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The American Paradox: Americans are MOST UNITED in Support of the Group that is Most Responsible for THE POLARIZATION among Americans

It's often been observed that Americans have grown more polarized over the years. There is talk of the far-right and the far-left. The differences between 'Red States' and 'Blue States'. MAGA Trump supporters are said to support extreme nationalism, and there has supposedly been surges of 'racism' and 'xenophobia' under Trump. And 'conservatives' say that PC has taken over the media & academia and much of the politics on the 'left' has turned batshit crazy with stuff like 'Pussy Marches' and the like.

In a way, yes, Americans are more polarized than ever before. Americans are also more fragmented and 'sub-culturized', not least due to the rise of the internet that has allowed people to form their own online communities based on interests, passions, causes, agendas, obsessions, fetishes, or just some tomfoolery. So, the problem(if it is a problem) is not only that Americans are pulling apart in two directions but self-isolating in their own artificial communities. Paradoxically, this neo-isolationism is possible only because the internet facilitates instant communication of peoples all over the world. So, even though a certain online community may be marginal, separate, and indifferent(and unknown) to others, it is the product of coming together of peoples of shared interests from all over the nation(and even the world).

Now, it begs the question... why are Americans becoming more polarized? Why are they becoming more 'hysterical' in passion or hard-line in their positions? Why do they feel the Other Side is not only wrong but evil? Why are current political conflicts more like spiritual battles and religious wars? Why did politics, or certain kinds of politics, become like the new cults or replacement for religions with 'save the world' or 'end of times' mania? Also, we need to ask if these positions have been self-generated among thinking individuals or implanted in their minds by the system that controls news media, entertainment media, academia, and official institutions.

It appears part of the reason for the greater polarization is due to separate forms of empowerment. Take men and women. When men and women lived for the good of the family, community, and society, the discussion was not about 'what men want' or what women want'. Men worked to support the family, and women played roles of wives and mothers for the family. It was about what was good for the family together. But the phenomenon of women in the workplace and feminist ideology advanced the notion that women have interests(and an identity) separate to and often at odds with those of men. And such attitude has led to men feeling more self-consciously male or male-constantly-vilified-by-angry-women. If men and women of the past mainly thought of the family and community, now men mostly think in terms of individualism while women think in terms of individualism-while-female. This is a phenomenon seen all over the world where women have entered the workforce in large numbers and directly compete with men for jobs and titles.

Globalization also led to increased polarization. There was a time when most Americans thought in terms of the National Economy. What was good for General Motors was good for America. Most US companies relied on US workers from managers to engineers to men on the factory floor. 'American Economy' meant something back then. Even though owners, managers, and workers often didn't see eye to eye, they were united in their nationalism and Americanism. But the rise of hedonism and globalism undermined the unity. Hedonism turned the American Working Class mainly into consumers. Instead of thinking of job as a means to raise a family, it was to 'get paid and get laid'. Such sloppy thinking led to shoddier behavior on the factory floor. It also led to more social and personal problems that affected performance at work. Those factors, plus the corruption and/or incorrigibility of Labor Unions, made American businesses seek workers elsewhere, either by mass-immigration or shipping factories overseas. Of course, corporations were also motivated by more profits and greed. And as those companies that went 'global' were poised to cut costs while increasing profits, enabling them to out-compete companies that didn't, it was only a matter of time before it became standard for US companies to join the global system. In effect, the US got rid of labor problems by de-nationalizing labor itself. While American Workers in the past could unite and work together to make collective demands as Fellow Americans, the diverse workforce of overseas laborers and new immigrants made collective labor action close to impossible. For a long time, the globalist elites who got richer than ever just ignored the Silent Meniality and just hoped they'd be replaced by Diversity or die en masse from opioids.
We need to distinguish between organic polarization and manufactured polarization. For example, ethnic differences and class differences will always prove to be divisive and polarizing to varying degrees. Latin American nations make a big deal of how all the people are mixed in blood and, as such, constitute ONE PEOPLE, but the race problem never went away down there. India has a far longer history of racial conquest, hierarchy, and mixing, but 'caste' consciousness still remains. And even in cases where ethnic differences don't matter so much, there are class factors as any society, even socialist ones, are made up of the super-rich, the rich, the affluent, the middle class, working class, and the poor. Often, there are correlations between race and class. In the West, for example, Jews tend to be rich while browns(from Muslim and Latin American nations though not Hindus) tend to comprise the bulk of the helot class.

But if certain reasons for fragmentation, hostility, distrust, and division are organic and 'old as the hills', other reasons are manufactured. For example, Stalin stirred up extreme anti-Trotskyitism and soon enough anything or anyone associated with Leon Trotsky became suspect and the target of purges. While the Stalin vs Trotsky feud was genuine enough on grounds of personality and strategy, the mass rage at Trotsky and what he stood for was manufactured by the state. Indeed, Trotsky had been considered as one of the great heroes of the Revolution, the right-hand man of Vladimir Lenin and the leader of the Red Army that defeated the White Forces. And most people were unaware of the Stalin vs Trotsky split and assumed that the Soviet leaders were all working together in harmony and good will. But once Stalin consolidated his power, the state apparatus went into full gear to spread anti-Trotskyite fears and hatred, and soon enough, people all across the Soviet Union came to regard Trotsky's 'treachery' to be the gravest sin against the Revolution. He came to be hated even more than the bourgeoisie. It was manufactured mass-hate.

In the Current West, so much of the recent polarizations owes to manufactured divisions not unlike the Anti-Trotsky hysteria under Stalinism. Indeed, these manufactured polarizations are useful to the ruling elites because such are damned effective among a population of flakes, idiots, imbeciles, and morons in spreading strong passions of hostility and distrust. The last thing the elites want is mass unity. Also, elites fear organic divisions far more than manufactured ones. After all, organic ones are real and involve fundamental dynamics of economics, morality, ethnic/racial identity, and historical memory. In contrast, manufactured differences are essentially amnesiac, trivial, frivolous, and slave to fashion. In a sane and normal society grounded in tradition, morality, and responsibility, the elite manipulations would be brushed aside. Imagine if Jews had tried to push 'gay marriage' when the US was centered around family, community, nationalism, and tradition. That America would have pushed back against Jews and told them to go to hell.
But since the 50s and especially the 60s, so many Americans came to regard pop culture, TV, and college 'radicalism' as their mainstay of meaning and truth. In other words, Americans got infantilized, imbecilized, and moronized. Paradoxically, the spread of higher education made Americans stupider and shallower. Not only did colleges lower their standards to meet the demands and serve the needs of greater numbers of students but more people got infected with the conceit that they know better because they attended college and sat through lectures on Critical Theory, most of which is esoteric Jewish BS.
We see manufactured divisions all over society. Indeed, the elites must be amused that so many people — even many at near-elite levels — are such true-believing suckers for ideological fads and cultural fashions. Prior to the rise of the New Idiocy, Americans would have been united from left to right in regarding trannies as, at best, laughable. There was a time when nearly ALL Americans would have found 'gay marriage' to be a gross idea, even an EVIL idea which it really is. But nowadays, people can be made totally 'impassioned' about the latest fad even though its concepts, values, and agenda were something no one cared about just few years back. Take the tranny business. No one would have gotten all worked up over if IF NOT for the fact that elite colleges and big media(run by Jewish elites) push it so hard through politics, entertainment, celebrity cult, and faux-intellectualism. Having no roots in the ground, most minds are totally at the mercy of the latest 'idological' winds and topple and toss this way and that. Jews figure, get the dummies with vulgar sensationalism and get the smarties with sophistry. Dumb pro-tranny movies and TV shows for the masses, and 'gender studies' for the intellectual types. As for members of upper middle class, they will adhere to just about any fad or fashion deemed currently respectable and 'more evolved'. Middle Class consciousness is obsessed with status and approval than anything else. So, if Jews want to cause more divisions among goy masses, they merely need to manufacture more crusades that cause more fragmentation and polarization among masses. Jews are king-mixers.
It's all the easier today because of the fading of family values, community consensus rooted in customs & tradition, and true religions with deep meaning. As the great majority of Americans have 'muh TV' and 'muh pop music' as their Main Culture, their 'values', 'worldview', and 'spirituality' all revolve around the hype and hysteria of what's-hot-and-what's-not. Pop Culture and non-stop sensory stimulation have made people bored with tradition, heritage, community, family, and real culture. They want new sensations from the Orgasmotron. And yet, human nature being what it is, man cannot live on pleasure and thrills alone. People still seek meaning, spirituality, truth, and holiness. But since they are addicted to pop culture and inculcated with PC, they seek timeless needs of the human heart/mind from pop culture and PC. Modern people are famished for true meaning and spirituality, but they've given up on real culture and religion. It's no wonder they desperately seek those nutrients from the 2 PC's: Pop Culture and Political Correctness. Just like a desperately hungry person will devour anything and his body will try to absorb nutrients(even if the food is meager in the essentials of health), today's soul-famished imbeciles, morons, and/or flakes seek truth and meaning from Pop Culture and Political Correctness... which explains why JOKER was such a giant hit among confused men. It is then no wonder that their 'spirituality' is so devoid of meaning.
