Monday, October 14, 2019

Deforestation of the Mind — Uprooting of the Western Soul and the Globalist Deluge

We've all heard of stories from around the world where hills stripped of trees surrender their soil to mudslides. Without roots to hold the dirt in place and without leaves to soften the pummel of rain, hills without trees invariably wash away in mudslides that do great damage to outlying areas. This is why, since childhood, we've all been instructed of the importance of nature and forests. If nature is despoiled for short-term gain, the damage can be irreparable as the loss of trees unleashes a chain-reaction of destruction. Not only are the trees gone but all the animals, plants, and other organisms that depend on them. And then, other organisms that depend on those organisms also become endangered, and many perish. As humans ultimately rely on nature, what had been short-term gain turns into long-term loss, even destruction for mankind. Indeed, entire civilizations perished because of their short-sighted exploitation of nature.

What goes for nature also goes for the mind. Human souls can be destroyed just like nature. When something essential, fundamental, and true is removed from the life of the mind, it sets off a series of 'mental events' that reverberate far and wide. The impact is not limited to the initial loss but gradually or even dramatically expands to other dimensions of the mind. It's like the removal of an organ affects the entire body, which begins to fall apart like dominoes. What is true of body is also of mind. When the mind is 'deforested' of what makes us essentially human, moral, philosophical, spiritual, and/or cultural, the human soul doesn't hold together. Having no deep meaning, sound standard, richness of reference, and true conviction, the mind turns into mud and can be molded into anything. The mind goes from precious metal to malleable plastic.
Such fluidity of mind is rarely, if ever, the facilitator of true freedom and individuality. Mud-minds and plastic-brains are almost always molded by the Power that, in our world, favors fashion over tradition because slaves to fashion are so easy to manipulate with the latest craze or outrage. Because their conscious(and subconscious) spaces are not held together by forests of the mind with roots in family, culture, history, and spirituality, their thoughts, feelings, and actions are like so many mudslides or mental diarrhea. A properly cultured mind is not only about education. Indeed, if education turns into indoctrination dishing out the latest 'intellectual' fads, especially to impressionable young ones with single-mothers or soulless parents whose idea of culture is Pop Culture and whose idea of values come from the corrupt Jewish-monopoly media(elite and mass), then it can do more harm than good. Given the sheer mindlessness and mendacity that pass themselves off as intellectual thought or ideological commitment in the Current West, it's quite evident that intelligence and knowledge alone won't save anyone's mind and soul.
Intelligence is merely a tool and often caves to emotions. Intelligence seeks the truth only when directed towards it. When people with intelligence are instilled, especially at impressionable times in their lives, with strong emotions in relation to falsehoods or disingenuous narratives, the element of sheer passion overrides facts and reason. For example, just how did so many intelligent people come to believe in the divinity of Jesus for so many years? Because Christianity had such emotional, cultural, and spiritual power over them. Why did so many highly intelligent people become so swept up with Marxism/Communism? It wasn't only the conceit of partaking of an ideology that supposedly figured everything out and unified all relevant knowledge but the radical conviction that one was on the side of angels or historical justice. And yet, given the nobility and depth of Jesus' teachings and the power of Karl Marx's vision, those who wholeheartedly accepted the Christian Faith or Communist Destiny were not necessarily deforested of mind, at least not entirely so. Whatever harm the religion of Christianity or ideology of Communism may have done to the human psyche, it also planted new seeds that could grow into new trees of meaning, understanding, redemption, and/or justice. Neither was animated by nihilism, hedonism, or degeneracy.
But take a look at our world. We see women with green, purple, or pink hair. And, they are not merely silly teens trying to be 'different' but women who are middle-aged, even old. Why would an adult do that to her hair? If a 10 yr old girl did funny stuff to her hair to look like Cyndi Lauper or some anime figure, it might be 'cute'. But why would full-grown women, especially one with college degrees and professional responsibilities(and with family and children) go about doing stupid things to their hair? (Granted, such ladies tend to be 'cat ladies' than family women, but then, there are plenty of stupid mothers.) Why would so many people, parents and children, besmirch and sully their bodies with ugly tattoos? What goes on in their minds when they decide on such acts of folly? Don't they have a larger sense of life, i.e. what is 'cool' today maybe 'fool' tomorrow. And even if they are capable of only thinking of the Moment, why would anyone with sense believe that he or she looks better with body graffiti that are invariably ugly, vulgar, and trashy? Now, I can understand some primitive tribes where tattoos have some cultural significance. Or I can tolerate someone who's been to hell and back in war and got a tattoo to signal his camaraderie with his band of brothers. But what exactly is the meaning of tattoos to the fools who decide to splatter their bodies with in-erasable ugliness?
While such is done to the body, it is decided by the mind, and one wonders why so many people in the West(and their cultural colonies) have fallen into the habit of harboring dumb thoughts and preferences that lead to disastrous results. (What tattoos are to skin, meth is to inner organs. Substitute kicks and highs for those with no sense of meaning.)
