Saturday, December 19, 2020

With Some Self-Awareness, White Americans Would Realize that Chinese Work with Jews to Undermine the West Because Whites Have Been Doing Exactly the Same Thing — White Complicity in the Jewish Destruction of Christian West — Why the Control of Northern Europeans Is Key to Jewish Global Dominance

Americans, especially White Americans, the descendants of the founding stock of the nation, no longer have a country because they are so lacking in self-awareness. Both elitism and populism among white Americans have failed.

White 'liberals' tend to be elitist, and this has meant most of them coming under the influence of Jewish-dominated academia, media, and think-tanks. This thing called 'Critical Theory' that whites soak up in academia doesn't mean development of a critical mindset but Jewish-directed critical subversion of all things white, European, patriotic, and Christian. It has no room for critical approach toward Jewish Power, Homo vanity, or Negro-megalomania(or Negrolomania). So, white 'liberals' become mindless parrots of Jewish/Globalist Power.
This affects even the elites of the Christian Church. They soak up the same influences in academia & media dominated by Jews and try to remold the Church to promote the Tri-Supremacism of Jewish Power, Black Rage, and Homo Vanity. Or, many who claim to be 'Christian' are really globalist agents serving as wolf(or weasel) in sheep-skin.
White 'liberals' dominate white elite circles because they are more inclined toward intellectual, cultural, and/or statist pursuits, but as they follow the lead of Jewish Power, they never conceive of an agenda or policy that is good for whites. They submit to a set of 'values' that are said to be about 'justice' and 'equity', but it really means whites lose out to facilitate Jews getting richer, blacks grabbing privilege, homos receiving adulation, and masses of non-white immigrants replacing whites as the peons of the Holy Three of Jews, blacks, and homos. (Women don't gain much either. Even though Jews used feminism to pit white women against white men, Jews don't like women-power because women also represent a 'majority'. There are many many of them. Jews prefer elite-minority supremacist power, and that is why Jewish Power insists that women take a backseat to trannies. So, if a fat ugly guy with voluminous pair of balls and a fat penis insists he's a 'woman', women better agree OR ELSE be condemned for 'hatred' and 'non-inclusion of trannies into womanhood'. White 'liberal' women are among the most PC and conformist-minded. Lacking balls, they are even more likely to cave to the prevailing authority. So, their idea of 'resistance' is never independently formulated and instead whatever the Power defines for them. It never occurs to them that true resistance against The Power would necessitate speaking Truth to Jewish Power. Because lesbians have metaphorical balls, they are ironically more likely to push against the notion of fat-ugly-men-with-big-balls pretending to be 'women'. Tranny vs Terf war is between having-male-balls-to-declare-oneself-female and having-proverbial-balls-to-safeguard-bitchdom. At any rate, Jews prefer the minority-'womanhood' of trannies to the majority-womanhood of real women. Tranny supremacism better complements their status as the minority elite rulers over the West and its empire.)

White 'conservatives' tend to be populist, and this has meant most of them coming under the influence of demagogues, yahoos, charlatans, and ignoramuses. While populists feel more real as red-white-and-blue Americans who steer clear of elitist and globalist prattle, the sad truth is that most leaders and spokesmen of populism are unscrupulous, opportunistic, compromised, and/or demented(like Ted Nugent). Take Rush Limbaugh. His neo-Archie-Bunkerism was amusing at times but fed on the smugness of the masses. Limbaugh pushed globalism(especially 'free trade') along with vestiges of real conservatism. He denounced Pat Buchanan in 2000 as a 'populist, not a conservative', but his own style from the beginning was pure populism. If anything, Buchanan was more the conservative as he began to question GOP policies that were doing harm to American Sovereignty. Limbaugh was essentially the shill for the GOP and Bush II's policy of more war and more unregulated trade. Just about the only thing he disagreed with Bush on was amnesty.
Because populists go with emotions than with ideas and intellect, they can easily be swayed like the spellbound crowd by Mark Anthony after Julius Caesar's death. Oftentimes, populists don't even realize they've been led astray or betrayed in some fundamental way. As they're more fixated on personalities or symbols, their enthusiasm can be led from Point A to Point B. Notice how the many 'dittoheads' made peace with 'gay marriage' because Rush Limbaugh, under pressure from globalist sponsors who pay for advertising, gave up on resisting the homo agenda. So-called 'conservatives' have given up on the 'gay' issue and are now pretending to stand firm against trannies. But with Lady Maga being promoted at Trump rallies, how long can that last?

