Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Virtue of Choosing Something Lesser than Oneself than Greater than Yourself — Why Jews, with their Contradiction of Fanatical Tribalism, are Unfit to be Imperialists — Hubris of Richard Spencer and Matt Heimbach in the Fall of the Alt Right

John McCain the 'War Hero' who called on Americans to serve something greater-than-oneself. In his case, it was serving the Uber-Tribal-Ideology of Zionist-Jewish Imperialism.

We’ve all heard from politicians and teachers that we shouldn’t be so self-absorbed and individualistic. We should live and struggle for something ‘greater than ourselves’. John McCain said as much in the 2008 campaign. Of course, ‘greater than yourself’ doesn’t necessarily mean something grand, awesome, and powerful. It doesn’t mean you have to be part of History with Capital ‘H’. It doesn’t mean you must be associated with Important People, Macro Trends, and Geo-Politics. It could actually be humble, about doing good work for little people who need it most. After all, Christian missionary work where people from the West(and now East) go to poorer parts of the world to spread the Gospel and improve lives has been regarded as doing God’s work, and what work can be greater than that to a Christian? And Peace Corp. that started with the Kennedy Administration was about bringing American Know-How to the underdeveloped Third World.
And yet, words matter in shaping our thought processes, and the term ‘Greater than Oneself’ has had a corrupting influence on people. Indeed, we can start with John McCain himself. So, what did McCain mean by working for something ‘greater than himself’? It was all about shucking for Wall Street and shilling for all-powerful Jews. Even McCain’s faux-compassion for illegals from Mexico and Central America was under the directive of Wall Street, Globalist Elites, and Jewish Power. After all, if McCain was concerned about suffering non-whites, why was he blind to the disasters wrought upon the Muslim World by Jewish Power, esp. that of the Neocons? Why was he reliably silent about Zionist oppression of Palestinians? In practice, what McCain meant by ‘greater than oneself’ was serving the biggest power(that in his lifetime became Jewish and Zionist) and participating in Big History. Of course, McCain and others like him spouted the usual talking points about ‘human rights’, ‘spreading democracy’, and ‘fighting terrorism’ — to give the impression that their political lives were devoted for the Greater Good of all Mankind — , but his main attraction to politics was about being where the Power is at.

Words matter, and when most people hear invocations of ‘greater than oneself’, they don’t think of good works or good deeds but being part of Greater History. Because History, as the conflicts and tensions on a world scale, is generally moved by the Powerful(who tend to be amoral, heartless, opportunistic, cynical, ruthless, cunning, fanatical, and/or unscrupulous), those who take part in Big History will rarely be working for the good of mankind. Rather, they will be working for the aggrandizement of the super-elites. Things are especially worse when the Great Power happens to be both intensely tribal and maniacally imperialist. If a people choose to be tribal, they should stick to nationalism: Our people, our nation, our culture. If they choose to embark on the imperial project, they need to rise above narrow tribalism and try to meet other peoples at least halfway. The reason why the British and Christian Europeans made such successful imperialists was they gave as well as took. While they could be ruthless, cruel, and greedy(and committed innumerable horrors like all other empires), they could also show genuine respect for other peoples and cultures. And they were willing to share their God with other folks via conversion. One might say Christianization of the natives was a form of ‘cultural genocide’, and there’s some validity to that claim, but it also demonstrated that white Christians were willing to regard even their subjects as fellow children of God. In contrast, Jews, like German Nazis, make awful imperialists. Jews with their current mentality, like Germans of the National Socialist period, should really just stick to nationalism. They are too tribal to ‘rule the world’. German Nazi-Imperialism became especially brutal, murderous, and insane in areas where the inhabitants, such as Russian Slavs, were barely regarded as members of the human species. There was no possibility of meeting the natives halfway. The Nazi German attitude was one of total superiority over inferiority. It could easily become a blueprint for mass-genocide or mass-enslavement.

Imperialism has partially justified itself across the span of history as a liberating or uniting force. Napoleon was an imperialist leader but spread French concept of freedom and liberty to other Europeans. Indeed, had Napoleon prevailed over Russia, Russian people would have been freer as individuals even if their nation was under French domination. Same was true of Chinese in Hong Kong under British rule. It was clearly a case of imperialism but an enlightened one. So, even though the empire's days were numbered, there was appreciation as well as resentment.
