Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Importance of Political Ecology for the Well-Being of Societies

Take a look at nature. Any given place has its ecology of various plants, predators, and prey. Many animal are both predator and prey, feeding on smaller/weaker animals and being eaten by bigger/stronger animals. Some organisms may seem unpleasant, even unnecessary, but as established inhabitants of the environment, they play an essential role in the Natural Balance. Remove that organism, and it may have a negative domino effect on the rest of the environment. Some organisms may appear to be harmful to other organisms, but if the former is removed, the latter may suffer graver consequences in the long term(despite the short-term benefit). If coyotes, wolves, and cougars were removed from a forest, it would be a great boon for rabbits and deer. At least in the short-term. But as their populations explode, they will consume all the vegetation, and then, mass starvation will follow. We may look upon flies as annoying and useless, but maggots break down feces and carrion.

Lessons drawn from nature are also applicable to the human body. People may consider certain organs to be gross and disgusting. People may see all bacteria as harmful. Bile is an unpleasant chemical produced by the body. So, should we remove the gall bladder that holds this noxious fluid? But, bile is essential to digestion. Or consider the bacteria in the large intestines. They may seem gross, but we cannot live without them.
During the so-called Great Leap Forward, Mao Zedong embarked on a Four Pests Campaign. It had some good ideas. Most societies could do better with fewer rats and mosquitos. Whatever purpose rats may have in nature(as food source for small predators), they only cause harm to humans. (To be sure, the cat might not have become a dear companion to humans if not for its usefulness in suppressing the rat population.)
But when it came to sparrows, the Chinese Communists made a terrible miscalculation. They only saw the small picture and failed to see the big one. Sparrows were targeted because they ate crops. That fact about sparrows was true enough. But sparrows also provided an indispensable service to man and agriculture by consuming countless insects that devour crops in greater amounts. Better to have sparrows eat some crops and locusts than have locusts eat all the crops.
The Anti-Sparrow Campaign. They say Chinese are smart, but intelligence is no guarantee against stupidity and retardation.
It goes to show that a people can belong to a great civilization and possess higher IQ and still act like total loons and tards.
Political myopia missed the big picture on the sparrows. Of course, there were surely many Chinese who knew that the anti-sparrow campaign would have grave consequences, but they remained silent out of fear, especially with the clampdown of ‘rightists’ and ‘capitalist-roaders’ following the sudden end of the Hundred Flowers Campaign. Anyone expressing good sense about sparrows would have been denounced as having challenged the infallible wisdom of Chairman Mao and the Communist Party. So, even those who knew better just went along and killed sparrows. In the short-run, the killing of sparrows seemed beneficial to agriculture, but it wasn’t long before the farm fields were covered with insects that were no longer eaten by sparrows. The ecological disaster was felt all over the nation.
Nutball Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution pledge to wage war on Bourgeois Cats
To top that stupidity, Maoism came up with another mania during the Cultural Revolution. The anti-cat campaign. Cats were seen as ‘bourgeois pets’, objects of vanity and indulgence. They were seen as eating valuable food that should be reserved for humans. But of course, anyone with sense knows that cats, especially in poor countries, play an essential role in controlling the rodent population. After all, that was why cats came to be valued in the first place in ancient times. But again, political myopia led to the anti-cat campaign in China, and the result was an explosion of the rat population. This article about the Cultural Revolution says: "Even China’s feline population suffered as Red Guards tried to eliminate what they claimed was a symbol of ‘bourgeois decadence’. ‘Walking through the streets of the capital at the end of August [1966], people saw dead cats lying by the roadside with their front paws tied together,’ writes Dik├Âtter."

While cats and sparrows do cause problems for humans, the benefits outweigh the costs. Better to lose some crops to sparrows than have insects eat up more of the crops. Of course, too many sparrows isn’t a good thing either, which is why hawks(and other animals that feed on sparrows) are necessary as well. Cats may carry disease and threaten the bird population, but in poor nations without modern means to suppress the rat population, cats are indispensable for pest control. Humans can also play an ecological role through technology. In forests cleared of big predators, it is up to humans to control the deer and rabbit population through hunting. And it is up to humans to use neutering to control the cat(and dog) population as there are few natural predators of cats in human habitats.

Anyway, political myopia in a common problem. What may seem beneficial in the short-run may have long-run negative, even disastrous, consequences. Political myopia is often the product of not only short-sightedness(a forgivable flaw) but radicalism, the source of much evil in the world. If short-sightedness fails to see the big picture, radicalism blinds us to reality. It was radicalism that blinded so many people to the evils of Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Martin L. King, and Jewish Power. Radicalism blinded Germans to where Hitler was leading them. Radicalism blinded Russians to Stalin’s mass purges and killings. Radicalism blinded the Chinese to Mao’s lunacy in the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. Radicalism blinded Americans to the hell unleashed by the Trojan Horse trickery of the MLK cult that had blacks posing as peace-loving-and-forgiving-saints when, in fact, too many blacks had nothing on their minds but mindless thuggery, savagery, and self-aggrandizement. If US avoided the devastation of something on the scale of the Cultural Revolution, it was because US was only 12% black in the 60s and 70s. Had it been majority black, the result would have been Mass Rampage on the scale of the Cultural Revolution and what is now happening in South Africa, a nation descending into hell-hole. Radicalism also blinds Americans and Europeans to the sheer evil that emanates from the Jewish and Homo elites. Holocaustianity has imbued Jews with godlike status, and Homomania has elevated homos to the status of angels, so their foul agenda and deeds all over the world are hardly investigated and exposed for what they really are. So much of what is called ‘secular’ is SECINO, or secular in name only. They are actually practiced as articles of faith, and faith requires one to turn off one’s critical faculties and belief with radical abandon. It is like communism was technically ‘secular’ and ‘scientific’ but demanded total faith and adherence to its dogma.
Follow the Fuhrer wherever he goes: war and destruction
Infallible Stalin seen as savior despite mass killings of innocents
Prophet of Peace who was just baiting whitey
Because of both political myopia and radicalism, the West suffers from an imbalance in its Political Ecology. Just like Maoists viewed sparrows as pests that must be eradicated, Western Political Correctness(or Political Cultism as it is really about worship of Jews, homos, and Negroes) views ‘racism’(especially that of white gentiles) as an absolute evil that must be eradicated. It also goes after ‘antisemitism’ and ‘homophobia’. (Paradoxically, however, the fanatical need to root out and purge every last ‘racist’ or ‘anti-Semite’ means that even after most of them have been effectively eliminated from the powers and institutions, there is the need to create bogeymen and phantoms of them in order to justify the power. An organization like ADL would have no purpose without the danger of antisemitism. To justify its raison d’etre, it has to cry wolf constantly. If your power rests on catching Nazis, what do you do when there are no more Nazis to catch? You must fabricate new ‘Nazis’. It’s like all those Prog activists justify their power in institutions like Oberlin College by rumors of KKK sightings. Another problem with the war on ‘racism’ and ‘antisemitism’ is that, on some level, they are natural responses to reality of racial differences and excessive Jewish power. While it is a good thing to suppress the negative and radical aspects of ‘racism’ and ‘antisemitism’, they remain resilient in some form or other because one can’t help notice racial differences and Jewish power that manipulates and milks the system.)

‘Racism’ is denounced most when it involves white hostility or suspicions about blacks. If ‘antisemitism’ is specifically about Jews and if ‘homophobia’ is specifically about homos, ‘racism’ concerns, at least technically, all groups, i.e. all groups can be ‘racist’ and all groups can be victims of ‘racism’. But in actual practice, ‘racism’ is really about the ‘evil’ of offending or harming blacks, especially by whites. After all, if the West is really into universal ‘anti-racism’, why is it still acceptable to generalize about and badmouth Mexicans, Chinese, Russians, Iranians, Palestinians, Muslims, and etc.? Also, there is the matter of ‘who, whom’. In America, it is permissible for Jews to be ‘racist’ about Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Arabs, Muslims, white gentiles, etc. Jews can negatively generalize about such groups and denounce them collectively. But if any group were to reply in kind, Jewish Media will denounce it as ‘racist’ and ‘antisemitic’. Then, the world-wide Jewish Network will kick into gear to denounce, ‘discredit’, and destroy the group.
It’s like ‘hate’ refers only to the attitudes and actions of certain groups. Whites ‘hate’ blacks, but blacks cannot ‘hate’ whites even when blacks spew nothing but hate at whites. Muslims ‘hate’ Jews, but Jews cannot ‘hate’ Muslims since Jews are perceived as Eternal Victims of the Holocaust. It’s the Relativity of Terminology.
Most vilified is ‘white racism’ and ‘racism’ directed toward Jews and Negroes. (It’s like the universalization of ‘white guilt’. Since the West rules the world and since the neo-religion of the West is worship of Jews, blacks, and homos, the West effectively persuades and even pressures the rest of the world via Political Correctness and Pop Culture to fall in line in reverence of the holy three. It is no big deal if Chinese mistreat Muslims or if Russians badmouth Japanese or Iranians. But if Chinese were to cause harm to Jews or if Russians were to make anti-black remarks, that would be seen as scandalous.) Of course, in the private realm, many Jews do harbor ‘racist’ views of blacks(and various other groups). After all, despite what Jews SAY about blacks, what Jews actually DO is racially cognizant of blacks as criminals and thugs. Indeed, one reason for Jewish support of massive immigration is to use newcomers are buffers between themselves and blacks. But blacks support the globalist agenda of Diversity because they conflate black interests with the Democratic Party. Because more immigrants will mean more power to Democrats, blacks think they are winning. They fail to realize that they will increasingly matter less in the Democratic Coalition as the nation fills up with Diversity-via-immigration.

