Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Total Implosion of Richard Spencer — It's Absolutely over for Richard Spencer — Richard Spencer vs Nick Fuentes

I once cut Spencer a lot of slack because he seemed like an intelligent, insightful, and thoughtful(and much misunderstood) spokesman for the cause of white consciousness.

But later he made noises about bringing back the great imperial game… as if the world is a STAR WARS universe. If he were living in the 19th century, such talk might have carry some weight. But this is the 21st century when white worlds can barely maintain their demographic and cultural integrity. In such a time, what kind of person would dream of being King over Africans? It's good to dream big dreams, but Spencer seems to have no sense of reality. His idea of the Alt Right is making himself futurist Tarzan in Darth Vader mask, leader of the 'fashes' and lord of the apes.

Near the end of THE VIDEO ABOVE, we hear a spitting mad Spencer hyperventilating with frustration over the fact that the world doesn't regard him as Napoleon of All Eternity. The world and all its powers don't see him the way he sees himself. Oh, what cosmic injustice! Now, given what happened at Charlottesville, I can understand the rage, invective, and even racial epithets. After all, what the city did was a clear breach of Constitutional Rights(something which Spencer doesn't believe in anyway). There's no question that the Unite the Right event was sabotaged by the powers-that-be, and we can understand the anger of the attendees. But, the problem is not Spencer's fury. Rather, the substance of his rage amounts to what can only be characterized as the most poisonous kind of white supremacism, one that is hardly different from crazy nonsense spouted by KKK and Neo-Nazi types. All of Spencer's deflections of being smeared a 'white supremacist' now ring false. He didn't come to the event to defend Southern Heritage or to speak on behalf of valid white interests. His big 'dream' was to create a New Empire where people like him hold the whip-hand over rest of humanity. If his dream could be realized, his dark vision would at least have the element of awesomeness. But in the 21st century when the white race is struggling to survive all over the world(even in their ancient homeland of Europe), Spencer's 007-Darth-Vader rhetoric just sounds stupid and ridiculous. It's like the babytalk of a child in a superhero costume on Halloween. Is Spencer living in reality or stuck inside a Batman costume? At any rate, there's no doubt that his agenda was never White Liberation from Globo-Homo-Shlomo supremacism but to become 'what he is', which is ubermensch(ling) stomping his boot on the face of humanity. What petulant sense of entitlement. He should have been spanked more as a child. He acts like a brat who wants to hog all the toys. He's like a girl bawling over lost candy. He’s like Dark Helmut playing with dolls in Mel Brooks' SPACEBALLS

Spencer fooled good people who trusted and followed him. He really is a piece of shi*.

A CURIOUS commenter:

Spencer has always struck me as controlled opposition. He has never had any real base. It’s interesting to note that he always somehow survived the purges. He gets to not only keep his Twitter account but even gets verified. He gets invited to the MSM to pontificate from time to time. He is the Hillary Clinton of the Alt Right. Popularised and favoured by ZOG, but has little support on the ground.

The Jew-run Media tried to exploit him, casting him as the baddie, a role the 'enfant terrible' side of him relished playing. He was also the go-to-guy because he could be charming and congenial when he wants to be. In turn, he was hungry for publicity and saw his chance. As most people in Conservatism Inc. were a bunch of sorry 'cucks', he enjoyed playing the 'bad boy' who dares to violate PC shibboleths. And for a time, he was very good at it, pacing and measuring himself like a smart boxer against a hostile but fascinated media.
Indeed, the media panicked when Spencer appeared to have genuine star power and seemed to be outwitting them at every turn. Were they creating than destroying a monster by placing him in the limelight? At the very least, he came across as intelligent, articulate, and handsome. It was as if Spencer was playing the media than the other way around, and many were genuinely, if reluctantly, impressed. So, whatever the media meant to do, it initially backfired on them because Spencer as media creature appeared bright and capable, even charismatic. Great fortune landed on Spencer’s lap. Alt Right was suddenly a thing, the talk of the town. It even had a cool edgy brand. And Spencer could have run with this.

But the man-child made a series of catastrophic decisions. It's usually the case that the rash and reckless side of the man emerges AFTER he's gained great power. Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong were cautious strategists before they amassed supreme power, with which they then carried out disastrous decisions like Operation Barbarossa or the Great Leap Forward. In contrast, Spencer seemed to lose all sense of pragmatism and proportion the moment he became top dog of what was still a political subculture. It was as if Donald Trump's victory anointed him as the true ruler of the US, the world, the cosmos. He went totally TREE-OF-LIFE almost overnight.
Incredibly, he encouraged his fanboys to give Hitler salutes at a conference in honor of Donald Trump’s victory. This was not a closed event but a very public one with the national media present. The whole freaking world was watching, and his minions instantly trashed the event(that had gone very well) with Sieg Heil theatrics. And then, the man-child decided to have long conversations with clown Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer. And he linked up with Neo-Nazi Malt-Right fatboy Matt Heimbach. He also interviewed David Duke. Now, while it's true that Duke has changed over the years and has done some important work, no sensible Alt Right activist with an eye to the future would have associated himself with man with Duke's baggage. But Spencer was increasingly full of himself, as if he was bulletproof no matter what he did. Spencer also got increasingly drunk and erratic, losing left and right the people who joined his movement out of genuine commitment. He could not keep quality people, and some of his associates were just as childish, bratty, and stupid as he is. Like Kyle Bristow for instance.
Then, there was roster of the Unite the Right event. When it was announced, I didn’t know much about the individuals slated to appear on stage, but in retrospect, a worse bunch of morons couldn't have been assembled. Heimbach is a fat fuc* who belongs on Jerry Springer, especially in light of what he did with his father-in-law's wife. Chris Cantwell is nuts and should be institutionalized. Others were hardly better. Now, it’s true that the Jewish mayor and the black police chief were mainly to blame for the melee, but Spencer drove Alt Right into the ground by associating it with nutjobs and morons. It’s like he was handed the coolest train set for Christmas but wrecked it with sheer lack of self-control and appreciation.

