Sunday, May 31, 2020

Minneapolis Riots(spreading across America) suggest the Real Great Sin of American History was not Slavery but Savagery Importation — The Importation of Black Savages from the Dark Continent has led to Thuggery, Crime, & Violence directed at all Non-Black Groups — The Importers of Black Savagery must atone for their great crime against Humanity

George Floyd died under custody of Minneapolis police, and blacks run riot and burn down cities, and predictably enough, the mayor of Minneapolis, a Jew by the way who supports Zionist 'genocide' and apartheid of Palestinians, says it is the result of 400 yrs of oppression of blacks beginning with the slave trade. Indeed, we often hear that the Original Sin of America was Slavery, namely black slavery. Never mind that genocide is worse than slavery, and US was founded on the extermination of the native 'American Indians'. Because Jews run the US and love the Immigration Narrative(as Jewish immigration to the US and Palestine turned out so good for the Tribe), American Indians will just have to shut up and sit in the back of the bus. As blacks are the winners in sports, pop music, oratory, & sex and because the likes of MLK are most closely associated with justice and progress, the narrative of black victimization simply matters more than that of American Indian suffering.

But even putting aside the issue of the American Indians and 'genocide', is it really the case that the black problem is due to slavery? If the US is being punished for the evil of slavery by the god of historical justice, shouldn't it be punished MORE for its treatment of American Indians? If past injustice leads to social unrest and turmoil in the present and future, American Indians should be the main instigators of historical revenge, violence, and social chaos. But American Indians aren't the main criminals, looters, rioters, rapists, and thugs in America. And we aren't often reminded of how the natives of the Americas suffered for 500 yrs under European Imperialism. Only around Columbus Day — called Indigenous Peoples' Day by some — do we hear some murmurings about the tragic fates of the natives at the hands of the European discoverers/invaders, but then, the very people who make pro-indigenous noises on that day spend all the other days of the year promoting and celebrating more immigration and Diversity even though it was Immigration/Diversity that led to the demise and destruction of the natives of the Americas.
If the moral logic of history holds that, "Bigger the Sin, the Bigger the Punishment", then the biggest problems of Brazil should be coming from the native Indio population. After all, they were invaded, 'genocided', and raped en masse(by both whites and blacks). But Indios hardly pose a threat to the social order of Brazil. Most of the problem comes from blacks. While one can argue that black violence in Brazil is the result of the injustice of the Slave Trade — Brazil, especially its Jewish population, imported more black slaves than the rest of the Americas combined — , an even greater injustice was done to the native Indios. Then, how come many more problems come from blacks?
If indeed historical justice is an avenging angel, Australia should be shaken time and time again by its Aborigine problem. After all, Aborigines of Australia experienced a near-genocide even worse than what happened in the Americas. They were regarded as barely human and shot like trophy. And yet, the Aborigines, though problematic for their poverty and dysfunction, don't strike terror into the hearts of whites and others in Australia. They are mostly at the margins and usually just neglected and forgotten. Now, if past injustice leads to recurring nightmares, why isn't Brazil shaken to the core by its Indio population? Why isn't Australia shaking with fear about Aboriginal vengeance?
Isn't it odd that the biggest problems of social violence and chaos in Australia are coming from the newly imported black population from Africa. These blacks were invited as free men and showered with all sorts of amenities... and yet, their behavior is hardly different from blacks in the US. Why is this? It's due to Savagery Importation. Australia doesn't have 400 yrs of history of oppressing blacks. Blacks arrived only recently and as free people welcomed with all sorts of benefits. If Australia did commit a historical 'sin', it was the near-genocide of the Aborigines. And yet, Australia is being shaken by Black African violence than by Aboriginal violence. Given the way blacks were welcomed into Australia, they should be most grateful and kind to Australians, but they are usually the most violent, thuggish, demented, and demanding people down under. What does this tell us? Slavery was not the main problem. The main problem was Savagery Importation. America brought over blacks as slaves, Australia brought them over as free men, but both sets of blacks act like wild and crazy thugs. The great sin of both the US and Australia was Savagery Importation, and the main victims of this are not blacks(certainly not in Australia) but non-blacks who were thus exposed to black thuggery, crime, violence, and dementia. White elites and Jews who allowed Savagery Importation must acknowledge their evil and apologize to non-blacks who must deal with black thuggery and criminality.