Another problem with populism is the anti-intellectualism. While it's true that ordinary people have every reason to be skeptical of the so-called 'Best and the Brightest'(and their 'expert' claims that brought us endless wars, financial gimcrackery, lying media, and deep state shenanigans), the fact is ignorance is no effective counter against knowledge(even false knowledge). Against false or corrupt intellect, there must be honest intellect, but populism throws out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to academia. So, while the 'liberal' community suffers from over-production of elites, the 'conservative' community suffers from under-production of elites. Even if Washington DC is 50% GOP in terms of elected officials, it is 95% Democratic in state operations and bureaucracies. Republicans, even when they have majorities in House and Senate, must always swim in a sea of Blue. So, elite academia, media, and institutions are dominated by 'liberals'.
'Conservatives' might take comfort in the notion that, whereas 'communist' and 'statist' Liberals control big government, the patriotic 'conservatives' are dominant in business, industry, and enterprise. But they are just fooling themselves. Most people who succeed in business are products of elite schools, and they too come under the same ideological or 'woke' influence EVEN IF their main goal is to make lots of money. Even if they just fake ideological affinity with the 'left' for status-sake or 'respectability', the result is their money, support, and endorsement go against nationalism, conservatism, and patriotism. Also, people focused on money generally have no higher value than 'what is mine'. So, if they must endorse A to make more money, they will do so. While not every 'woke' or PC agenda is good for business — promoting BLM that is associated with riots and mayhem seems foolish from business perspective — , the fact remains that not endorsing PC, not to mention going against it, could mean a severe blow to reputation(which is determined by Jewish-controlled media), which could leads to total loss. It's like endorsing Zionism, AIPAC, and Jewish Power has its downsides, but refusal to do so means certain doom for a politician or businessman.
So, the notion that 'conservative' business sector serves as an effective counter to 'liberal' government sector has proven to be total baloney. The result has been a total convergence of big government and big business. Especially as Jews are adept at business but also ideologically 'liberal', Jewish success in business has led to more money for 'leftist' causes. Look what George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg have been up to with their money. Or Hollywood and its donations. And yet, idiot 'conservatives' yap about the threat of 'socialism', even 'communism'. In fact, even China's communist party gave up on real communism long ago.

So, with corrupted elites and infantile masses, how can White America have any kind of genuine self-awareness? People look to the elites for the truth, but the white elite message to white people is to just 'listen to the experts'. Celebrate globo-homo and welcome the Great Replacement as 'diversity' and 'inclusion'. And of course, Israel, Israel, and Israel. Some whites just can't stomach the elite BS and instead look to populist voices, but those range from Rush Limbaugh the fatso to Alex Jones the fathead. Donald Trump, despite his mass support base, has yet to spell out what Trumpism is all about as his policies have been all over the map. He railed against Saudi Arabia during the campaign, but among the first things he did was go to make a deal with the Saudis. He claimed to be independent of Jewish Power during the campaign but did the bidding of hardline Zionists against Iran. He blasted the Neocons but appointed guys like Pompeo and John Bolton. He ran against Wall Street but gave it a big fat tax cut. He spoke of national sovereignty but stuck his nose into the affairs of Venezuela and other nations. He ridiculed the anti-Russian hysteria, only to replace it with anti-China hysteria.

