Monday, May 6, 2019

Jewishness is the Product of Supremacist Eugenics. Non-white Immigration is premised on White Supremacism as Non-whites prefer White-everything over their own kind.

A century ago, America loved eugenics and was obsessed with protecting its “superior” Anglo-American stock from the threat of immigration. Out of this nativist vortex, the first computer was born.

Why do Jews always project their obsessions onto others? Yasha Levine bitches about 'eugenics' , but the very concept of Jewishness is based on eugenics. It's based on the Covenant, a conviction that God blessed Jewish blood uber alles. Unlike Christianity and Islam, which are matters of creed, Judaism is about God and Blood. It says Jews are special because of their blood and ancestry.

Furthermore, there's a theory that posits that higher Ashkenazi Jewish IQ is the result of breeding. Richest Jews married their daughters to the sons of the most renowned rabbis. Thus, business smarts were matched with scholarly smarts. Even Steven Pinker the Jew thinks there's something to the theory:

As for immigration(hailed by Jews as the ultimate good) to the US(and other Anglo- and/or white-made nations), it's always been about White Supremacism, especially of the Anglo kind. First of all, waves of White Immigration to the US, Canada, and Australia spelled doom, often genocidal in impact(if not always of intent), of the native populations. (And of course, the Spanish & Portuguese wiped out 95% of natives in South America. Granted, that was more due to the spread of diseases than anything else.) At any rate, whites(Anglo and Latino) wanted the lands & resources and expelled native 'savages' whom they encountered on their path of relentless conquest. So, Mass Immigration was almost synonymous with 'genocide' in the New World.
And, what did Mass Immigration(of Zionist Jews) do to Palestine? By UN definition of genocide, the Zionist Project has to be recognized as genocide against Palestinians who were mass-expelled(aka ethnically cleansed) and culturally & historically erased from their historical homeland.
In the New World, Jewish merchants fully participated in the Immigration-Genocide of the Native Folks, aka the 'Red Man'(in North America) and Indigenous Browns(in South America). Key mega-bankers who funded Anglo-imperialism were Jewish. Rothchild Dynasty played a significant role in Anglo expansion into America and South Africa. And, the Jewish Sassoon family were the main pushers of opium on the Chinese, thus destroying millions of lives(just like the Jewish Sackler Clan silently quasi-'genocided' 100,000s of white working class folks[defamed by Jewish media as 'white trash' slated for Replacement] via opoiod addiction. Talk about mass eugenics!)

In the Western Frontier, Jewish merchants sold supplies, guns, and ammo to white settlers who were in the ruthless & relentless process of wiping out native Indians. Jews felt ZERO sympathy for American Indians, just like current Zionists regard Palestinians(and Arabs in general) as subhuman. Jews made no effort to stop waves of Immigration-'Genocide' to protect and preserve the remaining Indian community. Jews only cared about their own kind and fully supported the white supremacist immigration-'genocide' that led to Indians losing all their lands to whites, Jews, and immigrant-invaders. Emma Lazarus said "Gimme your huddled masses, wretched poor, etc." but the real people who were reduced to huddled wretched masses rotting in reservations were the American Indians. (The so-called 'huddled masses yearning to be free' had their own nations or places in the Old World of the 19th century. By arriving in America, they came to deny the 'right' to homeland for the indigenous folks.)
And look at all those huddled wretched masses in Gaza and West Bank. They sure do yearn to be free, but Jews say NO. Zionist Imperialism, the reigning ideology of US foreign policy, says all support and sympathy must go to Jewish invaders and NONE for Palestinians who were robbed of their homeland. In Gaza, IDF death squads mow down women and children. In West Bank, Palestinians face apartheid and face the looming threat of expulsion into Jordan or Syria. If indeed Donald Trump is 'Literally Hitler'(as so many Jews claim), he is most Hitlerian in support of Zionism and Jewish supremacist hatred and/or mass-murder against Iran, Syria, and Palestinians.
At any rate, just like Jews provided financial services for slavery in the American South -- most Jews fully supported the slave system and economy -- , they also served as merchants-of-death to further the conquest of American Indian lands. They supported white supremacist immigration-'genocide' of the Indians. Jewish merchants profited from blood money. Besides, Jews wanted the 'savage' Indians gone to make way for more of their own kind from the Old World. It's like Jews want Palestinians gone to make more room for Jews. And lets not forget Jewish-controlled Hollywood made all those 'white supremacist' and 'genocidal' Westerns about how glorious it was to wipe out Red Savages. In America or Israel(which was once Palestine), Jews act the same way: Sacrifice any number of goyim for Jewish aggrandizement.

