Monday, May 11, 2020

Why Most Journalists are Essentially 'Spiritual' and Incapable of True Rationalism — How the 'Sacralization' of Jews, Blacks, and Homos has led to the Megalomania among them and Mimimi-mania among the Rest — Man and Matter must not be revered as Holy and Sacred

The role of journalists should be excavation, not burial or concealment. But too many journos use the shovel to bury than to dig. These shills should really work for the Ministry of Propaganda, which is what most of MSM really is.

One problem is most of MSM is in the pocket of Jewish gangster oligarchs, and big media companies favor Zionist-centrists and Jewish supremacists for hiring and promotion. And even among many talented Jewish reporters and journalists, there is a wink-wink understanding that the #1 mindset among them must be “Is it good for Jews?” Jewish Power is enshrined in their hearts and is tantamount to the the highest good imaginable. They were raised that way and think that way in what has been the most tribal culture in world history. So, even though they can be good and honest journalists on matters not pertaining to Jewish interests, they become quasi-Talmudic first and foremost on anything that touches directly or indirectly on Jewish-related matters. This is why most Jewish journalists, left or right, are on the same boat on Russia, Syria, and Iran. Their reporting, commentary, and narrative revolve around the core consideration of "Is it good for the Jews?"

Next, there are those who enter journalism for the glam factor. Maybe they grew up watching ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN(the Watergate movie) or have a Hollywood view of journalism as where the action is(in terms of activism, adventure, truth, justice, and celebrity). If Washington is Hollywood for ugly people, journalism is Hollywood for 'caring' and smart people though, to be sure, many in journalism tend not to be very smart; they just think they are. They don’t have the intellect/patience to be academics and don’t have advanced skills to be a leader or game-changer in anything — one thing for sure, science journalists know a hell of a lot less than scientists. So, they serve as scribes on the run. It’s like “Those who can’t, teach”: “Those who can’t, report.” At any rate, as this kind of journalists entered the field for the glam factor, their main concern is status and the buzz. So, if they have to stick with PC to be hired and promoted, they will do just that. They are like Peter Keating in THE FOUNTAINHEAD.

Now, what about goy journalists of integrity and honesty? Why are so many of them almost as useless as the Jewish Firsters and Paparrazi with pens? Because Political Correctness instilled them with quasi-spiritual thinking. To understand how this works, consider the psychology of the devoutly religious. They can speak and think freely on lots of things. They can even speak honestly about the failings of church elders and corruption in the highest echelons of authority. They can pore through financial dealings of the church to find fault. But they cannot talk badly or even think bad thoughts about God or Jesus.
There is a dividing line between what is man & matter and what is holy & sacred. Even the pope is part of the world of man & matter, but God and Jesus are supreme above all. Therefore, even in personal conversation or private thought, one dares not speak or think ill of God or Jesus. One can accuse the church of failing to live up to its mission or standards, but one cannot be critical of God, the Lord of all, and Jesus, who is believed to be perfect.
But such sacramental thinking operates among secular people as well because human psychology is profoundly 'spiritual'. This was evident in communist nations that were officially atheist but rooted in dogmas of godlike Marx and Lenin, the holy icons of the system. So, even though one might discuss and report on the various failings of the communist system, one better not dare cast doubt on the core foundation of Marxism-Leninism. Such mentality was so strong among true believers that even private thoughts skeptical of the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism made one feel 'sinful' and unworthy. The problem with communist systems was that, for too long, no one dared to question if the ideological underpinning itself was the real problem. While communists could, at times, criticize the outward practices of communism, they could not question the core principles. When things went wrong, the blame fell on the misapplication of dogma than on the dogma itself. It’d be like finding faults with certain calculations of geocentrism without challenging its core validity, esp in light of a seemingly better system of the heliocentric model.
We have a similar kind of problem, even among journalists of honesty and integrity? Never mind the Jewish Firsters and Paparazzis with pens. The more important question is, why are so many non-Jewish journalists of intelligence and integrity so full of nonsense or so unwilling to GO THERE? It’s because even most secular people have a spiritual side to their mentality. Just like smart and serious communist journalists were too ‘spiritually’ beholden to Marxism-Leninism to ask the deeper question — could it be that the insurmountable problems of communist societies emanate from communist fundamentals themselves? — , today’s PC-indoctrinated journalists are too emotionally and ‘spiritually’ beholden to idolatrous or iconic cults of the Magic Negro, Shoah-Worship, and Globo-Homo-mania to ask the bigger questions.

