Monday, August 26, 2019

The Most Important Fact of Post-Cold-War Globalist Hegemony is that Jewish Power won the INVISIBLE WAR

When we think of wars, we usually think of military conflicts. The US has been involved in many of those and won most of them. Even when it lost, the other side suffered far greater harm than the US. It’s been said the US lost the Vietnam War, but when we consider the respective damages suffered by both nations, there is simply no comparison. The Vietnamese forced the US to give up South Vietnam but suffered most of the losses. It was nearly a Pyrrhic Victory as the US proper remained untouched(except by anti-war protests) whereas Vietnam had to rebuild nearly everything up from scratch. Think of Dragline(George Kennedy)'s 'loss' to Paul Newman's character in COOL HAND LUKE. Dragline walks away, but Luke got all the lumps. Many argue that the US lost in Iraq too, but then, who'd be the winner? It certainly wasn't the Iraqis who were rocked not only by the invasion but by ensuing civil strife that tore the nation apart(and continues to haunt them to this day). The other great 'war' of the 20th century was known as the 'Cold War' where the US and USSR managed not to confront each other directly, mainly out of fear of World War III that might even include nuclear weapons. Thus, the Cold War was considered a war of nerves than of arms. Still, both sides used proxies who died in the millions and for whom the 'cold war' was anything but a game of bluff and brinkmanship.

Anyway, there is a kind of war no less crucial than military wars(and far more consequential than 'cold wars'). It might be called the Invisible War. Beginning in the Sixties and especially following the end of the Cold War, the Power within the US was largely determined by the outcome of an Invisible War. It was this War, more than the Cold War and its end, that shaped the future of America and the World, much of which is but a political, economic, and cultural colony of the US-as-lone superpower. USSR had once been a hegemon and global player in both hard and soft power, but ultimately it failed to win the hearts & minds, eyes & ears, (and/or the loins and groins) of the masses of the world who could see that the 'Free World' was winning in Food and Feels. So, once the Soviet system collapsed(or was collapsed from within by wanna-be oligarchs who wanted to profit from being part of the World Order), the question was which group would get to shape America’s lone-superpower agenda for the entire world? Controlling America is like having a machine gun in a room where others have sticks or, at most, pistols.

