Thursday, March 5, 2020

Luke Ford says Alt Right failed because of the Low Quality of Its Members — In truth, Alt Right's Demise was more Homicide from Above than Suicide from Within

Luke Ford in the above video — at around 2:06:00 — agrees with George Hawley that the Alt Right crashed and burned because of the low quality of its recruits who happened to be anti-social, criminal, sociopathic, and/or so on. Now, I'm not in disagreement that the Alt Right has had many problems with its mostly young male cohorts who tended toward radical thinking and reckless behavior. Also, Alt Right, especially under the helm of Richard Spencer, lost its sense of irony(that made it funny and endearing to many) in favor of the iron boot. At the crossroads facing the future, Spencer had three choices: (1) Soften his rhetoric and try to get in an inch with the more 'respectable' right. (2) Remain somewhat aloof of both Conservatism Inc. & Neo-Nazi-style far-right and fashion his own brand as Teflon Don of the Alt Right or (3) go hard-right and go 14/88. By the time Charlottesville happened, he was moving toward (3), a terrible option. But being delusional, he appeared to regard himself as the Man of Destiny, the one to seize the moment. From a moral and ideological perspective, one could condemn the direction taken by the Alt Right. However, Luke Ford is totally wrong about why and how the Alt Right imploded. It had more to do with weight from above than weakness from within.

Ford talks of the anti-social attitudes so prevalent among Alt Right types, but the same could be said of Bolsheviks, Jewish anarchists, the many Zionist factions, Jewish organized crime, Jewish radicals, Jewish feminists, and the list goes on. Many Jews who later succeeded in gambling, sex industry, and the like were some of the biggest crooks and a**holes one can imagine. Jewish feminists were among the most nasty, vile, and neurotic. Jewish Hollywood has been filled with lechers, pedophiles, and men with the moral character of pimps. The Bolsheviks, who were heavily Jewish, were filled with all sorts of fanatics, criminals, and psychos. Josef Stalin was as much a bandit and bank robber as a revolutionary. And the National Socialists of Germany had in their ranks a good number of criminals, crooks, madmen, perverts, and extremists. And yet, why did National Socialists go from strength to strength despite the less than sterling quality of many in their rank and file? One reason was desperate times, but the other reason was that the German Courts at the time were favorable to the Right and lenient of bad behavior by National Socialists, just like the Ruling Power in America mostly slaps Antifa on the wrist. 'Lawfare' in Weimar Germany was often favorable to the Right. Furthermore, many German industrialists were willing to back the National Socialists as bulwark against communism. In other words, it didn't matter that National Socialists had an excess of clowns, idiots, and lunatics. The fact is they had just enough talent in men like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, and more importantly, they had the backing of big money and the courts that, time and time again, let Hitler and his men off the hook.

Indeed in politics, talent matters far less than connections and support. If Luke Ford thinks quality leads to success, how does he square that with the fact that US Congress is filled with worthless mealymouthed scum? Colorless Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House. Does Ford consider him a man of 'quality'? Or consider Nancy Pelosi. Does she represent some special talent? And how did men like Dennis Hastert rise so high? Yeah, the pedophile. And look at some of the most successful people in Hollywood and music industry. When it comes to moral content and personal integrity, they are among the worst people imaginable. And yet, they are successful. If quality of character = success, why did so many worthless creeps become so obscenely successful? How did Jeffrey Epstein rise so high so fast even though his moral character was that of an ape? And before his recent fall from grace, Harvey Weinstein was even regarded as 'god' by none other than Meryl Streep. He's been a dirty and disgusting pervert all along, but he got away with so much bad behavior. And who knows what's in the closets of all those politicians and media figures? Indeed, how many prominent people are vulnerable to blackmail precisely because they, like Senator Geary in THE GODFATHER PART 2, were hypocritical cretins? Joe Biden's been a lying sack of shit forever. He became vice president. George W. Bush's only accomplishment was having been born into the Bush Dynasty. He became president. So much for quality = success. As for Bill Ayers, he was a terrorist who blew up stuff. He and his wife, Bernadine Dorhne, were horrible people, but they are now successful and much lauded academics. And we can go on and on with such examples.