Anyway, PC fails to overlook the Political Ecological value of ‘white racism’ or race-ism in general. (To the extent that ‘-ism’ means belief or consciousness, ‘racism’ or race-ism should really mean belief in existence of races, awareness of racial differences, and racial identity. There is no reason to believe that all forms of race-ism is wrong or evil. If anything, such radical anti-race-ism is the true evil. It is also blinded by its own hysteria. There is bad racism and good race-ism. While race-ism can be ignorant or radical, it can also be rational and ground in facts. It’s like nutritional science once falsely vilified all cholesterols and all fats as health hazards. As it turns out, there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. And the War on Fat is now being revised as a huge mistake. Not all fats are alike, but for too long, the nutritional community warned people to avoid certain fats, especially the saturated kind. But just as there are good cholesterol and bad cholesterol and just as there are good fats and bad fats[especially transfat], there are good race-ism and bad racism.) Like anything else, white race-ism can become dangerous. It too can become radicalized and totalistic, like what happened in National Socialist Germany that devalued non-‘Aryans’ as lesser humans. Such radical mind-set triggered wars, conquests, and even mass extermination campaigns.
Even without the elaborate ideology of radical racism, mere tribalism or ethnocentrism can become dangerous when it becomes extreme and overly hostile. This is true of socialism as well. Radicalized, it turns into loathsome communism. And we now see in monstrous globalism the radicalization of capitalism that reduces mankind into markets. Consumerism is the End of History. Obama criticized George W. Bush for urging Americans to go shopping after 9/11, but Obama-ism is even more premised on mindless consumerism. After all, Americans got hoodwinked with nonsense like homomania because their values now come almost entirely from Pop Culture and Celebrity Worship. If ‘cool’ people endorse something(no matter trashy or decadent it is), countless fans follow like sheep. Look at the rapid spread of tattoo mania.
And Obama was able to get away with the insane destruction of Libya and Syria because too many Americans are hooked to junk culture and have lost meaningful connection to world affairs. Mass ignorance and preference for trash on TV allow weasels like Obama and Hillary to engineer the New Cold War with Russia — we are told Putin is ‘New Hitler’ about to swallow Baltic states and maybe even Poland. The anti-war Left is virtually non-existent, and the national media(that should really be called Tribal Media as they are controlled mostly by Jews) ignored the abuses by Obama because they are all members of the Globalist Club. Meanwhile, Edward Snowden remains in Russia because he would be locked up for longer than Jonathan Pollard if he were to return to the US. When the Middle East, North Africa, and Ukraine were blowing up due to Obama’s Jewish-guided foreign policy, most Americans didn’t know and didn’t care because they were too busy indulging in consumerism or pop culture. Obama is the biggest phony because he pompously pretends to be for high principles when he really grovels to the Power Elite(of Jews and homos) and dutifully carries out the globalist agenda.
This is what Obama-Hillary(shills of Jewish Globalists) did to Libya while Americans were too distracted with shopping , consumerism, cultural decadence, celebrity-mania, and homo parades. But gee, maybe it was all worth it because New Democratic Libya, like Ukraine, will put on 'gay pride parades'.
Anyway, the reason why the West is faced with mortal threats(even the crisis of survival and existence) in North America and EU is because of the imbalance in the Political Ecology. While radical white race-ism can be harmful, a sane and reasonable white race-ism is necessary as predator of excessive tolerance & liberality and as defender of the domain. All environments have their own unique ecologies. Just as the extermination of a certain species can upset the environmental balance, introducing a new organism can do likewise(until a new balance is arrived at in a radically altered environment). A new equilibrium may be attained but not without destroying the original habitat or fundamentally transforming it. Short-sighted humans may kill off a certain species for quick advantage, but the long-term effects could be dire. Suppose some people see bees only as pests that sting people. Suppose bees are eradicated for that very reason. But, that means no more honey and no more pollenation of plants. Or suppose people see ants only as invaders messing up kitchens & picnics and suppose people do everything to destroy as many ant colonies as possible in their habitat. The result will upset the necessary processes that enrich the soil. Or, suppose some people introduce a New Species as beneficial. Suppose they introduce big toads to eat insects. But suppose this toad eats up the smaller native frogs and other creatures as well. Thus, for an environment to continue as it is and maintain the existing balance, the current inhabitants must be allowed to have their niche in the eco-system. And the environment must have means — biological or geographic — to resist invasions by new species that may pose a mortal threat. After all, bonobos in Africa are able to maintain their unique traits and ways because they are isolated from bigger, stronger, and more aggressive chimpanzees. If chimps were released into the bonobo habitat, the bonobos will either be killed off by the stronger and more aggressive chimps, or the bonobos will have to evolve into stronger, tougher, and more aggressive apes in order to compete with the hostile chimps. They will have to lose their original bonobo traits and characteristics as only the tough and aggressive bonobos will survive in the harsh environment to mate. Consider what the introduction of rats and pigs did to the Galapagos Islands. Consider what the introduction of new species did to the fauna of Australia where so many species had become accustomed to an enclosed eco-system isolated from the rest of the world.
The 'nigga' Chimp and the 'Swedish' Bonobo. Bonobos became different because they evolved in their own isolated environment.
What goes for flora and fauna also goes for humana. White Race-ism is valuable to the Political Ecology of the West. While too much of it can be harmful and must be scaled back — we don’t want a society governed by the likes of Nazis and KKK — , too little leads to the overgrowth and infestation of all kinds of hostile peoples, parasitic activities, negative attitudes, self-loathing, Political Correctness, globalism, defenselessness, decadence, and degeneration. Excess of anything is bad to the system. As the Chinese came to realize, sparrows(reviled as crop-eating pests) are necessary to the eco-system that aids agriculture. But of course, too many sparrows would be a bad thing. Too much of anything brings about its own destruction. Indeed, it was excessive Maoism that finally led to its demise and the rise of capitalism in China. And it was excessive Hitlerism that led to the immolation of Germany in World War II. And excessive bureaucratization led to the collapse of the Soviet Empire in the early 1990s. But too little or total lack can be harmful too. Germs are harmful, but their presence also strengthens our immune system. Every society needs some socialism, some bureaucracy. And every society needs some race-ism as identity, unity, pride, defense, and criticism of liberalism, which is also good in reasonable doses but dangerous in overgrowth mode. It’s like yeast and bacteria aren’t themselves problems. They are necessary for the natural balance. But yeast or bacterial infection overgrowth can cause all sorts of problems to organisms.

