Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Most Important Question is "How Come No One Even Dares to Ask Questions about the Jewish Abuse of Power and Roles in the Monstrosities of the 21st Century?" — The Paradox of Jews working with Non-Whites to attack Whites to make Whites side with Jews against Non-Whites

Get a load of this: John Durham is yet another Anglo cuck who serves Jewish Power.

Never seen in real life Durham cracks Russiagate case wide open, indicting never heard before lawyer - The Duran

For three long years, Donald Trump was hounded by a crime he didn’t commit, but the very people who orchestrated a real criminal conspiracy are getting off scot-free. That’s how the system works in Jewish gangster state of America. In the US, you are either a metaphorical Jew or a metaphorical Palestinian. It's like the US is reliably on the side of Jews no matter what, and Palestinians always get it in the neck. In the US, people like Trump and MAGA folks are metaphorical Palestinians, whereas the 'made' swamp creatures of the Deep State are metaphorical Jews who get away with just about anything... but the truly sad thing is even so-called 'conservatives' cuck to Jews. But then, Jews have been after Putin’s Russia forever, but even Putin cucks to Jews. Jews now use China as Yellow Peril demon, but Chinese dare not name the Jew. That how fearful the world is of Jewish Power. But then, why is Jewish Power so formidable? It's atop the White Horse, that's why.

As long as Norwhites(whites of Northern European extraction) in the US are total cucks to Jews, the world dare not name the Jew... because Jews can use Norwhite muscle against their enemies. If Jews acted badly entirely on their own, many peoples and nations would name the Jew and fight back. But because Norwhites, the most capable goy group in the world, take orders from Jewish Masters, it’s risky to name the Jew because Norwhites will serve as the war horse & attack dog of Jews. This is why Jews so zealously push the hysteria about white-supremacism. Their power relies on the cuckery of Norwhites, and what better way to subjugate whites than by guilt-baiting them about 'racism' and 'antisemitism', rendering them emotionally paralyzed and in search of redemption(by cucking to Jews as the Holy Holocaust tribe and High-IQ winners of American Meritocracy)?

The world knows Jews without Norwhite backing would be vulnerable. They'd be like a knight without a horse. Oddly enough, the world knows that it can bash Norwhites as they’re pegged with the guilt of ‘white supremacism’ and ‘racism’. If anything, Jews encourage the world, white and non-white, to bash Norwhites for their historical ‘sins’. It almost seems as if Jews are working with nonwhites to destroy whites(especially Norwhites), but that is an incomplete and even misleading picture. Rather, paradoxically enough, Jews weaken white prestige & pride precisely in order to use Norwhite Ability against the world.

By promoting ‘diversity’ and the like, Jews seem to work with the world against white folks. But, it is really to guilt-bait whites into shame, paralysis, submission, and loss of agency. And then, Jews exploit White Guilt to make whites cuck to Zio-globalist imperialism and hegemony. Don't believe me? Just ask the Palestinians. When have Jews urged upon whites to side with Palestinians to redeem 'historical sins' of 'racism' and 'white supremacism'? Just ask the Arabs whose nations were smashed all across the Middle East and North Africa. When have Jews demanded of whites to side with beleaguered Arabs against Zionist Supremacism and Israel’s support of terrorism? Thus, the enforcement of 'woke' white cuckery isn’t ultimately anti-imperialist but pro-imperialist. It isn't so much to discourage white imperialist energies as to channel them toward serving Jewish globalist imperialism against the world, much of it non-white. Again, just ask the Palestinians and the Arabs. Ask the Russians and Iranians. It’s like the British Empire suppressed nationalism in places in India to make the browns serve British National-Imperialism. Weaken brown Indian pride to make the browns serve white British power. Likewise, Jews weaken white pride and agency to make whites seek redemption by… cucking to Jews.

Indeed, if you want to blow PC ‘wokery’ out of the water, just pose the following questions to Jews full of holier-than-thou self-righteous BS.

1. If ‘equity’ is so important, how about addressing the fact that Jews are the most powerful, most privileged, and richest people while so much of America is ending up with less and less? Main issue should be equity between Jews and goyim. So, why is there no talk of this?

2. If ‘inclusion’ is so crucial, how come New York Times, Washington Post, and MSM in general make an effort to include more Palestinian and pro-Palestinian voices? Why isn’t BDS welcome as a means to include more unheard voices in the discourse?

3. If ‘diversity’ is so wonderful and if the EU must take in more non-white migrants, how come the same isn’t demanded of Israel? If Viktor Orban’s Hungary is ‘fascist’ because it wants to maintain its identity and heritage, isn’t Israel even more so as its immigration policy and ethnic codes are even more stringent?

Jews couldn’t answer those questions because they’re full of BS.

But then, the more crucial question would be HOW COME NO ONE RAISES THOSE QUESTIONS with Jews? Of course, inconvenient questions aren’t a problem IF no one dares to ask them. It’s like a useful question in North Korea would be, “Why is Kim Boy such a fat lardass pig when so many people in his country are barely subsisting, especially when North Korea claims to be socialist?” Good question to ask, but NO ONE dares to ask it. Why? Because Kim controls the gods... and indeed a god over there.

In a similar vein, it isn't enough to speculate as to how Jews orchestrated 9/11 from behind the scenes but why NO ONE in the US(and West in general) dares to ask certain questions about the Jewish role. Before answers are found, questions must be raised. So, why is everyone so afraid to ask certain questions in regards to Jews?
But then, we may ask what would happen to someone would dare to do just that.
Indeed, let’s imagine a scenario of someone who dares to pose such questions. Suppose he has solid credentials as a moderate. There’s nothing to indicate any affiliation with the far right or the far left or any 'extreme' group. He went to good schools and has good reputation among his peers. He is considered smart and sound of body. Now, suppose, upon perusing the data, he can’t help thinking there may be an Israeli connection in this. He isn’t sure but believes it’s at least worth looking into and calls for an investigation.

Now, what would happen to him? We know the Jews will be gunning for him the moment they get a whiff of what he’s up to. But what about the goyim in the department, government, the deep state, and the media? What about his peers, colleagues, and friends who think well of him? What would they do? Would they stick their necks out and defend his right of inquiry? Or would they do NOTHING while Jews pull all the stops to bring him down? Worse, will they and other goyim do the bidding of Jews and participate in his demotion, indeed demolition… like what was done to Jack Lemmon’s character in THE CHINA SYNDROME? (Incidentally, one wonders why Hollywood and media turned so much against nuclear power in the 1970s. Did they fear the nuke technology will spread to Israel’s enemies?)

And what will the media do? Will they function as the Fourth Estate that admires and supports a courageous person in government who dares to expose the lies and blow the whistle on what may be a massive coverup? Or will the media work in cahoots with the Deep State to shut him down? Deny him any voice or smear him as an extremist who’s gone over to the dark side or just batshit crazy. And, of course, paint him as a stooge of Russia, Russia, Russia.

It’s been said the Deep State does as it does regardless of who is elected to office. However, politicians appoint many of the top figures in the Deep State, and these picks choose who gets promoted and who gets dismissed. If politicians are owned by Jews, they will appoint the kind of craven cucks who will do as told, and those cucks in turn will favor and promote willing cucks among them.
Also, when National Security has been made synonymous with ‘Muh Israel’, no amount of pro-Jewish and pro-Israeli agendas(no matter how harmful to the US) can be deemed anti-American or treasonous. It means Jews and the cuckish likes of John Bolton can do anything for Jewish Power and Israel(at the cost of America as a whole) but never be called out on their treachery. Meanwhile, no matter how much one tries to be sincerely patriotic, he will be deemed a ‘traitor’ IF his findings or recommendations are deemed offensive to Jewish Supremacism.

Philip Giraldi got canned by The American Conservative, hardly one of the ‘wokest’ or pro-Zionist magazines in DC. If a journal so divorced from the reach of the Deep State gets cold feet and fires one of its writers out of fear of offending Jews, one wonders how things are in the MSM, Deep State, and other Jewish-dominated spheres of power.