Imperial subjects may find domination by foreigners tolerable and even welcome(to some degree) IF there’s a compensatory gain over the loss of national-tribal autonomy. (In a sense, the inner-logic of immigration is like imperialism. So many people choose to come to America, abandon their own land-people-cultures, switch loyalty to a new nation[even at the risk it may attack and destroy the homeland of immigrants], and follow new narratives & worship new icons IN EXCHANGE for better material lives and more personal liberty. Muslims come to the US and have better material lives but pay taxes to support Wars for Israel that kill Muslims by the bushel. And in turn, white Americans accept demographic replacement on account of its economic benefits. There is give-and-take in both imperialism and immigration... at least until the balance is lost as in the case of Palestine where Jewish arrivals totally took over and expelled the great majority of Palestinians.) This is especially so IF the national leadership has traditionally been corrupt or tyrannical. This was part of the reason why not all Frenchmen were dispirited by the German invasion and occupation of France. Incredible as it may seem to many today, there were plenty of Frenchmen who believed that France was under leftist-Jewish-socialist domination in the 1930s and that the German invasion, though regrettable, at the very least removed Jews and the Left from seats of power. Such sentiments were possible in France because the Germans respected the French and treated them rather nicely. But such feelings were impossible in much of Poland and especially Russia where Germans invaded as exterminators and/or slavers. Even Russians who detested Stalin and Communism soon realized that German Victory would be even worse. So, if the imperialist power isn’t willing to meet the conquered & subjugated halfway with concessions that sweeten the humiliation of defeat, it’d be better for everyone if the invading power just stayed home and stuck to nationalism. If Hitler had invaded Russia with a Napoleonic outlook(as an Enlightened and Tolerant Tyrant), he might have won over more Slavs to his side; they might have thought, "It’s better to have humane treatment under foreign domination than inhuman treatment under national rule." (To be sure, Stalin and many Bolshevik rulers weren’t Russian.) But Germans invaded to take everything while giving nothing. For Russians, the options were resist, win, and survive OR surrender, lose, and die. As Germans attacked only with the stick and no carrot, Russians had no choice.
Nazi German Invasion of Soviet Union. A Total War of Zero-Sum stakes.
When we look at Jewish Power in the current world, it is obvious that they, rather like the Nazi Germans and, to a lesser degree, the Japanese Imperialists, is unfit to be imperialist mode. Anglo-Americans, for all their faults and hypocrisies, made better imperialists because they had a modicum of honor and sense of shared humanity. Despite Anglo-America’s racial views of superiority and culturally arrogant attitude, its vision of humanity was tempered by Christianity that taught all peoples are God’s children. Also, the Anglo tendency to suppress its own tribal peculiarities to arrive at a more 'generic' vision of law and order served as a useful template for imperialism and immigration -- the downside, in the long-run, was a cultural anemia that, lacking in vital tribal blood cells, lost out to the virile semen-and-blood Jewish Power fueled by Portnoia and dong-and-booty-call of Negroes who are worshiped as the Sun people by white Brits who consider themselves the frigid Ice People who'd be lost without Afro-Warmth.
So, even though Anglo-Americans could be just as ruthless and bloody in war, they tended to seek common ground and offer compensation once hostilities were over. When the time came to bury the hatchet, it was buried, and sincere efforts were made to forge a new future based on better relations. Anglo-Americans did have a sense of something greater than their identity and tribe. As a world power, they understood they had certain obligations to the rest of humanity. Such bigness of vision(and even heart) is sorely lacking among Jews. This is why Jews are just fine among themselves and in taking care of their own problems, but they are miserable and miserly when dealing with other peoples, the filthy goyim. In that regard, Jews only think in terms of "Is it good for Jews?" and nothing else. Because of the cultural and historical habit of Jewishness, a supremacist mind-set that says God favored Jews over goyim whom some Jews regard as hardly better than cattle, Jews hardly think of the higher, greater, or common good when they deal with others. Even secular modern Jews retain this habit of mind, even if only subconsciously. Just ask the Palestinians. Just ask the Russians who were fleeced by Jews in the 90s. Just ask the global victims of Jewish finance.