But PC, a form of radicalism, has blinded us to the benefits of certain things and to the dangers of other things. So, we are never shown the benefits of white race-ism, and we aren’t alerted to the dangers posed by excessive presence/power of Jews, Negroes, homos, and Diversity. We must believe that even an ounce of white race-ism is an unforgivable sin that needs to be expurgated while even a ton of Jewish, Negro, homo, or Diversity excesses is solid gold. According to smug and arrogant Fareed Zakaria, a white hillbilly coal-miner in West Virginia is more ‘privileged’ than a globalist elitist such as himself who grew up with servants and maids in India.
The hideous Fareed Zakaria. Lack of White Race-ism means no voice to oppose and counter this globalist prick who preaches the death of the West. He gloats and showboats that white folks are finished in America. Jew-run US media promotes guys like him. Even a plagiarism scandal didn't end his career because his globalist talking points are exactly what the PROGLOB wants to hear.
Because of the predatory excesses of white race-ism the Age of Empire and because of the Jewish takeover of academia, media, courts, finance, and government, we are only to fixated on the negative aspects of white race-ism. From cradle to grave, we are told there never was, is, or could be anything good about white race-ism. We are told that it has been totally ‘discredited’. We are told it is an absolute evil. This is like saying that because some wolves killed some innocent pets and people, all wolves are evil and must be eradicated from the face of the earth. It’s like the attitude of the authorities in the Chinese movie WOLF TOTEM. True, wolves are fearsome animals and can do great damage to livestock(and even to humans), but they have an essential place in nature as predators regulating the population of herbivores and smaller predators. It’s like the message of the movie NEVER CRY WOLF. Wolves play an important role in the Alaskan eco-system.
Wolves. Fearsome and Frightening but necessary to ecology.
White race-ism has value in the role of predator against the excessive expansion of forces that threaten the survival and well-being of the white peoples, cultures, and lands. For the white race to thrive as a whole, there must be sexual, territorial, cultural, historical, and spiritual unity. Race cannot be understood apart from sex. White men are not the product of white men. White women are not the products of white women. Every white person, male or female, is the product of sexual loyalty and unity between white man and white woman. So, in order for the white race to survive, there has to be sexual unity for both white men and white women. White men may find pleasure and happiness with non-white women, and white women may find pleasure and happiness with non-white men. But the pleasure and happiness will be only be individual, not racial. The product of race-mixing will produce offsprings that may not identify as white, especially in cases where whites mix with blacks. (Why should a mulatto kid respect the white race as a figure of authority? He or she is likely the product of a black male and white female. He or she will grow up looking up to a black man as the figure of authority in the house. His or her heart and soul will be formed by the narrative of a black man. And he or she will look upon the white mother as someone who rejected the men of her own race as inferior and submitted to the Negro as superior male. Look at Obama. His mother was white, and he was raised by white grandparents. He had white friends and whites were nice to him. But he identified as black.) So, for white race to survive, white men and white women must find pleasure and happiness with one another. To boost such unity, there has to be a sense of white culture rooted in the European heritage. After all, much of the New World is a mere extension of the Old World Europe, especially Western Europe. White Americans in the New World have more in common(racially, culturally, historically, and politically) with whites Europeans in the Old World than with non-whites in the New World such as indigenous peoples(such as American Indians) or black Americans. And white Europeans in the Old World have more in common with white Americans in the New World than with Asians, Arabs, Africans, and Muslims in the Old World. Surely, an Old World European will feel more at home New World Minnesota than in Old World Africa, Saudi Arabia, or China. So, for there to be a sense of white racial unity, there must be an emphasis on the cultural and historical connection and ties between Old World whites and New World whites. New World was not a new beginning from scratch but a mere extension of the achievements of the Old World developments in Europe(just like a colony on Mars would be a mere extension of life and culture on Earth than a new ‘Martian’ beginning). Historical memory is essential to cultural consciousness that gives meaning to racial unity.
Furthermore, there is the matter of spirituality or mythology. This is created and sustained by the control of Narrative. The Narrative is more than objective history or dry remembrance of the past. It is an emotional and inspiring sacralization of certain people, culture, and story at the expense of others. So, the Zionist Narrative sacralizes the Jewish Return to the Homeland while diminishing, even vilifying, the resistance of the Palestianians. The Anglo-American Narrative sacralized the hardships and achievements of the white pioneers who settled the wilderness that was once inhabited by red savages and wild animals. Needless to say, Narratives are not fair or objective. They offer a semi-mythological view of history. Jewish Narrative long held that God chose the children of Abraham as the Blessed Tribe. Thus, Jewish history and Jewish spirituality became intertwined in the Jewish Narrative. The story of the Jews became the journey of God Himself. The Christian Narrative sacralized the followers of Jesus while vilifying Jews as the killers of Christ and unrepentant deniers of the Messiah. After World War II, Jews created a Narrative of Jewish holiness upon the ashes of the Holocaust. It says Jews have always been decent and innocent all through the ages but were constantly set upon by evil European and/or Christian ‘anti-Semites’ whose wickedness finally culminated in the Shoah that resurrected every Jew into a mini-messiah. The Southern Narrative saw good white Christian folks as having civilized(at least in part) the black African savages who were better off picking cotton under white patronage than chucking spears at hippos and elephants that might flatten them into pancakes not unlike those made by Aunt Jemima. The Narrative since the Civil Rights Era has reversed the Southern Narrative. The Negro Narrative says that, since the dawn of time, black Africans were the Children of Eden who were torn away from their paradisiacal homeland and brought to the New World to live under incalculable cruelty under evil white ‘racists’. This Narrative sees blacks as totally noble & justified and puts whites on moral defensive for all time. (To be sure, Narrative alone usually doesn’t do the trick. There is also the Power of Presentation. Some groups are more advantaged in the field of Presentation than others. Blacks have an edge in sports and funky-rhythmic music. Mexicans, despite their huge numbers in America, are deficient in this regard. Even if PC were to favor Mexicans as the top victim group in America, most Americans wouldn’t be too excited because Mexicans don’t win in sports and don’t excite people in the area of music. Also, Mexicans don’t have the booming voice of Negroes like MLK. Much effort has been made to turn Cesar Chavez into a Mexican-American MLK, but few people care. This goes for Asian-Americans too. Despite the hardships of Chinese railroad laborers, no one much cares because Chinese are seen as dull and boring. Same goes for American Indians. American Indians mostly keep to themselves like the pretend-mute Indian in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST. Cult of Diversity has more use for the gabby Asian-Indians like Fareed Zakaria who are more colorful in accent and endless needling and ‘babuing’ of White America. In contrast, the one advantage that whites still have is in the field of Presentation. Despite all the anti-white Narratives, much of the world still like to look at white actors in Hollywood and white women in fashion. Even ‘progressive’ women — of all colors — who bitch about ‘white male privilege’ very often want to find a white guy and want to have white-looking kids. Despite all the warnings about the ‘Aryanism’ of the Nazis, Jewish men often prefer blonde shikses as superior beauties. Even as Jews relentlessly beat whites over the head with the Narrative, they still feel threatened by white Presentation. People around the world prefer the ‘Aryan’ presentation over the Jewish presentation[or image or aura]that is often associated with unpleasant creatures like Woody Allen and Jesse Eisenberg. Just like white males fear that the power of Presentation will drive white women into the arms of black men — seen as masters of masculine prowess — despite all the statistics about black thuggery and violence[furthermore, thuggery is often the very appeal, like sluttiness is a turn-on for many men despite knowing that sluts will likely cause problems down the line], Jews fear the power of Presentation will eventually make people prefer the ‘Aryan’ over the Jew. The Narrative favors the Jew over the guilt-burdened ‘Aryan’, but the Presentation favors the ‘Aryan’. The Word favors the Jew, the Image favors the ‘Aryan’. It is one reason why Jews have tried to de-Aryanize the image with their control of Hollywood. But Jews also know that the Aryan Image is a top seller and big money-maker. What is the Jew to do? Jews now seek to sell the female Aryan image but match it up with the Negro male image. Jews want a black 007. Jews matched the white girl with a Negro in the new STAR WARS. And Jews made Lancelot into a Negro in a new TV series. Thus, Jews sell Aryanism as female beauty but offer it up as a prize to be owned by black men. The Aryan must be Negroed. As for white males, their future lies in collective cultural cuckoldry, be it in the ‘middlebrow’ form of Ken Burns or ‘lowbrow’ form of Quentin Tarantino. One reason Neocons hate Donald Trump is because he presents a kind of ‘Aryan’ manhood that makes squirmy Jews and their cuck-pets look weak in comparison. They are desperate to associate Trump’s style of presentation with Hitler. With Trump, we see the phenomenon of the White Advantage in Presentation versus the Jewish Control of Narrative. Because of the Power of anti-white Narrative, even manly whites have been pressured to restrain themselves. Beta-males like Dan Quayle, dufuses like George W. Bush, or weasels like Mitt Romney were favored instead. In Germany, the horrors of WWII led to a postwar narrative where Germans are supposed to check their masterful, assertive, and passionate nature, their power of presentation. In the 19th and early 20th century, Germans showed what they were capable in terms of Presentation. They awed the world in the arts, music, politics, and military. Even their enemies were filled with envy and admiration. But after WWII, Germans have gone out of their way to present themselves as tamed, gelded, and cooperative. Thus restraining their advantage in the area of Presentation, Germans are being abolished by the power of the Jewish Narrative that says Germany must uphold ‘values’ that lead to its self-demise. Today’s Bismarck is Merkel, the Iron Chancellor of National Suicide than National Unity & Power.)
Battle of Presentation: The 'Aryan'
Battle of Presentation: The Jew
To ensure the survival of the race, there is also the issue of territoriality. While globalist elites wing like birds and fly all over the world and build fancy nests in every continent, most of humanity are land creatures and find meaning in special attachment to a homeland. Hungarians have a nation to call their own. So do the Vietnamese and Egyptians. So do Iranians, Poles, Czechs, Russians, and Japanese. So do Israelis and Algerians. Without such territorial consciousness, your homeland is no longer the sacred land of your people. It is just a piece of the globalist real estate. Globalism says you belong to any nation, and people of any nation belong in your nation. Thus, everyone is uprooted and rendered rootless.
This is the Jewish revenge on humanity, indeed all of humanity. (For Jews to justify globalism — open borders and diversity — in the West, they must push it on the entire world for the sake of ideological consistency.) For so long, Jews were a homeless people in exile. Even in lands they settled in, they had uneasy relations with the gentile majority and were expelled due to reasons of anti-Jewish sentiments(sometimes unwarranted) and Jewish deviousness, especially in business practices. Jews were uprooted time and time again, but it would be misleading to say they were rootless. They were still rooted in their history and Covenant with God. Also, they held onto their dreams of reclaiming and returning to their homeland. Jews now have Israel as their sacred homeland.
However, it’s as if Jews want to Jew-ize all other peoples in the sense of rendering them rootless. They want white nations to be filled with non-whites. Whites will no longer feel at home in their nations of origin(in Europe) or nations of vision & creation(like US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand). And non-whites will lose their own identities, cultures, and histories in white lands, especially through massive race-mixing, political correctness, and pop culture. (People bitch about Muslims and Sharia Law, but most children of Muslim parents in America are into Rap culture, race-mixing, and trashiness, even tattoos.) And as the Western model spreads around the world, non-white nations too will adopt the Cult of Diversity and be overrun by foreigners. Consider the porous borders all across Africa. There is constant migrations and invasions all around in the Dark Continent. Much is also true of Latin America. And much of North Africa and Middle East have turned into land without borders where Jihadis and ‘refugees’ can move in huge numbers from one area to another. And with plummeting birthrates in East Asia, the globalist corporations and PC-indoctrinated elites there are also calling for massive increase in Diversity. 75% of Japanese corporations want open borders and massive immigration of Third World into Japan. Jews push all these developments. It is as if Jews want a stable homeland for themselves while the rest of the world is to be rendered rootless, faceless, ahistorical, and amnesiac. This is a diabolical design on the part of Jews, and it must be resisted by full force by all patriots around the world.
But, too many people join with globalism because they have something to gain from it as individuals. People in Third World nations see globalism as a ticket to the richer West and better material lives. Western elites see Diversity as cheaper labor and virtue-signaling fodder. The likes of Justin Trudeau, David Cameron, and Bill Clinton get their jollies by showing off their ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘tolerance’. As privileged globalist birds who remain above the fray, they don’t care about what is happening on the ground to their own people. They got theirs: Material Privilege and Moral Preening. But if Third World nations sign onto globalism as a ticket to the Rich West, they also come under the same pressure to open up their homelands to other peoples. So, it’s not very surprising that while Turks move to Western Europe, Arabs move into Turkey. It’s not surprising that while Mexicans come to the US, Central Americans pour into Mexico. It’s not surprising that while Koreans and Taiwanese pour into the US, other Asians pour into Korea and Taiwan. It’s not surprising that while Spanish and Irish seek out richer European nations, Africans and Muslims are pouring into Spain and Ireland.
Globalism and Invasion and End of Nations. Planet of the Africans is the future.
Anyway, white race-ism, in sane and sensible doses, is the necessary specimen in the Political Ecology of the West. While too much of it can lead to something like National Socialist Germany that waged needless wars, its extinction will lead to the demise of the West itself. (White people may see the end of ‘white racism’ as a matter of moral pride & strength, but the tired, poor, and huddled masses of the Third World see it as weakness & vulnerability, a chink in the Western armor. White people might as well be called the ‘new chinks’ because the hole in their armor is getting bigger and bigger. And if white people think they are going to win the trust and admiration of Jews for their good efforts to be ‘good whites’, they are dreaming. The Jewish Personality that evolved over thousands of years thinks like David Mamet’s characters. It looks for weak points, sinks its fangs, and sucks until the blood runs dry. If Jews have one weakness, it is their parasitic lust doesn’t know when to stop sucking on the blood of the host. But as the host dies, so does the parasite. Jews love to suck on the riches of others, and no part of the world grew as rich as the West. If the West fades from Diversity, where will Jews go next to suck on more blood? Africa? Muslim nations? Latin America? Asia? Not only are those nations poorer, but they are less infected with the kind of guilt consciousness that has infested the minds of Northern Europeans and Anglo- and Anglo-ized white Americans. If Jews kill the West, Jews kill themselves. But Jewish bloodlust can’t help itself.) While liberalism, tolerance, and diversity have their advantages and positive sides, they must be checked for their own excesses. They need to be trimmed and pruned. They must not be allowed to grow fat and overbearing. White race-ism needs to feed on them when they grow too big.
Without predators such as coyotes and hawks, the population of rabbits and deers will explode and destroy the environment by excessive consumption of plants and defoliation. Also, predators serve as a bulwark against possible invasive species. So, predators not only check the overgrowth of certain herbivores but expel threats posed by species outside the eco-system.
It’s like the military class was a ‘necessary evil’ throughout history. Sure, the military class or the nobility could be overbearing, exploitive, brutal, and vicious. But its culture of discipline and hardship balanced out the culture of the decadents and solipsists. Japan couldn’t have survived with only the Heian aesthetes. It also needed the hardened samurai warriors. And even though the military class could use violence against its own people, it also resisted and pushed out potential invaders.
Heian Aesthetics
Samurai Art of War
White Race-ism is the mind-predator and mind-warrior of the West. Race-ism is like a predator that hunts and feeds on excessive decadence, doubt, apathy, tolerance, treachery, and weakness. Just like wolves bring down the weak and diseased among the caribou(thereby favoring the fit and healthy to survive and mate among the caribou), race-ism attacks the overly flabby, weak, stupid, and ridiculous among the liberal and tolerant herd. By doing so, it keeps liberalism hale and healthy instead of stupid, demented, and retarded(as with Political Correctness or Political Cult of Worship). The reason for the historical success of White America was the balance of white race-ism and white universalism. White universalism sought lofty principles, social reform, and greater tolerance. But it had the tendency to mutate into mental modes of racial self-loathing, cult of collective guilt, and national suicide. So, white race-ism counterbalanced the universalism with its tough realism, tribalism, cultural unity, and warrior mentality. It didn’t allow universalism to get out of hand. (In turn, universalism countered and balanced out the more extreme elements of race-ism and tribalism.) While universalism ended black slavery — an institution that surely needed to go — , white race-ism was keenly aware of real threats posed by the black race on the white race. Blacks, being more muscular and more aggressive, posed a danger to the white race. Liberalism, universalism, and cult of egalitarianism pushed by white herbivores had their positive sides, but they weren’t sufficient for white racial survival. It is like Christianity couldn’t have survived and expanded by the teachings of Jesus alone. While there was genuine moral beauty and value in those teachings, such ‘herbivoric’ ideals had to be balanced by the ‘carnivoric’ forces of tribalism and militarism. While tribal-militarists had something to gain from the moral-spiritual teachings of Christianity(on mercy, forgiveness, redemption, and etc), they had to attack and destroy Christian fanatics who insisted that all people should lay down their arms and do exactly as Jesus preached. It sure didn’t work for Jeremy Iron’s character in THE MISSION. Christianity that isn’t counter-balanced by predatory tribal-warriorism is a death cult. Maybe a glorious death cult but death cult just the same. The tribal-military predators could tolerate the sensible Christians(or Christian Realists in tune with the actual way of the world), but they knew that extreme Christians who called on all of society to go ‘vegan’ and ‘pacifist’ had to be pounced on and devoured. The current pope(who should be called ‘poop’) who calls on Europeans to welcome and embrace the deluge of Third World invasion should really be removed from authority.
Imagine if rabbits and deers told coyotes and cougars to go vegetarian as well. Not only will coyotes and cougars become sick from eating leaves, but there will be an over-population of deers and rabbits as none of them will be weeded out. And then, the overfeeding of plants will lead to demise of everything.
Likewise, imagine a social order where extreme Christians convince the tribal-warriors to lay down their arms and become pure-hearted Christians. Eventually, the society will fill up with saps, wussies, and crybabies. There will be no fighting spirit. Such a sickened society will fall prey to parasitic forces from within who exploit the forgiving defenselessness of the sappy Christians. It will also fall prey to foreign invaders who see it as easy picking, as easy conquest inhabited by wussies who turn the other cheek and crybabies who demand to be fed but have no predatory instinct to get their own food.