Now, unlike Russia that almost certainly had no role whatsoever in the 2016 election — funny that globalists would rant about National Security when they've done everything to weaken borders & rule of law and to interfere in other nations — , it may well be that China had some degree of interference in the 2020 election. But why and how? Because China acts as junior partner to Jewish Power that reigns supreme over the West. In other words, it's a sidekick to Jewish Power. Blaming China without Naming the Jew is like seeing Robin but not Batman.
But, here's the real kicker. Why does China act the way it does? Because White Americans act the same way and, if anything, set the template for how the world should interact with Jews. White America decided to totally cuck to Jews. It accepted the subservient role as 'biatch'. White America takes special kind of perverse (anti)pride in its total servility to AIPAC, ADL, and other Jewish organizations. Jews can do no wrong apparently. Notice both political parties were utterly silent about Jewish puppet Barack Obama's pardoning of Jonathan Pollard. Here's a Zionist traitor whose treachery led the deaths of so many double-agents in the USSR, but he walks free. If Jews want any nation to be sanctioned, White America goes along, and that means everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump. If Jews want more globo-homo, both parties concur. If Jews want people to be fined for calling a tranny a 'he' than a 'she', White America just complies. If Jews want more 'hate speech' laws with Jews defining what is 'hate', White America nods in agreement. If Jews say It's Not Okay to be White, White America hangs its head in shame for being white. Even Donald Trump, despite most of his support coming from White Patriots, never spoke up for White America. It was always about how his policies benefited various groups but white Americans.

China is like Scatman Crothers in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. When asked what he's doing in the dark, he says, "Doing the same f***ing thing you're doing, in here, hiding!" Chinese collaborate with Jews because white Americans(and Europeans) established it as THE thing-to-do in the West. They are doing the same f***ing thing.

Jews have been at the forefront of destroying White Civilization, but whites are most servile to Jews. Then, if white people had any degree of self-awareness, they would realize that what the Chinese are doing is no different from what whites have been doing and for quite awhile. Indeed, whites are even WORSE than the Chinese. After all, Chinese work with Jews for Chinese national interests, whereas whites work with Jews against their own racial and national interests. At any rate, Chinese looked around and noticed that America is all about sucking-up-to-Jews. That's what White America does 24/7 despite the fact that the Jewish Agenda is most damaging to whites. It wasn't the Chinese who financialized the US economy. Even 'free trade', from which China benefited, was cooked up by Jews and neo-liberal goyim. It wasn't China that pornified mainstream pop culture in the US. It wasn't China that funded and promoted BLM(despite bogus stories to the contrary); Jews did that. It wasn't China that infected US academia with 'wokeness'. It wasn't China that corrupted US Christianity with globo-homo. (White Americans, ever lacking in self-awareness, whine about the persecution of Christians in China. They don't seem to remember that Jewish Neocon foreign policy led to wholesale destruction of Arab Christian communities in the Middle East. If not for Assad and Iran that stood up against ISIS and Alqaeda backed by Israel and the US, Christians in Syria would either be dead, enslaved, or exiled. And speaking of War on Christianity, it's been the Jews who tried to push globo-homo into Russia that has been trying to revive the Orthodox Faith. And why did Chick Fil-A stop giving to Christian charities? Because Jews said it won't be allowed to expand its franchise in key big cities unless it signs onto globo-homo. How did the US become a nation where casinos can remain open but churches must close? Or a nation where churches are fined for offering services in parking lots while satanist globalist elites wine-and-dine in fancy restaurants, rub shoulders at private clubs, and travel freely around the world, and without masks? Masks, you see, are for 'little people'. Indeed, given the worthlessness of the Christian Church in the last half century or even more, maybe China is right to keep a close eye on the religion. After all, what has become of Christianity but to serve as the Janissary arm of Zionism — more Wars for Israel — , promoter of mass-migration & Great Replacement, idolater of Afro-mania, e.g. George Floyd is bigger than jesus, and disseminator of globo-homo? Look how many churches fly the sodomy flag in the West. And now, even the pope-as-poop is for 'gay marriage'. Jews led the way in the destruction of Christianity, and what's worse is that white Christians went along. Perversely, your average white Christian is more reverent toward Jews and Zionism than to God and Jesus even though Jews are most hellbent on destroying what's left of Christianity, which isn't much. So, when White Americans, who've allowed Jewish Power to degrade and corrupt the Church in the West, bitch and whine about the treatment of Christians in China, they need to look in the mirror. They failed to defend their own Faith from its worst enemy, the Jews. After all, if atheists only oppose religion, Jews were committed to corrupting Christianity by filling the minds of Christian elites with globo-homo, Negro-mania, and 'Muh Israel'.)

