Monday, January 22, 2018

Trialectics. Going beyond the Simple Dichotomy of Left vs Right

The following article is a useful primer on what is wrong with World Affairs:

To talk of ‘left’ and ‘right’ misses the bigger picture. World affairs are less animated by dialectics of left and right as the ‘trialectics’ of ‘left’ and ‘right’, both being manipulated by a third force that chooses invisibility. This power is essentially though not entirely Jewish.

Consider the trajectory of mainstream politics in America over past several decades. It wasn’t a true struggle between an independent left and autonomous right but a game of Jews ‘owning’ and using both to serve the Third Power of Zionist-Globalism. Rahm Emanuel claims to be ‘leftist’, but he served in the IDF to enforce Zionist control over Palestinians. David Brooks excoriates Trumpian nationalism, but his son served in the IDF just like Rahm Emanuel. Those with real power know tribal blood counts more than ideological ink. If nationalism is rightist and if the likes of Emanuel are arch-Zionist-nationalists, then they are really on the Right and merely manipulating ‘leftism’ to subvert the Rightism of gentiles.

After all, both Liberal Elites and Neo-Conservatives are totally pro-Israel and favor Jews over Palestinians. Why such pro-nationalist Zionist zeal on Middle East issues? And why does virtually every Congressman sign the AIPAC pledge to Israel? If nationalism and ethno-centricism are ‘rightist’ and if ALL GLOBALIST ELITES are ‘leftist’(or anti-nationalist), then why are most elites of industry pro-Israel? Why don’t they denounce the tribal influence of AIPAC? Why do they have zero sympathy for Palestinians, an oppressed people?
Where do you see the elites of Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Big Oil siding with Palestinians against powerful ethno-nationalist and imperialist Zionists?
And if Google and Twitter are really into equality and for the underdog, why did they recruit the powerful ADL to monitor ‘hatred’ on their platforms? ADL is a totally pro-Zionist organization that defames poor whites and supports Israeli occupation of West Bank. It also never mentions the massive Nakba pogroms that paved the way for the creation of Israel. It never criticizes the Zionist-controlled Wars for Israel upon the Muslim World that estroyed millions of lives.
If Google and Twitter are truly ‘leftist’, shouldn’t they hire the underdog BDS to monitor Zionist supremacist hatred and chauvinism? Shouldn’t Paypal and related platforms deny service to ADL and similar organizations that support the ongoing Zionist Occupation of West Bank? Shouldn’t Paypal deny service to members of CIA and Pentagon who’ve been engaged in murderous neo-imperialism that subverted many nations and destroyed countless lives with bombs, invasions, aid to terrorists(especially in Syria), and sanctions?

It is indeed a curious kind of ‘leftism’ that happens to be so jingoist("US is an exceptional nation"), ‘racist’(Zionists uber Palestinians and Jews uber gentiles), supremacist(black men deserve to colonize white wombs, and white men should accept their fate as inferior cuck dorks), and replacist-genocidal(white people should lose their ancestral homelands to waves of foreign colonizers), and of course, totally hypocritical. Consider the program of Diversity via coercive ‘inclusion’ and demographic imperialism for every nation EXCEPT Israel which, despite its closed walls and Jewish-Only Immigration policy, is showered with $4 billion a year and left alone to spy on America. If leftism is for the little guy, why are so many ‘leftists’ and ‘liberals’ supportive of the hyper-supremacism of Jews, the most powerful people in the world?

So, it’s not about the dialectics of left and right. It’s about the ‘trialectics’ of Jewish globalist supremacists controlling and manipulating ‘left’ and ‘right’ to serve their own ethnocentric interests. If indeed these mega-corporations are really into ‘leftism’, why do they not protest the silencing of BDS?
Jewish oligarches and their agents are using money and threats to force all 50 states and all politicians to violate freedom of speech by criminalizing BDS. Now, imagine white ultra-rightists in the US in the 80s using their clout to criminalize any boycott or sanction of South Africa which then practiced Apartheid. The Left would have blown a fuse and gone crazy. But there is mostly silence about the criminalization of BDS. There are some murmurs in some corners of the Left, but there is no mass concerted effort to call attention to this most egregious violation of First Amendment and politics of conscience.

So, we live in a nation where cities can ban Chick Fil-A for supporting Real Marriage, but companies and individuals will be prosecuted if they even think of lending support to the Palestinian cause against the Zionist Occupation of West Bank and its apartheid policies.

So much for ‘leftism’.

Real Power in America can be boiled down to Jewish Supremacism and White Cuck Collaborators. And Asian sychophants and token blacks. But all the real decisions are made by Jews and their favorite proxies, the homos. Asians may increasingly hold higher positions, but they have no agency or will. They just follow the White Cuck-collaborators who, in turn, obey Jews and homos. That is the hierarchy of US power, but it masquerades as ‘leftist’ to mask the ethno-monopoly and ethno-supremacism of Jewish globalists. Jews are the captain of the ship with hands on the steering wheel. It doesn’t matter that there are many others doing real work on the ship. Only the Jewish captain decides the direction of the ship. The crew that keeps the engine running play an essential role on the ship, but they have zero agency. They don’t get to decide where the ship is headed. America is a huge powerful ship in which so many people work to keep it going... but only Jews get to decide the destiny of America since their hands are on the wheel.