Consider how globo-homo Queertianity came to replace Christianity. Even a lifelong atheist should understand why Christianity is a great and deep religion. But today's morons and flakes bow down before Queertianity as the real thing(until of course the next big fashion comes along). And this goes for today's neo-christians too as most of them are decadent, degenerate, and deceptive. Hooked on narcissism and vanity, they think God and Jesus exist to validate and bless the fashion-passion of the hour, the hype of the day. It's no wonder that 'christians' like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton think there's nothing wrong with churches flying the homo 'pride' flag. It is of course all very ironic. All such people initially supported the 'gay' agenda in the name of liberty & free expression and against excessive religious orthodoxy, moral judgmentalism, and rigidity of social norms. In other words, their support of homos wasn't moral, let alone spiritual. Whether homos were good or bad, the idea was that a free society should tolerate the deviant and decadent, even the degenerate. And yet, the homo agenda turned from one of more individual liberty to one where everyone from cradle was compelled to cheer, celebrate, honor, praise, revere, and even worship homos(and then even trannies) as the new blessed angels of god. Today, if one freely says he finds homo 'sex' to be gross and unhealthy, he will be purged from elite ranks, shunned by so many people who worship at the altar of TV, and even fined and imprisoned(in European nations). How did this happen? When people lose deep meaning, they only have shallow meaning. But even with shallowness, they seek spiritual passion and moral depth. We now have people with strong passions based on shallow meanings. Of course, it can't last for long... just like nutball Maoist passions eventually burned out like a bad case of virus in China. True meaning arises from the blood and soul. It's real body heat. In contrast, false meanings are like fevers and delirium one gets from viral infection. True spirituality takes root in souls and grows from within. Fake spirituality comes from the pandemic of false consciousness spread by radical ideology, crackpot idolatry, and mass hysteria. Eventually it abates and passes from history, like Maoism did following the Cultural Revolution. But while it's raging, it can cause tremendous pain and destruction, like the Spanish Flu after World War I. The main spreaders of current disease are Jews with control over academia, media, advertising, entertainment, and the deep state.
The great paradox of American politics and society is that most Americans are most united in support of the group that is most responsible for manufacturing divisions that has led to increased polarization. Can people connect the dots? Do they notice a certain pattern and discern a certain strategy? Could it be that Jewish supremacists keep concocting more excuses for social divisions so that we will be easier to manipulate and handle? Also, being divided on so many things, naturally we all seek to be united on SOMETHING, and not surprisingly, Jews say that the ONE THING we should all be united on is the obligation of REVERE THE JEWS, OBEY THE JEWS, SUPPORT ISRAEL, AND AIPAC FOREVER.
This is why precisely Jews fear 'white nationalism' and Palestinian Rights Movement the most. These two are most committed to Naming the Jew as the problem. So-called 'white nationalists' demand White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism. Its message to Jews is "I ain't gonna work on the Jewish Maggot's Farm no more", and the message of BDS is Palestinian National Liberation Resistance against Jewish-Zionist-Supremacist Hegemony. It is then no wonder that the two groups MOST CENSORED in the media and internet platforms are White National Liberationists and the proponents of BDS & Palestinian Rights. The divisions that the White Liberation Movement and Palestinian National Liberation represent are ORGANIC. They understand that there is a real and organic conflict between whites and Jews, between Palestinians and Jews. Jews used Nakba to destroy Palestinian nationhood, and they are now enacting White Nakba to turn all of the West into California. The white-Jewish differences and conflict are real. And Jewish tyranny over Palestinians is real, and it's only right for Palestinians to resist and struggle against the supremacism of Jews. Jews fear and hate such polarization because it organically pits goyim against vile Jewish supremacism. And that's why Jews would rather manufacture artificial polarizations to distract people from the real differences along racial and class lines. Better to get people all riled up about bogus Russia Collusion Narrative, China-China-China hysteria, Iran-has-nukes nonsense, Assad-gassed-his-own-people slander, trannies-in-washrooms, illegals-are-dreamers, immigration-enforcement-is-new-nazism, and etc. than have people face the reality of what's going on.
Of course, Jews also create divisions by exploiting organic differences but in a disingenuously selective way. Jews play on white-black differences(which are real enough) but pretend that blacks and Jews are the best of buddies. Never mind Jews joined the White Flight from blacks: Jew Flew. Never mind that Jews eventually got sick of black crime and used Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, and Michael Bloomberg to get hard on black criminality. Never mind Israel was the #1 ally of Apartheid South Africa. Never mind Israel is now the #1 apartheid state; never mind that Jewish Power is the 'new nazism' that is spreading wars and hatreds. Look what Jews did to Middle East, North Africa, and Ukraine. And Jews forced Obama and Trump to move against Venezuela because it formed close ties with Iran. Jews have long exploited black athletes and entertainers — and blacks have long beaten up and robbed Jews in the streets and schools — , but Jews would have us believe that the problem of 'racism' is essentially a Southern Thing with Neo-Confederacy. Jews used draconian measures to cut down on black violence in NY while simultaneously accusing rest of America of being insensitive to blacks and even killing innocent blacks, leading to BLM fiasco based on another lie. In truth, blacks kill blacks(and tons of non-blacks).