While the tribal-militarists are far from perfect and may even attack and harm good people, they at least have some kind of Ecological Covenant(or ‘ecovenant’) with the Christians. They attack and restrain the tendency of extreme Christians, and in doing so, they help maintain a Christianity that is more realistic, healthy, and strong. Also, they play a protective role in defending the realm from would-be invaders, as indeed it was the warrior-nobility that saved Christian Europe from the Muslim invasions. This is why Jews have been so keen on severing the long-standing contract between Christianity and white tribalism-militarism. Even in the US that was founded on ideal of the separation of church and state and the separation of civilian rule and the military, it was well-understood from the beginning that America was a White Christian Nation and that its military class came primarily from White Christians serving God and Country. They were united in spirit even if separated by law. But Jews have even destroyed this spiritual bonds among the military, the race, and the religion. The US military is now indoctrinated in homomania. American soldiers are told that their main faith is MLK, Diversity, and homomania. The New Cold War with Russia is partly predicated on the notion that Russia is anti-‘gay’. Also, Putin’s Russia is a nation where the Russian ethnos, Russian military, and Russian religion are all seen as part of a whole, indeed not only spiritually but even in the letter of the law. Jews cannot abide by this, and that is why Jews seek to use American Power to destroy Russia.
The Ottoman Siege of Vienna. Christians didn't prevail by turning the other cheek. It was the Tribalist-Warriors who won the day.
So, in the US, the religion of Christianity has been guilt-baited into expunging the slightest vestige of racial or ethnic identity among whites. While black churches can serve black churches, the idea of a white church specifically serving white identity and interests will be denounced. Indeed, whiteness has become so tainted with sin that white churches, even the Mormons, go out of their way to virtue-signal their commitment to Diversity by adopting black African babies or recruiting non-whites as new members. It’s as if a church cannot be holy unless it is blessed by Diversity(and even homosexuals as homomania is the new religion of the land.) So, US Christianity has turned into extreme ‘cuck-ish’ herbivorism. It is more about saving black Africans and adopting non-white babies and relocating Third World masses to white communities all across America. White Race-ism is no longer allowed to pounce on and attack these extreme and harmful forms of cuck-Christianity or Cuck-tianity.
The ONLY kind of tribal-militant white Christianity that is somewhat tolerated by the Jewish-Globo elites are the Christian-Zionist churches that project their repressed militant-tribalism onto Israel. If Liberal Cuck-Christians tend to be nice and sappy to everyone, the Conservative Christian Zionists can be tough and aggressive... but only in serving Israel and Jews, the very people who loathe white Evangelicals the most. Christian Zionists are like vicious dogs that serve their human master and bark & attack other dogs than like proud wolves that fight and attack to serve their own tribe. It just goes to show that no matte how tough and aggressive a people may be, their show of strength and prowess are laughable if the terms of their toughness are controlled by another people. It’s like Janissaries were tough and aggressive warriors but the tools of the Muslim Ottoman Turks. Though born into Greek Christian families, they were turned into warriors for Allah. Though toughened into great warriors, they didn’t serve their own kind but fought to destroy them: fellow European Christians. Christian Zionists are the Janissaries of the Jews. They’ve been AIPAC-ed into servility that they are not even aware of. A horse is many times bigger, stronger, and tougher than a man, but the man rides and orders the horse. The horse’s power is harnessed to serve the man’s agenda. Christian Zionism, along with the US military, is a horse with a Jewish rider. No matter how robust and aggressive it may be, it lacks the autonomy of agenda. It is manipulated and dictated by one who is smarter and cleverer.
Gene Wilder in THE FRISCO KID. Christian Zionism and US Military may be big strong horses, but they are ridden by the Jewish Globalist Cowboy. Horses have no agency. War Machine is the Shwarz Machine.
There is a wild overgrowth of ‘nigga’-ism, SJW-ism, cuckery, and even feminism in the West because of the radical culling of White Race-ism. It was white race-ism that checked excessive black savagery in America. White race-ism long ago correctly sensed that blacks are not simply white people with black skin. There are mental, physical, and temperamental differences between white and blacks. Therefore, without the predatory might and defensive resolve of white race-ism, white people will fall prey to the more aggressive and stronger blacks.
Confederate Flag: The New Symbol of White Race-ist Resolve to Survive and Defend Itself from Excessive Black Savagery(that is encouraged by Rap Music Culture and Interracism promoted by Jewish Powers That Be).
Social Justice Warthog
And SJW-ism, really a form of white-self-loathing, has grown out of control because the absence of any White Race-ism has led to young whites growing up with any sense of pride, heritage, meaning, and destiny. Having no sense of who they are, they just rely on Jewish academia and media that fill them with the anti-white Narrative. As such, their minds become overly infested with twisted pride that can only be achieved by righteous denunciation of their own race, culture, and history. Only through collective shame can they can arrive at a kind of moral pride. It might as well be called ‘shride’. ‘Cuckery’ is also the product of the lack of white race-ism. Since whites are not allowed to have an identity, pride, and heritage, many whites turn ‘cuck’ and feel that the whole purpose of being white is to atone for ‘white privilege’ and live for the good of other races, especially Jews and Negroes. And the perversion of feminism also owes to the pathological lack of White Race-ism. Despite all the crap women say, women respect and admire power and authority. It’s like women need red meat sometimes to provide iron after menstruation. Too much red meat is bad, but none at all is worse. The fall of White Race-ism means that white males are not allowed to be figures of manhood, pride, and identity, at least in service of the white race. (White manhood is tolerated IF tough whites turn race-traitor and side with People of Color against their own brethren. It’s like the Christian Zionist Neo-Janissary Rule. White/Christian virility is okay if it serves Jews, blacks, or some PC-favored people but never when it serves whites.) With white males having lost so much respect, feminism henpecks at white males as the wussy scapegoat for all the problems in the world. (Because most people are cowards, they blame the weak than the strong. Isn’t it odd that blacks complained less of whites when the latter were powerful and oppressive than when they were nice and tolerant? When white men were tough and proud in the past, most white women respected them. Now that white males have turned sappy and crappy, white women blame them for everything.) Paradoxically, white males are the favorite targets of the so-called ‘oppressed groups’ precisely because white males are no longer oppressive and, if anything, are often attacked and marginalized by the forces of globalism, ‘nigga’-ism(whereupon black boys routinely beat up white boys), and open borders(that displace white populations with foreign elements all across America). People who claim to be oppressed rarely speak out against the true oppressors whom they fear. Instead, they direct their rage at the targets permitted by the true powers-that-be. When National Socialists became the new tyrannical force in Germany, Germans couldn’t bitch about Hitler but could only blame Jews and others for all the problems. It’s like Mao Zedong held the real power in Red China, but the Chinese had to direct all their anger and frustrations at the ‘imperialists’ and ‘capitalist roaders’ who were mere phantoms in China. In the US, Jews have the most power, but even people who know this fact dare not speak truth to Jewish Power since they will end up like Rick Sanchez or Jason Richwine. The all-purpose bogeyman for all groups in the US is the White Male. People are afraid of Jews who control the media, academia, finance, and government. Jews can ruin lives. Jews can make people pee their pants. People are afraid of blacks who are so loud, bullying, and savage. They holler and throw fits. Of course, people dare not admit the fear since they don’t want to seem cowardly. (But feeling fear in face of savagery is not cowardice. It is natural emotions. Real cowardice is the refusal to admit these feelings and coming up with a rational plan to deal with the problem.) So, they try to hide their ‘cowardice’ by cravenly convincing themselves that they are heart-and-soul with the Jews(in Israel) or with the blacks(against ‘racists’). Even though they bend to the will of Jewish power and black thuggery out of fear and fright, they pretend that they willfully and conscientiously chose to serve Jews and blacks out of pity and sympathy for ‘eternal historical victims’. (To be sure, what whites fear most isn’t so much Jews and blacks but one another. If all whites were to think and feel alike as proud race-ists, they could easily come together to topple Jewish power and push back black violence. But because so many whites have been brainwashed with ‘white guilt’ and PC, whites know that fellow whites will denounce and attack them before Jews and blacks even raise a fuss. Because Jews are only 2% of the US population, they know that their power depends on controlling white minds. If white hearts-and-minds become independent of Jewish manipulation, whites could rise in racial consciousness and then move against Jewish Power, and then, Jews would be finished. In a way, what happened in the GOP in 2016 is a testament to this fact. When so many GOP voters turned against Neocon elites and went with ‘god-emperor’ Trump, there was little that the Jewish elites could do about it. Jews don’t have the demography, the brute force of numbers. Jews need to control the minds of the gentile majority to have supreme power. So, Jews are now heavily invested in Democratic Whites, who are more brainwashed with PC and showered with globalist privilege, to push against the GOP whites behind Trump. If Democratic whites were also to become like Trump supporters, the twilight of Jewish power would be at hand. No matter how much Jewish elites control media, academia, banks, and etc., they will be vulnerable without mass support. It’s like Brits had all the elite power in India, but once the Indians rose up en masse, there was nothing the Brits could do. So, Jewish power needs to control the minds of whites. But there is no guarantee that whites will be manipulated forever. In 2016, Jews saw the ebbing away of their control of narrative/agenda in the GOP. Even if Trump loses, what happened in the GOP primaries is a frightening harbinger for Jews. So, it is no wonder that Jews are working so hard to push for Diversity. That way, if whites are reduced to a minority, even the unity of white masses won’t be enough to topple Jewish power since Jews will have non-white new majority on their side. Of course, non-whites have no love for Jews(and may even hate Jews more than any white person does), but to the extent that Jews have opened the gates to the West, they figure alliance with Jews is their ticket to Western affluence and goodies. It’s like Mexicans hate gringos or gabachos, but they are more than willing to grovel to any gringo who will hire him to pick lettuce to send some dinero back to Mexico. 2016 saw white rebellion in the GOP. Though Sanders voters are PC, even their rise frightened Jews on the Democratic side. They threaten to break up the Jewish elite and Democratic mass coalition. They talk of 1% vs the rest. Also, their BDS agenda pits people-of-color and White Progs against Zionist globalists. Sanders supporters’ style of ‘progressivism’ is a threat to Jewish Power because it is more consistent than Hillary’s kind. Many Sanders supporters believe ‘anti-racism’ should apply to Zionism and Jewish privilege too. They are like the Mainline Protestant Churches that are now voting to boycott Israel and support BDS. Hillary’s style of Proggism denounces ‘white racism’ but praises Zionism regardless of how long the Occupation continues. Her style of Proggism yammers about the helping the less fortunate but also panders to Goldman Sachs. It is a hyprogressy, or hypocritical progressivism. It’s no wonder that Jews promote homomania. With homos as their proxy, Jews can exert their power through ‘rainbow’ colors when the Zionist flag becomes a bit too ubiquitous and queasy.) So, even when Jews act bad and cause problems, the ‘white male’ gets blamed for the crisis. Even when blacks act bad, the blame somehow falls on white males. Blacks kill blacks? It’s the whitey’s fault.
But even White Conservatives are not free of this disingenuous mentality. Consider the Trump Campaign that pretends to talk tough and give us the plain truth. Unlike the Democrats, Trump doesn’t go for ‘blame whitey’ or ‘blame the white male’. But he won’t go after Jews and blacks, the two most destructive peoples in America. There is just enough reference to misguided foreign policy(that implicates Jewish influence) and just enough mention of increased Law & Order(codeword for being tough on black crime), but Trump will not name the Jew or the Negro. But he will name the Mexicans, the Muslims, the Iranians, and the Chinese. But seriously, the idea that Mexicans, Muslims Iranians, and Chinese are the main cause of worry for Americans is as fantastic as the notion that the White Male is guilty for all worldly ills. To be sure, there is the problem of Too Many Mexicans, but Mexicans are not the brains and purse of globalism that is destroying the West. Liberals blame everything on the White Male, and Conservatives pick on the Mexican, Muslim, Chinese, Iranian, and Russian, but NO ONE ever sees the Jewish fingerprints and the Negro footprints at the crime scene. Jews rob us through Wall Street and use huge fortunes to buy up politicians. And Negroes cause havoc in the streets and do immeasurable harm in communities all across America due to Section 8 invasions. But any issue pertaining to Jews and blacks must be spun to defer to them(now joined by holy homos as homomania is the new quasi-religious cult of the West — incidentally, homomania’s power trajectory hasn’t been unlike the rise of Christianity as both went from Persecution to Tolerance to Officialdom to Coercion).
John McCain and his dog. But why does a dog need a dog?