The depressing fact is Jews can destroy anyone, any organization, or any movement with their control of high tech, Wall Street, and media. Via high-tech, they rig who is platformed or deplatformed. Through Wall Street, they decide who is or isn’t funded. Through media, they decide who is anointed and who is excommunicated as the voice of America. Just by having ADL or SPLC smear an individual or company as ‘racist’, ‘antisemitic’, or ‘homophobic’ — the three talismanic words — , the Power can break anyone.

If US corporations are truly leftist, why didn’t they denounce US imperialism in the Middle East? Starbucks really cares about those Muslim refugees? Why didn’t its Jewish owner denounce Obama and Hillary for turning Muslims into refugees by destroying Libya and Syria? Surely, the Starbucks guys are smart and well-informed. They must know what really happened in the Middle East and North Africa. So, why is their ‘progressivism’ defined in terms of ‘concern for Muslim refugees’ instead of denouncing US imperialism that reduced Muslims to refugees in the first place? Starbucks oligarchs are Zionists, and they support the ethno-supremacist policy of pushing Wars for Israel and bailing out globalist bankers.

Now, consider the head of Campbell Soup, another so-called ‘progressive’. The lowlife bitch is truly appalled by ‘murder’ and ‘racism’? There was ‘only one side’ at Charlottesville? But what murder? The fat whore Heather died because James Fields panicked and hit the accelerator after being set upon by deranged Antifa mobs. Also, BLM is a hate-filled black movement. And what does Campbell Soup have to say about Zionist occupation of West Bank or Zionist-supremacist Wars for Israel that murdered 100,000s of people in the Middle East? Or, Clinton’s sanctions on Iraq that killed many children who denied not only soup but clean water?
She is a lowlife skank whore. She may be sincere in spouting BS since she probably attended some elite college doling out little else but PC indoctrination, but even that doesn’t get to the heart of the matter. After all, if she is really and truly anti-nationalist and ‘anti-racist’, her company policy should cut all ties between Campbell and Israel that still illegally occupies West Bank.
The reason why she condemned the white patriots at Charlottesville is because White Emancipation and White National Liberation mean whites will no longer serve Jewish ethno-supremacist imperialism. She is a white-whore-cuck shill who serves Jewish supremacism by smearing white liberation as ‘white supremacism’.
In fact, it is Alt Right that is anti-imperialist and anti-war, supporting the national rights of all nations. In contrast, globalists corrupt patriotic sentiments all over the world by opening the West to the Rest. Tempted by easy material life in the West, formerly patriotic non-whites abandon their own nations and come to the West to become ‘Americans’, ‘Canadians’, or ‘Englishmen’. Thus, Jews kill two birds with one stone. White national sovereignty is destroyed by massive non-white colonization, but the autonomy of non-white nations is also undermined because people there are tempted to run off to white nations for better material lives. They become Puerto-Ricanized. Puerto Ricans lost all notion of national pride and independence because they got hooked to the dope of US largess. Their only ‘identity’ is bitching for more handouts and freebies. Since begging is humiliating, Puertos make demands(as if eternal handouts are a moral right) to cover the shame. It’s like a dog barking loud to hide the shame of dependence on the master for food.

AirBnb is owned by Zionists imperialists, and that explains it.

If leftism is about equality & diversity in power/influence, why doesn’t anyone in these firms complain that Jews are vastly over-represented in the upper echelons of power, wealth, and connectedness? What happened to Disparate Impact when it comes to Jewish Privilege? If these ‘progressive’ elites really care about diversity and fair representation, then the main object of their denunciation should be the power of Jews, who are only 2% of US population but have near-monopoly in so many key sectors of US institutions and industries.
Google and Facebook are owned by Jews, and they are tied closely with Wall Street owned by Jews and collude with Media owned by Jews. And they fund operations like SPLC and ADL to lend moral sheen to Jewish supremacism. Both organizations push Jewish/Zionist interests in the name of fighting ‘hate’. They would have us believe that the mere desire NOT to serve Jewish supremacism is ‘hate’. If Jews hate whites and Palestinians, that is not hate. But if whites refuse to support Zionist oppression of Palestinians and want to break free of the Jewish chain, they are called ‘white supremacists’, ‘extremists’, and ‘haters’. And they coordinate with the Deep State that is also thoroughly Zionist-globalist and Jewish-Homo-supremacist. And even GOP cuck-Congressmen are funded by the likes of Sheldon Adelson,

Dialectics of left and right? That’s BS. It is really about the ‘Trialectics’ of Jewish Power as the Third Force manipulating from above the bogus ‘left’ and the bogus ‘right’ to make them both serve Jewish supremacism.
Therefore, class politics is dead on the left. The new ‘left’ is decadent crap about 50 genders and baby-talk with terms like ‘inclusion’, goo. Jews push gentile diversity because it means disunity among gentiles. Also, homomania as ‘leftism’ is a weapon of the rich because homos are vain and cater to the rich, thus neutering the economic themes of classic leftism.
And the new ‘right’ since the Neocon takeover of GOP has been about lowering tax rates for the rich and praising Israel, Israel, and Israel while trampling any budding sign of white consciousness.

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  1. Brilliant...thank you!

    “You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your empire… the big Jew has rotted EVERY nation he has wormed into. …No Rothschild is English… No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects, selects, your politicians.” – Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast