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In this joke, we are transported to a world in which Jews are the majority and can afford to make fun of gentiles (whom we know are really whites). Jews do this for the same reason whites make fun of Jews in the real world — they violate our sense of normalcy. Only, in this inverted world of the Jewish comedian, it’s Jewish normalcy which gets violated. And what Jewish norms are we talking about?
...In reality, we are laughing at the Jews who are laughing at the whites who are behaving abnormally when they are really behaving normally because it is really the Jews who are abnormal and don’t have the self-awareness to realize it. Only, because it’s a Jew who’s telling the joke in the first place (Alper and Seinfeld), they kind of do. Get it? Anyway, the takeaway here is not merely how sophisticated a joke can be and still crack a smile. The takeaway is also that white people own what’s normal. We are the sane people in the room. 

This is an interesting article with a good deal of truth. But Spencer Quinn isn't getting the complete joke. He surmises that The Joke assumes that Jews are in the MAJORITY, but that misses the essence of Jewish Power. Jews don't need to be in the majority to gain power and influence over others and implement the New Normal. After all, Jews have always been a small minority in the US, but they still managed to invert the value system of mainstream society. Take 'gay marriage' and globo-homo madness. Consider all the post-Christian churches flying the 'gay' flag, not least due to Jewish influence. Consider all those seemingly strait-laced middle class people turning out in huge crowds to cheer for 'gay pride' parades as if sodomy is next to godliness. Consider all the 'normal' white middle class people in the suburbs who kneel down to BLM and weep about the Magic Negro(a trope spread by Jewish Hollywood). So, The Joke doesn't necessarily transport us to a world where Jews are the majority because Jews don't need great numerical strength to gain influence over goyim, especially whites of Northern European lineage. Mitt Romney is a very normal kind of guy — Mormonism is a strange kind of Christian cult, but its prescribed lifestyle is of the 1950s FATHER KNOWS BEST variety — , but he assents to whatever crazy scheme cooked up by Jews. And all those firebrand Evangelicals have little to say but 'Muh Israel' and seem to be warming up to 'gay marriage'. 

Another thing. Jewish Jokes were most likely created by Jews themselves and, in that sense, were not really about whites laughing at Jews. The cultural fingerprints on Jewish Jokes are similar to those on 'Polack Jokes', nearly all of which were concocted by Jews. Also, Jews found it therapeutic to laugh at themselves. Jews were also responsible for most Holocaust jokes. Woody Allen and Mel Brooks were masters of comedy that often poked fun at Jews. Still, Jews laughed because the jokes mocked goyim(more) along with the Jews. At any rate, as long as Jews were the entertainers and making others laugh, they were in control. Don Rickles made fun of Jews along with everyone else, but the fact is he was the honcho on stage whereas the audience were mere passive participants. So, even when whites are laughing at Jews via Jewish Jokes, the chances are the jokes were created by Jews, and that means, even when whites find Jews to be ridiculous, it is on Jewish terms because Jews have the wit and will to come up with jokes that produce belly-laughs among stiffy & stuffy, dimwit and/or thick-skulled goyim. Also, by making Jews funny to whites, they are rendered endearing than threatening.

Spencer Quinn seems to believe that The Joke betrays Jewish Neurosis in contrast to healthy White Normalcy. Thus, contrary to Jewish conceits, The Joke is really on them because, if anything, it reveals that whites are sane, sound, and normal whereas Jews are gross, obnoxious, and thorny. That is surely true to some extent, but he is overlooking the finer points of The Joke. It suggests at the unique source of Jewish Power, a combination of egotism and ethnic unity. Generally, the assumption is that a people must surrender or suppress their egos in order to work well with others in a Trust Society. They must prioritize the common good over individual pride. Consider Italians vs Nordics. Italians are more emotional and brash in their egotism, therefore lacking in trust and unity. In contrast, Nordics are less expressive and more conscientious. Less egotism means more trust and greater social order. Japanese lack egotism but maintain an orderly society where people are mindful of one another. 

But Jews are strange. On the one hand, they are emotional, expressive, and pushy like Italians or Greeks. They are full of egotism. And yet, they are also extremely talented at cooperation and networking over great distances. Jewish Power wouldn't be what it is without the aptitude to work together. Yet, egotism usually works against group cooperation. So, how come Jews are so egotistical and yet so collectively effective in amassing power, wealth, and influence?