But now, immigration is 'white supremacist' in another way in the 21st century. Look all around, and notice that Immigration Patterns are mostly about non-whites favoring white nations, esp. Anglo-made ones, as immigration destination. It is premised on the sense that white people are the best and do everything better. Since superior whites made the best nations, non-whites try to move to white nations for the good life. Why don't they stay in their own nations to make them nice as white nations? They feel they are hopeless for or incapable of such undertaking on their own. They must be with whites to have good stuff made and managed by whites. They look to whites as the Savior Race.
These non-whites admire, envy, and yearn for white made nations to such degree that countless numbers of them are resolves to permanently reject and leave behind their own peoples and cultures to go to white-made nations and become 'American', 'Canadian', or 'Australian', templates essentially of Anglo-founding-and-conception.
Imagine that. Tons of Chinese would rather come to the US, marry white people, learn English(and forget their own language), and live as minorities than be with their own kind in their mother nation. Same goes for Asian-Indians who, for all their talk of pride in their culture and history, despise their countrymen and prefer to emigrate and resettle in white-made nations. And browns in Latin America would rather come to America and live under the Anglo-made system of rule and economics than deal with their own problems. Browns prefer 'gringos' as elites over Latin whites who are considerably more corrupt. And Latin whites would rather come to America and live with 'gringos' than be stuck with browns whom they regard as incompetent and hopeless. The top immigration-destination nations among non-whites are all Anglo-made: US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Or the UK itself. Even as they resent Anglos and bitch about 'white supremacism', their actions speak louder than words: White people and white nations are superior to their own, and they want to be with Winner whites than with their own Loser kind.

And let's look at Jewish immigration past and present. Vile and nasty Jews love to nag and berate Anglos about 'white supremacism', but Jews always wanted to follow where Anglos go and be where the Anglos are. Jews were always most attracted to whites and to Anglos especially. If indeed Jews were truly appalled by white supremacism, Anglo-arrogance, and all that, why did they chase after Anglos? Why did they tirelessly pursue Anglos as the Goose that lays the Golden Egg? Why did Jewish bankers invest heavily Anglo imperialism and colonization?
Of course, the greatest Jewish success was made possible back of Anglos. If Anglos hadn't created American Civilization, Jewish power around the world would be much less. Anglos had talent, vision, and better governance to forge and form a great nation with a sound political, legal, and economic system, especially for their own kind. And Jews knew it and wanted access to Anglo goodies because, deep down inside, Jews knew that Anglos(and Germanic folks) were the most talented goyim in the world. Therefore, whenever Jews sought to emigrate, they always hoped to make it to Anglo-made nations. If Jews really love non-whites and hate Anglos(as they claim to in their endless diatribes), they should move out of white nations and relocate to Africa or Asia. But talk in cheap. If we judge Jews by walk than talk, they all favor white nations, esp Anglo-made ones. Latin American nations were made by Spanish and Latinos, but Jews don't much care for them either because of corruption, incompetence, and chaos(resulting from messy Diversity that breeds distrust, resentment, and hostility). We are told Diversity is so great, but then, why are the countless hordes fleeing diverse Latin America and India for white-majority nations, especially ones made by Anglos?
If not for Anglo achievement(on which Jews piggybacked), Jews would not be ruling the world. Anglos were the only people nice(and naive) enough to pass the reins of power to Jews who, as it should be clear by now, show no gratitude and only vicious animus. Jews are an envious people and hate the fact that Anglos than their own kind built the finest civilization. Also, as rulers over whites, they must spread 'white guilt' to paralyze whites into obeisance and submission to Jewish Supremacism. And even though Diversity will lead to tons of social problems in the US and EU, Jews push it just so they can play divide-and-rule among the Gentiles.