Under Jewish Power, so many goyim are divided along stupid or exaggerated worldviews concocted by the Jew-run media and academia. We even got 'slut pride' ideology and Pussy March mania where plenty of women came dressed up as vaginas. There was a time when feminism was organic and addressed basic issues of female freedom and representation. These first feminists, most of whom were Anglo and Germanic, weren't anti-male. They wanted more freedom and choice among women but also understood the obligations of women for the good of society. But once Jewish feminists came up with the Second Wave lunacy, a wedge has been driven between white men and white women who, along with POC, were led to believe that all the problems of the world come from Evil White Male patriarchy. Jewish feminism doesn't care about real justice; its main goal is to weaken the white race that is perceived as the main rival and potential challenge to Jewish Power(as it had been for most of Western History).
As for blacks and 'people of color', Jews direct their ire at white people even though the most powerful and privileged people in the US are Jews. As for whites, Jews direct their ire at FOREIGN nations, especially Russia, Iran, and China(though sometimes at Hungary, Syria, Poland, etc, all depending on how Jews feel about them at the moment). As white dogs bark at foreign nations, they forget that it's their Jewish Master who is pushing interracism & ACOWW(Afro-Colonization of White Wombs), the Great Replacement(or White Nakba), the Pornification of Mainstream Culture, Anti-White Political Correctness, and drugs like opioids on the masses. Divide and Rule, thinks the Jew.

But no nation can function if it's truly divided on EVERYTHING. Increasing divisions call for an even stronger need for something to bind all the peoples together. Jews of course know this. Even as they increase divisions over just about everything among goy masses, they also push REVERENCE TOWARD JEWS, OBEDIENCE TO JEWS, SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL, SUBMISSION TO JEWISH SUPREMACISM, and HOLY HOLOCAUST WORSHIP as the new pillars of the US and the West. Divide goyim on everything to unite them in service to Jews.
The reason why Jews got so angry with Jeremy Corbyn of the UK Labour Party was because, relatively speaking, Corbyn didn't totally suck up to Jews like American Liberals and 'leftist' do. Jews always loved the fact that the Labour Party stirred up anti-white feelings among non-whites. Indeed, Jews were behind most such animus and egged it on. As far as Jews were concerned, Labour was supposed to make non-whites hate and blame whites, not extend the hostility toward Jews. Unlike total cucks like Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn chose to be more consistent. If Labour is suppose to be pro-POC and champion non-white causes as indeed 'leftist' Jews have long insisted it be and do, then it only made sense for Labour to side with Palestinians and Muslims against European-Jewish Zionists who rule Israel as a neo-imperialist colony. Jeremy Corbyn's anti-white leftism is terrible for the UK, but his saving grace is he takes his politics sincerely and tries to be consistent. He didn't understand that so-called Jewish 'leftists' were NEVER sincere about ideology and principles; they were merely invoking and exploiting them to push the Jewish Supremacist agenda. For Jews, using POC against whites meant less white power and prestige, which meant more Jewish power and privilege. For Jews, anti-white-ism was a strategy, but Corbyn took it as holy writ and tried to follow it to the letter. For Corbyn, if white Britons don't deserve a white nation, white Jews don't deserve a Jewish nation. All the world must be globalized in the name of 'muh humanity'. In contrast, Jews have always pursued the strategy of Nationalism-for-me-but-not-for-thee. Attack and denounce white British nationalism while, at the same time, pressuring white Britons to support Jewish identity and Jewish nationalism(and even Jewish imperialism). Corbyn was either too dumb to get the message or too principled in his commitment to allow for Jewish moral exemption. (But then, he didn't have the balls to go all the way and call out on wretched Jewish hypocrisy.)

Look at current US, and the Jews, the very group that is most responsible for manufacturing ever more reasons for the goyim to be divided over, have managed to unify all sides on their total subservience to Jewish Power... though two other now near-universal points of unity are Magic Negro Worship and Holy Homo Celebration. But then, Magic Negro and Holy Homo are essentially tropes cooked up by Jews. The Holy Three, the neo-trinity of the new age. So, whatever the differences may be among Americans and various political factions, all sides worship MLK as bigger than god and jesus. And it's gotten to the point that even the most ardently Christian Republican elites are utterly silent and thereby subservient to the globo-homo agenda. Mike Pence the supposed devout Christian backed down from the Homo Lobby that has the backing of Jews. Of course, many times holier than blacks and homos combined are the Jews, the new god of America. If Jews like it, you better like it to. If you can't make yourself like it, you better not oppose it. As Jews loved globo-homo, the politics around the 'gay' cause became one of Liberals pushing it hard and Conservatives doing nothing to stop it. If one side pushes while the other side doesn't push back, the side pushing it will win. It's now gotten to the point where globo-homo is becoming the New Normal even among 'conservatives' and 'christians'. Even over 50% of Orthodox Christians in the US support 'gay marriage', which goes to show that Christianity has now rotted away. It is an empty shell without a living organism inside.