Chechen Bad Boys
Now, there are plenty of cutthroat peoples and tribes around the world that are just as nasty, vile, and vicious as the Jews, but Jews are far more dangerous because they (1) are smarter (2) more aggressive (3) more seasoned in manipulating and cheating others (4) adept at cooking up moral or spiritual excuses for their perfidy (5) play the eternal victim to shield their evil deeds and (6) make universal claims despite serving narrow tribal interests. Jewish actions put shame to their claim. When Gandhi heard of ‘Western Civilization’, he sardonically remarked it’s a good idea. He meant Western Imperialists talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk of enlightenment. But European Imperialists, for the most part, were angels compared to Jewish Imperialists who really care for NOTHING but their own power and privilege. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chechens are just as nasty and mendacious as the Jews, but they will never amount to anything more than gangsters, thugs, and ragtag terrorists. In contrast, Jews have made it as professors, lawyers, historians, judges, bankers, oligarchs, and deep state operators. Jews are sharks, Chechens are piranhas. Jews control the oceans while Chechens are stuck in their ponds. Both Jews and Chechens wouldn’t be problematic if they stuck to their territories and own kind. Because they are so intensely tribal, both are unfit for imperialism and foreign ventures. Chechens have spread out over parts of Russia to expand their empire of crime, and they are loathed and detested by non-Chechens of all stripes. Still, because Chechens are only good at criminality and mainly stuck in the Russian territories, they mean nothing to the world. In contrast, Jews have had the means the take over the elite institutions and industries of America, and that automatically catapulted them as the Imperial Rulers of the World. Jews prize and savor their role as the New Caesars, but they simply don’t have the perspective and attitude necessary to be good Imperial Rulers. Indeed, compare French and the Algerians, British and the Irish(or Scotch), and Jews and the Palestinians. If Algeria and Ireland had come under Jewish control, things would have been much worse for the natives. In the end, the Algerians were able to regain their land(and then some, as the French allowed Algerian immigration to France itself), and the Irish were able to reclaim their nation. But look at the plight of Palestinians. Jews are not satisfied with Israel that was established over much of historic Palestine. They must also take West Bank which is being swallowed up piece by piece, taken inch by inch. (Compare what whites were willing to sacrifice in South Africa with what Jews did to Palestinians.)
Worse, Jews not only disgraced themselves with their foul form of Judeo-globo Imperialism but corrupted Anglo-Americans as well. As top dogs, Anglo-Americans could be a force for both good and bad. They were willing to do much bad to gain hegemony and domination, but they were willing to offer much that was good to make amends. But now, as underdogs of Jews, Anglo-American elites are mindless and worthless cuck-dogs of Jewish Power that they pretend is noble for all time because of the Shoah, an event that had NOTHING to do with most of humanity. Deep in their hearts, Anglo-American cuck elites may well know that Jews are foul cretins, but they repress such dire truth because it would mean (1) they relinquished their power to a bunch of a**holes, (2) they were stupid enough to be fooled by Jews ideologically & morally, and (3) they’re a craven and cowardly bunch of running dogs to the Tribe. Fish rots from the head, and a dog is only as good as its master. With rotten Jewish BUGS(busy urban globalist Semites)at the helm, WASP cuck elites are merely their servile dogs.
Ireland, over centuries of British rule, underwent many hardships but wasn’t wiped off the map. Even Scotland, a territorial part of Britain, was allowed to remain Scottish. But now, both Ireland and Great Britain are under Jewish globo-homo imperialism and are being demographically and culturally replaced by Homomania, Diversity, and Afro-Worship. Why are the Irish and British masses so blind to what is happening? It’s because the Jewish Empire remains invisible. Wherever the British or the French went, they displayed their symbols in pageantry and declared their dominance over others. So, at the very least, imperial subjects knew they were being ruled by a foreign power, and this consciousness eventually led to resistance. But because Jewish Power operates through a Stealth Empire that isn’t detected by the Media Radar(that is also Jewish-controlled), many Brits and Irish still don’t know their nations are colonies of the Empire of Judea. Also, because Jews work stealthily to indoctrinate elite British and Irish minds through control of World Academia centered in the US — universities all around the world take cues from what comes out of Harvard, Yale, and other Ivies that also train many world scholars — , it creates the impression that British and Irish masses are being instructed by their own British and Irish scholars when, in fact, those scholars are mental puppets of Jewish scholar-agents of the Empire. So, even though Jews pushed Diversity, Afro-Worship, and Homomania to destroy Ireland and Britain, so many Irish and Brits think those are their own values and principles conceived by themselves. As for Irish and British elites who DO KNOW that Jews control the world, they can be bought off to collaborate and comply with generous bribes and sinecures. In the US, Joe Biden is no dummy and knows that Jews control everything, but notice how he goes out of his way to scrape the Jewish anus with this tongue to get his goodies.
Another factor that may redeem imperialism is if it acts in the common good of humanity. Whatever one may say of Christianity, Islam, and Communism, they did offer mankind a shared vision of equal justice under God or History. All those who converted to Christianity were part of the brotherhood and sisterhood. All those who became Muslim were the beloved of Allah. And communism was about comradeship among workers of the world. So, even though Christian, Muslim, and Communist Imperialists committed lots of atrocities, their ultimate message was about uniting all humanity under the banner of shared humanity and theory of justice. And this is why Napoleon was a much idealized and romanticized figure even among subject peoples of French Imperialism. His rule wasn’t simply about French aggression and domination but about a New Order in which the average person, regardless of identity, would have more rights, liberties, and protections. And in their own way, Anglo-Americans believed that the world could become a better place under Pax Americana that would ensure the flow of goods, liberty, and know-how to all the world. They were willing to take but also offer. It’s like what Merlin tells Uther in the opening of EXCALIBUR. "He(the Duke of Cornwall) has given, now you must." Cornwall is willing to yield to Uther’s authority but expects compromise. Uther, proud and rash, isn’t about to give an inch, but wise Merlin urges him to do so as a king must be magnanimous and make friends as well as enemies.