Russell Moore, the new face of Southern Baptist cuckery to Jews and Globalism. The guy looks like a closet-homo despite marriage and children.

In a way, Chinese are acting like both Jews and white cucks. Like white cucks, Chinese are serving as junior partner with Jews as master-commander. If Jews want it, they get it. Whites obey and comply, and so do the Chinese. And yet, Chinese are also like Jews in that they do their best to make globalism serve China's national interests. They play second fiddle to Jews but try to prevent China from falling into Jewish hands(though Jews have been doing their best and have already sunk their claws into Taiwan and other Asian satellite nations).
Now, white Americans may argue that Jewish Power can do as it pleases because it's Jewish Americans doing it, i.e. Jewish-American actions are matters of American Interest, not foreign interference. Or, even if World Jewry(of those in Europe and Israel) are involved, it's okay because Jews are part of 'Western Civilization'. In contrast, Chinese are foreigners acting on behalf of another power, the culture of which constitutes a 'clash of civilization' nemesis to the US as a 'liberal democracy'.
But, what consolation is there in Jews being Americans if they act against the interests of White Americans, the historic majority of the nation? Whether Jews are nominally American or not, their patriotism or lack thereof can only be judged by what they do. The undeniable truth is the bulk of Jewish Power is most responsible for the degradation and dissipation of White America. Citizens of a nation can be its worst enemy. After all, it was Russian Jews who played a key role in the Bolshevik Revolution. Anyone who knows the Jewish Mentality knows that the highest and deepest loyalty of Jews is to Jewishness. For Jews, Americanism is merely citizenship, a matter of gaining privilege under the law. By deeds and words, it should be obvious to all that Jews feel no special affinity for the US or for any goy nation for that matter. It's been said George Soros is an 'Hungarian Jew', but he seems hellbent on destroying Hungary. When Russian and Polish Jews came to the US, they were first and foremost Jewish, not Polish or Russian; indeed, they felt strong animus toward Poles and Russians. And despite their great success under Wasps, they spewed endless paranoid and resentful venom against the Anglos. Have the likes of Max Boot shown any gratitude? They seem to believe whites exist merely as cattle to serve Jews.

Like Jews in Russia, American Jews are Jews first, Americans second. Indeed, the fact that Jewish Power has steered virtually all US politicians into chanting the mantra, "Israel is our greatest/closest ally" has been to normalize among goyim that it's perfectly okay, indeed grand, for Jews to favor worldwide Jewish Identity and Loyalty over patriotic commitment to America. In other words, America must serve worldwide Jewish Power, not Jews must serve the US nation. For Jews, the US is just an aircraft carrier or a big bank. Indeed, Jewish attitude toward goy nations was betrayed in the words of John McCain, the cuck-dog of Jews. He called Russia a 'gas station'. Did McCain come up with that on his own? Of course not. He heard it from some Jewish handler. What the idiot goy failed to realize is that Jews regard the US in a similarly utilitarian manner. It's something for Jews to use. It's a hammer, it's a bomb, it's a bank. And US soldiers are mere cannon fodder, cattle for slaughter in war. And Arabs are less than human in Jewish eyes even though Arab cucks in the Emirates are now cutting a deal with Israel because, like most white goyim, they are gutless and spineless.

This disgusting Jewish Neocon or Neolib wants you goyim to fight, kill, and die in Wars for Israel. Of course, neither he nor his ilk will put their lives on the line. Goyim exist as cattle for the Jews.