Magic Negro worship means ‘racism’ is all bad. Shoah-Worship means ‘antisemitism’ is the worst thing ever. Globo-Homo worship means we must be vigilant against ‘homophobia’. Blacks-Jews-homos are to PC journos what God & Jesus are to the devoutly faithful — unfortunately, virtually all journalists, even those of Conservatism Inc., have succumbed to PC, what with the two sides yammering, "Conservatives are 'racists'" and "Liberals are the 'real racists'." And just like the faithful may find fault with the church, church leaders, and church community but NEVER with God or Jesus, PC journos may find problems in the black community, Jewish community, and homo community(and critique some of the leaders and managers), but they feel they mustn't find any fault with the holy cult of the Magic Negro, Super Jew, and Holy Homo. So, most black problems must be blamed on whites or few bad apples among blacks. But BLACKNESS itself is magical and wonderful. Get on your knees before the portrait of MLK-Mandela(or even Obama) or twerk in veneration of the Great Negro. Same goes with the Jews. Scandals involving Bernie Madoff, Anthony Weiner, and Harvey Weinstein have shown that journalists can report on some Jewish bad apples. But never ever think that such examples reflect on or reveal something about the Jewish Community in general — indeed, one of the main media narratives associated with the Madoff case was that his crimes caused harm to some high-profile Jews and, furthermore, might fuel 'antisemitic' stereotypes, i.e. when Jews do bad, let us worry about Jews-in-general as potential victims than about the actual victims. All generalizations about Jews must be positive, never negative. The bad Jews are outliers than manifestations of something seriously wrong in the Jewish community. So, even as journalists can expose some individual bad Jews, they are never to question the essential nobility and wisdom of the Jewish People. (It'd be like pretending that there is NO LINK between the mafia and Italian culture attitudes. Of course, Jews never tire of telling the world that there is an indisputable connection between bad white deeds and the white community in general.)
And as this mentality has been instilled in the minds of journalists from cradle, they truly do revere the Jews and would feel guilt/shame if they thought ill of the Jewish community even in private behind closed doors. It’s like a religious person dares not think ill of God or Jesus even when no one is watching or listening. Their religiosity isn’t merely a response to external factors, a matter of shame, but an internal reality, a matter of guilt. Even if no one knew of their ill begotten words or thoughts about God and Jesus, they themselves would feel terrible for having entertained them. One feels free to think and say anything about the world of man and matter, but one’s mind better tread carefully about reverential, spiritual, or holy matters. Among many secular folks, Jews-blacks-homos are their highest objects of ‘spirituality’, and they can no more venture to question the sanctity of Jewishness, blackness, and homo-ness than communists could doubt the holy writ of Marxism-Leninism.
So much of what is wrong with the West is due to Jewishness, blackness, and homo-ness, but these problems cannot be honestly addressed because even the best-and-brightest are under the spell of Jew-Negro-Homo rapture, just like even the best-and-brightest under communism were beholden to the ‘scientific’ dialectical-materialist dogma of Marxism. (Ironic how, by naming something as ‘scientific’, it became holy and beyond rational discussion and critique.) While certain features of communist society could be criticized, it had to be done from the perspective of Marxo-centrism. In other words, communists could be criticized for failing communism, but communism could not be criticized for failing the communists.

Likewise, certain Jewish individuals can be criticized for making the Jewish community look bad or giving ammo to evil ‘anti-Semites’, but no one dares to ask if there is something fundamentally wrong, problematic, hypocritical, or rotten in the Jewish community, culture, or mindset. No one dares to wonder if the so-called ‘Anti-Semites’ were right on certain features of Jewishness, Jewish personality, or Jewish worldview. Rather, it is assumed Jews are holy while ‘Anti-Semites’ are evil, and therefore, any sign of Jewish abuse/criminality is lamented not as evidence of Jewish rottenness but as ammo for those evil ‘Anti-Semites’.
Imagine an order where Bob is said to be so good while Bill is said to be so bad, mainly because he said bad things about Bob. Now, if Bob often acts bad, it would seem Bob is a bad kid or has some serious issues that needs to be addressed. But because it is assumed Bob is good while anti-Bob Bill is bad, Bob’s bad deeds are blamed not on Bob’s lack of character but for having lent credence to Bill who is bad, bad, bad. Now, why would such an order feel this way about Bob and Bill? Because Bob has been sacralized while Bill has been demonized. Therefore, rational thinking is impossible regarding the two. Bob has been placed in the domain of spirit and sanctity than of man and matter(whereas Bill has been placed in the domain of devil and damnation than man and matter). Thus, even Bob’s bad deeds can’t reflect badly on him. If anything, there is even more hatred for Bill because Bob’s bad deeds have given cred to Bill’s Anti-Bob-ism, and we simply can’t have that in an order where Bob is holy while Bill is unholy.