The outcome of the Invisible War mattered a great deal especially because the US came to be ethnically & racially diverse. Victory of one group over the other could alter the 'racial' character of the US agenda. All nations experience Invisible Wars among various groups contending for dominance, but in a homogeneous nation, the dominant race-and-culture remains in charge regardless as to which side wins. Suppose there are various factions vying for power in China. Whichever wins, China would be controlled by Chinese, and its policy vis-a-vis the rest of the world would be Sino-centric. But imagine if the invisible war(of jockeying for power) in China were fought among Chinese and various non-Chinese groups. Perchance, if a non-Chinese group gained top power in China, it could fundamentally change the nature of China's place in the world because it'd likely use China to serve its own tribal interests than what is good for most Chinese people. In a way, China was trapped in such condition under the rule of Manchu dynasties whose relation to China was ambiguous. In some ways, they were part of Chinese civilization, but they also regarded the Chinese as their subjects, and that partly explains why, when threatened by Western Imperialism, they feared the awakening of Chinese Nationalism as much as they feared foreign aggression — Chinese nationalist uprising to do away with the 'foreign devils' might just as well sweep aside the Manchu ruling elites as well.
Likewise, the reason why so much hung in the balance in Russia of the 1990s and 2000s was because the success or failure of Putinism would decide whether Russia would remain sovereign or fall into the clutches of Jewish-supremacist globalists. (It was perhaps a shock for many Russians to realize the full extent to which American Jews had consolidated power during the Cold War, indeed even to the point of dictating their agenda to the once-great Wasps reduced to pushovers of the Chutzpah Clan.) Though a tiny minority in Russia, the Jews with their higher IQ, radical will, & support from World Jewry almost managed to wrest total control of the Russian nation. Had the Jews gained total dominance, the Russian state wouldn't have served the Russian people but would have been exploited, manipulated, and abused simply to maximize (the mostly extractive)Jewish Power around the world.
When America was mostly white and Anglo-ruled(and Anglo-Americanized even among non-Anglo white ethnics, most of whom were Christian and traced their roots back to Europe), the outcome of the Invisible War(among various factions of Anglo-American and/or Anglo-Americanized white gentile groups) had far less dire consequences regardless of which side won. In the end, it was one bunch of Anglo-Americans or Anglo-Americanized gentile whites or another bunch of the more-or-less the same. Liberal or Conservative, American Interests remained essentially white-and-Anglo-centric, and this was more-or-less just because the US for most of its history was overwhelmingly white and Christian. (It's like the aftermath of the Civil War when, once the dust settled, America was still ruled by white Christian gentiles who, in sympathy with their defeated racial brethren in the South, didn't throw them to the wolves or apes of ghastly black power.) Thus, the white elites were representative of their racial masses, and the masses were supportive of their racial elites.
And on this basis, the entire world knew what American Power was really about — an expansive Anglo-centrism — and adjusted their positions accordingly when dealing with America. This arrangement was good for white American elites, white American masses, and nations around the world. Good or bad, right or wrong, the world understood WHO ruled America and WHAT Americanism was about in terms of its reach, promise, limitation, and hypocrisy(which is inherent to any system in the absence of real world utopias). For most of US history, the only major groups vying for power were white Northern-European Protestants, or Wasps. Even when waves of immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe added new groups in the contest of power, most of them were rapidly Anglo-Americanized and deferred to Wasp Power as deserving to rule for historical, cultural, and meritocratic reasons. Given the relatively poor governance and entrenched levels of corruption in the nations and kingdoms whence they came, they couldn't help but be impressed by the New Nation created by Anglo-Americans out of the vast wilderness.
But something fundamentally changed since the 1960s, a period when the Invisible War was no longer about white gentiles vs white gentiles(thus ensuring white gentile rule no matter which side won) but came down to enervating Wasps vs energizing Jews. This was fought in the realm of media, academia, arts, culture, finance, ideas, and various industries. But it wasn’t a simple 'turf war' between racial/ethnic/religious groups like the ones between, say, the Italian mafia and the Irish machine. The lines were NOT clearly drawn in terms of 'us' and 'them'. Invisible War happens in the realm of ideas, values, discourse, and culture, and that means your side could be seduced and recruited to serve the other side. You could be colonized by the ideas, narratives, and values of the enemy camp(posing as the friend to all). In such conflict, the winners tend to be the ones who are more energetic, creative, ruthless, and cunning in the fields of media, academia, propaganda, advertising, arts & culture, and of course, finance(as lots of money are needed to fund think tanks and lavish prizes on the willing).
The crucial problem for whites wasn't simply that Jews were more energetic and big-minded than Wasps(known for moderation, pragmatism, and empiricist caution) in the field of ideas and culture but that White Liberals were more creative and energetic than White Conservatives. Given the numerical advantage, whites could have held Jewish Power at bay IF white liberals and white conservatives had combined their power and resources. White Liberal decision in the 20th century served as the linchpin of America's destiny. Would they offer their considerable intellectual and creative talents in a racial alliance with white conservatives, OR would they side with the sneaky Jews who speciously espoused that they were not out for Jewish Power but for universal justice for all, a noble cause worthy of commitment by White Liberals so eager to do the right thing? If Jews had been honest about their agenda, their blatant tribalism would have given offense to white liberals who therefore might have sided with white conservatives to check Jewish power seeking supremacy and hegemony(not unlike the Nazis). But Jews hid their tribalism, or they white-washed it as a means to honor their tragic history as poor innocent helpless little victims. White liberals fell for the bait and threw their lot with the Jews, and there was no way that white conservatives, lacking in spark and creativity, could have fended off the combined power of Jews and White Liberals.
Also, if in times past, even victorious white liberals regarded white conservatives as their racial brethren and favored them over the Other, the victorious Jews(who edged out others in the coalition) pressed upon white liberals to hate, despise, and hold in contempt the incorrigible white conservatives who are either stupid rubes, unimaginative bigots, or crytpo-nazis. Then, it is not surprising that, over time, more and more Wasps went over to the Jewish camps as allies, servants, and finally cucks. As Jewish ideas came to dominate over White Liberal ones, not least because white liberals were also tainted with 'white guilt' that undermined their moral legitimacy — indeed, white liberal pride is mostly about how it feels more self-loathing about being white than white conservatives do, i.e., "We weep harder when we read TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD" — , the Jewish/White Liberal relationship essentially became one of teacher and student, moral master and moral slave, spiritual pimp and new age prostitute. Most Liberal Wasps pitifully came under the domination of Jewish politics. And in time, most Wasp conservative figures followed suit and were mentally-colonized by Neocon thought. Jews won not only by conflict but conversion.

Ultimately, Jews won the Invisible War in America, and that's why they've been able to push an agenda that's been turning the world upside down with Wars for Israel, Open Borders, anti-nativism, pro-invasivism, Homomania, deranged feminism, Afromania, and Jungle Fever that promotes ACOWW(or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs).
It is a strange agenda, of course. At its core, it is undeniably tribal and ethno-supremacist, but it is promoted as ‘western values’, ‘human rights’, or ‘universal principles’, all vague notions manipulated and distorted in meaning and implication to serve an agenda that, more often than not, aligns with Jewish supremacist machinations. But then, just like Stalinism and George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM illustrated so powerfully, the Power can shape truth to be just about anything, not least because most people are craven cowards, malleable lunkheads whose brains are clay in Jewish hands, or opportunists who will go with the strong horse(and thirty pieces of silver).
This ‘universal values’ requires the US(and that means ALL OF US who contribute to American Power) to make life hell for Muslims over there but hug them like long-lost brothers over here, especially if they are to demographically replace white Americans(and even black Americans). It’s seems crazy and illogical, but once you understand the Power and all those who serve it, what seems like contradictions on the surface make perfect sense at the core: "Is it good for Jews?" or better yet, "Is it great for Jewish Supremacism?"

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  1. What you left out was the usurpation of the Catholic Church by freemasonic Jewry in the sixtys. The only war that matters is that of Christs Bride against the Prince of this world. And the Prince has accomplished a great stategic advantage ...or so it eclipsing and forcing off of the world stage the True Catholic Church.