Now, there are savages and then there are Savages. Blacks are Savages, or super-savages. In the generic sense, savages are primitive folks who live by hunting-and-gathering and maybe some rudimentary agriculture. American Indians were savages. So were Eskimos in Siberia and Alaska. Amazonian Indians are savages. There are still some very primitive folks in parts of Philippines and India. But despite their generic savagery, they are not particularly tough, big, strong, and aggressive. In contrast, many kinds of Sub-Saharan black Africans aren't mere savages but super-savages. It's like African killer bees are more dangerous than European honey bees. They are Savages and more muscular and aggressive than other races. Therefore, allowing such a race to enter your domain is downright crazy.
But in their shortsightedness, white elites and Jews(yes Jews!) chose to import many many blacks to the Americas. As blacks were strong and relatively more immune to tropical diseases, they were useful for agriculture. These slave traders and slave-owners didn't think of the future when these Savages or super-savages might become free men granted with rights devised by the West, or white rights — what the world calls 'human rights' are really white rights conceived and constructed by whites for whites. (Such legal equality would not lead to racial equality as blacks would still be stronger, tougher, and more aggressive.) Importation of Black Savages to serve as slaves led to lots of short-term profits but laid the groundwork for never-ending nightmare that now affects EVERYONE in the US. Savagery Importation was a bigger crime against non-blacks than blacks. While it's true that blacks did suffer as slaves, they also gained a tremendous deal by having been let into the white world. Without contact with whiteness, blacks would never have amounted to anything but spear-chucking and beating bongo drums. It was under whites that blacks got a taste of civilization. And unlike blacks enslaved by relatively backward Arabs or rather lazy Portuguese of Brazil, blacks brought to Anglo-America came into contact with the most advanced civilization on Earth. Blacks went from being the most backward savage people on Earth to inhabitants of the most advanced society. Even as slaves and servants, blacks in Anglo-America found themselves as members of a nation destined to be the richest, freest, and most powerful. So, there was gain as well as loss for blacks who were brought to the US.

In contrast, non-blacks who must deal with the horrors of black thuggery gained nothing from Savagery Importation. At most, one may argue that they got some good black music, but otherwise, it's been more taxes, more black crime, more black intimidation, more black lunacy, more black lies, more black idiocy, more black destruction, more black savagery. Is soul music worth the price of the fall of Western Civilization? Is 'Disco Inferno' worth the burning of white-built cities? Burn Baby Burn?

So many non-blacks have been insulted, attacked, robbed, raped, or murdered by blacks, and there will be many more victims. Not just in the US but Australia, Canada, and Europe. Neither Australia nor Canada had black slaves, but they are ending up with similar black problems. It's genetics than history. And look at the problems of blacks in Europe. Europe was virtually all-white and black-free, and this blessing should have been appreciated by Europeans who didn't have America's problem. But in their naivete, foolishness, and/or Afro-worship due to sports/music culture & American Civil Rights Narrative, Europeans came to adore blacks and let them in ever bigger numbers, and as the result, Europe is facing much the same crises as the US. And it will only get worse as millions more black savages are headed to Europe.

While we should remember history and the wrongs & injustices suffered by humanity, it's simply not true that history is an agent of justice. If a people are bound to be historically punished for their 'sins', then history sure is a poor judge and executioner. After all, it was mass-immigration that led to the 'genocide' of American Indians, but where is the historical justice punishing whites and other immigrant groups for having conquered and taken the land from the Red Man? Japan committed far greater evils against China than to the US, but China didn't get to punish Japan while the US did. But then, right after the war, the US rewarded Japan for being a good ally. American lies and invasion of Iraq were a worse crime than Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor(an act borne of desperation), but has the US been punished with firebombings and nukes? So much for history as judge. Jews carried out Nakba pogroms in Palestine. If history is judge & jury and punishes 'sin', why are Jews so well-off while Palestinians so badly off in that part of the world? Over the years, Zionist oppression of Palestinians has grown ever more brutal and draconian, but Israel has only been doing better and better. The Chinese Communist Party is guilty of horrible crimes under Mao, but it's still in power and seems more powerful than ever.
Now, consider the following alternative history scenario. Suppose, soon after the American Civil War, whites decided to ship all blacks back to Africa. Many would say such an action would have been an even greater 'evil' than Jim Crow and the like. But, would America have been punished for it? No, the US would be black-free and much nicer and more harmonious. Or, imagine an even greater horror. Suppose whites in the 19th century decided to treat blacks like the American Indians and either kill most of them or force them into reservations as separate black nations. Now, such a policy would have been evil, but the US would be a nicer place as it would be black-free, therefore without black crime, black thuggery, black lunacy, and etc. So much for historical justice.

So, the Canard of blaming Slavery for black horrors needs to end. The real big 'sin' or 'crime' of American History is Savagery Importation, not slavery. Just think. Would slavery have been so damaging if the slaves had been any people other than black savages? Suppose America used Russians or Poles as slaves. Once slavery ended, the free white population and ex-slave white population mostly likely would have merged and gotten along... just like Russian serfs just became part of the Russian nation. Or suppose whites had enslaved a non-savage or weak-savage people like the Vietnamese or Amazonian Indians. These peoples are generally short or scrawny and not particularly thuggish or aggressive by disposition. As a smaller and weaker race than bigger/taller whites, they would have just gotten along with the white population once slavery ended.
But, it was bound to be different with blacks because they are super-savages. In other words, even if 300,000 blacks had been brought over to the US as free men, they would have, in time, reverted to their own savage nature and began the destruction of white civilization. Now, blacks would be somewhat less crazy IF fearsome White Power were a thing. Blacks do respect 'badass' power, and the reason why blacks in the past sought to be a 'credit to their race' and emulated white norms was because they regarded whites as powerful, awesome, and not to mess with. Blacks believed in the power of the Great White Man. But once blacks realized, especially through sports, that they could beat up and humiliate white men(or toy with the white boy), they not only lost respect for whites but for white norms of civilization and values. This hastened their reversion to Afro-Savagery.

Again, the problem of American History was NOT slavery per se. It was WHOM the white elites and Jewish slave traders enslaved. They imported black super-savages as slaves to the Americas. The problem was really with Importation of Savagery, not slavery. This needs to be understood by all honest people.
Australia and Europe think that their blacks will be different because they're welcoming blacks as free men than bringing them as slaves. But whether blacks arrive as slaves or free men, they are super-savages, and when their numbers reach critical mass, they will do permanent irreversible damage. The Western elites should protect their own peoples from black super-savages but, because they are so enamored of the notions of the Magic Negro and Cool Badass Blacks — the Mandela/Mandingo Complex — , they welcome ever more blacks to the West while excoriating, silencing, fining, firing, and even imprisoning white truth-tellers who spell out the threat posed by Black Savage Imperialism. Blacks are not gods or angels or saints. They are the most savage, aggressive, and tough among the races.

And all those whites who are so admiring of black athleticism should really ask themselves the questions: (1) Are blacks better because they are faster and tougher? Using this logic, animals are better than humans because they're tougher and stronger. (2) If blacks can beat whites in sports, doesn't it imply they can beat up whites in schools, streets, subways, buses, and etc., thus robbing the white man of white pride and reducing him to a pansy-ass cuck who watches white women go with Negroes?
While we can understand human admiration of power, people need to ask what that power is capable of doing. It's like we can admire the prowess of tigers and polar bears, but it'd be stupid to welcome such in the world of man. Who wants to share the streets with a tiger, bear, or gorilla? I love bears and other animals, but IN NATURE. The last thing I want to come across in the street is a wild bear. While we can understand why an Iranian may admire US military power from an academic or technological angle, would it make sense for him to cheer for the US military that targets Iran for future destruction? While power is impressive, one must never cheer for or embrace power that can do harm to one's kind. When white men admire black athleticism, it's understandable as it's the best in the world, just like US military is the best in world. But white guys CHEERING for black athleticism that demolishes white athleticism would be like Palestinians cheering awesome Israel firepower that is leveling Arab towns. It'd be like the naive British boy in EMPIRE OF THE SUN cheering for Japanese Zeroes.

As for progs who say race is just a social construct or myth and that all races are equal, their BS has been blown to smithereens by Liberal-controlled industries of sports, entertainment, and sex culture. If indeed all races are the same, how come blacks dominate so many sports? It's because blacks are tougher. How come black music is most popular among Libs? Because, for all their conceits about equality, Libs love to feel and behold the power of power, and they feel more potency in the black song and dance. And why do Libs promote the new ideal of black male and white female? It's because Libs feel black males are superior in manhood and therefore deserving of the most attractive women, white women, as sexual trophies. Expression speaks louder than words, and the Lib-dominated presentations in sports and popular culture push black supremacy and black idolatry. What they say have no bearing on what they show. The Say-Show Discrepancy of sports and popular culture gives the lie to the PC BS about 'race is just a social construct' or 'all races are the same'.
Now, why is black idolatry so destructive to the West? Because even though blacks may be impressive in certain areas, their primal nature is savage, wild, and destructive. It may be EXCITING, and savagery is certainly that. But, if left unchecked, it will destroy the West via the forces of BAMMAMA(or blacks are more muscular and more aggressive) and ACOWW(Afro-Colonization of White Wombs).

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