The same logic applies to Negroes. We are told blacks are holy and magical. In contrast, there is almost nothing worse than White ‘racism’. Such ‘spiritual’ thinking dominates among even smart and serious journalists because humans are naturally spiritual, which means even secular types must BELIEVE in something. So, if too many blacks act badly, rational and critical thinking on the matter is nearly impossible. Reason wilts before the heat of spirituality. So, what is to be done when too many blacks act badly? First, the facts themselves are problematic because they go against the Sacred Narrative. Instead of pondering those facts and asking if the Official Narrative itself is fundamentally flawed, most people stick with the Narrative and either try to suppress the evidence or spin it to maintain the aura of Negro holiness while blaming it all on ‘racists’. So, if too many blacks act badly, the main problem is not with black behavior but with ceding credence to the claims of evil ‘racists’ that undermines the Sacro-Narrative. Therefore, if blacks steal too much, we shouldn’t pressure blacks to change their ways but lament how such deeds are tarnishing the Magic Negro image while giving ammo to evil ‘racists’ who’ve long maintained that blacks are more prone to violent, criminal, and transgressive behavior resulting from evolution.
A rational and critical order would formulate its general views and impressions of reality based on facts and evidence, but most social orders have sacro-narratives than hard facts as foundations of self-perception and worldview. The US Narrative, especially the one arising after WWII, says noble and magical blacks were enslaved and mistreated by evil white ‘racists’, and therefore, the US can be redeemed only by the ascension of the Negro. One can understand the appeal of such a Narrative given US history, but facts say black aggression and criminality are rooted in black genetics that formed over 100,000s of years of evolution. But as the Narrative > Facts, most of bad black behavior is blamed on history of ‘racism’ without the slightest inkling that maybe the ‘racists’, while wrong and extreme about some things, were indeed right about some other things.

And then, there are the holy homos. What was the main cause of the HIV crisis? We know why. Facts say homos bung-donged each other in bathhouses all over the West(and the Rest) and spread HIV like a wildfire. In other words, sodomy is one helluva way to spread disease and, furthermore, homos tend to be impulsive and excessive in their lusts and lewd behavior. Facts say homos are born homo and that we should accept this fact. But facts also say homos are weird and tutti-fruity, often vain and narcissistic to a pathological degree, and whoopity-poopity-doo, and such ‘gay’ sensibility can lead to lots of social problems and cultural decadence.
But no, the current dogma says homos are holy, and the HIV thing must be remembered as something akin to the 'Homocaust' where homos were just pure angelic innocent victims of an uncaring society. Young ones have been told, "It was hate and lack of compassion(than overly ripe 'love' among homos) that spread AIDS far and wide and killed all those homos." Yeah, never mind all the dongs up bungs. It’s incredible that homos, who did most to spread HIV and kill other homos, have been least blamed for the disease that has been, if anything, blamed on ‘uncaring’ conservatives. The current media are downright neo-victorian-repressive of certain facts just like Old Victorians were about sex. It’s as if all those homos died of some mysterious ‘homophobic’ disease that targeted holy homos for no reason. The biggest fairy-tale of all time. Once homo-worship became bigger than god and jesus in US culture and media, even so-called ‘conservatives’ dared not stand up to the ‘gay’ lobby. If anything, even churches began to cave and bend over to Anno Sodomini.

Now, does this mean that Jews, blacks, and homos are all bad or necessarily worse than others? No, it means that they, like all other human groups, have problems, serious failings, and dark tendencies. Same case can be made of Russians, Muslims, Japanese, Chinese, Anglos, Germans, and etc. After all, there is much about Germans and Japanese that are respected and admired the world over, but those positives don’t prevent us from looking at historical facts of German evil or Japanese lunacy. Every people can go bad, crazy, or evil. That’s why their darker tendencies need to be aired, exposed, and criticized. The German soul led to both Beethoven and Hitler. The Russian soul led to both deep spirituality and lazy barbarism. It’s fair game to contemplate the darker sides of the Russian national character, the German cult of the will, and the Japanese hive-mind. And Jews have spoken countless times about the hypocritical aspects of the Anglo character and the like. Without such push-back, a people are likely to grow more rotten and arrogant.