The West took the wrong approach. Instead of controlling White Race-ism, it decided to cull it out of existence. All the hysteria about the evil of ‘racism’ made whites suppress even their healthy instincts for identity, unity, defense, and survival. And in the long run, it will harm not only whites but non-whites. After all, the reason why non-whites wanted to come to white nations is because whites created well-functioning and well-regulated societies. And whites were able to do this because the power of white race-ism maintained white identity & unity against other peoples and forces. Consider the case of California. We are now told that the Chinese Exclusion Act was an evil ‘racist’ policy, but it actually saved White America in that part of the world. One could justifiably point to cases where Chinese were mistreated and exploited in the West, especially in the making of railroads. That is fair game. And one could even say some of the anti-Chinese rhetoric was over-the-top, just like some of the scenes in THE BIRTH OF A NATION went too far in demeaning the Negro. Even so, consider what would have been the fate of California if, in the late 19th century, it allowed open borders policy with China. As China was the most populous nation in the world with many poor desperate people, whites in California would have easily been outnumbered and overtaken by Chinese immigrants. If demography is destiny as they say, California would have essentially become an extension of China. As it happened, much of California has turned into an extension of Mexico due to open borders policy in the past five decades. (Would California even have achieved greatness as a state if non-whites had been allowed to take it over in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? The reason why California became much richer than Mexico was because it was settled and developed mostly by whites. The non-whites are coming to take over what whites did most to build.) California took a tolerant approach to immigration(even illegal immigration), and now it is teeming with Third World peoples. Though white race-ism, if unchecked and uncontrolled, can become nasty and vicious(like any ethnocentrism), the same goes for white liberalism and universalism. There is the danger of bigotry on the right, but there is the danger of ‘progotry’ on the left. If bigots are often blind to the virtues of other peoples and to the vices of their own kind, the progots are the opposite. They are blind to the virtues of their own kind and the vices of other peoples. If Nazi Germany was defined with ‘Aryan’ bigotry, today’s Europe is defined by globalist progotry. Even though Jewish elites are doing horrible things to Europeans, there is admiration for Jews. Even though Arab-Muslim-African ‘migrants’ are wreaking havoc all over, the media-academia-and-government complex is suppressing the truth and pushing the voodoo cult of Diversity as a wonder drug.
If Hitler saw nothing wrong with Germans invading the world, Merkel sees nothing wrong with the world invading Germany(and rest of Europe). Racial Bigot and Global Progot.
If Nazi bigots believed they had some god-given right to trample into and invade other nations, the Globo progots believe that the world, especially the ghastly black Africans, have some god-given right to trample into Europe and conquer the native white population territorially, culturally, politically, and sexually. But such physical invasion is happening because the mental invasion and infestation broke down Western will and instinct for survival. Destroy the mind, the body will follow. White race-ism and European nationalism had once provided the necessary predatory and defensive function within the Western heart and soul. They attacked and restrained the power of extreme liberalism and universalism within the European consciousness. They reminded the European mind to be wary of excessive utopianism. They also urged the European soul to unite and fight when necessary and stand up to foreign invaders and alien influences.
Picture your mind. There are various contesting forces within it. After all, no one is entirely rightist or entirely leftist. No one is entirely conservative or entirely liberal. No one is entirely suspicious or entirely trusting. No one is entirely rational or entirely emotional. Everyone has a blend of various attitudes, perspectives, & passions though some are more ‘this’ than ‘that’. Suppose a part of you is open to new things and curious about the world. But suppose such curiosity and open-mindedness are balanced by a sense of identity and unity and pride. If you were overly conservative, you might lead a life of boring stasis, even stagnation. If you were overly liberal, you might lead a life of flippancy and frivolity of the moment. So, the best thing is to have a kind of balance. (When push comes to shove, however, hard conservatism is preferable to extreme liberalism IF one must choose one or the other. However static and dogmatic it may be, conservatism ensures continuity, stability, and survival. In contrast, ultra-liberalism may have its peaks, but its rootless decadence will flame out soon enough into the ash heap of oblivion. Fortunately, one can have a meaningful blend of conservatism and liberalism.) It’s like we need daytime and nighttime. A world that is all day would be too hot and dry; one that is all night would be too cold and dark.
The excessive culling of white race-ism from the white soul has robbed Western Man of something essential. It has removed the yang from the yin/yang balance. It’s one thing to say that ‘European values’ should include tolerance, openness, and universalism, but surely, a civilization doesn’t consist only or primarily of values. After all, values, ideas, and attitudes change all the time, sometimes almost overnight. If Europe is defined by current EU globo-capitalist-decadent values, then communist Europe and fascist Europe were not European. And Medieval Europe that was devout and intolerant was not European either.
It’s like a person is more than what he believes in his mind or feels in his heart due to ideology or culture. First and foremost, you are YOU no matter what you believe. You could go from communism to capitalism to fascism to Christianity to New Age to Islam to whatever. Whatever your values or creed, you are first-and-foremost you as an living organism of a certain lineage. And all the values in the world cannot change this fact. Likewise, Europe is more than its values and ideologies(that are changing constantly). After all, not long ago, it was illegal to be homosexual in much of the West. Now, we are told that homomania is an essential part of ‘European values’. So, was Europe not ‘European’ some decades ago when many nations had criminalized homosexuality?
Political Ecology out of whack. The radical culling of white race-ism has led to the infestation and overgrowth of 'herbivoric' behavior that leads to softness, flabbiness, sappiness, and naivete: The recipe for National and Racial Suicide. If a nation destroys the healthy predatory & defensive race-ist instinct of its own people, it will inevitably and invariably fall prey to the parasitic and predatory invasions by OTHER peoples. Europe, in having lost its predatory instincts, is now being sucked dry by Jewish leeches and African/Muslim crocodiles and hyenas.
While values and ideas are important, a society(like an individual) is more than what it believes at the moment. It’s like Russia was Russia before communism, during communism, and after communism. If communism = Russia, then Russia wasn’t Russia before communism or after communism. European-ness was created biologically, geographically, and culturally over tens of thousands of years. The European peoples came into being before they had any idea of European-ness, let alone ‘European values’. And that is the CORE essence of Being. Being is more than Believing. You are YOU no matter what you believe. So, what matters first and foremost is for you to live and survive. You might go from communism to capitalism to fascism to libertarianism, but all those things are possible only because you exist as you in the first place. If you fail to survive, it is over. Believing follows being. Being is not created by believing. If I say ‘communist’, I cannot produce a communist person out of the thin air. Because Being is most important, it is sensible to Believe what best secures your Being. (Unfortunately, the West is now into Believing what most undermines its Being. When Being and Believing are most complementary, a people have come upon the best formula.) What goes for an individual goes for society. The first and foremost duty of any community is to survive and defend itself as a Being. Its Believing is of secondary importance. Of course, Believing gives meaning to Being. Being without Believing(in something) would reduce us to animals. But Believing is far less stable than Being. A person can take on so many ideologies and fashions in a lifetime, but he is himself and only himself(even if he changes his name from ‘Bruce’ to ‘Caitlyn’). Sense and wisdom require Believing to be subordinate to Being, to serve, secure, and sustain the Being. If the Believing fails in preserving the Being, it has been exposed as a failure. (And events in the West is showing that its current Believing is at odds with the needs of Being.)
White Race-ism is well-aware of the need for a people to survive as a race, culture, history, narrative, and geography. Perhaps, because Being is more primal and elementary than Believing, the Being-ists tend to be less intellectually sophisticated(or sophistic) in their arguments. After all, an argument of "it is what it is" is less tantalizing than "it should or could be such and such because of..." The project of Believing produces more verbiage than the preservation of Being does. After all, even Jews produced more interesting ideas as Marxists, liberals, capitalists, anarchists, and socialists than as Zionists. Zionism is about Being. When it comes to Jewish identity and unity, Jews need only convince themselves to insist on being what they are. It is about their people, their history, and their land. But when it comes to abstract, radical, or universal ideologies, Jews could contrive endless arguments to cast a spell over people around the world. Granted, Zionism is wildly popular in America, especially among Christian Zionists, but it didn’t gain traction as provocative intellectual system but as a strange contradictory blend of themes around universal justice and nationalist pride. The Holocaust made Jews the objects of pity, and the creation of Israel was perceived as an act of universal justice for the Jews who, like other peoples with nations to call their own, were deserving of their own homeland. But to the extent that Israel was created by taking land from Arabs and Muslims, it created a West vs Rest and ‘us versus them’ scenario. For Christian Zionists, the Israelis were seen as neo-Crusaders who reclaimed the Holy Land from the Muslims and were allied with the Christian West. Israel was admired for its Western-oriented nationalism against the Muslim barbarians. So, Israel came to appeal to both liberal universalists and conservative nationalists. AIPAC has artfully played on both strains to win over both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’.
The current West makes no sense. Without the predatory controls provided by white race-ism, it falls deeper and deeper into the cults of Universalism and Tolerance(and Inclusion — Inclusion without limits turn into Invasion. Exclusion prevents Extinction.). Furthermore, no one seems to care or notice that true universalism is intolerant. Universalism says there are certain truths arrived at by facts, reason, and logic that are irrefutable. As such, those are the real truth and must apply to all corners of the globe. The strongest argument for universalism is in science and math. What is objectively true in Germany is also true in Iran, Nigeria, China, Mexico, and etc. Law of gravity is the same in all nations. Modern medicine is another. We know certain germs cause certain diseases. This is a fact proven by observation and experiment. Other cultures may have different explanations, often mystical, about human diseases, but modern medicine as developed by the West is closest to the truth. So, true science cannot tolerate bogus pseudo-science. It insists that its truths are universal and same everywhere. Laws of physics and chemistry are not different in Russia or Brazil. Likewise, true medicine cannot tolerate bogus medicine based on hocus-pocus or superstition. What has been proven true in medicine is a universal fact, and this truth cannot tolerate alternative medical theories that are not supported by data and proof.
Many people believe the idea of human rights has universal relevance. They say human rights must apply to all peoples and nations. Now, human rights is not a science, and different societies and cultures have different values and taboos stemming from different histories, temperaments, experiences, collective personalities, and power dynamics. But, the idea of ‘universal human rights’ says that some values are so essential and elemental that they must apply to all mankind. In other words, human rights cannot tolerate what is deemed as inhumane. Some like Samantha Powers says the advanced West should even resort to military intervention to ensure the implementation of human rights in all corners of the world.
Whether one believes there is universal human rights or not, it remains that universalism of values is at odds with the cult of tolerance. If indeed the West believes that its values are the most advanced and objectively true, the implication is that those values must be forced on the rest of the world so that truth and justice shall prevail over ignorance and tyranny. Such was the point of Marxism. Communists really believed in the ‘science’ of their ideology. They believed it to be objective and irrefutably true and just. So, communism couldn’t tolerate heresy. And communist revolutions sought to spread Marxism as the only true answer for all humanity. As things turned out, communists proved to be wrong and foolish in their cocksure ‘scientific socialism’. Nevertheless, there was consistency in their universalism and intolerance. If you really believe that your views are true and just for all humanity, then you cannot philosophically and morally tolerate opposing views since they must be untrue and unjust. If all views and values were valid, then universalism would be impossible since nothing would be true for all peoples.
However, the modern West claims to be both universalist and tolerant. It is like trying to have the cake and eat it too. It is a insoluble contradiction, but then, the point of globalism is to gain control over entire populations with hype, slogans, hysteria, and pageantry than with facts, logic, or sense. PC globalism is about spreading the mere conceit of rationality, justice, and mindfulness than confronting people with the real burden of thought. Its typical mantra is, "We believe in free speech but not ‘hate speech’." PC cannot tolerate ‘hate facts’ that challenge and provoke individuals to mull over issues and topics by considering all the angles. The campaign against ‘hate speech’ is to declare certain ideas as ‘thought crimes’. One of the main thought crimes is the recognition that Universalism and Tolerance cannot coexist in any honest system. Tolerance undermines universalism since it assumes that there are more than one set of truths and values. It is like Diversity and Equality don’t make a good pair despite the PC assertion of their complementary bond.
Universalism means certain sets of ideas or values apply equally to all peoples all over the world. Scientific universalism says gravity is same all over the world. Medical universalism says Syphilis is caused by certain bacteria all over the world. There can be no exceptions. Spiritual universalism, either in form of Christianity or Islam(or Buddism), says that Jesus is the Savior of all mankind or Muhammad is the Prophet for all mankind.
But when universalism is intertwined with Tolerance(and Inclusion), the contradictions keep multiplying. On the one hand, the PC fusion of Universalism and Tolerance says European Values are so very true and correct(thus implying applicability, even by coercion, to all of humanity) but then also says Europeans Values are about withholding judgement on those who are different(even radically different) and may even be opposed to or incompatible with European Values. It says Europe must ‘include’ those who don’t care for European Values.