It seems Jews came upon an odd formula of egotism that translated into ethnic trust among themselves. This probably owes to the Covenant, the spiritual pact that informed every Jew regardless of wealth or station that he is equally dear in the eyes of God. Thus, every Jew, rich or poor, feels special as the chosen child of God. On one level, it is an egotistic view of life: God chose Me. And yet, it is an egotism rounded out by humility and sense of togetherness. After all, even though one may feel individual pride in being one of the Chosen, he is nevertheless a servant of God, the Lord of All. Furthermore, each and every Jew is Chosen, and that means each Jew shares in the egotism. So, Jewish egotism is both individual and shared. This perhaps makes Jews a unique people. Thus, unlike most peoples who must choose between egotism and unity, Jews can have egotism and unity. Jews don't have to surrender egotism to have unity and trust among Jews. Jews don't have to surrender unity in order to have pride of ego. Jews can have both. 

Now, Northern Europeans are another unique people in a way. Southern Italians and Greeks are peoples who've chosen egotism over unity. They are often loud, brash, and aggressive, but this means they hardly trust one another in any meaningful fashion. In contrast, Japanese have been known for order, trust, and cooperation, but it also means they are weak in individualism and egotism. 

In contrast, Northern European types, especially the Anglos, found a way to be both individualistic and cooperative. Traditional British Society was known for manners and liberty. One was mindful of the social good and niceties but also stood on his own two feet and believed in individuality, privacy, and property. And yet, in order to create this balance, the Anglos crafted an individualism without egotism and cooperation without collectivism. So, even as one's individuality was held precious, it had to be mindful not to trample on other individualities. And even though social cooperation was key, there wasn't a powerful passion for tribal unity. The result was a mild individualism and moderate cooperation. It was a pretty good formula for modernity. But it also exposed fatal chinks-in-the-armor to the Jews who are about egotistical individualism and collective tribal passion. Anglos lose to Italians in egotist aggression but beat them in ethical cooperation. In contrast, Jews not only work well together but each Jew is possessed of a powerful will fueled by egotism. Consider the Jew in GLITTERING PRIZES.

So, even though The Joke, on the one hand, presents white people as normal and balanced, it also hints as to why they lost out to Jews despite being in the majority. Whites have no real fight in them, at least vis-a-vis feisty and relentless Jews. A big animal without fighting spirit can retreat from or even lose to a smaller animal with fighting spirit. In The Joke, every white person comes across as yielding or detached. So, when the son tells the mother that he won't come for dinner, she doesn't complain. She'd rather keep things calm and cool between them then press her case and demand he keep his promise. Or, maybe, despite familial ties, she is actually relieved that her son won't visit because she prefers individual space over personal ties, i.e. she prefers it dry than wet. It's an individuality without insistence. In contrast, Jews are nothing without insistence and persistence. Nothing comes to those who are yielding and assume "you can't fight city hall." One must fight city hall to the end and then even take over. Whites went from white fight to white flight. Jews are still into Jew Screw.

Furthermore, the Jewish Way of angst & anxiety is one of memory whereas the white way of 'normalcy' is one of amnesia. Jews have long remembered history as a non-stop struggle for survival, success, power, and domination. So, even when things go well for them, they don't become like the hare(vis-a-vis the tortoise). They don't take things for granted or rest on their laurels. They know their fortunes can vanish overnight. History is the saga of struggle. It hasn't been 'normal' but nightmarish. And whites who are into the conceit of 'normalcy' have forgotten the way of history. After all, how was the US created? It was created through violent struggle and ruthless competition. It wasn't as if some 'normal' manna from heaven fell from the sky to provide for everyone. White people had to toil in the fields and factories to create a new nation. US was engaged in bloody conflicts to expand territory. Like other nations, US committed mass atrocities in war. For much of American and Western History, most people couldn't take things for granted. Consider the millions that starved in Ireland. Consider the bloody wars that led to the rise of unified nation-states in Europe. Indeed, what we consider to be 'normal'(aka middle class values and standards) took hold for the majority of white people only after World War II with the rapid expansion of prosperity; all of sudden, people in the West never had it so good. But it was something NEW, not something that Western Man had taken for granted across the eons. The good times made whites choose niceness as the norm, disarming themselves of the passion for struggle.

Indeed, postwar prosperity was ABNORMAL in the annals of history. And yet, so many white people became amnesiac and adopted modernity + prosperity as the end-all of history and the meaning of life. La Dolce Vita. In earlier times, people were compelled to see life as a struggle and obligation, like with George Bailey in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. He has family and there are needy people in Bedford Falls. So, he can't just run off to do his thing. People relied on one another. It was with greatly expanded productivity and the rise of the welfare state(with Social Security perhaps being the most important) that people could be freer as individuals to pursue their own interests. People became less reliant on one another. Retired people had Social Security and a host of government benefits. And with TV in every home, people felt less lonely as they could follow fantasy narratives of fictional characters. There was nothing like this in the history of mankind. What we take for 'normal' is really a historical anomaly. So many people can live pretty well without struggle, without insistence. It made them complacent, apathetic, too 'nice, even a bit decadent. They forgot that history has mostly been about struggle. Like in Charles Dickens novels. You had beg for or fight for a 'little more'. Even the so-called middle class back in those days often just scraped by. And as there were no safety nets, an affluent family could end up in the streets by a simple twist of fate. 

