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What Israel and Palestine reveal about Jewish Power Relation with the Goy World — Why Goyim must support 'Israel' while opposing Israel — Why Goyim must reject 'Palestine' while supporting Palestine — Why White Conservatives who Ideologically Oppose the Jewish Agenda feel obligated to Idolatrously Obsess over Jewishness & Israel

What can we learn from the subject of Israel-Palestine? Jews believe they are a special and unique people with a real identity. They believe a part of the world is deeply meaningful to them. The soil in the Holy Land isn't just any dirt or sand but sacred for the Jews on historical and spiritual grounds. So, Jewish identity matters. Jewish spirituality matters. Jewish territoriality matters. Those considerations are the founding principles of Israel. Call it Zionism, Jewish Nationalism, Jewish Identity Politics, Judeo-Fascism, or whatever. Jews believe they are for real in terms of who and where they are.
But this consideration certainly does NOT extend to Palestinians. Golda Meir said Palestinian identity is fake. Palestinians are just people or goyim who think they have an identity but don't. (Some blacks take cues from Jews and speak of 'people who think they are white'.) As such, Palestinians are underserving of nationhood as their identity is said to be fake, or even if real, infinitely inferior to the Jewish one. Much better for Palestinians to serve Jews or be replaced by Jews. Since Palestinians don't deserve nationhood, why should they deserve any land, especially one that is sacred and holy to Jews. (In truth, Palestinians have been on that land as long as the Jews have and thus have equal historical claim, but then, the Jewish Narrative dominates and has the backing of the powerful West. In the end, the Narrative and Power decide. Just ask the American Indians. Whatever claim they have to America doesn't matter. Manifest Destiny was one hell of an effective Narrative, and whites had the power to take and keep it.)

This means there can be no equality between Jews and Palestinians. Indeed, behind closed doors Jews are surely laughing their asses silly at the notion of equality between their awesome selves and those third-rate towel-headed 'raggers'. Of course, many Jews and US politicians say they support the 'two-state solution', but it is only to feign fairness, dodge the bigger issue, and dismiss the matter(with the impression that they are working toward achieving the said goal). The talk of Two-State Solution is a cover, not a conviction. It's like perfume to hide the stink. In reality, Jews have almost totally erased Palestinians as a people, culture, cause, and issue. And the US has been totally complicit in this great crime. Indeed, it's worth asking, do white elites have any agency left? Whether Republican or Democratic, white elites are mostly hapless and craven cucks who look over their shoulders to see WHAT THE JEWS WANT. So, Palestinians might as well be invisible subhumans in American eyes. But because epic hypocrisy is what America is about, there's the disgusting spectacle of Jews and white cucks claiming to support the 'two-state solution' to deflect from the fact that Zionists are totally erasing Palestine with the full support of White America.