Jews take and take but cannot give. And even when they give, it is in the way of a hustler, merely preparing for the day when they can grab it all for themselves. Jews are about hustle than honor. Just ask the Palestinians who were assured that Jewish immigration would lead to economic opportunities and NOT lead to their demographic demise. Pure hustle. Given there are so many non-criminal Jews in law, academia, history, arts, criticism, government, and etc, you’d think they would be above con-man gangster mentality, but they aren't. Because of their essentially hostile & neurotic personality and tribal & merchant mentality, even Jews who are respectable professionals than crooks, cheats, con-men, or gangsters think more like the latter. They don’t think straight; instead, they twist logic and meaning to get their way. Everything is a pretzel logic with these people. This is surely the product of two opposing modes of Jewish behavior throughout the ages: (1) Maintaining tribal identity and superiority at all costs (2) Gaining universal domination by money, diplomacy, and ideology. One part of Jewishness is intensely tribal & hermetic and another part of Jewishness is obsessively universal & expansive. Usually, when a people try to become a world power, they need to reformulate their identity to be more encompassing of the Other, as with the Romans. But Jews are obsessed with their identity rooted in the Covenant. The Covenant says they are the blessed of God who, furthermore, willed them to rule all the world. (Christianity as formulated by Apostle Paul offered a compromise where both Jews and Gentiles could be brothers and sisters, but Jews said NO. And Jewish Diaspora after the Exile made them see the larger world and want to have it all while maintaining their zealous identity of superiority and particularity.) Because of the great contradiction between Jewish tribalism and expansionism, perhaps kind of psychological con-game trick plays out in the Jewish mind to resolve the problem. Of course, it cannot be resolved, so the Jewish Mind constantly comes up with warped rationales as to why Jews must remain Jewish and why Jews must dominate the world. The contradiction has gotten even worse in the aftermath of World War II because Jews now define themselves as both the most victimized & helpless people AND the most awesome & fearsome people. Arrogant Jews bask in their great power with nasty Netanyahu and Alan Dershowitz leading the way. But Jews also insist on being perceived forever as the poor hapless Holocaust People. When a people who insist on their close-knit tribalism demand to rule the world and furthermore play victim while ruling as the utmost victors, the world is really in a messed-up situation. Imagine a weasel with the power of a lion pretending to be a mouse. British Imperialists sought to make their subjects serve the glory of Britain, but there was the sense that even non-British were part of the empire, thus shared in the glory and, therefore, were also ‘British’ in a way. (This worked well as an imperialist strategy but is proving to be fatal as a nationalist policy as the Mother Country of Britain is now being invaded and colonized by the World.) But Jews do not seek to share any of their glory with others. It’s all about goyim praising, honoring, and worshiping Jewishness while Jews sneer and snicker at others. Consider the relation between Jews and White Evangelicals. The latter praise Jews and worship Israel, but Jews show nothing but contempt for the Bible-Thumpers. If anything, Jews pushed Homomania as the Main Theme of their globo-homo-shlomo imperialism. Unlike Christianity, Islam, Communism, and Liberal Democratic values that emphasized the greater good of the vast majority of mankind, Homomania(or Queertianity) preaches that the vast majority of people who are not homo must worship the Holy Homo minority along with the Sacred Jewish Identity. So, it’s all about Minority Supremacism, and for the great majority, the message is "Get on your knees and suck the Jewish cock and then bend over to take it up the ass by the Homo." How can Jews be trusted when they don’t admit that they are the rulers of the world? If anything, Jews use their great control and power to shut down voices to suppress the fact of their power and control. It’s like a rich man using his riches to shut down people who say he’s rich. It’s like a loud man shouting to silence people who remark that he’s loud and obnoxious. Jews are immensely powerful but deny they got the power. Jews treat Palestinians like dirt but expect others to believe that they will be treated any better by Jews. Jewish Chutzpah is incredible. Jews got so much while Palestinians got so little and continue to lose what little they got, BUT the US pours billions of aid into Israel while turning a blind eye to the plight of Palestinians. It’s about sympathy for the rich & tyrannical and antipathy to the poor & helpless. This is how Jews have corrupted the American Mind by purging US politics of ‘Arabists’, foreign policy advisers who urged a more balanced treatment in the Middle East. For Jews, everything has to revolve around them. No longer believing in the one and only God, they made themselves the one and only Power.