In our world, Jews are the richest and most affluent. So, one would think they should take it easy and just be 'nice'. But many of them are still in semi-paranoid mode. This makes them seem neurotic and extreme(and indeed many Jews are insufferable), but, on the positive side, Jews have not forgotten. They know the order and prosperity today can vanish into the thin air, and History with a capital 'H' can return. Also, didn't the Wasps lose out to Jews precisely because they forgot about the nature of struggle and began to take their privilege and affluence for granted as 'the normals'? They developed a Country Club mentality, and even though their children were raised to succeed, they weren't instilled with hunger that had driven their ancestors to power and greatness. Having been 'normalized', whites began to wince at the bloody stories of struggle of their ancestors, who were actually more in keeping with historical norms. America wasn't created by people being 'nice' and 'normal'. Rather, the white man was filled with hatred and wiped out the Red Man. And for most of US history, farmers and factory workers labored from sunup to sundown. They were hard men driven by hunger and haunted by fears. It was about God, country, community, family, customs, and mutual reliance. Back then, family mattered. If your mother spent hours cooking a meal, you better have a GOOD reason for skipping out. Blowing off your mother who stood over a hot stove all day would be no easy matter. It would not be 'normal'. Things are different today because it's so much more convenient than ever to purchase and prepare food. Indeed, many meals come pre-cooked. So, in our time, far less work goes into making a meal. And food is plentiful. But through most of history, food was never taken for granted. And a woman spent the whole day procuring the necessary ingredients for the family meal. That was the normal way for most of history. What we consider to be 'normal' in our time is abnormal in historical context.
As for the man in The Joke who buys the suit with trust and without complaint, that also owes to social change under modern rules and regulation. For much of history, there was little trust because all you had to go on was the word of the seller. Before there was government regulation and enforcement of rule of law, there were so many snake oil salesmen who peddled poison as panacea all across America. P.T. Barnum once said there's a sucker born every minute. And before there was food inspection, one couldn't be sure how something was processed. Many people got sick from eating tainted food. It was with the rise of the regulatory state that most people became more trusting of products and services. The consumer came to be protected. Therefore, it's not natural or normal to just trust people. Oftentimes, people do the right thing mainly due to the threat of fine and penalty, even imprisonment. 

So, what does The Joke tell us? It offers a glimpse as to why Jews gained power over whites. Whites forgot history. In good times of peace and prosperity, they took to the New Order as a kind of Ur-Normality when it was a rather unnatural and abnormal product of postwar prosperity. Against a people grown complacent and amnesiac, a people who remain contentious and memory-based will win. Indeed, the best way for Jews to lose their power is to go the way of White Americans and just become 'nice' and 'trusting', or 'normal'. Of course, whites wouldn't be in the state they're in IF they lived in an all-white world where everyone is 'nice'. It's like tortoises on an island have little to fear as long as egg-devouring rats don't appear on the scene. But the story of life, or evolution, teaches us that the survival or well-being of any organism can never be taken for granted. You never know when an invasive organism might pose a threat or when the environment might suddenly change. As long as white Americans opened the immigration gates to the wider world, they should have been more vigilant. And to be sure, white Americans once were, at least far more than they are today. They had fears of the strong savage Negro. They had anxieties about the Yellow Rise of Color. And during the westward expansion, whites had few illusions about the Red Man who could be savage and cruel. But whites were triumphant over a vast territory, the best and most fertile and resource-rich in the world. They forgot that they attained this triumph with much blood and toil, through much stiff competition(not least among whites themselves). Once things got well, they became 'nice' and assumed that the New Normal of Peace and Prosperity was here to stay forever as a given. They pretended that milk and toast than blood and sweat are the true norms of history.
Jews were less likely to harbor such illusions. The concept of the Covenant made them feel special and Chosen through the ages. Their evolution as merchants and rabbis led to a feisty and radical personality. And their status as a minority in foreign lands always reminded them that nothing is for certain or forever. Things could be great one day, but tomorrow could be exile or worse. In the movie EXCALIBUR, why does Merlin worry so much? Because he remembers, and the lessons of the past fill him with dark portents of the future. Meanwhile, the knights easily forget and take things merrily when times are good. 