Most Americans don't want to bother about the Palestinians, not least because the Pallies are a small population of 'losers' with little money and no power. Why should Americans care about such people? In a way, this is understandable. After all, the world is full of peoples and 'nations' like the Palestinians. They can be found in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and even in the West — I mean, who cares about 'white trash'? People like the Palestinians can be found anywhere. The world is full of them: A people of mostly modest and mediocre ability.
And yet, Palestinians should matter a great deal because the Jewish treatment of them reveal so much about the Jewish mindset and their grand plan. It matters to the whole world, especially the West, because Jews are the most powerful people and the basis of this power is their control of the West. How Jews regard and treat the Palestinians tells us so much about how they regard all goyim. Therefore, any bunch of goyim who ignore the plight of Palestinians as having no bearing on their own kind are foolish. Those who see the Israel-Palestinian Conflict as purely a Jewish-and-Arab thing with no relevance to themselves are seriously deluded. Not only have Jews quelled the Palestinians with the support of the West(thereby making the West culpable in the tragedy) but Jews rule over the peoples of the West whom they regard as little more than White Palestinians. If Jews didn't have control of the West, the Israel-Palestinian issue could be regarded as 'THEIR problem, not ours'. Perhaps tragic and unfortunate but unrelated to concerns of Western Folks. But the very people who have power of the Palestinians also have power over the West. If Jews regard Palestinians as subhuman goyim, what are the chances they think any more highly of other goyim such as whites? (And even if Jews do regard whites higher in value than the Palestinians, it will only mean greater hostility toward white identity and interests. After all, a man will work harder to own and gain control over a strong white horse than a weak brown one. Whereas Palestinians merely need to be quelled and silenced, whites are to be trained to obey and serve Jews at every turn.)
Also, recent events in the Middle East and North Africa have shown that Jews are in imperialist than nationalist mode. If Jews were in nationalist mode, Zionism would have been a limited imperialism, i.e. Jews taking land from Palestinians, forging a Jewish nation, and being content with a place to call homeland. But just like Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Imperialists weren't satisfied with Germany and had dreams of 'lebensraum' in the East, Jews have dreams of Greater Israel. They intend to cause more havoc all across the Middle East and don't care how many goyim die as long as the violence leads to more Jewish power and control across MENA. If Jews see the Arab World that way, what are the chances they see the White World any differently? And yet, so many craven Arabs(especially the vile Saudis and stupid Egyptians) actually cooperate with Jews, and of course, at this point, the white race might as well be called the Cuckasian race. Whites are now to Jews what Filipinos have been to Americans. A bunch of dogs.

At any rate, every people must make a choice. Do they want to be 'Israel' or 'Palestine'? Do they see their own nation as 'Israel' or 'Palestine'? Here, 'Israel' isn't Israel the nation but the national idea that one's own people are unique, special, rich in culture & history, and deserve to protect & preserve their homeland or motherland. That's how Jews see Israel. It's a sacred nation for a special/unique people. In contrast, Jews see Palestine as expendable, even downright disposable. From the Jewish perspective, Palestine exists for Jews to conquer and control. It has no other purpose. It's like ranchers don't consider the grazing ground as the land belonging to cattle. No, both the ground and cattle belong to the ranchers. Likewise, the notion of autonomy and agency among Palestinians is totally anathema to the Jewish Mind. Palestine existed only to be taken by Jews and to be made into Israel. It has meaning as Israel but no meaning as Palestine. Also, Palestinians exist to serve Jews or make way for Jews. They must either work for Jews or must be eliminated for Jewish settlement. Jews haven't yet decided on outright genocide, but Jewish indifference to the countless dead in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya suggests Jews are capable of being a bunch of Himmlers in their own right. There are Jews in Israeli government who've made eliminationist noises in regard to Palestinians, but even the 'liberal' side of the Zionist argument has always been dubious. After all, Israel was founded on the erasure of Palestine when dominant Zionists were on the 'left'. But Zionism was only as leftist as German National Socialism. As an ideology of the Jewish Volk, it emphasized the needs of Jewish workers as well as the Jewish wealthy. But, from the very outset, it eschewed universalism in favor of particularism.

For awhile, it seemed the Jews, having been burned by Nazi horrors in WWII, would have learned the lesson and maintained Zionism as a nationalism(built on limited imperialism) than convert it into a grand imperial plan, but time has shown that Zionists are a bunch of Nazionists. But then, the core conviction of both National Socialism and Zionism was tragically premised on the belief in racial supremacism. Germans thought 'Aryans' were the best and the rightful rulers of the world, and Jews feel that Judeo-Semites are the superior tribe and must rule over all the others. Jewish bitch about 'antisemitism', but the bigger danger in the world is supremacist Semitism, or Ultra-Semitism. When nationalism is based on supremacism, it can easily metastasize into imperialism.
Jews morally benefitted as victims of 'Aryan' supremacism, but the dirty secret is one bunch of supremacists were victimized by another. Currently, Jews are in total supremacist mode and moving the pieces on the chessboard to destroy the goy world. And this is why Palestine matters. From the Jewish perspective, 'Israel' means a people, culture, history, and territory worth defending. In contrast, 'Palestine' means a people, culture, history, and territory that have no intrinsic value and exist mainly as globalist commodity for Jews to manipulate, take over, and control.
So, one of the most important question among goy folks is HOW DO I SEE MY OWN PEOPLE OR NATION? Do I see it as 'Israel' or as 'Palestine'? If you see your own people as 'Israel', you believe in the uniqueness, specialness, and preciousness of your kind; you believe they have an inheritance worth protecting and preserving, something that is irreplaceable and priceless, something that collectively belongs to all within the group, something one cannot put a price tag on. You see your nation as Jews see Israel. In contrast, if you see your people as 'Palestine', you believe your people aren't special and unique; they are just people like any other and replaceable. Everything about your people is a 'social construct' and can be(and should be) deconstructed by globo-homo agents, and everything is for sale. In other words, you regard your own people as Jews regard Palestine.
Jews love Israel and despise Palestine, but Jews are most offended when goy folks around the world see their nation as 'Israel' than 'Palestine'. Jews want all goy nations to be 'Palestines', people and land that exist only to be subjugated and controlled by Jews via the gods and cash they control.

Take Poland. Any Pole who loves Poland and holds it dear and sacred(much like how Jews feel about Israel) is denigrated by Jews as a 'racist', 'far right extremist', 'xenophobe', 'white supremacist', and etc. So, Poland must not be 'Israel' to the Poles. It must be 'Palestine' for Jews to penetrate, subvert, take over, and control. (As so many Poles are craven cucks who cave and cater to the Top Power, there is no shortage of collaborators among them. They will gladly sell their nation down the river just like certain Palestinians did when Zionists initially arrived with lots of cash to throw around. For these weasel Poles, their country isn't Poland but 'Polastine'. Jews favor these Poles whose First Emotion is about status and privilege in the New World Order than defense of their motherland. These status-hungry Poles swoon at the feet of rich Jews while sneering at their own masses as 'white trash'. Their self-worth derives more from winning approval from Jews who despise 'dumb polacks' than maintaining solidarity with fellow Poles. If anything, they feel especially virtuous when disparaging their fellow countrymen as being insufficiently aligned with the Jewish 'Western' agenda.)

The great irony is that Jews hate Palestinians because most Palestinians see Palestine as 'Israel' than 'Palestine'. Palestinians see Palestine as their sacred homeland, their true nation, their inheritance and their right. They don't see Palestine in terms of nickels and dimes, thirty pieces of silver. They don't celebrate the Great Replacement or 'muh diversity' caused by massive Jewish immigration. Ideally, they want their nation back, just like the Viets wanted Vietnam back from the French and like the Hindus wanted India back from the British. Jews want Palestinians to see Palestine as 'Palestine' than as 'Israel'. But Palestinians insist on seeing Palestine as sacred and meaningful as Jews see Israel. For Palestinians, Palestine is 'Our Israel'. But in the monomaniacal Jewish Mind, there is only one true nation, just like there is only one true God. Jews long ago came into nationhood while claiming their God is the only true God and all other gods are false. Jews likewise feel that their identity, history, and territory are the only true tribe & nationhood and all else are false. No wonder Jews push globohomo tranny-business designed to confuse the minds of goyim. If dumb goyim can be made to believe man is 'woman' and woman is 'man', it means their minds can be goy-toyed by Jews.

This is why goyim must support 'Israel' than Israel. 'Israel' is to believe that your own people, nation, history, and territory are special, unique, precious, and sacred. They must be defended. They are not commodities that are for sale to the highest bidder or trickiest shyster. 'Israel' means universal nationalism, i.e. every nation is unique in its own way and worth defending on those grounds.
In contrast, Israel is the neo-imperialist center of Jewish Power, and its globalist agenda is to turn all the goy world into one big 'Palestine', something to be conquered/controlled by Jews in myriad ways, be they military, monetary, political, and/or cultural. The current power of Israel is against 'Israel', the idea that every people have a sacred homeland and deep history of their own. Israel insists that all goy peoples and nations become 'Palestine', which is what Jewish supremacist power has done to Palestine: Goy Land turned into property and plaything for the Jews to do with as they please.

Why does Israel have Replenishment Immigration(that is restricted to fellow Jews)while Jews push Replacement Immigration on others? Why does Israel have a healthy birthrate while goy birthrates are cratering in the First World, West and East? Israel is surely divided among European Jews, Middle Eastern Jews, North African Jews, and even some black Jews, but they are united by a proud tribal identity with the full backing of the state. Such boosts the morale of the Israelis, but Jews discourage and even disparage it among goy nations on the basis that it's 'far right' and 'extremist' and 'hateful'. Also, Jews have healthy birthrates because the mere fact of Jewishness has value in Israel. It doesn't matter if you're rich, middle, or poor. You mean something simply because you're Jewish in the Jewish homeland. But in goy nations affected by modernity's war on tribalism and nationalism, there is no such pride. The only pride allowed is individual success and materialism. So, if you are one of the haves, you got the pride of privilege, but if you're one of the have-nots or have-lesses, you're just a 'loser', 'deplorable', or worse. In the US, white elites look down on poor whites as 'white trash' who are replaceable with brown peons or should be eliminated via opioids peddled by Jews. How the world has turned with Jewish peddlers becoming Jewish meddlers.

If white goyim regarded their own worlds as 'Israel', they would see, feel, and act differently than they are currently doing under the spell of Jewish Power. They would try to keep their nations white. They would feel a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood with all whites, rich or poor. It'd be the positive side of National Socialism and its emphasis on the volk. As all white lives would have value, white parents wouldn't mind having kids who don't make it to the top. Even if the kid grows up to be a truck driver or plumber, his real value would be in his racial identity and cultural inheritance than his money or property. Jews know the advantage of such mindset, and so, they use their control of media and academia to persuade goyim that it's wrong for them to think, feel, and act like that. (The Mindset is for Jews alone.) No, goyim must just be atomized individuals with no sense of tribe, history, and territory.

But, here's the real zinger that points to Jewish perfidy. Jews then say the goyim, atomized and deracinated, must totally support Jewish identity, Jewish history, and Jewish territory. Talk about a bait-and-switch. It's totally vile and dirty, but Jews don't see it that way. From the Jewish POV, it's morally justified in the way that 'Aryan' supremacy made total moral sense to Adolf Hitler. In Hitler's mind, if indeed the Aryans are the superior folks, it's only right that they should dominate the world. After all, humans rule over animals. Likewise, Jews feel it's only right that inferior goyim must serve the Jews. Of course, the difference is whereas Hitler and the Nazis were blatant about their racial chauvinism, Jews conceal theirs under the cover of 'leftism' and PC. Jews concocted a way of pushing Zionist supremacism behind the screen of 'equity'. You have Jew-pets like Kamala Harris yapping about 'equity' while doing little else but sucking up to Zionist supremacism, which has 'passover' privilege in the West.

So many white 'conservatives' support Israel, but they should really be supporting 'Israel'. Again, Israel is the actual Jewish Nation that believes Jews and only Jews are deserving of identity, history, and territory while all goy folks, like the Palestinians, must be subjugated, manipulated, and controlled. In contrast, 'Israel' is the ideal of universal nationalism that says every people/nation is precious, valuable, and meaningful. Hungary as 'Israel' is the sacred homeland for the Hungarians. Hungary as 'Palestine' is just globo-homo property for Jews to penetrate, subvert, purchase, and mess up. In the 1990s, Russia became one big 'Palestine' for Jews to conquer and control, and the Tribe ran off with gazillions in assets while so many Russians ended up in dire straits, much like what Palestinians are facing. Though Vladimir Putin has been far from ideal, there was something about his moderate nationalism that said Russia is the 'Israel' for Russian folks. As such, it is not a plaything or mere property for Jews to control and manipulate. Also, Russian people have an identity and history that are deep and inseparably wedded to Russian territory as motherland. Jews seethed with hatred at the idea of Russia as 'Israel' for the Russians. They insisted it be 'Palestine' for Jews to conquer and control. Jews don't see Russia as a sacred motherland for the Russians but as a shikse whore for Jewish lust and greed. No wonder Jews want Red Square to turn into Pink Square where the proxies of Jews, the homos and trannies, are to desecrate and take over as the new face of Russia.