The reason why Alt Right imploded was because the Power decided to crush it from every direction. If Ford has any integrity, he will admit that the entire fault of the Charlottesville fiasco belongs to the Jewish mayor, black police chief, and their globalist backers. The Alt Right crowd had every right to be there, but their constitutional right was violated. Meanwhile, the Power encouraged Antifa scum and black thugs to attack the Alt Right. The Power didn't stand between the two sides to maintain order but aided one side against the other. Then, the Jew-run media ran with the narrative that Alt Right people started the melee and killed 'three people' when, in fact, two were killed in a helicopter accident and one was killed because an angry mob attacked James Fields' car and drove him into panic mode. And then, the 'lawfare' got under way, mostly by Jews. Even though Alt Right guys' constitutional rights were violated and even though they were the biggest victims of the violence, the hideous Jews and their allies colluded with powerful law firms to sue the people who organized the event. Meanwhile, law firms declined to represent Alt Right guys who had every right and reason to sue Charlottesville for engineering the melee in concert with the powers-that-be. But, the injustice didn't end there. Alt Right was deplatformed, denied financial services, fired from jobs, and hounded 24/7. In other words, there was a vast orchestrated purge of the Alt Right by big government and big business.

Now, imagine what would have happened IF the Charlottesville rally had been allowed to proceed. The speakers would have had their say and gotten their message across. Next, imagine if Alt Right was not deplatformed and defunded. Suppose Alt Right continued to have equal access to Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. And suppose Richard Spencer and others could easily raise funds like Zionists, homos, and progs do. Where would the Alt Right be? It would be much bigger as a message and movement. The reason why Alt Right failed was more homicide than suicide. It was crushed and killed from above. As proof, consider figures such as Jared Taylor, John Derbyshire, Pat Buchanan, Steve Sailer, Paul Gottfried, and many others. These men are not part of the Alt Right and didn't give Sieg Heil salutes or march with iron boots. And yet, they were effectively shut down just the same and denied access to 'mainstream' venues of public opinion. The science pages of the New York Times are evidence enough that quality of honesty and integrity is not the priority of the Power when it promotes and demotes people left and right. It was before Alt Right ever appeared on the scene that Pat Buchanan was made persona non grata in American Conservatism and American Media. We now live in a nation where academics are hounded, fired, and blacklisted for saying a man is not a woman because a tranny says so. We have bakeries destroyed by Jewish law firms because they won't bake 'gay wedding cakes'. We have a nation where the president was almost removed from office based on utterly baseless charges of 'Russian Collusion'. Are George Hawley and Luke Ford going to blame the destruction of a Christian bakery on its lack of quality? If Jews and homos decide to use 'lawfare' to shut down any bakery that won't bake 'gay wedding cakes' and drive it to financial ruin, should the blame fall on the bakery?

Remember what Tucker Carlson said of Max Boot and other Neocons who were wrong on just about everything but still remain players inside the corridors of power? People like Max Boot and Julia Ioffe are hardly better quality as humans than people on the Alt Right. Indeed, Washington DC and US media are filled with whores, rascals, cheats, snakes, pathological liars, con-men, fakers, drug abusers, weasels, and sado-masochists. And what passes for American Conservatism is a freaking joke. I'd wager even the worst lowlife in the Alt Right has more integrity than moron like Charlie Kirk and scoundrel like Jared Holt. Lady Maga anyone?

If inferior quality of character dooms an individual or movement to failure, why has it been the case that so many individuals and movements succeeded despite the problem of quality? How did feminism succeed when so many feminists were stupid crazy bitches? Why did Jews gain so much power when so many Jews were cheats, liars, hustlers, con-men, perverts, and neurotics? What's Roman Polanski doing these days? Oh yeah, he's still a celebrated artist making movies. Where is Jonathan Pollard these days? Is he rotting in a jail cell because his espionage ended up killing double-agents in the USSR? No, the rotting in jail for 400+ years is James Fields. Pollard is a free man with a plush job offered to him by Jewish bankers.

Obviously in much of politics and ideological conflict, quality means very little. A movement doesn't need too many thinkers or leaders. It just needs a handful of good ones. The rest can be dummies who just follow and do as told. They don't have to be great in quality. While Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, and the rest of them were not exactly top-tier thinkers or leaders, they were no worse in quality than most people in politics or punditry. The difference is they didn't have rich and powerful backers. If you have the connection and backing, you can go far. Anyone who knows anything about Lyndon B. Johnson knows he was a scummy politician all his life. And yet, he got to be vice president and then president because he did the bidding of very powerful people. How does one explain Barack Obama's meteoric rise? Did it have anything to do with quality? No, it was all hype by the Power that protected and promoted him. Quality doesn't matter. No matter how good & talented a person or movement may be, he or it will be crushed if the power decides to, one way or another. The Power failed to stop the presidency of Trump, so it made things so difficult that all he could do is just go along with the Deep State on nearly every issue.