There are three kinds of animals. Wild ones with aggressive and difficult natures. Shaped by brutal nature, they are extremely anxious, fearful, and aggressive. Then, there are domesticated animals who make good companions or livestock for mankind. Whether dogs or cats in the home OR cows or pigs on the farm, they are easily manageable. While domesticated animals are easier for man to handle, this very quality makes them easily exploitable as well. Even when mankind intends to kill millions of cows and pigs, those beasts march along without anxiety and suspicion to their slaughter. Both kinds of animals have advantages and disadvantages. Wild animals are well-suited for nature, but nature is brutal and dangerous. Due to their wild nature, they live apart from man, and that means they don't enjoy the easier and more pleasant lives of cats and dogs. On the other hand, they aren't exploited like cows and pigs, raised only to be slaughtered by the millions.
The third kind of animal is domesticated but bred to possess special traits that makes them, in certain respects, more formidable than man. Jews are like this third kind of animal. They are a civilized people, unlike black Africans or Australian Aborigines. They evolved to live in civilization. However, they were selected for special traits of high intelligence, egotism, and duality(& duplicity). Jews were bred for constructive contradiction. A tribal people who wander around the world as 'cosmopolitans'. But this contradiction goes back to the heart of Judaism: A religion with the universal God who chose one Tribe over all others. Jews are the most adaptive and assimilationist people but also the most resilient and separate. Jews developed the most moralistic religion but mastered the art of radical immorality in dealing with goyim. Jews are extremely distrustful of goyim, but this shared distrust among Jews makes for trust among themselves. Even a capitalist Jew and communist Jew trust one another more than either trusts the goy ideological counterpart. In current America, blacks are like wild animals that are nearly impossible to domesticate. 200 yrs of slavery did little to weed out the savage gene. Whites are like domesticated dogs that are predictable and reliable. In the past, white dogs had to struggle and had some 'hunt' in them, but most of them are now complacent. Jews are like domesticated weasels or owls whose special traits were, if anything, magnified for maximum efficiency. They weren't bred to be nice but to hunt, kill, and dominate. 

Also, Spencer Quinn is wrong to see this as a white vs non-white(Jews included) thing. He writes: 

This is one reason non-whites are so desperate to come to and stay in traditionally white nations. Whites may not be the funniest people in the world, but at least we’re normal.

It's true enough that whites, especially those of Northern European stock, created the most livable societies, and it goes a long way to explain immigration patterns. But the more important lesson is that most non-whites are like whites in their tendency to forget and settle into the Norm of Niceness. Is it any wonder why deracination has spread so far and wide among most goy groups? Most Asians and Latin Americans in the US and Canada are just as clueless, faceless, and rootless as the whites. They lead the life of the Modern Consumer. Also, most non-whites are far less funny than whites. Mexico and China aren't exactly comedy centrals, whereas the British and Italians have been among the funniest people in history. What most goyim have in common is the tendency to fall into the Normality Trap and grow complacent. (Blacks are the exception because they are so naturally savage and crazy. They belong in a category all their own.) Does this mean that we should be as neurotic and nasty as the Jews? No, but there is something to learn from their Culture of Critique and anxiety as there is no End of History. History goes on, and it is an endless struggle. Francis Fukuyama, upon the end of the Cold War, envisioned a future of eternal normality with the triumph of individualism, democracy, and free markets. Apparently, the good and right ideas won, and rest of history would be about the spread and implementation of those 'values'. But in fact, power doesn't work that way. The complacent will always lose to the contentious. 

Another lesson to take from The Joke is that 'Normal' People lack the fire. They range from lukewarm to cool. They would rather be part of the approved Norm and not ruffle any feathers than boldly envision and insist on something powerful and impassioned. In The Joke, the whites are yielding and mainly want to get along without stirring up 'controversy'. It makes for a nice and calm order among their own kind but no strong personality to re-imagine society. It explains why so many whites fell under the sway of Jewish Influence. For good or ill, Jews with stronger personalities think bigger. They think beyond the normal and staid. Thus, whites are impressed by such power of vision. After all, it was abnormal Stanley Kubrick who impressed the normal Ron Howard, not the other way around. So, while it makes for a pleasant society when most people are nice-and-normal, the people who change the trajectory of history will always be a people-apart. If whites don't want to fall under the sway of Jews, they must create powerful personalities of their own, the ones with goy-chutzpah. (Jews feared Germans up to World War II and hate Donald Trump because, unlike most other Northern European types, the Germans and the Don have big personalities to rival those of Jews.) Why did so many 'normal' whites fall under the sway of not only Jews but of homo and Negroes? Homos are nuts but audacious in their vanity and self-celebration and Negroes break down normal boundaries and excite and titillate white folks.

Those smug with 'normalcy' will lose to those who smuggle the secrets of power.

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  1. "Jews are extremely distrustful of goyim, but this shared distrust among Jews makes for trust among themselves."

    Until we, as a race, distrust the Jew, they will continue to pick us off, one generation after another.