If we judge Jews and non-whites by what they DO as opposed to what they SAY, they are white-supremacists in the sense that they believe whites do everything the best. Their immigration patterns amply illustrate they prefer whites and white-nations over their own(and over other non-whites and their nations; we don't see too many Asians or Latin Americans scrambling to move to Africa or India, and if some non-whites move to Mexico, it's only as a way-station to the US; and notice how black African migrant-invaders pass through North Africa and even southern European nations to make it to Anglo-Germanic nations). After all, why else would non-whites reject their own nations and peoples in the hope of becoming 'American' or 'Canadian' if they didn't believe whites are superior and make & manage superior civilizations? Some will say it's entirely economic, but why have Anglos been far better at creating and managing nations where governance is cleaner and more efficient? The reasons are surely cultural and historical, genetics is also part of the equation. Just like genetic factors give Jews an edge in brains and give blacks an edge in brawn(and sports), white genetics were better suited for certain tasks, such as creating functional civilization with possibility for advancement in various fields. Of course, hurt pride among non-whites prevent them from being candid about why they immigrate to white-made nations. To assuage their own butt-hurt feelings, they claim a right to leech off whites since Western Imperialism stole everything from them. This is totally hilarious to anyone who knows about the state of Africa, Asia, Middle East, and etc. prior to Western domination over them. They were either savage, backward, or mired in stasis/stagnation. But because Jews like Yasha Levin control the Western Narrative, too many whites have bought into the Lie of 'white guilt' that says whites are uniquely to blame for all that is wrong in the world. Of course, some whites take a perverse kind of pride from 'white guilt'. By posturing as 'good whites' committed to redemption and compassion, they think they are angels for giving away their legacy to leeches.

Non-whites admire Anglo-nations as the best. They also regard whites as the most beautiful and want to have sex with them. Jewish men prefer white women, the 'shikses'. So many Jewish men have married white 'shikses'(Jewish term for filthy whore) because, in comparison, they find Jewish women to be ugly(and nasty in personality). So many black men prefer white women over black men. Asian women prefer white men over dorky Asian men.
Race-mixing or Interracism is also a kind of eugenics to make one's race look more white. Jews prefer 'Aryanized' Jews over Semitic-looking ones with hook-noses. In Israel, 'Aryan'-looking Jews are favored over Semitic or darker ones. Asians have plastic surgery and dye their hair blonde to look white. Asians want to mate with whites and create Eurasian kids whom they regard as more beautiful. Even in Latin American nations where whites are a minority, most celebs and stars are white or mostly white. Even Hugo Chavez, the champion of brown people, dumped his former wife and married a blonde. One might think Tiger Woods, being of mixed race, would seek out mixed-raced women. No, he only goes after Nordic Aryan types. Also, interracism is pushed by globalism as 'progressive' eugenics of creating a superior people. Jew-run media tell us that mixed-race people are more intelligent, more beautiful, and better in everything. (That must be why race-mixed Peru is the peak of world civilization. It must also be why Mexico is filled with the superior race of Mestizos. But if those race-mixed Mestizos are so superior, why do they want to run from others like them and start a new life in gringo-made US?)

The fact is most non-white immigrants or wanna-be immigrants are 'white supreamcist' in their preferences and aspirations. When so many of them desperately seek to leave their own people, culture, and land to come to Anglo-made nations, they are voting and saying with their feet, "Anglos are better, they do things better, and we would rather live in Anglo-made nations than in our own that suck so bad."

It's likely that the reason why Jews like Yasha Levine try to shame and browbeat white pride & white consciousness is to force whites into submissive mode at the altar of Jewish supremacism, the power that now rules America. Jews want to permanently seal their domination over goyim. All these Wars for Israel, endless giveaway to Israel, condemnation of noticing Jewish perfidy as 'antisemitic', unrelenting Hate News against Russia, Syria, Palestinians, Christians, and Iran(simply because Jews hate them), and etc. Jews know that Jewish Supremacist Power can be sustained only atop the White Horse. Therefore, the white horse must be reined and saddled. It must fear the Jewish whip and spur. Even as Jews beat on whites, whites must pledge total allegiance to Jews. Jews are the massuh who cannot tolerate uppity-ness among whites. If whites refuse to kowtow before Jews and instead speak truth to Jewish Power, Jewish supremacist massuhs demean those uppity whites as 'white supremacist', 'anti-Semites', and 'nazis'. If Jewish Power cannot be criticized on account that Jews are a perfect people, then it's sign of Jewish Supremacist Ideology. After all, humans are not gods, but if we must worship Jews as the god-like race, it means Jews think of themselves as beyond criticism or reproach... like they are indeed God himself. The chutzpah of these nasty people is unbelievable. In Jewish Supremacist mode, they rabidly & virulently defame and dehumanize whites(along with Russians, Iranians, and Arabs), but if whites dare to talk back and point to Jewish corruption and rottenness(or if whites merely mutter "It's Okay to be White" in meek David Copperfield mode), Jews blow their top and fume about how the Nazis are back in town again. What foulness!

In truth and by all evidence, Jews and non-whites do feel that white people are the most attractive and that white nations are most promising(because they were created by and are managed by white people). Now, if white people were conscious of their worth & value, they would naturally try to keep their achievements for themselves and keep out leeches and parasites. And then, Jews and non-whites can't get their hands on all the white goodies. By making non-whites join in the plunder of White Wealth, Jews seek to create the impression that they aren't the only usurpers and takers, but in fact, the people who have gained by far the most from the parasitism have been the Jews. Jews get the white bread and butter, others get the crumbs and margarine.

Jews and non-whites want access to white nations because, deep in their hearts, they know whites have done everything better(and will continue to do so until White Wealth has been bled out of existence). Therefore, in order to lower white defenses against Jewish & non-whites invasion and parasitism, Jews and non-whites cynically and/or fanatically push this notion that 'whiteness' is evil while 'diversity' is great. But if diversity is so great, why are people fleeing diverse North Africa for Europe? Or fleeing ultra-diverse India and Latin America for whiter nations? Hmm. Why did Jewish immigrants favor whiter US over brown Latin America for immigration destination? Facts speak for themselves: Jewish immigrants were white-supremacist or white-preferist in their migratory preferences.

If Jews really hate Anglos, they should just leave Anglo-made nations. Sooner the better. If Jews really love non-whites and people of color oh-so-very-much, they should pack up things and move to India, Africa, or nations like Bolivia. But we know they won't. Jews have always chosen white-nations, esp Anglo ones, as their main destinations. And when Anglo-Americans were wiping out Indians, Jews didn't protest such exercise of white supremacism. If anything, Jews fully took part in it. Jews were like jackals trailing lions to feed on the kill. Jews trailed whites to feed on white bounty.

Jews need to look in the mirror. Jewish identity has long been about supremacy. The notion of the Chosen People. And higher Jewish IQ owes to selective breeding of merchants and scholars. And Jews didn't care one iota about Chinese who died of opium addiction. Jews profited from the Opium Trade, just like Jewish Globalists raped and plundered Russia in the 1990s, creating socio-economic conditions that led to the deaths of millions.

Jews need to get off the high horse. They need to stop projecting THEIR own hatred and supremacism onto others. Or if they fed on white supremacism, they must share in the blame. Jewish merchants who sold guns to white cowboys are just as guilty.

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