When we look at the kind of people in academia, media, punditry, and politics, we don't see much quality of character. Indeed, quality of true vision, integrity, and courage is an hindrance in one's rise up the ranks. To rise up, you must be a pathological ass-kisser, sociopathic liar(like the shameless media goons who lied about Charlottesville and Russia Collusion), and a hate-filled lunatic who, as journalist or politician, does little but shill for Israel and Jewish Power. Does Luke Ford see real quality in Republican politicians? It's more suck-ass than success.

Now, we can argue that because of all the obstacles and barriers erected against the Alt Right and Dissident Right, people like Richard Spencer should have been smarter, saner, and more sensible than the Power and the forces arrayed against him. True enough. It's like white and Asian students must study even harder because Affirmative Action works against them in college admission. Such may be unfair, but it's the way of the world, and anyone who plays the game must know the terms. Though Spencer, Enoch, and others in the Alt Right are not dumb in IQ, they were stupid in strategy, acting as if real life could be played like a video game. So, it's true that the Alt Right needed men who were maturer, wiser, and savvier. And yet, given that Jared Taylor and Paul Gottfried made very little headway despite their gentility and respectability, the Alt Right wasn't entirely wrong throwing caution to the winds at times. In order for the movement to gain momentum, it had to generate youthful energy. It had to play with fire but without getting burned. It turned out Spencer and Enoch weren't very skilled with playing with fire. They learned the hard way that, when it came to real firepower, it's the Power that holds the flame thrower and the napalms.

Still, Ford should honestly admit the main reason why Alt Right failed was due to Power from above. Seriously, if the Power hadn't violated Alt Right's constitutional rights at Charlottesville and let the rally proceed and then didn't deplatform the Alt Right and deny it basic financial services, I guarantee the movement would be much bigger. The ONLY thing Alt Right needed to grow was fair treatment. Would it have grown big as Hawley once predicted? No, but it'd be a real thing. Also, as a growing movement, better leaders would likely have come forth to sideline the more problematic members. Alas, expecting Jewish Power to play by the rules was a fool's dream. Why would a people who treat Palestinians like subhuman animals treat other goyim any better? One thing for sure, Jews don't have a tradition of fair play or honor. The Jewish Way is by-any-means-necessary-by-hook-and-crook to get what they want. Consider Sacha Baron Cohen who made a career of mocking goyim with all the virulence he could muster but demands that social platforms shut down those who mock Jews in return. Foul. And yet, such lowlife paranoid neurotic Jews gained supreme power in the US. How was this possible when Ford says a movement is doomed to failure without quality leadership and members? If so, how could Jews, possibly the most derangedly neurotic and paranoid people, go from power to power? Jewish lack of integrity and character never mattered. If anything, such lack of scruples and virulence of character did wonders for Jewish Power, which couldn't have risen to such heights without the nastiness, contempt, and downright hatred for goyim. Jews had three things going for them. Higher IQ, lower principles, and the development of a moral shield by sacralizing their identity via the cult of 'Muh Holocaust'. The last allowed Jews to get away with murder without being called on it because any criticism of Jews is 'antisemitism' linked with the 'murder of six million Jews'. Only a vilely immoral people could concoct such a dastardly moral strategy.

In the end, it's about The Power. Why couldn't Tulsi Gabbard get anywhere with her campaign? Why was Max Blumenthal pushed to the margins of the political discourse? Why was Nick Fuentes kicked off Youtube whereas the rat-like Ben Shapiro the Jewish supremacist Zionist is funded to the tune of millions and allowed on all platforms? It has nothing to do with quality.
Of course, all things being equal(without special treatment for any side), quality will beat lack of quality, but we don't live in an equal and fair system but a rigged one where some people are treated like 'made men' in GOODFELLAS while others are marked to get 'whacked'. Jared Taylor did everything right, but he got booted off Twitter and can't even use Paypal. Is Ford going to blame Taylor's lack of quality for his non-person status? John Derbyshire was booted by National Review no less. Was it because Derbyshire is of lower quality than the average writer for that magazine? Of course, Ford can't possibly believe that. If Alt Right's lack of quality accounts for its failure, what is the reason for Taylor's inability to gain traction? Or do Spencer and Taylor have something in common regardless of their qualities as individuals? And that something is Jews hate them both. In other words, even if Spencer had played it more like Taylor and steered clear of an alliance with Daily Stormer crowd, he would likely have ended up just the same because Jews got the power, and Jews intend to shut down anyone they don't like.