Now, if there's no excuse for a Chinese person with American citizenship to work on behalf of China or commit treason, why doesn't the rule apply to American Jews who work on behalf of Israel or World Jewry? I suppose it's because Jewish Power has drummed into the minds of US politicians and masses that "Israel is America's closest/greatest ally." So, working for Israel can never be treason because the most patriotic thing for an American is to praise Israel. And so what if American Jews work with World Jewry? As Jews deserve reverence and worship as the Holocaust People, nothing they do can be brought into question because it would be 'antisemitic' or 'hateful'. In other words, calling out on Jewish Treason is more treasonous than remaining silent.
Such is the New Normal of Americanism. No wonder no one voiced opposition to the pardon of Jonathan Pollard. In retrospect, maybe we should pretend HE was the wronged party. He might as well be the New Dreyfus. If Israel is America's closest/greatest ally, then what Pollard did for Israel was surely as American-as-apple-pie or as American-as-bagel-with-creamcheese-and-lox. As for Arnon Milchan walking around as a free man in the US despite having boasted of having stolen US secrets and material for Israel? But, how can that be treason when US exists as an air craft carrier and bank for Israel and World Jewry? The New Normal or Jew Normal says the US isn't so much a country with national sovereignty as a colony whose main obligation is to serve the Empire of Judea. So, just like the most 'patriotic' thing for Hindus under British Imperialism was to serve the Queen, the most 'patriotic' thing for Americans of all stripes is to serve the Jew(and the Queer).
If this is what white Americans have allowed in their country, why are they griping about Russia, Russia, Russia or China, China, China? When Sidney Powell and Linh Wood blame Venezuela for election interference, are they for real? Who controls the media? Who controls the banks, deep state, and the courts? Who provides money for the Democratic Party? Are Jews donating all that money out of the goodness of their hearts? No, it's a gangster operation. Buy up the usual whores, and all those cucky-wuck goyim in politics are so easy and willing to please. After all, what kind of people enter politics? The opportunistic hucksters and braindead ideologues. Those who will say and do anything for a buck and those whose purpose and meaning in life derives from the Cause(which is invariably defined and determined by a higher forces, which happen to be the Jews in current America).

Are White Americans even aware that their nation is lost largely due to white cuckery to Jewish Power? What matters if Russia or China or any nation interferes in US affairs when White Americans long ago conceded to the notion that the US exists mainly to serve Israel and World Jewry? Once White Americans signed onto 'diversity' as the greatest thing and then 'inclusion', they pretty much agreed to the Great Replacement. After all, if the US is mainly about more Diversity via endless immigration, how can anyone say NO to more immigration? Even illegal immigration must be good because it increases 'diversity', which is said to be 'our greatest strength'. White Americans griping now is like a man who agreed to his wife having sex with a Jewish neighbor getting all upset that she's now being humped by a Mexican neighbor as well. Was she not a whore when fooling around with the Jewish guy? Is she suddenly a whore when she puts out to the Mexican(and other men) as well? White Americans allowed America to become the whore of the Jewish Pimp. It is so disingenuous to bitch NOW, at this late stage in the game.
In 2016, the very globalist 'liberals' who'd been dumping on nationalism forever went into high gear to scream about Russian interference in the US election process. The very people who want illegals to vote suddenly were so concerned about national security. And now, White American 'conservative' cucks who never denounced Trump for his never-ending sucking up to World Jewry are now howling about interference by China, Iran, and Venezuela(of all nations). It's like complaining that the whore is sleeping with other men. That's what whores are for. US went from Lady Liberty to Whore for Sale. White Americans who let Jews have Lady Liberty as a whore shouldn't be complaining when the rest of the world is banging her too.

So, if White Americans don't want what the Chinese are doing to America, maybe they should start by NOT doing the same themselves. Indeed, the Chinese are following in the footsteps of White Americans. When White Americans decided that the highest form of patriotism is to serve World Jewry, favor Israel over American Interests, and give free rein to Jews to rewrite US laws & values, they collaborated in the most treasonous way possible. Worst of all, they were race-traitors. With the end of the Cold War, there was a great opportunity for the world to live in mutual peace and prosperity. But Jews, as the new ascendant elites in the US as the lone superpower, chose power over principles, and just as bad, white Americans who should have acted as counter to Jewish Power Grab(just like Jews had once countered Anglo-American or WASP power) did the opposite and flattered Jewish megalomania and offered their services as cucky-wucks.
Fast Forward to today, and we have a nation where people are 'canceled' for not referring to a tranny as a 'she', where George Floyd is a saint, where the US military won't stand by the president even when thugs are wrecking the nation's capitol, where TV shows are pornified, and where even the national election is brazenly rigged and fixed out in the open with total support of the media that see nuttin' at all. All this happened because White Americans collaborated as junior partners with Jewish Power, but these very cucky-wucks who let this happen are now pretending to be brave patriots standing up to China. Never mind that the Chinese are simply doing what they're doing: Playing second-fiddle to Jews who control the commanding heights.