Obviously, both stupid 'cat ladies' with funny-colored hair and morons addicted to tattoos have mud-minds. They are putty in the hands of globalist Jews because their minds can be washed away so easily with the latest fads and fashions. Unlike status-anxious whore-politicians who just go along with the latest Official Line decided by the power(the Jews) out of opportunism, so many of so-called 'woke' community really seem to hysterically believe in the latest crusade or outrage with zero awareness that, only a few years or even moments ago, they hadn't a care or a clue on the subject or issue. Their ex-lax minds seem to slide and flow with whatever BS is cooked up by the Media Machine. In their formative years, their minds were not seeded and planted with meaningful trees providing them with a lifetime worth of meaning. Instead, PC uprooted what was nascent & normal, decent, and healthy in them and 'seeded' their mental soil with ideological salt(that prevents organic growth) and planted plastic saplings that has the semblance of trees but no means to spread its roots. ('Gay marriage' is to real marriage what a plastic tomato is to a real tomato. No, 'love is love' is not true love. Homo fecal-penetration is not equal in worth, meaning, and purpose to true sexuality that produced all the life in the world.) As such, the generations especially from the Boomers(and gone full-retard with the Millennials) have the kinds of minds that can be mud-slid away with ease. Nothing that is deep, meaningful, and true seems to stick with them. Their minds seem vulnerable & defenseless, so very gullible, and elope with the latest stupidity. (Today's 'liberals' might as well be called 'gulliberals'.) How else can one explain monstrosities such as 'gay marriage', dementia of Afrophilia(as if blacks, the most criminal race, is the most angelic race), ludicrousness of Jew-Worship(as if Zionists need protection from the countless Palestinians and Muslims Jews have terrorized and killed), and the clown-world notion that a man is a 'woman' simply because he feels like it.
What are the elements that hold a mind together and keep it resistant to the decadent, even degenerate, fads and fashions that now define so much of the 2 PC's, pop culture and political correctness? What allows for a healthy eco-system of the mind, a kind of psycho-system, one that can weather and survive the winds, rain, and hailstorms of the Corrupt and Venal Power? A strong sense of individuality is surely one but not in the libertarian sense that each individual should consider himself/herself as the center of the universe. No, every individual is part of a link, an inheritor of a legacy. After all, most of our lives are filled with things that we, as individuals, didn't create. While we are more than ants in a colony, we are like ants in that we are nothing all by oneself. We need individuality, but as individuals, we need to understand and appreciate that we are part of a family, culture, history, spirituality, and a sense of place. Even for the non-religious, certain spiritual notions can be beneficial in restraining excesses of hubris or hysteria. For the intellectuals and brainiacs with a know-it-all tendency, the concept of God can be like a contract among them that there is a power and truth beyond their capacity for discovery and understanding in their all-too-short lifetimes. The concept of God can also be beneficial to those who with heavy tendency toward sensualism: A contract among sensualists that there must be something more meaningful and deep than the pleasures of the flesh and tingles of sensory nerves. Without the concept of God or something equivalent, too many people are prone to self-worship, arrogance, mammon, or fervor of the moment(aka the Current Year).
Global Warming Hysteria is one such example. While global warming caused by CO2 may indeed be a real problem, the sheer absolute certainty bordering on quasi-millenarianism among its proselytizers is truly a sight to behold. Instead of offering up better science and data with cool minds, they act as though they are 100% certain that UNLESS things go their way, it's End of the World for sure in a few decades. If anything is heating up real fast, it's their self-righteousness. While serious concern for the environment is laudable, especially as humans have despoiled the planet enough, the sheer arrogance of certitude bordering on megalomania(or 'megalogaia') among the save-the-worlders who spout the most hysterical and self-serving form of global-warming mania suggests that what is sadly lacking in their lives is a true sense of spirituality.
The forest of the mind needs real connection to family(even bordering on sentimentality as it is only within the family that one is allowed unabashed emotions that are essential to life), and this means having a man who knows what it is to be a father and a woman who knows what it is to be a mother. And this familial sense must be expansive as the concept of the nuclear family, though useful in the modern setting, tends to over-emphasize one's own family's separateness than relatedness to kinfolk. The nuclear family is convenient and desirable in that each family wants its free space and agency. Just like we, as individuals, want our private spaces, every family wants to mind its own business. Still, family bonds within and without are much richer when there is a larger sense of connection and communication among relatives including grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces. There need be ways of communication, meetings, gatherings, rituals, and remembrance that remind everyone that he or she isn't alone in the world or primarily part of some faddish subculture but part of a deep lineage. This used to be taken for granted in the past, but with so many children being only-child-ren, raised by single-parents(or even grandmothers or foster homes), and addicted to pop culture(and deracinated by PC), we can no longer take for granted the sense of belonging and obligations that come with Familial-Consciousness.
The forest of the mind also needs true spirituality. There are several true religions of great reach and depth. If one finds it impossible to literally believe in God or gods in the modern era(and this would include myself), we can still appreciate the old religions and mythologies for their imagination, searching, meaning, revelation, and lessons. One doesn't have to be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Greco-paganist to draw inspiration from the faiths and fables that served as the visionary and spiritual bedrock of entire civilizations. While it is only natural to seek new meanings in our world of rapid change, one mustn't confuse the latest fad or fervor as worthy substitutes for the great religions and myths of the past. While it's possible that there will be new prophets and revelations in times to come, they most certainly won't be the products of the Current Power whose main(even sole) priority is to hog all the wealth and privilege for itself. Then, it's no wonder that the Power has been so hard at work in deforesting the minds of modern people so that their hearts-and-soul will wash away like mudslide under the barrage of globalist PC and Pop Culture.

