believe themselves to be more intelligent and holier in the eyes of God(or History). In a way, modern Jewish identity might be called Achievement-Identity, or Identity-of-Pride in having produced so many geniuses, neo-prophets, artists, business titans, and etc. The New Republic, over several decades, was like the journal of Jewish Achievement Identitarianism. White people mustn't expect to be treated as equals by such a people. Jews feel entitled under the eyes of God and/or History to rule over goyim, and white people are their prize horse. Jews value whites as property, not as humanity. Whites are good in the eyes of Jews AS LONG AS they serve Jews. Now, some white people may figure that Jews will treat them nice IF whites do indeed honor and serve Jews as the superior race. Just like a master treats a dog kindly, maybe the Jewish Master will treat the White Dog nicely if the latter dutifully does the bidding of the Jews, fetch, roll over, and wag its tail. Such an attitude is self-debasing but also delusional. White cuckery doesn't fill the Jewish heart with gratitude but contempt. Upon seeing the once great race debasing itself at their feet, Jews feel even more contempt and just want to spit on white servility even as they demand it. Jews may gauge and value white cuckery for what it's worth in political and economic terms, but they feel ZERO RESPECT for it.

Another reason why Jews can't be expected to have kindly attitude toward white goyim is the Mirror Factor. If the Pedestal Factor instills Jews with Superiority Complex, the Mirror Factor imbues them with Inferiority Complex. Everyday, when Jews like Anthony Weiner wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, they see a funny-looking Jew staring back. Now, there are many good-looking Jews, and I don't necessarily mean Jews with substantial European blood. There are Semitic-looking Jews who are handsome in their own way, just as it's true of Arabs. But as Jewish evolution favored brains, money, zealotry(which went from spiritual to ideological in the 19th century), and pushiness above all other considerations, it didn't favor the traits of beauty. Among European noblemen, there was the dream of the handsome prince marrying the beautiful princess and having many good-looking kids together. Among Jews, the main consideration in marriage was money and/or mind. As such, many Jews ended up looking nerdoidean or haggly-waggly. Now, some Jews have a sense of humor and don't mind other races being better-looking. But many Jews, especially because of the Pedestal Factor, have been deeply resentful over the fact that some races, especially the 'Aryans', are generally more attractive than Jews. I mean, how did that happen? If Jews got the Covenant with God, shouldn't they be the fairest race?
In the past, white 'Anti-Semites' made a big deal of Jewish looks, especially with caricatures with hooked noses and sloping foreheads. But then, out of sensitivity over Shoah, fear of Jewish power, and/or influence of Jewish media, most whites decided they must be effusively nice to Jews. Over time, the only people commenting negatively about Jewish looks became Jewish comedians. Consider how Woody Allen beds only 'Aryan' women in STARDUST MEMORIES and then mocks ugly Jewish women. White people decided to remain mum about Jewish looks and, if anything, cheered white/Jewish sexual pairings.

Now, did such massive shift in goy attitude lead to Jews finally developing nice and kindly thoughts about whites? No. The fact is no matter how much whites praise, honor, and even adore Jews, Jews wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and feel like the wicked queen in SNOW WHITE. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, why does staring at myself make me run to the Wailing Wall?" Remember Cinderella was nice to her ugly 'sisters', but it was to no avail. The fact is the ugly sisters continued to hate her because she was beautiful while they were not. Indeed, their hostility toward Cinderella was compounded by the fact that she was their social inferior. Why should the inferior have the superior looks? Likewise, Jews, especially the women, wonder why the lowly goyesses should have the better looks? It fills them with envy, resentment, and even hatred. If Jewish men are eager to get their hands on blonde 'shikses', Jewish women want to carry out 'beauticide' by encouraging white women to mate with black men. Then, the kids that incubate in white wombs will have nappy hair, broad noses, and fat lips. Thus, 'Aryan' beauty will be destroyed, and then, even Jewish women will look better than the mulatto-ized white race. Now, of course, most white people aren't all that good-looking, but when it comes to beauty, people tend to think of the cream of the crop of any race, and justifiably or not, white beauty has become the World Standard. For that reason, the Mirror Factor will make Jews feel hatred toward the white race in the foreseeable future.
Finally, there is the Buttplug Factor. Ever notice that Jews have some of the worst personalities in the world? They really take the cake when it comes to being a**holes. One might say they act like they got buttplugs up their bungs. Jews are irritating and irritable. Now, Jewish comedians made this aspect of their ethno-cultural personality somewhat endearing through the use of humor. Who hasn't laughed at Don Rickles and Rodney Dangerfield? Or at Woody Allen and Mel Brooks? And yet, just like the use of 'camp' has really been a crutch for nasty, vicious, and narcissistic homos, Jewish humor is often the velvet glove that conceals a tight wound-up fist. Indeed, humor is partly therapeutic to Jews because if they didn't learn to laugh, they would hyperventilate and blow up with neurosis, hostility, and biliousness. It's like the Marx Brothers. They drive everyone and themselves crazy. If not for the humor as safety-valve, they'd probably go totally nuts and turn half of humanity into raving petite-hitlers or 'petitlers'.

Now, one may wonder how Jews developed the Buttplug Personality, and it probably has to do with their history of Rabbinical studies and middleman/merchant practices. To be a successful religious scholar, Jews had to verbally out-argue others, often over hair-splitting matters. And to be successful as businessmen, Jews had to be haggly and contentious. And so, Jews developed the kind of personality that many goyim might find to be unappealing, hostile, ugly, and even offensive. Just like some organisms evolved to be especially aggressive and problematic, the Jewish personality developed to cause a lot of problems. And yet, in its tireless energy, it has also been the source of many great achievements by Jews. Generally, greatness is the product of extreme, not mild, personalities. Richard Wagner and Ludwig van Beethoven were 'Aryans', not Jews, but both had very difficult and demanding personalities.

Anyway, the problem with Jews is with the sum of the three factors: Pedestal, Mirror, and Buttplug. After all, a people can be pretty intelligent and not be so unpleasant. A people can be plain-looking and even ugly and not so destructive. Australian Aborigines are considered to be on the 'ugly' side, but they are causing problems around the world. And people can have temperamental or nasty personalities and be limited in the harm they do. Greeks and Southern Italians have been known to be hot-headed and confrontational, but they don't endanger the world. But because of Jewish intelligence amasses great power and gives vent to Jewish resentments, the combination of ability and hostility can do great harm to the world.
Indeed, why was Nazi Germany so dangerous? There was the combination of awesome German talent and the pathology of the ruling elites headed by unstable Adolf Hitler. Because Jews gain so much with their intelligence and ability(and feel great arrogance toward goyim due to their tribal Covenant with God and History), there is a lot of firepower behind resentments of Jewish Inferiority Complex and the temper tantrums of Jewish Irascibility. Indeed, one reason why Jews hate Donald Trump so much is he has his own kind of 'chutzpah', which makes him go off script and howl like a wolf than bark like a dog at the behest of the master. Jewish intelligence enables Jewish hostility, and Jewish hostility fuels Jewish intelligence. It is a venomous combination, and one needs to be cold-eyed and clear-headed about the Jewish character as we move into the future where Jewish Power and Wealth will keep expanding. When faced with such cohabitant, competitor, or enemy, one must NOT give into naivete, sentimentality, or wishful thinking. One must know the truth. You must know your Jew.

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