Why is there no impassioned polarization about Israel, Zionism, and Wars for Israel? If indeed the US is polarized about everything, shouldn’t one side be totally for Zionism & Jewish power while the other side is totally against them? One party should be totally pro-BDS, the other side should be totally anti-BDS. But red states and blue states both shut down BDS. What unity! Both political parties seem to be about Israel, Israel, Israel, more Wars for Israel, more Wars for Israel, more Wars for Israel, and ‘muh holy Jews’, ‘muh holy Jews’, ‘muh holy Jews’.

So much for polarization. When it comes to Jews and Israel, there is an excess of consensus and unity. But how could this be in a polarized nation?
Nancy Pelosi said that even if Congress were to fall, the US will stand with Israel.
Donald Trump has been harassed by Jews from day one, but he’s all for Israel and Jews.
Democrats and Republicans who bitch and snipe at one another will be the best of friends the moment a Palestinian family is dropped in their midst. They would become instant-buddies and beat up, murder, and hang the Palestinians from a tree and celebrate and sing and cheer.

Hmmm, could it be that the US has been made polarized and divided so that it would come together on Jews and Israel? After all, if all those goyim were united on many elemental and organic issues, they might unite against Jews who have so much power and abuse it like a habit. But if they are divided on everything, the nation could only function by the two sides agreeing on a few things… like ‘muh Israel’ and ‘I love Jews’. If you want to know who has power over the people, try to find out on which matter/issue all sides are united. The single biggest issue of unity in the US is “Israel is our closest ally.”

Jewish-Zionist-supremacist Ezra Klein of Vox brought up the issue of increasing polarization, but of course there’s going to be more divisions when people who control the academia-media-government keep cooking up new wedge issues that are meant to divide people. Prior to globo-homo, most Americans scoffed at ‘gay marriage’. But once homos were made holy, a new religion of homo-worship began, and that led to a culture war between those who worship globo-homo as the new faith and those who refuse to bow down before the holy homo ass. Before trannies, there was unity against the notion of man as woman. But media promoted nonsense among deracinated and deculturized Americans who grew up with TV and pop music as main staple of culture and ‘values’. Once illegals were made into ‘dreamers’, so many dummy Americans came to regard basic border controls as the ‘new holocaust’.

So, if Klein wants less polarization, how about the Tribe not using the media and academia to cook up new wedge issues? And how about not creating new enemies with Russia, Syria, Iran, Hungary, and whatever nation Jews happen to hate at the moment. Americans weren’t polarized over Ukraine but became so ever since the Jew media proclaimed it as the closet ally of the US next to Israel.

The source of American polarization owes really to a phenomenon of 'Sorolization'. That damned George Soros. Before the American public split in half, a certain group gained the power to drive ever more wedges into the body politic. It’s even gotten to the point where trannies and feminists are hating each other. It is wedger nation.

But whites are idiots. Haven’t they figured out the problem yet? Just think. If Jews are using Diversity against whites, wouldn’t the most natural thing be for whites to use Diversity against Jews? If Jews scream ‘white privilege’, then you should scream ‘Jewish privilege’, especially as it’s closer to the truth. If someone hits you with a stick, you try to take the stick from his hand and beat him with it. The last thing you should do is try to protect him from the stick he’s beating you with. Jews hit whites with Diversity but whites try to protect Jews from it. Jews use Ilhan Omar against whites, but whites protect Jews from Omar.

Of course, whites act like this because white elites have been blackmailed and bought over by the Jews. White elites serve Jewish elites than represent and serve their own people. So, white elites are useless, and white masses are clueless as their elites tell them, “Praise Jews, serve Israel, and it’s NOT okay to be white.” The game will change only when whites begin to support BDS and spread the message among non-whites that Jews got everything. Then and only then will powerful Jews stop pushing for Diversity. But as long as dumb whites protect Jews from the stick that Jews use to beat up whites, they will get clobbered and will lose.

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