A lot of this has to do with Jews controlling the money, but money only goes so far. Japan spread a lot of dough around in the 1980s, but Japan-Bashing was still a favorite sport. China spends a lot of money in the West, but it’s totally acceptable to blame China and expose its dirty tricks. Also, when Anglo-Americans ruled the US with money and privilege, it was fair game to call out on the WASPS and the blue-bloods and white-shoe firms, and etc. And we can bash rich oligarchs all we want. We can call out on Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and even George Soros. As members of the stinking rich, they can be bashed. But we can’t call out on Jews no matter how rich they are, how powerful they are, and how corrupt they’ve become. We can say Soros is a bad guy but must never bring up his Jewishness. Why not?

It’s because Jews control the gods and indeed have made themselves into gods, sacred race of superhumans who rose from the ashes of the Holy Holocaust. Jews didn’t only throw money around but used their control of media and academia to spin a narrative where they are always blameless while anyone who dares to notice Jewish Villainy is an ‘anti-semite’, ‘nazi’, ‘hater’, or ‘extremist’ or ‘terrorist’ or whatever.
And to reinforce their holiness, Jews have chosen blacks and homos as fellow sacralized. In the US, black crime is responsible for so many deaths and so much mayhem, but both political parties must pretend blacks are sacred and more must be done about ‘racism’. And so many people, especially whites, have been led to believe they are ‘more evolved’ and holier-than-thou if they display the globo-homo flag, even to the point where christian churches fly the homo symbol.
It goes to show what the power of media and academia can accomplish. Globo-Homo is utter nonsense but so many people think they are morally and even spiritually superior if they have reverential feelings about a ‘sexuality’ where guys bugger one another. Globohomites practice Gay Rites as 'rainbow' rituals. Jews are not only deemed holy but associated with holy negroes and holy homos. The new trinity. As people are essentially ‘spiritual’, even secular ‘liberals’ need their gods and sacraments, and the New Trinity is Anne Frank & Muh Israel, BLM & George Floyd, and globo-homo & Matthew Shepherd. These cults are based largely on lies, but then, if so many people were made believe that some Jew who died on the cross is the Son of God, they can be made to believe anything. Myth > Math.

Calling out on Bush(or Biden) is all very well and good, but how about naming the Jew, the power behind the Curtain that the Norwhites serve with such pathetic servility?

When push comes to shove, people will favor sanctity over factuality. As Jews control the gods, even those in the Deep State who suspect a Jewish role(in something like 9/11 and other 21st century disasters) will just go along because blind reverence of Jews is higher on their list of sacral priorities than their commitment to truth. Jews have Respect and Reverence. Just like Jews worshiped God even when He acted rather strangely and brutally(because He is God!), so many Americans are in worship mode of Jews. So, even if we were to show evidence and prove beyond a doubt that Jews done it, so many people will still go with ‘when legend becomes fact, print the legend’. In the end, 'respect' counts more than the fact. It's like various characters in THE GODFATHER know Vito Corleone did a lot of questionable and even evil things, but their sense of awe keeps them loyal to the Don.

Also, many people think in terms of "our side may be pretty bad, but the other side is even worse." And that means one must stick with one’s own side if only to push against the other side(who are 'worse'). So many libby-dibs and even conzo-wonzos see the world in terms of Better Humanity vs Nazis/Racists/White-Supremacists. They believe any criticism of Jewish Power will lead to the return of ‘Racist Anti-Semites’, the worst people on Earth. Therefore, one must support Bad Jews if only to keep the lid on the NAZIS!!!
But then, such tendency has existed on all sides. Even Japanese who were critical of the militarist regime felt they had to support the Emperor because the Imperialist West was much worse. And even Germans with serious doubts about National Socialism believed it was still worth supporting against a world dominated by fiendish Jews and Bolsheviks.
And even though Putin's men have been involved in False Flag terrorist attacks in Moscow that brought them to power, many people support Putin because they figure the alternative is worse. Still, even people who grudgingly support Putin and Russia don’t worship them. In contrast, worship of Jews is a real thing.

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