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Charles Murray's FACING REALITY ignores how an Invisible Affirmative Action for Jewish Supremacism boosts Jewish wealth & power way beyond Merit — Black Power is downstream from Jewish Power, or Jews use the Black Bullwhip to reduce Whites into a Race of Cuck-Maggots

Cry, the Beloved Country JAMES THOMPSON - Review of FACING REALITY by Charles Murray -

This matters deeply, because he has a strong case, and at a personal level has earned his status as the American de Tocqueville. He might smile wryly at this, remembering that aristocrat’s cutting observation about American majority thinking: "The majority has enclosed thought within a formidable fence. A writer is free inside that area, but woe to the man who goes beyond it... he must face all kinds of unpleasantness in every day persecution."

How about Cucqueville? The bald-headed Mr. Magoo fool is one of the biggest ass-smoochers of Jewish Power. Ever notice he NEVER mentions the Jewish role in the Anti-White Agenda? What kind of a genuine social scientist has a blind spot that big? Which group has controlled the media and academia? Which group has bought off most of the whore-politicians? Which group did most to marginalize him after THE BELL CURVE? And all this despite his having sucked up to Jewish Neocons all his life. So-called 'liberal' Jews(who privately know all about racial differences) attacked him viciously, and his Neocon friends mostly stood by.

Also, the problem didn't begin as a Majority Thought. The majority-thought of the US used to be pretty awesomely race-ist. Even up to the 1970s, the majority of white Americans didn't like interracism. The New Majority Thought began as a Minority Thought, mostly of Jews who, with their control of academia and media, spread anti-white propaganda far and wide, indeed to the point where most whites came to internalize 'white guilt'. But notice Murray doesn't address the factors that led to a fundamental change in Majority Thought. There was once a time when Murray's book would have been greeted as welcome debate and the ideas of Kendi X would have been laughed at, along with the likes of Robin DiAngelo of 'white fragility' nuttery. But just how did the New Majority Thought take morons like Kendi X seriously? Because Jews control the electronic media(that permeates into every home and consumer) and the academia(that has formative influence over Americans, most of whom hardly read anything after graduation). The Corleones in THE GODFATHER films won because they recognized the source of the moves against them. Vito Corleone figured out it was Barzini all along. Michael suspected correctly that Hyman Roth gave the go-ahead to the Rosato Brothers(and used Fredo against him). But Murray, for all his reputation for independent thinking, goes totally blank when it comes to Naming the Jewish Power. He can't hit the bull's eye, so he goes about aiming for the outer circles. Murray is like a doctor who is terrific at finding the symptoms but never dares to mention the CANCER as the source. Thus, Murray-ism is palliative than curative.

Murray should get a respectful hearing. His sympathies are with small town America, and with the average guy in an average job... Like any true Scot, he would rather be respected by his clan than to suck up to the lairds.

No, he's not. All said and done, Dr. Magoo is a status-conscious sucker-upper to the 'better kind of people'. For example, why did he change his views on 'gay marriage'? Get this. He has these fancy-pants highly educated 'gay' friends. And they got 'married' and adopted some child. Rich successful homos using big bucks to raise a kid, of course with the blessings of the 'right kind of people' who themselves, being soulless, look to prevailing elite fads and fashions to keep up with the Jonesewitzes.
If Murray had real spine and guts, he would have stood with truth and principle. It is foul to associate marriage with what homo-fecal-penetration and tranny-penis-cutting. And even if two homos are nice & caring and spend big money on some orphan, the arrangement is whacky. Family isn't just about affection and privilege. It's about moral meaning and mental health. The idea of 'two daddies' is sick. An orphan needs to be placed with a substitute dad and substitute mom(as all children are the products of father and mother), not two 'parents' who bugger each other. But such meanings have no place in Murray's 'cosmopology'. He's all about class and privilege. He looked at two rich homos raising a kid, and his statistical mind figured, "Hey, that will work." You see, it's all nickels & dimes and test scores with Dr. Magoo. Besides, he might be disinvited to cocktail parties when the Neocons themselves decided that 'gay marriage is a conservative value'. Murray is a vile piece of scum. He is what's on the bottom of your shoe after you step on dog shit. Murray gave his roots the boot and lays down for the lairds. He also married some Asian chick. So much for sticking with his roots. He's just some globo-cosmo tard.

The book is crystal clear: aggressive affirmative action is poisoning American society. Standards have been corrupted, and trust has been lost. Admitting those facts, and ceasing to reward one race over another, is the minimal step which needs to be taken to get out of the quagmire.

But Murray doesn't mention that the poison didn't begin with favors for blacks but with favors for Jews. There are two kinds of 'affirmative action' or special favors. With blacks, the role of AA is obvious because they lag behind in academics and job performance; therefore, they get special treatment in many areas.
In one way, especially in regard to blacks, AA can be defined as MORE for those who can't make the cut. But another facet of AA can be defined as MORE for those who CAN make the cut. In terms of meritocracy, Jews make the cut in brainy areas more than most groups. But Jews are also massive beneficiaries of AA because they get much more, indeed way beyond what they are warranted due to meritocracy.

Consider. Suppose two guys toss free throws with basketballs. One guy hits only 20 out of 100 while the other guy hits 80 out of 100. Suppose 20 pts are added to the first guy to make it more 'fair'. So, even though he hit only 20, he's given a score of 40. The effect of AA would be obvious. Now, the guy who hit 80 did very well. But suppose 20 pts are also added to his score to make it 100. Because he did so well meritocratically, people may fail to notice that his score has also been boosted.
In the US, both blacks and Jews get MORE than what they deserve in terms of merit. Take a lowlife second-rater like Ben Shapiro. Or all those Neocons who've become so prominent in the GOP(and the Democratic Party). Are these really geniuses, brilliant thinkers or statesman-like personalities? No, they are lowlife weasels, but their being Jewish is a big boost. Look how all the Jewish creeps responsible for the debacle of the Iraq War never faced negative consequences where their careers were concerned. If anything, they were favored to become editors of journals or leaders of think tanks.

By merit alone, Wall Street Jews should have taken a huge hit in 2008, but they got richer with Obama's bailouts while Middle America sunk. The US imposes sanctions on many nations for 'human rights violations', but Israel not only gets pass-over protection but is showered with gazillions in cash. Given that Israel is the economic powerhouse of the Middle East and that Jews in the US have more than enough to support Israel on their own, you'd think the American taxpayer would be spared. But nope, Jews make sure that all US tax-payers contribute to Israel. And Jewish crooks get pardoned by Democratic and Republican politicians. Jonathan Pollard stands next to Netanyahu and gives the US a middle finger, and all we hear from both parties is "We stand with Israel." Jews can rig elections and cook up Russian Collusion Hoax. No one pays a price. This is all part of AA culture. Jews have license to lie, cheat, steal, and kill. What applies to us doesn't apply to them. If a white person says, "It's Okay to be White", the FBI is hunting him down. If Jews hold AIPAC rallies where Jewishness and Zionism are hailed more loudly than Der Fuhrer in the Germany of the 1930s, that's all so wonderful.

So, Murray is a dumbass cuck to focus only on the AA for the bottom. The real problem began with AA for the top. When Jews were allowed to steal more, lie more, cheat more, and corrupt more without repercussions, it was AA for the top and had profoundly corrosive effect on the American System. Everything came to be geared more and more in terms of "Is it good for Jews?" It fueled Jewish arrogance and megalomania.
Now, initially whites may have been sympathetic toward Jews due to historical tragedy, especially in World War II. Or maybe it was genuine admiration for Jewish talent and skills. Or out of sentimentality of Jews as the Chosen. Or, in the hope that Jews will one day become normal and well-adjusted Good Decent Americans if accepted into the bosom of America. But Jews regarded all such overtures as signs of weakness, much like Adolf Hitler grew bolder with the conciliatory gestures of the so-called liberal democracies. Jews came to regard white earnestness as either naively childlike or a put-on to fool the Jews. Jews also sensed fear among white goyim, i.e. whites, cognizant of the rapid ascendancy of Jews, wanted to be on their good side. One thing for sure, Jews could not be satiated with enough. The fruits of meritocracy wasn't enough for them. They wanted more and more until they had everything. Notice how Jews got so much in Russia but aren't satisfied because they don't control everything. Ronald Reagan said of the Cold War, "We win, they lose." That's how Jews see the goy world. Jews rule, goyim obey, and nothing else is tolerable to the Tribe.

White attitude toward Jews went from sympathy to anxiety to fear to worship(to hide the fear). If Jews want it, they get it. Why can't American Conservatives stand up to craziness like the tranny-lunacy? The main reason is they know Jews are behind it. Without Jewish backing, the tranny-business would be mocked and dismissed, reduced to mince-meat. Indeed, globo-homo and 'gay marriage', not to mention the pronoun-proliferation, couldn't have gotten far. But because it was understood that Jews were behind it and would be very displeased at those who said NO to the Agenda, even so-called conservatives backed down. In contrast, everyone piles on BDS because the Jewish Message is, "We want it crushed." So, whether it's Democratic NY or Republican Texas or Democratic California or Republican Florida, it's "You can't make it in business if you express any sympathy for BDS."

Black AA is duper-AA. It's AA for those who can't make the cut. Jewish AA is super-AA. It's AA for those who can make the cut, and this makes it far more perverse. Giving a poor person a bit more is far more excusable than giving a rich man a lot more. And yet, cucks like Murray who bitch about duper-AA for blacks are totally silent about super-AA for Jews. Due to his cuckish and mindless worship of all things Jewish, Murray and his ilk have convinced themselves that Jews are so smart, so special, and so awesome that they earned every cent of what they have. Never mind all the deep state monopolist machinations between Jewish Wall Street, Jewish Big Tech, whore politicians, and rigged courts. Of course, whereas blacks officially benefit from a program called Affirmative Action(which makes it all very visible), the super-AA for Jews is invisible because Jews get their special favors through their behind-the-scenes manipulations of institutions and industries. Besides, who's going to say NO to Jewish demands given the political, social, and/or economic consequences of displeasing Jews who act like gangsters?

Martin Scorsese's GOODFELLAS as sociology is a nostalgic look at organized crime before the Feds finally clamped down hard. But as metaphor, it's about the Deep State today. Jews and their cuck-crook collaborators laugh at the Constitution and get their jollies from knowing that they are 'made men' and have license to do anything and get away with it. The mafia was vulgar-AA for Italians via muscle and crime. They got a little more that way. And the super-AA for Jews works the same way. Who cares about the rules when you got the power? Also, those with the power get to rewrite the rules. Lawyers become judges, and they set the new laws. Notice how 'libertarians' and 'conservatives' say monopoly social platforms and banks can deny you service because they're 'private companies' but then are totally silent about the Jewish use of the STATE to shut down BDS. All super-AA for Jews.

Blacks didn't become powerful on their own. Black power owes to Jewish Power. Jews keep lit the flame of Emmet Till and milk 'white guilt'(for 'cool' and 'badass' blacks) to maintain control over whites, without whom Jewish Power would crumble overnight. The real problem isn't the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement and what it did for blacks. It was what happened BEFORE the 60s when whites conceded too much to Jews, paving the way for super-AA for Jews and their supremacist-nihilistic behavior. Just how did Jews get away with USS Liberty? Just how did Jews get away with pushing 'anti-racism' and anti-imperialism on the West while demanding that the West defend Zionism's tyranny over Palestinians? (And today, whites in the West are treated no better than Palestinians in West Bank. White patriots, millions of them, are called 'domestic terrorists' by Jewish gangsters who use Joe Biden as puppet-dog.) Just how did Jews manage to get a Holocaust Museum built in D.C. when the only 'genocide' that happened in the US was the destruction of the native American Indians?

Black power has ebbed and flowed in accordance to Jewish wishes. When Jews had had enough of black crime in NY, they got tough on crime and made the city a lot safer. But just like the perfect plan fails in Stanley Kubrick movies, what couldn't happen happened in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump. To discredit Trump, stir up 'white guilt', and embolden the blacks, Jews unleashed the George Floyd riots and funded BLM to the max. Jewish-controlled legal system allowed Antifa and BLM scum to rampage, riot, and loot. Jews were the Hyman Roths behind the BLM-Antifa Rosato Brothers. People like Ta-Hinesi Coates and Kendi X would be NOTHING without the support of Jewish Publishing. (Jews also exert power to force Amazon to ban certain books and ideas.)
Murray, the Dr. Magoo cuck, will mention the Rosatos but will not the Roth. He will rag on the visible duper-AA for blacks but will remain silent about the far more insidious invisible super-AA for Jews, which has pretty much ended US as a democracy. It is an ethno-oligarchy gangster state of the Empire of Judea. Just look at Joe Biden's administration. It is Jewish Supremacism Galore. Are all those Jews(especially mental health expert Rachel Levine) really so deserving? No, they are beneficiaries of super-AA. There was a time when one had to be a Jew of some talent, like Henry Kissinger, to make it to the top. Nowadays, lowlife scum like Victoria Nuland get to shape key foreign policy abroad. Look at Congressional Hearings, and it's always a game of white cucks deferring to Jews who look upon them with smiling contempt. It's all so disgusting. Here's something funny. Though Charles Murray and Jared Taylor disagree profoundly on lots of things, they are totally agreed in shoving their faces into the unwiped ass of Jewish Power and licking.

If you look at ability differences within professions, a rational rule of thumb for people of all races, entirely based on documented ability levels would be, if possible, to avoid black doctors and nurses, because they will probably be less able to care for you at European levels.

Hey, how about a rule whereby all white progs must see black doctors, especially if they need brain surgeries. If they say NO, we should demand, "Why not? What are you, racist or something?" LOL.

K-12 teachers are a full standard deviation below European ones, so all parents, black and white, should avoid those for their children.

That doesn't seem to be the real problem. When it comes to K through 10, you don't need much intellect on the part of teachers. Also, the real problem is politicization of curricula. For example, why are they pushing globo-homo on kids? What is that a part of? Math? Science? History? Home Economics? English? Foreign Language? Why would 'gay' stuff be part of any schooling? Thinking back on my years in grade school, I can't think of a class that would have included globo-homo stuff. We were just learning basic stuff, not being fed degenerate propaganda. What does the fact that some weirdo guys wear dresses and want a surgery to have their dongs removed have to do with learning? As for Critical Race Theory or CRT, the stupid thing isn't even critical. It's dogma pushed as truth, and if anyone critically ask the wrong questions, he or she is ostracized and reviled.

General Milley said the military should look into CRT because he himself has studied all sorts of ideologies, such as Maoism. But he's missing the point(and rather willfully). I got nothing against military schools looking into CRT and trying to understand what it's about. But CRT isn't being offered as a topic of study but as official dogma. If CRT were brought up in a social science class for consideration and debate, it might lead to interesting discussion. But the agenda isn't to discuss and debate CRT but to use it as the guiding principle of the American Ideology. It's one thing to read Marx, Lenin, and Mao in schools, military or otherwise. It'd be another thing altogether to push Marxism, Leninism, or Maoism as the official ideology of the school. Such is the objective of CRT, and Milley is either a liar or a fat stupid cuck.


Based on what he saw in America in 1831 de Toqueville believed that the assimilation of black people would be almost impossible.

The policy of both EU and US is now ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs, or 'Asseximilation'. Social assimilation between whites and blacks as equal citizens is impossible. What is possible(and happening at ever greater scale with sure-to-be dire results) is the jungle-feverization and cuckization of the White World. It's happening in Japan as well as yellows imitate whites who take their cues from Jews. Japanese women reject timid dorky Japanese men as inferior and have kids with Negro men, and their kids dominate Japanese sports, and Japan's corporacracy hails it the face of New Japan, thus emboldening even more Japanese women to have have kids with Negroes who will take over Japanese sports and be revered as national heroes. Though only a small number of Japanese are half-black, the cancer is bound to grow rapidly in that soulless deracinated nation. If you destroy the native idols of a nation(that serve as its official face) and replace it with foreign ones, the nation is doomed. If it's happening to Japan, a distant nation, imagine what is happening in UK, France, Netherlands, and of course the US.
Look how Confederate monuments are defaced and then removed in the South, and whites don't even stand up for their heritage. They hunker down and wait for college football season so they can cheer for black athletes who hump white cheerleaders. White guys are total cuck-maggots. So, who needs assimilation when more white wombs will be sexually colonized by blacks and produce black babies? In the Current Year, everything white is either up for sale, confiscation, or conquest by others. White women? Go to black men. White lands? Go to non-white immigrants. White institutions? They belong to Jews. White Churches? They belong to globo-homo. White History? To be re-narrated with 'Diversity'. Whiteness has become a welcome mat for the muddy boots of non-white masses led by the Jewish Mob.
Meanwhile, white guy cuck-maggots hail jungle fever and interracism as 'anti-racist' and 'progress'. Of course, the Afro-junglization of the White World will turn the West into something like one big North Africa, but whites worship blacks, along with homos and Jews, and most whites seem to welcome it as their minds are putty in Jewish hands. Could this trend be reversed? Sure, if awesome race-ists gained control of institutions and industries, but Jews have control over them and shower white cucks with carrots while using the full force of stick on those who say NO. But then, almost no white says NO. Even Trump and his supporters are pretty cucked on race. They applaud interracism of ACOWW and worship Jews & Israel. They will bitch about Cuba, Iran, China, or Ben & Jerry Ice Cream but, just like lowlife Charles Murray, will not name the Hyman Roth power that has them in its cross-hairs.


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