That said, it’s not true that he was spared the Purge. He was banned from EVERYTHING except Twitter. His new Alt-Right site was shut down. He couldn’t raise money. He couldn’t book venues. He’d been regularly invited by MSM as the voice of the Alt Right in 2016, but he was hardly called upon since Charlottesville.

The tragedy is he could have played it smart and shaped Alt Right into an important, even outstanding, movement, but his petulance, vanity, and egotism got the better of him. But then, he is philosophically a nihilist, which means he has no core morality other than power-worship, the fist-clenching of Darth Vader in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. If he were a fresh 17 yr old who read Nietzsche and Ayn Rand and got over-heated with excitement, it’d be understandable, forgivable. But for a 40 yr old to gush about how he’s the rightful master of the universe, it is downright pathetic and embarrassing. People who hear Spencer's post-Charlottesville rant are more likely to laugh than be struck with fear. Ooh, he's the fuc*ing ruler, the king, the lord, the master of the universe. ROTFL.

A CURIOUS commenter:

His comments against Nick Fuentes is also reeking of bitterness. What is clear is that the Alt Right, or whatever you want to call it, is not dependent upon a small set of people. It isn’t Spencer’s pet project and it never was.

Nicholas Fuentes has an edge over Spencer, and it is consistency and commitment, as well as sobriety. He started a show called America First and has kept at it day in and day out, gradually building up an audience. In contrast, Spencer doesn’t know the meaning of tenacity and persistence. He conceived of grandiose plans and made big declarations, but he hasn't finished anything he started. He’s all sprint and no marathon. He created a site called Alternative Right with considerable fanfare but soon gave up. Then he set up Radix Journal, and it faded. It was supposed to have a print version, but it took forever to publish a single edition. He made the second-rate Crypto-Nazi Alex Kurtagic his right-hand man. He said he’s going to do regular podcasts or videos, but it was all off-and-on, never on schedule.
Nicholas Fuentes has his own set of problems. He’s young & brash and tends to fly off the handle(which at least has entertainment value). He’s smart and well-read for a young man, but his temperament precludes depth. He has interest in politics and history but lacks genuine curiosity and empathy. He has the panache to ask inconvenient questions and be contrarian against official dogma & narrative but is too quick to jump to his own simple-minded conclusions. Still, he’s young and a work in progress, and only time will tell if he will become a real player in the field of American Opinion. His positive asset is he keeps at whatever he’s doing, which is so different from Spencer who cooks up big plans but serves them half-baked... or totally burnt.

A CURIOUS commenter:

I wouldn’t even call Fuentes Alt Right. He is like the Alt Lite, but with the exception that he and his group are much less friendly to globohomo and Israel, and this scares TPTB. If people like him gained the upper hand, we’d see symbiosis, not conflict, with the more radical elements of the Alt Right like TRS.

Fuentes is neither Alt Right nor Alt Lite. He’s a ‘zoomer’ revamped with Paleo-Con fundamentals. He’s closest to Pat Buchanan, a Catholic conservative patriot with racial consciousness.

A CURIOUS commenter: 

Anglin, as another puppet, will of course try to sabotage everything as he usually does by promoting infighting and drama. But he is also rapidly losing relevance.

I don’t know why anyone would take Anglin seriously. Daily Stormer is only good for laughs, dumb and retarded but with an outrage humor like Adam Sandler movies or Three Stooges shorts. The proper thing is to just let Anglin do his thing. DO NOT invite him to serious debates. Consider Daily Stormer's take on the Nick Fuentes and 'Groypers' challenge to Charlie Kirk and TPUSA. It's only for laughs. Enjoy if you must but do not take seriously. The problem was never Anglin per se but that too many people in the Alt Right and Dissident Right regarded him as anything more than a clown.

Finally, why is Spencer really really over? Because he sold the media the persona of a sane and rational 'white nationalist' who went against the grain/stereotype of the demented 'white supremacist' so often spread by the media. Spencer's brand had value as long as he could persuade people that his true self had no relation to the cartoonish image created by the Jewish Media of the KKK and Neo-Nazis. The Spencer shtick was most effective when the Media said "Look, evil scary white supremacist monster" but Spencer smiled and presented himself as a smart guy who cares about his race and culture. Because of Spencer's privileged background and educational credentials, respectability mattered more to his image than to anyone else on the Alt Right. Sure, he could be a bit edgy and do the enfant terrible thing that could be funny.
But the post-Charlottesville rant exposes Spencer as a truly contemptuous, deranged, vile, and vicious piece of turd who feels he is entitled to rule over the world because his childish self wants all the toys for himself. Just like virginity, once lost, cannot be regained, there is no way Spencer can persuade and regain the trust/respect of anyone of good will and rationality. In some ways, it's a good thing because imagine if a far more persuasive and sociopathic Spencer had indeed succeeded with a movement by concealing his truly ugly self that finally emerged when he amassed considerable power. Spencer is not a man of sound mind and body. He's borderline bipolar and semi-sociopathic. It's like the nutty character by Keir Dullea in BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING who seems sane throughout the movie only to be revealed as batshit crazy. Spencer is not clinically crazy but batshit stupid. Spencer once argued that the enemy sees 'white nationalists'(and even conservatives) as worse than wrong; unapologetic whites are seen as worse than evil, irredeemable. Well, at least in Spencer's case, he has proven the enemy right. He really is a pile of shit. Well, at least he has that going for him: The pride of being a stupid amoral bastard.

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