It’s worth asking, if European Values are indeed so universal, why have they changed so much over the centuries and millennia? And why is there such a wide range of those values or ideas? After all, European Values can be said to be represented by Adam Smith or Karl Marx. By St. Augustine or Marquis de Sade. Also, consider how often European Values changed in the past few decades. Frenchmen who lived in the 1950s and 1960s would not recognize today’s French values as European or French. Many Swedes living in the 50s and 60s would have balked at the kind of ‘values’ that Sweden espouses in the current era. And there was a time not long ago when almost no one, not even among liberals, believe that American Values had anything to do with ‘gay marriage’ or a former Olympian putting on dress and asking the public to call him ‘Caitlyn’. Such things would have been too outlandish even for the Onion or Mad magazine.
It's been some time since the Onion has been superseded in lunacy by Political and Cultural Events in the past 8 yrs.
All such idiocies would have been held in check if the Political Ecology of the West had preserved a niche for white race-ism and nationalism. But the culling of the healthy predatory & defensive instincts of the white race — the very drives that protected the West from Muslim and Mongol invasions and created the great nations of the New World — has allowed the Jewish weasels, black thugs, feminist wenches, SJW brats, slutty race-traitor mudsharks, and sappy white cucks to run amok all over the West. In Hungary and Poland, where white race-ism is allowed some measure of co-habitation with other -isms, there has been a checking and even rolling back of the damaging consequences of excessive liberalism and ‘xenomania’, a globalist madness that worships Diversity as an unquestionable and infallible good(against all evidence to the contrary). But in nations like Great Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, and Canada where white race-ism has been culled to near-extinction, there are precious few defenses left psychologically and physically to save the West from the Invasion by the Rest. Of course, the Jewish globalists contrived a clever name for this mass invasion: ‘Inclusion’. So, the West is not being invaded by the world due to Jewish machinations. Instead, white ‘progressive’(and even ‘conservative’ or ‘cuckservative’) morons have been flattered into cherishing their goodness by welcoming the invasion as ‘inclusion’, indeed even to the point of electing a Muslim mayor in London that is now majority non-British.
This is what happens when Political Ecology goes full-cuckoo under the influence of Jews. White people in the West are so brainwashed that they don’t even know they are being manipulated and driven to demise and downfall. They are being invaded against their natural instinctive will to survive, but they’ve been led to believe in their own agency of favoring ‘inclusion’. But in fact, the mass invasion was not their idea. They didn’t call for it or ask for it. Instead, it was foisted upon them by their traitor-elites who serve the globalist Jews. But since the Jewish elites control the media and the narrative, the white suckers believe that the goodness of their hearts attracted all these Diverse Peoples who serve as a testament to the Compassion and Redemption of the West.
When people prefer fantasy over reality, there’s no limit to delusion... until the reality hits them so hard that people are forced to wake up. Germans once followed Hitler’s fantasy vision and disregarded reality. They believed in German infallibility and invincibility. But they were finally shaken awoke by the reality of invasion and destruction. But the horror of defeat and humiliation was such that it is as if Germans reverted to fantasy mode. The traumatic reality in the interim was too brutal and horrific to behold. Germans went from the security of Nazi fantasy to the security of NATO fantasy. Since NATO is controlled by the US that came to be controlled by Jews(the main victims of the Holocaust), the new German fantasy revolved around the theme of Redemption by Worshiping Jews and Obeying Jewish Globalism. So, if Jews insist on more Diversity for Germany, Germans dutifully follow. (Germans and Austrians have become so brainwashed by Jewish globalism and leftist dogma that they now do this to themselves even without Jewish pressure. It’d been so drilled into them that they march to the tune even when the commander isn’t around. Entire generations of Germans and Austrians have been raised on the cult of the Holocaust, Worship of Jews, and expurgation of any nationalist and race-ist feelings, the exact opposite of how Jewish kids are raised in Israel, a nation that has healthy birthrate and suffers no foreign invasion, a fact of which Jews are proud of.) The current fantasy will be even more devastating to Germany than WWII in the long run. As destructive as that war was, it was about the downfall of a German political system. It was not about the downfall of German race and culture that were allowed to survive. Indeed, with the massive influx of Ost-Germans due to expulsions, Germany filled up with 15 million extra Germans, 5 million more than they lost in the war. So, WWII led to downfall of the regime but survival of the German race and culture. But now, what we are seeing in the downfall of the German race-and-culture itself due to combined effects of low birthrates and mass invasion of ‘refugees’ and ‘migrants’.
Bruno Ganz in DOWNFALL. Childless Hitler who brought death and destruction to Germany. Even so, the WWII didn't bring about the end of German race and culture.
Angela Merkel, the vile chancellor who is engineering the total demise of her nation, race, and culture to the approval of hideous Jewish Globalists. World War Diversity or WWD can very well finish off Germany as we know it. But Merkel and her minions aren't content to destroy their own nation. They insist on OTHER European nations joining in the Jim-Jones-like Death Cult. If crazy Hitler wanted all Germans to die with him, Merkel wants all of Europe to follow Germany's auto-genocide or self-mass-suicide.
If scientists could identify the ‘racist’ part of brain that ‘hates’ and remove it, would things be for the best? It would seem so to the PC crowd. After all, the person could no longer hate, be distrustful, feel hostility, or choose exclusion. He would smile and hug everyone... like Forrest Gump. Now, if he lived in some hypothetical Edenic world where everyone was just like him, i.e. filled with love and couldn’t hate, it might not be so bad(though such a sappy Teletubby or Barney-the-Dino world makes me want to puke). To be sure, it might be unnerving, even terrifying, in its own way — consider the world of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS where the pod people all get along perfectly in mutual trust and camaraderie but have no individuality, no soul.
Anyway, the REAL world is filled with all kinds of dangers, threats, frauds, and trickery. The world is closer to a David Mamet film than Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, all the more so if it has lots of Jews, Negroes and Third World rabble. In such a world, not being able to ‘hate’ and feel race-ist would be tantamount to slavery or death-sentence. It would be like operating on an animal to make it feel no fear, suspicion, or aggression. A prey animal without fear will be killed and eaten in no time. A predator robbed of aggression won’t hunt and kill; it will soon starve. Devoid of ‘racism’ and ‘hate’, whites will end up like Randall McMurphy in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST after the lobotomy. Or consider what happens to the main character of Luis Bunuel’s NAZARIN. Leading the life of an exemplary Christian saint renders him helpless against the arrows and slings of life. He ends up like the character in Jean-Paul Sartre’s THE DEVIL AND THE GOOD LORD when he embarks on a life of absolute pacifist virtue. Virtue without Will-to-Violence is useless. (To be sure, the current West does believe in the threat and use of violence in the service of what is called ‘European Values’. In the name of Liberal Democratic Virtue, the European state will use its apparatus of State Violence to harass, silence, fine, arrest, and blacklist individuals with a fundamentally different conception of European Values. To the extent that the EU is willing to use coercion and weight of violence to silence dissenters, heretics, and ‘haters’, it might be something the radical leftist Jean-Paul Sartre might have approved of. At the end of THE DEVIL AND THE GOOD LORD, the protagonist realizes the need for violence to enforce virtue. Sadly, the current EU conception of ‘European Values’ is totally clueless about the real threats to Europe. Its ideology is retrograde in seeing Nazi ghosts as the main threat to its stability and well-being. Nazis are gone. But because Europeans are haunted by the WWII Narrative like American Liberals will themselves to be spooked by the KKK, they choose to be at war with phantoms than with real dangers. It is true that Nazis once did horrible things to Europe. But they are gone for good. Only their shadows remain because the EU media and narrative are obsessed about WWII and molded a new concept of European Values from the ash heap of the Holocaust. This concept tells them that ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and ‘nationalism’ led to the Holocaust, and therefore, Europeans must swear to denounce and root out all such evil passions and ideologies. Such narrowness of vision forgets that Jews had played a key role in communism and that finance capitalism that drove many good people to ‘antisemitism’. It also fails to mention that it was race-ism and nationalism that were the driving force behind British, Polish, and Russian heroism against Nazi Germany. They weren’t fighting for abstract ideals of ‘equality’ and ‘tolerance’. They were fighting to defend their races and cultures on their homelands. Anti-Nazi war effort was largely driven by nationalism and race-ism[in the sense of racial pride among Anglos and Slavs]. Besides, it wasn’t German nationalism but German imperialism that led to WWII. It was German violation of the nationalisms of other peoples. If anything, it is globalism that is the new imperialism imperiling the survival of races and cultures all over the world[except in Israel of course, because Jewish globalists believe in at least one nationalism: Zionism]. Because Europeans are still chasing after Nazis, they fail to see the threat posed by Invasion and Diversity. Because Nazis were white and looked down on non-whites as less-human, the current European Values lionizes non-whites and vilifies white Europeans with racial pride and nationalist will to survive. European Values as conceived by the EU says that European Culture must be decoupled from the European Race. Indeed, even European History must be disassociated from the European Race, as evinced in European historical movies featuring blacks and other non-whites as ‘European’ historical figures. And in America, the hit musical features Alexander Hamilton as a black guy. [But I doubt if Hitler will ever be portrayed by a non-white guy on TV or in movies.] Because the EU is still chasing after Nazis and regard any white racial consciousness as evil, it sees non-whites as natural moral allies in this Culture War. Because of the ennoblement of non-whites, the EU is willfully blind to all the problems caused by them. Indeed, noticing bad non-white behavior could be construed as ‘racist’, thereby a kind of neo-Nazism at odds with ‘European Values’. Unsurprisingly, the EU resorts to all manner of censorship or sophistry to suppress the truths about problems caused by non-whites. In France, census information about non-whites is prohibited because everyone is considered ‘French’, a concept that has been totally decoupled from blood and lineage. A newly arrived black African is considered to be just as ‘French’ as a Frenchmen whose ancestry goes back many centuries. Frenchness is now just a globo-label than a richly meaningful identity. It is a stamp on a document, not the flow of blood through the centuries, even millennia(from the time of the proto-French). US has a similar problem. Because its Jewish-controlled Narrative is so fixated on the Civil Rights Movement and the MLK myth, the great villain is still the KKK and white ‘racist’ bigot. So, even though the biggest problems of social violence are caused by black thuggery, pathology, and crime, the American Narrative props up the fantasy of noble blacks allied with decent whites against the KKK phantom militias[sighted even at Oberlin college, or was it just someone wrapped in a blanket?] It is a retrograde ideology, much like what prevails in the EU, and both are essentially Judeo-centric. Jews got burned by the Holocaust[though they are silent about their role in communist mass killings] and are still in revenge mode against Europeans. And Jews seek to secure their supremacism in America by morally paralyzing their main racial rival, the white gentiles. Indeed, notice that the mark of ‘white guilt’ isn’t branded only on white Southerners who owned slaves but to all whites, even newly arrived Polish immigrants who, not long ago, were ravaged by German and Russian invaders. Why do Poles have to share in ‘white guilt’? Because Jews want to exert control over them as well. Anyway, the formula of virtue-and-violence in current EU and US is terribly screwy. They spare and even encourage the vices of those who are doing the most damage — blacks in America and Africans/Muslims in Europe — while targeting the courage and decency of those who are most capable of defending and saving Western Civilization — white nationalists and race-ists. It would be as if Israel came up with a new set of ‘Zionist Values’ that spared and aided those Arabs most committed to harming and subverting Israel while targeting Jewish nationalists and race-ists for the harshest opprobrium and punishment. But since Jews are minority-supremacist elites in both US and EU, they simply can’t abide any sense of white majority pride, unity, identity, and interest. But then, where the so-called ‘values’ in EU and US fail most is in seeing Jews as angels deserving of protection when they[at least Jewish Globalits]are really devils hellbent on the destruction and demise of the white race, especially via race-mixing of white women with black men while white males are reduced to sappy sucks. Jews want black men to do to all white women what Soviet men did to German women during the occupation of Germany.)