Also, Jews make OTHERS pay to make the Jews appear generous. If the British Empire expended its own treasury to maintain its empire, Jews squeeze goyim to pay for all the costs of empire. Jews invoke ‘white privilege’ to make all the world blame whites than Jews for all that goes wrong. Jews milk white teats to provide milk for people of the empire. The Wars for Israel will mainly have to be paid for by the white middle class. White soldiers certainly did most of the killing and dying. We know from 2008 Wall Street fiasco that Jews are ‘too big to fail’. And those who serve Jews, like John McCain, Paul Ryan, and Barack Obama, are rewarded handsomely. But the white middle class must be milked dry to pay for all the mess. Or Jews will just keep printing more money and then shift the blame on China to avoid blame. Jews, who decry ‘antisemitism’, never tire of using the media to scapegoat and smear other peoples such as Russians, Iranians, and Chinese. In the US, the usual scapegoat is usually whites, mostly straight white males, but ‘Beckys’(white females) get it in the neck too. Fussy Jews who always rag and nag whites about everything have the temerity to accuse white women of complaining about bad black behavior(as if blacks are above the law, at least in relation to white goyim, indeed as Jews are). Of course, when blacks act bad in Jewish neighborhoods, Jews use stop-and-frisk to have them patted down and/or arrested. Generally, Jews ignore and even suppress all news of black-on-white violence and only highly black criminality as a problem when Jews are attacked. For the longest time, Jews said the Knockout Game is fake news, that is until blacks began to knock down Jewish men, in which case it was big news in NY.
Jewish spread of Globo-Homo around the world as agent-collaborators of the Zio-Empire
Anyway, perhaps what is best for many on the Dissident Right, Alt Right, and Left-Right(my brand of National-Humanist Neo-Fascism) is to think of serving something ‘lesser than oneself’. Now, there are plenty of people all over America and the World who devote their lives(or some time of their lives) to aiding, serving, and guiding those are less fortunate, less talented, and less able. And of course, the teaching profession is about adults who know more passing knowledge to youth who know little, though to be sure, today’s educators are more like re-educators of PC Dogma. Under Jewish control, schools have become more like reeducation centers than educational institutions. Why? Because Jews are no longer climbing the rungs of power but at the very top. When Wasps used to rule, Jews valued free speech as a means to speak honestly and forthrightly about the failings of Anglo-American elites. In any system, honest and free criticism will hit the Power the hardest as people tend to notice and blame those who have the most power. But now that Jews have the most power and want to keep it, they fear critical thought, honesty, and courage as the hallmarks of education because honest, fearless, and critical voices will target the most powerful.
Matt Heimbach the Fat Fuhrer of the Malt Right
The fact that words matter can be seen in the decline of the Alt Right. While Jewish Power had much to do with it, the blame must fall on its ‘leaders’ and ‘spokesmen’ as well. People on the Alt Right claimed to be for something bigger and greater than themselves. They spoke about how it’s not enough to be an atomized consumer or deracinated individual. One must live for something bigger, greater, and grander. But such terminology corrupted the Alt Right just as much it did guys like John McCain. The Alt Right forsook the element of humility and got wrapped up with hubris. Just like John McCain pontificated about the nobility of serving the larger humanity than one’s own ego but actually spent his entire career serving the biggest oligarchs and warmongers, the movers and shakers of History, so many on the Alt Right spoke about caring for fellow white folks but spent an inordinate time waxing romantic(or idiotic) about how they are like the new invincible ubermensch who can shake thunder out of clouds to create the Fourth Reich. Consider the gross shithead Matt Heimbach. As leader of the Traditional Workers Party that claimed to care for working class Americans and their problems of unemployment and substance abuse, he could have done much good. In other words, he would have done best to work in the mode of living for those lesser-than-oneself. Less educated and less well-off in every way. After all, while it’s pointless to help those who are richer, more fortunate, and more intelligent, anyone can make himself useful by helping and guiding the less fortunate. A one-eyed man is of no use to a two-eyed man, but he can lead an army of no-eyed blind people. A one-armed man can do something for a no-armed man. A third-rate doctor is of no use in a rich part of town with many first-rate doctors, but he will be invaluable in a poor part of town with no doctors. Thus, by seeking out those who are lesser-than-oneself, one can find meaning in life. As the path to power is shut off to the Dissident Right for the time being, many in the Alt Right could have gained moral and spiritual credit by demonstrating their usefulness to people who are without meaning, hope, or direction. And you’d think that was what Matt Heimbach was about as the leader of a Working Class Party. But like Richard Spencer and others, he was so full of himself. Serving something greater-than-oneself meant playing the game of History(even though he was no in position to be playing any such game). So, he made himself out to be Fat Fuhrer and promoting Neo-Nazism because, apparently, being a 'humble' helper to the less fortunate wasn’t fun, exciting, and thrilling enough for his big fat ego. And he had to be a ‘rock star’ among his White Power community. Being faithful to his wife wasn’t good enough. He had to hump other women, including the wife of his father-in-law Matt Parrott in pure Jerry-Springer 'white trash' style.
Richard Spencer was seen as an elite leader of the Alt Right, corralling its intellectuals, while Heimbach was regarded as the leader of the lumpen-whites, but what they both had in common was egotism and narcissism over the needs of the people. Contrary to Spencer’s Faustian fantasies, most white people were, are, and always will be just average people with modest goals in life. Spencer’s haughty egotism made it impossible for him to touch base with most whites — as he’s too busy communing with gods in heaven such as Batman, 007, and Darth Vader — , just like horny alpha-male-ism made a total mess of his married life. Being closer to regular folks, one would think Heimbach would have avoided such pratfall, but nope. Deep down inside, he’s just another egotist. He was using the theme of White Working Class and their problems to play out his fantasy of being Fat Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich in the form of beerbelly ‘white trash’ America. He wanted to be king of Malt Right.

For so many people, from John McCain to Richard Spencer to Matt Heimbach, the meaning of serving something greater-than-oneself got perverted to mean something awesome, powerful, grandiose, megalomaniacal, and etc. They forgot that greater-than-oneself means serving a certain GOOD. In the end, it’s not about serving one’s own ego or serving(or seeking) the Power. It’s about making oneself useful to those who need the help. But, via such good work, one can gain genuine appreciation, admiration, and respect that can be traded for glory and power. Of course, ‘doing good work’ is exploited for that very reason by the vain elites. Consider all those brats of rich parents who take up ‘good works’ just to fill up their college applications with ‘holistic’ credentials so that they may be accepted to Ivy League schools whereupon their lives will hopefully be smooth sailing to the bastions of power and privilege. People like Spencer grew up too spoiled, privileged, conceited, and snotty to ever roll up their sleeves to touch base with regular people. When he talks about living for something greater-than-himself, he means touching base with pagan gods of heaven who shall hand him the world on a silver platter upon a Faustian Pact. Too many Alt Right guys have hipster than humanist disposition and, as such, lack the humility to really go among the people and offer them anything. And Heimbach has been a perfect example of this. He couldn’t put away the stupid neo-Nazi paraphernalia and get down to serious work. He preferred to play fatso Leonidas of the movie 300, looking for more tussles with Antifa to make himself out to be Butterbean of the Alt Right.
Like so many SJW or NPC types, too many Alt Right guys grew up on Pop Culture fantasies, which, when mixed with Euro-pagan mythicism(related in some cases with Nazi symbolics), becomes like a drug, not unlike meth or crack, that sends young people, especially the men, into paroxysms of egotism, delusions of grandeur, and megalomania. It wasn’t enough for Eli Mosely to fight for his people. He had to inflate his resume with bogus war record. It wasn’t enough for Kyle Bristow to diligently work to defend free speech rights for White Nationalists. He had to torch his ego to the point of self-immolation. If guys like Spencer possessed more maturity, experience, and character, they might have had a sobering and corrective influence on other members.
But fish rots from the head, and when the self-appointed and media-anointed leader of the movement thinks it will all be very fun to play combo of 007, Batman, and Hitler in his role as the leading light of the movement, the result was predictable: Drunkenness, Drug Abuse, Adultery, Disloyalty, Hubris, Recklessness, Delusions of Grandeur, and etc. It’s all the more ironic because Spencer has been saying the world is really all about power, power, and power. If he really believes that, why did he think the Jewish Globo-Homo Power would stick to principles and higher values in dealing with his ilk? Spencer got the Spencerowicz treatment by the Jewish Masters who rule America. And as if he learned nothing from the fiasco, the moron goes on Youtube and says he believes in White Domination of all the world, thus revealing himself to be, indeed, a white supremacist. He could have been a defender of nationalism or national liberation from Jewish supremacist hegemony, but his ultimate message is he wants to replace Jewish Neocon Imperialism with Anglo-White one. THIS in the 21st century when the world has been much transformed by so many factors.

Words matter and, in living for what is ‘lesser than oneself’, people(especially on the Dissident Right) might find some true meaning and do some real good in the world. Sadly, the notion of serving something ‘greater than oneself’ came to mean, in too many cases, serving one’s inflated ego or the movers-and-shakers of History. If John McCain had sincerely taken the role of speaking up for the unspoken and unrepresented, he might have been a good man, the true basis of greatness. After all, he experienced Vietnam War first hand. He was a pilot who dropped bombs and killed people; he was also a POW who suffered much deprivation and humiliation. So, he saw the war from both sides: As warrior and as captive of the enemy. He experienced the tragedy of war. So, he could have stood against further wars. In other words, No More Vietnams. Furthermore, he should have known that Vietnam set a dangerous precedent and template for future problems. Not only did the war lead to death and destruction on a grand scale but it led to a refugee crisis that compelled the US to take in tons of Viets and Laotians who’d been promised protection by the Americans. Since Vietnam, US involvements in new wars have led to more refugees, a problem for not only the US but its EU puppets. In the end, the other aspect of the Vietnam War — the ensuing refugee problem — should be the main argument against US involvement in the world. Called ‘Invade-Invite’ by Ilana Mercer and Steve Sailer, it’s been an oft-repeated pattern since the end of the Cold War when the US stomped its boots on Somalia, Iraq, Syria, and etc. And US meddling in Latin America led to (mostly disingenuous)justification for Brown Caravans on the premise that US intervention messed up those nations. Invade-Invite might more accurately be called Wreck-Rescue or Bomb-Come.
Anyway, how sad that John McCain, who was once regarded as a conscientious and thoughtful moderate, turned into a vicious and nasty warmonger. When he revisited Vietnam in a diplomatic mission, he was admired as a peacemaker with the message that even once-bitter enemies can bury the hatchet and get along in the world. That is the true meaning of ‘serving something greater than oneself’. But it wasn’t long before greater-than-oneself became just another egotistical involvement of oneself in History, and of course, war-making is most exciting to people in the game. But then, McCain, never a smart guy, might have been duped in part by Jews who were clever enough to fervently moralize whatever they do(even though their motives were always tribal, supremacist, gangster-like, and ethno-mercantile). "The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you." With their power of media & over whore politicians and their collective personality as tribal-gangsters — notice that most Jewish law professors with prestigious degrees think and talk more like gangsters, goons, and thugs than principles scholars — , they wrap all their vile doings and dealing with pseudo-moral blanket. And naturally, a dummy like John McCain fell for so many Jewish Narratives and BS, not least because he felt so flattered to be doted by Jews, the self-promoted and self-aggrandized Holy Holocaust People.

Given the power of words to corrupt meaning and be misinterpreted, maybe it’s better to be more blunt and straightforward. We should say we should live for something that is lesser-than-ourselves. And in a way, this is how much of the world works. A doctor treats people who lack medical knowledge. An auto mechanic fixes cars of those who know nothing about cars. A chef prepares meals for those without culinary skills. So, professions are about providing services for those with lesser talent or knowledge in certain areas of expertise. But most people provide service and instruction to the ‘lessers’ for money and self-interest. It’s about economics, not virtue or good work.
But what if people in the Alt Right, Dissident Right, and Left-Right took it upon themselves to serve the ‘lessers’ out of racial, cultural, and moral consciousness? In this big wide world, there are always people who are lesser than you. Even for a man of 100 IQ, there are many with lower IQ. Even for people with limited skills, there are those with less skills and less ability. Even for people with problems, there are those with bigger problems. And now, so many white people are without guidance, leadership, and representation as most white elites(in government and business) are all about serving Jews, Diversity, Homos, and Blacks. Even "It’s Okay to be White" is investigated as a 'hate symbol' by media and state controlled by vicious, murderous, thuggish, supremacist, and hateful Jews. When so many white people are without representation, it is about time for people on the Right to touch base and reconnect. In the 60s, there was the hippie stuff about ‘touching Indians’, but that was silly and flaky. But there is a real need to touch base with the suffering white masses, the forgotten people. Mythic grandeur is a part of any people and culture, but so is humanism and humility. Those who are overfed on myth end up like Nazis and Japanese Imperialists. Or like Spencer and Crew who acted as though some divine pagan force was on their side as they played fire with Jewish Supremacist Power that crushed them like IDF death squads regularly crush Palestinians. Things might have been different if Spencer was humbler and humanist. He could have said Alt Right is like a white counterpart of the Palestinian struggle for National Liberation. Liberation from what? From Jewish Supremacism. Thus, Jewish Power would have been placed on the moral defensive. But he said Alt Right is like white Zionism, and the implication was that Spencer simply wants his kind to replace Jews as world hegemonists. Spencer could have shamed Anglo-cucks for sucking up to Jewish Supremacism and gained moral high ground. Instead, he presented himself as a white supremacist alternative to Jewish supremacism. Given that Jews are associated with victimization in the Holocaust while the slightest whiff of white supremacism is associated with the burden of the Holocaust, it was a dumb move on Spencer's part.