In a way, it seems White Americans aren't really fighting for nationalism and patriotism. Rather, the essence of their rage is jealousy. It isn't so much that they want to be master of the house but the favored slave or whore of the Master Jew. So, all this bitching about China(or whatever nation) is really a plea to Jews, "Let us whites be your main whore. Chinese will never cuck to you like we've done. Chinese may suck your dic*, but we'll not only suck it but let you ram our ass." And this is true enough. While it's dastardly for the Chinese to collaborate with the Jews, they are whoring themselves only halfway to serve what are still largely Chinese national interests. In contrast, white Americans are glad to offer total whoredom at the feet of their Jewish Masters. This explains why all the so-called 'patriots' howl about China, China, China but say nothing about Jewish Power that was mostly responsible for the horrible year of 2020.
All said and done, most White Americans don't want White Liberation from Jews but to remain the #1 skank-prostitute in the the New US as a Zionist-run whorehouse. It's not about national brotherhood but global brothel-hood. Lady Liberty turned into 'me so horny, sucky sucky long time' slut before Jewish Power. So embarrassing.

All said and done, it comes to the control over Northern Europeans. They came to rule the world because they were most capable and well-organized and principled(relatively speaking). For Jews, control of Northern Europeans was the key. Control the people who control the world, and YOU control the world. Jews realized there is something about Northern Europeans that makes them uniquely useful. Not only did Northern Europeans have higher intelligence(ability) and moderate temperament(order and balance) but the combination of ability and balance led to higher commitment to rule of law and principles. In contrast, other peoples were not only lesser in talent but ethics. Jews knew their global reach would be limited if their power was mainly enmeshed with that of Italians, Arabs, Turks, Russians, Iranians, and etc. While many nations have a Jewish Population and even though Jewish minorities generally do better than the majority — certainly true across Latin America — , Jews know they can only do so much with 'inferior' goy material. Jews in Latin America are like a rider on a sick horse. Jews may be on top, but the horse lacks speed and power. In contrast, Jews riding the Northern European horse is atop a first-rate stallion.

But another problem with non-Northern Europeans is they are far messier and/or more shameless in their corrupt and disorganized ways. So, they don't mind acting down and dirty, much like the Jews. If the world were made up only of Jews and Southern Italians, the latter might come out on top. Not because the 'greaseballs' are smarter but because, having a 'honor' culture than a dignity culture, they will pull any dirty trick to beat the Jews. Indeed, Jewish gangsters eventually won out over the Italian gangsters in the US only because they could rely on the social and legal guarantees created and enforced by Anglo-Americans.

Paradoxically, the very facets of Northern European culture that made Northern Europeans so powerful provided the keys with which Jews could take control of Northern Europeans. There's a saying in boxing, "Don't hook with a hooker." Crooked Southern Italians and the like may not be good for much, but they sure can throw a hook. Italians are inferior to Jews in most things but not in playing dirty. It's like Jewish Ace Rothstein in CASINO is terrified of Sicilian-American Nicky Santoro. And the reason why Russians regained some degree of sovereignty under Vladimir Putin is because the Russians have no qualms about playing dirty against Jews playing dirty. The Russian Deep State headed by former KGB types pulled all manner of dirty tricks to topple some of the Jewish oligarchs. It was dirty vs dirty. So, even though Russians are far less capable than Northern Europeans, they are better able to deal with Jewish Power. Of course, this dirtiness is what prevents Russia from being a nation of rule of law and culture of dignity. It is a gangster state. But remaining a gangster state, it can pull off dirty tricks to handle Jews who play dirty as hell as well.