When white 'conservatives' support Israel, they are in effect saying Jews are the only people with a true identity, history, and territory whereas all the rest should just surrender what makes them unique & special and turn their nations into mere marketplaces in the globo-homo world controlled by Jews. (That is exactly the message of Charlie Kirk, the worthless cuck-boy messenger of Neocons.) The Jewish dream is to turn all of the West into one big West Bank. And Jews now have control over Japan and many other goy nations as most elites around the world take their cues from Jewish-controlled academia and media. Japan too will become 'Palestine'. In the past, Japanese regarded their nation as an 'Israel'. But then, the First Emotion among East Asians is servile loyalty to the top authority and status-neuroticism than an embracing sense of tribe and volk. Indeed, Japanese are among those who don't need the Jews to spread prostitution and pornography as the Japanese are glad to turn their national daughters and sisters into whores and skanks.

White Conservatives must be careful about which ISRAEL they are supporting. Is it Israel or 'Israel'? Israel is the globo-homo Jewish supremacist metropole that says only Jews are special and that goyim are expendable. 'Israel' is the universal-nationalist idea that all nations/peoples are special and that they have a right & duty to safeguard and ensure the survival of their own nations, narratives, and natures. 'Israel' allows nationalism for Jews and goyim alike. In contrast, Israel means nationalism is only for Jews, and because it's a supremacist notion, Jewish nationalism turns invariably into imperialism of domination over goyim as 'more palestinians'. The idea of 'Israel' applies to all the world. In contrast, the agenda of Israel says all the world belongs to Jews as one big 'Palestine' for Jews to conquer and control.

Especially stupid and immoral are white people who support Israel and ignore/mock the plight of Palestinians. Both white 'liberals' and white 'conservatives' are total idiots in this regard. For white 'liberals', it is a betrayal of their oft-touted commitment to equality and fairness. If indeed they care so much about equal justice for all groups and especially favor the underdog, why do they stand behind Jews, the most powerful people on Earth? Why do they only feign a modicum of sympathy for the Palestinians while offering nothing substantial to solve the Middle East crisis? Why do they 'take the knee' in honor of imaginary murders of blacks at the hands of 'racist' cops while colluding with Jewish Power to destroy entire regions of the Middle East and North Africa, leading to death and destruction for countless Arabs? White 'liberal' support of Israel has led to complete corruption of Liberalism. Under the Jewish lead, to be liberal doesn't mean equal justice for all. While Jewish 'liberals' berate whites for 'white privilege', it isn't to make whites equal with others but to browbeat them into submission to Jewish Supremacism. It's total bait-and-switch, and to the extent that white 'liberals' go along with this, they are fakers and frauds. They are status-conscious careerists who suck up to Jews, the richest and holiest(by idolatry controlled by Jews) people on Earth. Jews give them money, or they must suck up to Jews to make money and get ahead.

Arguably, white 'conservatives' who support Israel are even worse. As for white 'dissident rightists' who are partial to Jewish Power(and pray for the conversion of the Jews to HBD), they are a hopeless bunch. First, it's not a case of Jews choosing between alliance with 'white racists' AND commitment to 'equity' & diversity even though Jews frame it that way. It's really about Jews choosing between equality with whites(or gentlemanly partnership with them) AND supremacy for Jews(and total white submission to Jewish Power). Jews are now so obsessed with their power that they cannot conceive of power-sharing with whites or any other goyim. All this nonsense about 'equity' and 'diversity' is just a ploy used by Jews to beat on whites. After all, if Jews are truly committed to 'diversity', they would call for Replacement Immigration in Israel and, furthermore, call upon Americans to be equally fair toward Jews and Palestinians.