For the weak, morality is the best weapon. Blacks understood this in the 50s. Jews understood this when they lacked dominant power in the US. But so full of delusions of grandeur and inflated pride, the likes of Spencer could not admit that whites are now an occupied and defeated people who, like Third World resistant-fighters, must learn to push back against the empire. Spencer is simply miffed that the empire is controlled by Jews. He’s fully into supremacism and imperialism.
With his head up in the clouds of Grand History, he failed on all counts. He failed in his reach for the top because Jews above him just kicked him down the ladder. But more importantly, he had no defenders among the white masses because he never touched base with them and instead spent all his time partying with drunken buddies, whoring around, and strutting like god-king-chief of the Alt Right. But having been raised in a bourgeois-aristocratic world with all the privileges, Spencer feels a fundamental distaste and disregard for the hoi polloi.

Serving that which is lesser-than-oneself has benefits, both moral and strategic. Obviously, people who are ‘less’ need more care and attention than those who have ‘more’. Generally, people want to rise high as possible and rub shoulders with superiors while snubbing inferiors. This is due to the naturally hierarchical side of us. It’s like men prefer pretty girls over plain ones, and women prefer handsome men over ugly ones. People want to attend good colleges and live in nice neighborhoods. Such attitude has many positives. It fuels motivation, ambition, and competition. But the end result over time is that many people not only get left behind but are held in contempt as ‘losers’. In current US, the libertarian wing of American Conservatism regards white working class as ‘white trash’, a people to be disposed of by the Garbage Truck of History. And the new so-called ‘leftism’ is all about favoring rich, vain, and privileged homos while having near-zero concern for the lower classes(except as useful helots to be drugged to death with opioids or replaced by foreigners as New Americans). This is why capitalism has to be tempered, and it once was by the power of Christianity. Judaism has a tempering impact on capitalism but only among Jews. It informs rich Jews to care about other Jews, but it says NOTHING about how Jews owe something to goyim who are regarded as sheep, cattle, or dogs by the Tribe. And even the Alt Right, with its hubris and myth-mania, had little to say about regular white people and just went off on too many silly quasi-hipster tangents or playing fuhrer. Alt Right neglected the morally worthy mission of connecting with white people across America and speaking for them. It could have created connections among small towns that dot the landscape of America via the internet. It could have raised consciousness and argued for a healthy and moral living. But how could such be possible when the very leaders of Alt Right were into hedonism, drugs, alcohol abuse, childish antics, infantilism, dumb haircuts, and obsession with Pop Culture?
It’s all very well for a movement to have an elite vanguard, and Greg Johnson with Counter-Currents at least has maintained that. But Spencer failed even in that regard, filling up his site with mostly tripe. But in order for a movement to resonate with the masses, it has to convey a message and speak in a tone that is directly appealing to them. This was true of communism. Most communists never read DAS KAPITAL but they understood the Bolshevik appeal in its call for Land, Peace, and Bread... just like many illiterate Jews of the Exodus understood what was meant by Land of Milk and Honey.

By connecting with the people, touching base, and creating a white people network via the internet through all the towns in 50 states, something new is possible. On the moral level, it is simply good because doing good is its own reward. If the Power snubs and denies you, go among the powerless. That’s what Jesus and Mao did. Jesus preached to the regular folks. Mao went to the countryside and built his base among the peasants who made up 90% of the population. But aside moral considerations, it is also strategically wise because you will have wind behind your back. If Spencer had formed a mass following, he would have been defended from below as he was kicked from the top. But at the bottom, there was no one to hold out a blanket to soften his fall. He fell hard because even ‘lesser’ whites came to regard him as a conceited and snotty rich boy playing hipster-fuhrer.
And apart from his small cult following, Heimbach got nowhere because most whites were put off by his Fat Fuhrer antics. This is why Alt Right is mostly finished. The ONLY way forth is the Left-Right. By the ‘left’, I mean the real and true left that is concerned with the masses and regular folks(who are being left behind by New Globo-Turbo-Capitalism that favors only the elites). Rightism has to be tempered and balanced by leftism, and vice versa. This is the nationalist and humanist version of Neo-Fascism. Fascism can do so much good and so much evil. It’s like fire. It all depends on how you wish to use it. Fascism was the most honest theory and vision of power in the 20th century, but it destroyed itself with hubris and pathology. A Neo-Fascism must learn from past mistakes, but the Alt Right failed to learn any though it had an ample chance to do so.

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  1. This post as usual for you is very well written and thought out. I can't agree more with your assessments of Spencer and Heimbach. However, maybe you haven't been paying attention, but the grassroots thing is exactly what TRS and Enoch have been doing for the better part of 2 years.