It’s like the prince-ling phenomenon. Inside every boy is an angel, a child, and a spoiled rotten brat. There is the good side, the all-too-human side, and nasty-vicious side. Some kids are naturally nicer than others, but no child is born perfect or holy. But suppose a child is treated like a prince-ling and doted on as the most wonderful kid in the whole wide world regardless of what he does. Suppose he’s treated like he’s something near-divine, like Puyi kid in THE LAST EMPEROR. What happens to the mind of that child? He turns into a spoiled brat and becomes utterly blind to how totally rotten he is… as with the kid in THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS who surely deserved comeuppance. Now, suppose adults around the kid look upon him as such a darling and angel, and therefore, everything he does is seen as either wonderful or somehow the fault of others(or the world) but never of the child. And if anyone just about had enough and calls out on it, he is seen as the villain for pricking the balloon of magic air. The result is like scenario in "It's a Good Life" of THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

Now, it may be that Jews, blacks, and homos are especially problematic for the 'extreme' innate qualities. Jews, with their higher IQ, pushier personality, acute neurosis, and Covenant-based worldview, have a tendency to be subversive, supremacist, and contemptuous. And blacks, due to their naturally thug-like tendencies and stronger muscles, are more prone to become criminals or bad boys or skankass biatches. And fruitkins, due to their tootsy ways, tend to be more vain, narcissistic, egotistical, and amoral than others. Still, one could name a host of positive characteristics of those groups as well, and besides, every human group has its pros and cons.

Then, the proper thing would be to have a honest fact-based discourse on Jewish Power, Black Problems, and Homo Predilections. At the very least, such fact-based discussion would counter or forestall the ‘sacralization’ of man and matter(of which Jews, blacks, and homos are a part), a stupid and dangerous thing to do as people and things should not be elevated to the status of gods or angels. Why did mankind get rid of monarchy? Because the king wasn’t just a leader but some kind of quasi-divine being whose power could not be questioned. Whether it was the old king or the new king(like Hitler or Stalin), such cult of personality led to megalomania among the rulers and ‘minimi-mania’ among the masses, who as sheep-like minions, were happy to love Big Brother.
So, if Jewish Power could be honestly criticized and countered when it goes wrong, it could do a lot of good in the world. Jews would come under pressure to be better and curtail the worse. But, the current cult of the Holy Jew prevents this. The result is ever greater megalomania among Jews and ever more ‘minimi-mania’ among goy sheeple. Just look at both Democrats and Republicans sucking up to Jews like minions before an emperor. As for homos, they've contributed much to human civilization with their creative gifts in arts and culture, and as homos will always be with us, they can go on doing much that is good for humanity. But with the current globo-homo madness, homo megalomania or homogalomania has gotten totally out of control. Instead of ‘gay’ creativity adding to human culture, we have excessive homo vanity and degeneracy defining what is left of Western Civilization, and it is an ugly sight.

But even the best journalists, because they’ve been indoctrinated since cradle with Holy-Schmoly Jew-Negro-Homo worship, are unwilling to ponder the real sources of the problems facing the West: The rot and decay emanating from Jews-blacks-homos gone bad due to the ‘sacralization’ of their identities. A person or a people are at their worst when he or they get everything he or they want. Look what happened to Michael Jackson when he could do whatever he pleased. Same with Elvis before him. Look at the Nazis at their height of power. And look what’s become of the US as the lone superpower, the thug-scum a**hole of the world. But same applies within any order. Consider ridiculous Kim clan of North Korea. All that cult of power and worship went to their heads and have done incalculable harm to the nation.

Even though the West is still politically and socially free in many respects, it isn’t ‘spiritually’ free because the cult of Jew-Negro-Homo worship has imprisoned the Western mind/soul in blind worship of certain groups as if they’re divine and holy. It’s like one can be physically free but mentally owned by another. A man can be under the spell of a woman he adores so much that he acts like her dog and obeys all her commands. In time, such mental imprisonment eventually turns into physical imprisonment as well because the woman can tell him to go to the basement, hand over the key, and lock the door. Being a mental slave, he will likely obey even though not physically forced to. And then, when he's locked up and hands over the keys, his mental enslavement has turned into physical enslavement.

Indeed, consider how the mental imprisonment of the white race is leading to its physical imprisonment. While Jews don’t own whites as chattel-slaves, Jews do own the minds/souls of whites via the cult of Shoah Worship, 'white guilt', and the like. As whites are so mentally beholden to Jews, they just nod along and go along at every turn even as every Jewish request chips away at white freedoms and security. More mass-immigration and more Diversity? If Jews want it, it must be holy, so never mind that it’s leading to White Nakba. Jews want more ‘hate speech’ laws to shut down BDS and ‘white supremacist’ defiance of Jewish Power? Well then, the FBI must be called to track down sentiments such as “It’s Okay to be White”, and the courts must allow more and more prohibition of free speech. With less and less free speech and more and more non-white immigrants who vote Democratic and support gun-control and speech-suppression, white people will go from mental prisoners to physical prisoners.

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