Sure, Alt Right did a lot of foolish things, but every movement has its growing pains. The 60s radicals had to stumble before they got their act together. The difference is the Power allowed the 60s radicals to get their second, third, fourth, and more chances to get back on their feet. They were forgiven, indulged, and supported. Tons of nasty and vicious Jewish radicals in the 60s became successful people in elite institutions and industries in the 80s and 90s. Indeed, it was far more dangerous to call out on radicals on the left as one could be smeared of 'McCarthyism'. Also, the new cult of the Holocaust meant that any critical view of Jewish power could be construed as 'antisemitic'. And that meant that even lowlife Jews without even a smidgen of moral character had moral, indeed spiritual, protection with the Shoah Shield. One reason why the globo-homo movement went so far so fast was because the Jewish Media coined the term 'homophobia' as an iron cudgel to beat down anyone who dared to oppose the agenda. Now, the homo community has long been known to be a magnet for all kinds of perverts, sickos, degenerates, liars, and cheats. Homos are known for drug use and debauchery. And yet, how did homos, despite all their personal issues and problems, gain so much power so fast? Indeed, compared to the homo community, the Alt Right was downright sober. Degenerate homos gained status because they were favored by the Power, essentially Jewish, just like perverts and degenerates were favored during the Weimar Years when German Jews gained unprecedented control of society. Jews used 'antisemitic' and 'homophobic' as slurs to defame and suppress anyone who dared to call out on Jewish abuses and homo excesses. In a sane world, one would think the ethnic group most closely associated with gambling, pornography, Wall Street thievery, & tribal-gangsterism in foreign policy AND a sexual group most closely associated with orgies, fecal-penetration, fisting, promiscuity, excessive vanity/narcissism, & hedonism would come under the most scrutiny. But no. In our Jew-run world, Jews get to decide who are the 'made men' and who are to be whacked. Jews can do just about anything and get off scot-free. How long did it take to bring down Bernie Madoff? Madoff stole billions for fellow Jews before he was finally caught.
Luke Ford should know better because he co-hosted a show with Kevin Michael Grace for over a year. KMG loathes Spencer and the Alt Right and is a defender of Israel against Palestinians, BUT he has been as de-personed as Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch because he wrote some articles that upset the 'made men' of politics and media. And of course, Rick Sanchez and Chris Hedges found gigs at RT because Jew-run Zionist-supremacist US media will not touch them with a ten-foot pole. Content of character has almost nothing to do with power, politics, and fields such as media that are mostly about propagandizing for the Deep State that takes orders from cuck-politicians vetted by Jewish Globalists. It's all about who has the power and how this Power pushes the button on who gets to live and who must die.

That said, I agree that Spencer was unfit to be the leader of an important movement. Also, it's not just the Alt Right but the entire generation that grew up on on video games and trashy culture. Neuroticism of all kinds is pretty high among Millennials, and I'd wager the average 'woke' person has more psychological issues than those on the Alt Right. That said, precisely because the Power had its crosshairs on the Alt Right, those involved in the movement should have been more sensible and smart about things. They had blinders on and were led into a trap like cattle. The lesson is, when the deck is stacked against you, you must be even smarter than all the rest. Spencer and his ilk were not up to the job. But even if they were, the Power would have found means and taken measures to suppress their voices just the same, as it has already done with Jared Taylor, Nick Fuentes, and Michelle Malkin. Meanwhile, Ben Shapiro who called for the total ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is still riding high. He can appear on any platform and raise millions of dollars. And Max Boot writes for Washington Post despite his biography as a vile lunatic and hate-filled Zionist pig. As Tucker Carlson said, so much of who rises and who falls has less to do with quality than one's utility to the powers that be.

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  1. Agreed. I've watched as people regularly appeared out of no where to create strife from within while outside pressures kept shutting down sane, charismatic people.