The forest of the mind also needs real culture and true sensibility, just like the body needs real food with real nutrients. While we may enjoy candy, doughnuts, and ice-cream once a while as snack, we know we cannot survive on them for long. We need real food with proteins and vitamins. Similarly, a civilization with pop culture as its main culture is like someone who mainly gorges on junk food and candy as his/her main food. Why is our culture so sick(and sickly), fatuous, disgusting, imbecile, retarded, infantile, and/or excessive? It's due to the decline in sensibility, indeed to the point where even or especially the (so-called) experts can't tell what real culture is anymore. Consider the rise of Pop Art in the art world. Consider how superhero comic book movies have come to dominate the discourse about cinema. Consider how the biggest literary events are stuff like HARRY POTTER, HUNGER GAMES, TWILIGHT, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, or some teen or teen-inspired fiction. A people who don't know real culture from junk culture have lost the forest of the mind. Their minds are like the hills of Haiti that's been stripped of trees and flows with mud whenever it rains.
Much more can be said on this subject, and this is only a start. But one thing for sure, we need an Arbor's Day for the mind. We must spread the seeds of truth, meaning, culture, and justice within our psyche. And by 'truth', I don't mean the Narrative foisted upon us by the capitalist-globalist Jewish-monopoly media. And by 'justice', I don't mean the official dogma of the Holy Three that elevates Jews, Homos, and Negroes as the only sacred groups whom all others must worship and serve. What is SJW(social justice warrior) or JJ(Justice Junkie) dogma really about? It's not about justice based on truth, facts, reason, and reciprocity but about hysteria based on idol-worshiping of certain groups(Jews, blacks, and homos) as the sole fountains of wisdom and holiness. It's a form of inverted supremacism that, while denouncing 'white supremacism', goes full blast in promoting Jews, blacks, and homos as more worthy than other groups. Just ask the Palestinians.

We must desalinize our minds of the poison salt of PC. We must remove the fake plastic plants of pop culture. And in their place, we must plant the trees of true wisdom, depth, meaning, passion, and connection. Otherwise, our minds will just be piles of mud that will not hold firm against the deluge of globalist pap and rot. And we need self-realization and self-actualization more than ever because even the institutions of true religions are now in the hands of globalist agents, witting or unwitting, who are aiding and abetting in the deforestation of the mind to turn all our minds into one collective mud-flood flowing into the nowhere land of mammonite idolatry of Jews, homos, and Negroes. Donald Trump may be useful as a wrecker of globalism, but he too is a depraved creature of depraved times, one where even the majority of so-called 'conservatives' are okay with 'gay marriage' and pander to the worship of the Holy Three. In the age of mud, we have 'gulliberals' and 'cuckservatives'. We need a garden of true liberals and true conservatives who need each other for both preservation and progress of a sane and sound society. And such a mind garden can only be created out of a true forest with real trees of knowledge and remembrance. In this age of degenerates, we need the re-emergence of the regenerates.

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