Advancement in dignity led to more order and more power among Northern Europeans. But it also meant a moral Achilles Heel as a clever and cunning tribe could passively-aggressively flatter and fault that very 'dignity'. Jews certainly did that in the US. They were full of praise for Anglo-Americans as the founders of a City on a Hill, the best political and social order ever. Jews made out the Anglo-Americans to be even better than Anglo-Americans made themselves out to be. But Jews were setting a moral trap. If indeed Northern Europeans were so great, wonderful, and noble, how come they have this history of 'racism', 'antisemitism', 'xenophobia', and etc? If Northern Europeans came to greatness with rule of law, dignity, and principles, how come they weren't perfect in the practice of those ideals and values? What shame!! What infamy!! What hypocrisy!! Northern Europeans in Europe and America, for the sake of atonement and redemption, must get on their knees and beg forgiveness from Jews(and blacks, but not from Palestinians whose land the West helped to destroy because such would go against the cardinal rule of "Is it good for Jews?").

Among the Northern Europeans, the Anglos were the most useful to Jews. A horse is most amenable and least dangerous if gelded. And even prior to the Jewish takeover, Anglos had gelded their own horse. No wonder British manners became so 'faggy'. In contrast, Germans were only half-gelded. Like Hitler, it had a ball, and this meant some of the barbarian fire was still burning within them despite development of order and discipline. This was why the fully gelded Anglo horse felt uneasy about the half-gelded German horse and didn't warm to German overtures of friendship and alliance. Because the Anglos had already gelded their civilization, it was easier for Jews to gain influence over Anglos by manipulating 'dignity'. It was easier to mentally toy with tea-sippers than with beer-guzzlers. (Of course, after defeat in WWII, Germany was fully gelded and then some.)

Are Jews looking to East Asians as the next horse were the Northern White Horse to expire from excess globalism? Is that why Jews have sunk their claws deep into China, especially via Israel? Is it doable? At one time, it seemed East Asia was too nationalist for foreign influence to take root, but the fate of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in recent years indicates that yellows can become cucky-wucked to the Jews. Japan recently declared itself as a 'multi-cultural nation', Taiwan has 'gay marriage', and South Korea is Cuckorea. They seem to be going in the way of UK and Ireland. Will China follow as well?
In a way, China's strength is its weakness. China demands utmost loyalty from its people, but such a blind mindset means servility to the top power. This means that Chinese who work in the West, having a weak core sense of self, are likely to come under the influence of Western Power.
This is where Chinese and Jews are different. Chinese unity is based on individual suppression of self for the common good and national unity. It is a strong unity made from solidarity of weak individualities. In a way, it makes sense as individuality tends to be unruly and egotistical, unwilling to sacrifice its pride for the common good or higher cause. It's like Negroes and Greeks are into 'me, me, me' and work badly among themselves. But, Jews have a combination of me-mentality and we-unity, almost unique among mankind. So, even when Jews are in Russia or China or UK or France or any other country, they retain a strong sense of self and don't soul-submit to the prevailing goy power. Asian mentality is a slave-mentality, and that means it will remain loyal to Asia only under an Asian master. Change the master, and the slave's loyalty will also. In contrast, Jews got a mini-prophet mentality, and they don't regard anything but God or History as their master.

At any rate, as long as White Americans go on collaborating with Jewish Globalists who are destroying the West, they should have some self-awareness before they berate the Chinese for doing much the same. After all, it seems to be the only game in town. What is Americanism but cucking to Jews? If indeed that is the highest form of Americanism, then Chinese collaboration with Jews to undermine the West should be praised as being in sync with the New Normal of Americanism and 'Western Values'.



  1. Looks like social media has bought complete and total control of the narrative. Who needs voters when (((They))) control the narrative from start to finish?

  2. There is a direct correlation between the flack unleashed by Hebrew-speaking trolls and the truth revealed. Truth is virulently anti-Semitic.

    Bertha Pappenheim