Why do white 'conservatives' suck up to Jews when it's obvious that most Jews are 'liberal', anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-conservative(except when it comes to conserving Jewish identity & power), anti-Constitution, anti-guns, anti-just-about-everything-white-conservatives-support? Ideologically, white 'conservatives' are often at the polar opposite of what most Jews promote, but their Idolatry of Jewishness is even more outlandish and extravagant than among white 'liberals'. Paradoxically, 'conservative' ideological animus to the Jewish Agenda has made 'conservatives' even more idolatrous of Jewish Identity. It'd be as if, precisely because Bob disagreed on most matters with Bill, he praised and celebrated Bill and Bill-ness even more. Because Bob is ideologically opposed to Bob, he is idolatrously obeisant to him. Would it make any sense? No, that is unless Bill has special status in the social order that Bob and Bill inhabit. If that social order says Bob is only to be judged by what he thinks, says, and does WHEREAS Bill is special simply for what he IS, then Bob is obliged to have special affection and admiration for Bill REGARDLESS. But, Bob's disagreement with Bill creates tensions and crisis. It leads to neurosis in Bob because he finds himself ideologically at odds with Bill who is regarded by society as very special, even holy. If Bill didn't have this aura about him, Bob could freely disagree with him and even disparage him as a fool, crook, or vermin. But if Bill has princely shine about him, Bob would be filled with self-doubt and anxiety as he finds himself in disagreement with a man of superior status and special adulation. If Bob sticks to his ideological guns, he will remain at odds with Bill, but that implies there's something wrong with him because he's earned the opprobrium of Bill, who is special, even holy. So, how can Bob compensate for this divergence between Bill's sanctity and his own views that offend Bill? If Bill is so good and special, how come Bob ideologically disagrees with him?

Of course, the sane thing would be to knock Bill off the pedestal, but suppose that would be difficult, indeed near impossible, because Bill's people control most of media, academia, entertainment, and the state, all of which extol the specialness of Bill. Then, the only way for Bob to 'redeem' himself for the ideological fallout with Bill is to go overboard in his idolatrous hallelujahs to Bill's glory. Then, it's no wonder we have the weird spectacle of Jews being the main force behind gun-banning, censorship of conservatives & whites, mockery of Christianity, the Great Replacement, and etc. while nonstop adulation of Jews & Israel emanates from the white 'conservative' side.
Indeed, Jews are now so holy that even dissident rightist types go out of their way to mention that a CERTAIN JEW may be in partial agreement with their views. In other words, a single Jew partly agreeing with your position is more a cause for celebration than a thousand or even a million of your own kind agreeing with you. It's like having a celebrity eat in your restaurant is a greater honor than having a million regular joes come and go. Benediction from one Jew counts for more than consensus among many others of your kind... even though MOST Jews are totally against your views and cause.
It's so pathetic. We saw this with Donald Trump. Jews slapped him, pulled his hair, punched him, pulled his pants down, kicked his guts, paddled his buns, grabbed his nuts, beat his dick with a stick, put clown make-up on his face, shoved a gerbil up his ass, and etc... and all we got from him was 'MUH ISRAEL, MUH ISRAEL, MUH ISRAEL.' And even though Jewish Power rigged the election in Joe Biden's favor and blocked all paths to honest inquiry(and even though Biden is a mere tool of the Jews), all we get from 'conservatives' and GOP is "Biden threw Israel under the bus and is chummy with Iran." What a pathetic bunch. This is what happens when white 'conservatives' support Israel than 'Israel'. If you support Israel, your people and nation become 'Palestine'. In contrast, if you support Palestine, your people and nation can be 'Israel' on the basis of Universal Nationalism.


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