In truth, hate and race-ism, along with suspicion and distrust, are necessary and essential part of what makes us human. Humans are somewhere between angels and animals. (One of the craziest aspects of PC is that it sees blacks, the most animal among the races, as the most angelic, e.g. the mountain-sized Negro who loves a little white mouse in THE GREEN MILE.) We look toward heaven, but we are mired on earth with the mud and slime. Communism tried to create heaven-on-earth but failed miserably. Capitalism is about dog-eat-dog competition. It produces enough bread, but everyone wants to eat cake and grab the whole pie. Globalism is a tool of Jewish Supremacism that pits entire civilizations against one another under the bullshit rubric of ‘diversity’, ‘tolerance’, and ‘inclusion’. The media are controlled by handful of conglomerates run by Jews and perverted by homos. They are out to hoodwink and fool us than give us the truth. We need to be sharper and more alert than ever. We need to be able to hate our enemies. We need to feel the flow of race-ism in our bloodstream to muster the will and courage to defend our race, culture, history, mythos(narrative), and territory.
El Cid, the Spanish-European Hero-Warrior who fought to drive out the Moorish invaders from his homeland.
Jewish-controlled PC wages a war on ‘Hate’, but of course, Jews know very well that there is no way to get rid of hate in the hearts of people. Hate is too much of a part of our nature and even necessary for our survival. So, Jews have played a mind-trick whereby the resilient white capacity for hate is turned against its own race. White people have been told that ‘white racists’ are rabid, virulent, odious, noxious, evil, and ‘hateful’. So, ‘hate’ is no longer a universal emotion held by peoples of all races. It is an ideological mark branded onto certain groups, especially white males. So, Zionists don’t hate. Black thugs and rappers don’t hate(except when ragging about Jews and homos). Muslims don’t hate(at least when they are killing whites and not Jews). Homos don’t hate. The main ‘haters’ in the world are ‘white racists’. So, these ‘haters’ must be vilified, attacked, and destroyed. This anti-white mania is, of course, an extreme form of hate, but it is not called ‘hate’. It is called opposing hate. It is called ‘social justice’. If you hate the ‘hate’, you are not hateful but on the side of the angels. (Similarly in the Middle Ages, those who acted wickedly cruel and sadistic in their persecution of those accused of witchcraft didn’t regard themselves as being wickedly cruel and sadistic. They felt pious and righteous in their courageous battle against the forces of evil. Acting wicked and cruel against the said ‘wicked’ could not be wicked and cruel.) Progs(‘progressives’) believe that their hateful passions are turned into love(like Jesus turned water into wine) if they hate the ‘haters’. Thus, they become blind to the fact of their own hatred and vitriol.
When foolish white Liberals and white Cuckservatives hate ‘white haters’ or ‘white race-ists’, they are only hating themselves because the targets of PC are no longer extremists like Nazis or the KKK(who hardly exist anymore) but all white individuals who believe that white folks in Europe(or in nations that their forefathers founded and built in the New World) have a right to survive as a race and culture in their own homelands. PC is no longer going after just radical white ‘hate’ but even going after white love of own race, culture, history, and territory. Jewish-controlled PC surmises that white love of whiteness will lead to white hate against anyone and anything that threatens, attacks, and endangers whiteness. Since Jews are most committed to destroying and enslaving the white race, they are afraid of white love as well has white hate. Love when attacked turns to hate. Hurt the child of any parent, and see what happens. The parent who loves his or her child will be filled with hate against you like a Grizzly sow protecting her cubs.
Political Correctness now even goes after Love Crime. This man's transgression(for which he was arrested by authorities that allowed in millions of invaders) was Loving Germany. He confronted a Muslim terrorist killing his countrymen. But because his love for his race, culture, and land made him hate and revile a murderous terrorist, he became the Enemy of the State. We now live in a Jewish-controlled West where arch-villain Merkel's dereliction of duty in 'welcoming' a massive invasion(that has led to sexual assaults and endless filth & mayhem) earns her flowery praise & plaudits from the powers-that-be while a true patriot who loves his own race and culture is hauled off to prison. Something needs to change and fast in our thoroughly evil world.
Viktor Orban the Hungarian patriot for whom the value of a nation cannot be measured in dollars and cents. George Soros the billionaire oligarch for whom everything exists to be bought and sold. To a Jewish-Globalist mega-pimp like him, every person is just a prostitute and every nation is just a casino for tireless money-grubbing.
If white Liberals hated and denounced Neo-Nazis and the KKK, that would be one thing. After all, white race-ism, like anything else, needs to be denounced and rejected when it turns extreme and radical. But it’s now gotten to the point where even ordinary normal Europeans who merely want to preserve their homeland of race, culture, and territory are called ‘haters’ even though they don’t support invasions of other nations(like Zionist-globalists have done against Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine) and don’t claim that their people are superior to other peoples. If a Hungarian wants to preserve Hungary for Hungarians(and supports the preservation of all other nations around the world), that is enough for him to be labeled as a ‘hater’ in the eyes of globalist PC. To add insult to injury, Progs who spew hatred against such a patriot are said to be the champions of ‘love’. This is a case of totally broken Political Ecology.In some habitats where deer and rabbit population exploded as the result of culling of cougars, wolves, and bears, there has been a movement to reintroduce those predators to control the herbivore population. Otherwise, the herbivores will eat all the plants and destroy themselves.
Likewise, the white psychology needs a measures re-introduction of white race-ism. Only then will there be a balance within the white soul. And only when that soulful ecological balance is restored will the white race be ready and willing to take physical measures to protect itself from the Jewish parasite and Third World invaders. Restore the soul, resurrect the body, reclaim the land, and restart the fire. Otherwise, the future is this:

And let us never lose sight of the Jewish Plan for Europe. Right out of Barbara Specter’s mouth: "One of the most gratifying things to me as a Jew is that Muslims in Europe are so positive about Jews and Israel. They absolutely love us! But you are right about Europe. As I’ve said, Europe has not yet learned to be multi-cultural. And I think we’re going be part of the throes of that transformation which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that; it’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multi-cultural mode. And Jews will be resented because for our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive."

There is a need for some amount of ‘homophobia’ and ‘antisemitism’ to maintain or restore balance the political ecology of the West. Of course, ‘homophobia’ is a bogus term since true phobia of homosexuals simply doesn’t exist, or at least I’ve never come across it. Phobia is a panicked, uncontrollable, and extreme fear of something that is harmless. While there is certainly suspicion, dislike, contempt, hatred, and loathing of homosexuals, I’ve never seen phobia of homosexuals. I never seen anyone break into a sweat and flip out because a homosexual happened to share the same space. I never seen people scream in fear when the issue of homosexuality was brought up. Calling someone a ‘homophobe’ is like calling someone a ‘tooth-fairy’. It doesn’t exist. True phobic reaction is like Grodin’s character’s meltdown in MIDNIGHT RUN(even though it turns out he was faking it).
Now, some will argue that terms are fluid, and ‘phobia’ can be used to mean any kind of fear, dislike, or hostility. If so, would the media and academia be okay with labeling anti-conservatives as ‘conservophobes’, anti-nationalists as ‘nationophobes’, anti-Christians as ‘Christophobes’, anti-whites as ‘whitophobes’, and anti-male activists as ‘masculinophobes’? Of course, the media and academia(both controlled by hte PROGLOB) do no such thing. Instead, ‘phobia’ is applied only to groups and agendas opposed by Jews, homos, and the globalists. ‘Phobia’, after all, is not a neutral term but a loaded term with negative connotations. It means your ‘fear’, ‘dislike’, or ‘opposition’ is pathological, mentally ill, irrational, possibly insane, and even evil. So, if you oppose massive immigration, you are a ‘xenophobe’, but if you support mass invasion and destruction of national homelands, you are not called an ‘indigenophobe’ or ‘nationophobe’. Apparently, defending one’s homeland is sick in the head but welcoming the destruction and displacement of your people is mentally sound. The Jewish-controlled academia blast the ‘xenophobes’ but love the ‘xenomaniacs’. And the Jewish-run media push xenomania all night and day. We are told Donald Trump is evil; he is Hitler because he believes in borders and rule of law when it comes to immigration.

Just like ‘homophobia’ is a bogus loaded term, so is ‘antisemitism’. Now, if ‘antisemitism’ were applied to Hitler-lovers, Holocaust-Deniers, or those prone to blaming Jews for everything(even for things Jews aren’t responsible), it would make some sense. It would mean a mentality so anti-Jewish that it sees only the negatives about Jew and nothing of the positive. An anti-Semite might even see wrongs against Jews as righteous or non-existent(as with the case of Hitler lovers or Holocaust Deniers) and/or imagine evils done by Jews that Jews didn’t do. There was a time after World War II when the term ‘antisemitism’ might have been used properly and meaningfully. But it’s since become routine for any honest critic of Jewish power to be denounced, hounded, and destroyed as an ‘anti-Semite’. Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer have been tarnished as ‘anti-Semitse’. Faring much worse were Rick Sanchez for noticing Jewish prominence in the media. And Jason Richwine was blacklisted for noticing higher IQ among Jews than among Hispanics and blacks. ‘Antisemitism’ used to mean slander, libel, and defamation against Jews. Now, it means the mere fact of noticing Jewish Power and speaking truth to it. The recent rise of Alt Right partly owes to its courage and honesty about Jewish Power that is so pervasive in the West. (Unfortunately, there is a porous barrier between Alt Right and the vile 14/88, aka Neo-Nazi, community filled with retards and degenerates. Alt Right needs better border control between the sane right and the insane right.)

Anyway, loaded terms like ‘homophobia’ and ‘antisemitism’ have had a culling effect on even sensible & healthy truth-telling about homosexuality(and its problems) and Jewish Power(and its abuses, some of them quite grave given the sheer might of the US as a military, financial, and cultural power). Without any effective opposition, homomania and Jewish Supremacism have spread like wild weeds. It is not unlike the problem of the Canadian wild geese. At one time, they were faced with near-extinction. So, they were protected and allowed to multiply. Without natural predators to control them, their population exploded, and they flew all around and shat on everything. So, measures had to be taken to smash geese eggs and to introduce certain predators to keep down the geese population. Same dynamics apply to Jews and homos. They too need to come under predatory pressure to restore the Political Ecology. By ‘predatory’, I don’t mean people should go around randomly killing Jews or homos like the Exterminators hunting the Brutals in ZARDOZ. I mean the struggle of ideas, information, truth, and narratives. After all, it was exactly such a (counter)predatory action that exposed the foul lies of Sabrina Rubin Erderly. She was pounced and preyed upon those who were hungry for truth. Truth-lovers have a keen nose for lies and feed on them. Without those ‘predatory’ bloggers who fed on PC lies, most people might still believe the vile defamation perpetrated by the Rolling Stone magazine. Just like Jews played predator against Wasp abuses and privileges in the past, there needs to be new predators that pounce on Jewish lies, excesses, and abuses. This will be good for non-Jews and Jews. Non-Jews will be shielded from Jewish excesses, and the Jewish community will be pressured to be more honest, serious, and principled.
Antony Weiner - Being Jewish shielded him from investigation and criticism, and he grew increasingly perverse and arrogant until his career FINALLY imploded when too many women complained his lewd behavior of 'sexting' images of his pud. Same goes for Bernie Madoff. How was he able to get away with so much rot for so long? He was robbing the world and making record profits for Jewish insiders; and Jews in media, government, and finance all watched out for one another and saw Madoff as the goose that lays the golden eggs. Since noticing bad Jewish behavior is 'antisemitic', even people who suspected something was up didn't blow the whistle... just like the police in Rotherham UK remained mum about Muslim gangs raping British girls since the statist campaign of culling 'racism' made it near impossible to stalk and pounce on bad non-white behavior. PC not only goes after bad radical racists but even targets good rational race-ists.
The horror of 9/11 shielded the Bush regime from effective criticism for several yrs. Opposing the regime and its Neocon agenda was denounced as unpatriotic, even treasonous. In fact, some of the most patriotic voices were opposed to the war for rational and moral reasons. In the climate of shaming and dismissing the critics while handing a blank check to Bush to do whatever to defeat terrorists and restore global justice, the US government and military ended up acting like a drunken sailor and did far more harm than good. US is lucky to be powerful enough not to be invaded and defeated(like Japan in WWII) because Americans wars on Iraq and Libya were morally less justifiable than Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. If US was justified in killing millions of Japanese over Pearl Harbor, one could make a moral case that Iraq or Libya had the moral right to retaliate and defeat the US even if they had to kill millions of Americans who supported the Bush and Obama regimes.
Same goes for the homosexuals. We need to uphold the truth. Truth is that some people are born as homosexuals; we need to accept this fact because it is true. If homos want to do their homo stuff, they should be allowed to. They should be tolerated. But, we mustn’t forget that homosexuality is a sexual deviancy. Homos cannot be blamed for being homo, but what homos do is nevertheless foul and/or weird. Male homos are into fecal penetration where penises are smeared with fecal matter and anal tissues are torn and worn by actions for which they weren’t designed. Lesbians indulge in a pseudo-sex where vaginal hole is supposed to ‘mate’ with another hole. Ridiculous. Let homos do their thing, but there is no reason to goad most of humanity, which is 98% normal and ‘straight’, to celebrate, praise, and even worship people who indulge in such behavior. It’d be like having the Cult of Incest Pride.
Also, it’s a bad idea to allow homos to gain elite-supremacist power because their vain, narcissistic, and bitchy personalities tend to favor fantasy over factuality. They are like the Queen in SNOW WHITE: "Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all." As for trans-gender people, they are even more delusional than homos. If a homo man believes that his fecal hole is the sexual equivalent of a female vagina that produces life, a tranny-man believes that the surgical removal of his penis will clear the way for a ‘vagina’. When such delusional types are placed at the center of national culture and public morality, it is no wonder that US is turning into a nuthouse where money is the only thing that matters since morality no longer makes any sense.
(In a way, it is only logical that homos and trannies have become central to globalist-capitalism centered around pop culture fantasies of Hollywood and MTV. Celebrities tend to be indulgent, spoiled, and self-obsessed. They live out their fantasies, and their fans adore and gush over them as demi-gods. This fantasy looks so colorful and exciting while life and reality seem boring and unfair. Reality says you are what you are. Fantasy says you can pretend to whatever you want to be. You can pretend to be like one of those glamorous people in the movies or music. Males can pretend to be Batman, women can pretend to be hot gorgeous babes who get all the guys, and Michael Jackson could pretend to be something like a white woman. He couldn’t accept the reality of what he was: a black male with ‘nappy’ hair, wide nose, and black skin. Lena Dunham can make believe that her fat ugly self is sex goddess material. Everyone lives out some measure of fantasy, but people need to favor reality over illusion, facts over fantasy. But the whole appeal of Pop Culture is the allure that YOU can be like the stars, the celebrities, the models. You can be the fantasy. And since homos and trannies tend to be the most delusional and narcissistic people in the world, what they obsess over — preference of fantasy over reality — is in perfect tune with the radical aspects of Pop Culture. Is it any wonder that the rise of homomania is happening alongside tattoo-mania and hair-dyeing-mania? Preference of fantasy over reality. Favoring the plastic over the organic.) When homos inhabited a balanced world of Political Ecology in which they could be tolerated as homo BUT nevertheless seen as sexually deviant and morally problematic, things had been for the best for both the homosexual community and real-sexual(or true-sexual) community. Homos were left alone to be homo, and homos channeled their energies toward creative pursuits and contributed to society. And normal society maintained its core values that are so vital to the continuity of life, civilization, and morality. Unfortunately, because our ‘truthophobic’ political order has an aggressive policy of culling all ‘homophobic’ values and voices from elite institutions and the public square(that is now festooned with flags and banners that associate homo fecal penetration, lesbian poon-grinding, and tranny-penis-removal-for-fake-vagina), the tolerance of homos has grown out-of-control into poison weeds of mandatory worship of homos in governments, schools, and businesses. Mammon and Sodom have become the new morality, the new values.

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